Homie Highlight: Dara Evans

Title: Buyers Team Manager

We are so excited to be spotlighting one of our Buyer Agents here in Utah. As a buyer agent, Dara loves going above and beyond to help her buyers find exactly what they are looking for and making sure the process goes smoothly from start to finish.

About Dara

Dara entered the real estate industry because she wanted a job that would allow her to be a mom, wife, PTA president, and everything else she loves to do. She has so much passion and drive for finding her buyers their dream homes. One of her recent clients said, ”Dara demonstrated the ability to build trust and communicate better than almost anyone I have worked with in any field.”

When she is not helping buyers find their dream homes, you can often find Dara jammin’ out to New Kids on the Block in her very own carpool karaoke or watching her favorite Boston sports teams.

Why Homie?

Dara is a Boston native, and she and her husband moved to Utah when her husband’s job offered him a position in the state. It was only supposed to be for five years, but 16 years later she is still here making the best of it; cheering for her favorite sports teams from afar. She has stayed in real estate to do what she does best, to help her clients get exactly what they are looking for and then some. She really loves to go to bat for her clients, making sure she knocks their expectations out of the park.

At first, Dara didn’t see Homie’s vision, but she came in to learn more about Homie, and once she walked in the office she knew it just felt right and she had to work here. Once she understood the reason Homie was started and why, she wanted to be a part of it. Her Homie name is “Mama” because no matter the problem anyone can come to her and know she is always willing to help them no matter how big or how small.

Join the Disruption

If you want a career you love, want to help change the lives of others, and want to join a company in disrupting the real estate industry, check out careers at Homie!

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