Society6 Presidents Day Sale: Best Wall Art, Prints, Home Decor, Summer Essentials, and More – Thrillist

I’ve been living in the northeast, a veritable winter hellscape of sludge-colored snow and sidewalks blanketed in black ice. But in lieu of moping around, I broke out my lounge chair, turned up my space heater, and threw on a four hour HD video of a random, tropical, beach on YouTube. It wasn’t much, but it gave me hope for warmer days ahead—something to look forward to.

Society6 is also giving you something to look forward to with its robust Presidents’ Day Sale. Though the online shop is primarily known for its hundreds of thousands of prints and framed art, it also offers home decor, furniture, stuff for your home office, and even outdoor equipment like custom chairs, towels, koozies, sun shelters, and beach totes. Check out these creative and inspired spring/summer essentials that are just as colorful & fun as the halcyon days of spring ascending just beyond the horizon.