[Rumor – Update] American Express To Increase Personal Platinum Annual Fee

Update 4/7/21: Given the recent confirmation regarding the Centurion lounge changes I feel more comfortable sharing the rest of this rumor from work4amex:

  • $695 annual fee
  • $300 equinox credit
  • $240 entertainment credit, $20 monthly (magazine/news subscriptions, video streaming services and audio/music streaming services)
  • $200 credit for prepaid hotel bookings
  • Annual CLEAR membership will replace TSA Precheck, but Global Entry seems like it’ll stay
  • $100 temp Resy credit

Original post: According to FT user ThroughTheGrapevine, American Express plans to increase the annual fee on the personal Platinum card in Q3 2021 for new accounts and existing accounts will have the current fee apply until January 2022. The fee is rumored to be increasing to $695, but it’s possible a $745 or $795 price point could apply as well. The aim is for benefits to shift from travel to lifestyle.

Earlier this year American Express sent out a survey regarding possible changes to the business card and a new annual fee of $695 so I wouldn’t be surprised if this annual fee increase does happen but I have no idea how reliable this poster is. An increased annual fee would also make it easier to introduce a new mid level card (AmEx Optio).

Source: doctorofcredit.com