Hanover Mortgage Consultants provide home loans in North Carolina

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Hanover Mortgage Consultants provide home loans in North Carolina


Hanover Mortgage Consultants provide home loans in North CarolinaOur low overhead and extensive industry contacts allows us to provide a comprehensive set of loans for just about every situation with some of the lowest rates available in North Carolina..  Whether you are purchasing your first home or refinancing your 10th home we can find the best rates and loan programs for you. Some of the programs we offer are for...

Primary Homes
Whether you are a first time buyer or just buying a new home.  Hanover Mortgage Consultants works with you to find the best loan to fit your needs.  We understand that buying your first home can be a complicated, and often scary, process.   We will work with you through the process to ensure a smooth purchase.

100% Financing
Sometimes it's difficult to save for a down payment on a new home purchase.  At Hanover Mortgage Consultants we understand, and can provide a variety of loans to fit your needs.  We support:

  • VA Loans
  • First Time Home Buyers programs
  • Standard 100% financing loans (requires good credit)
Second Homes
A second home that is used as a vacation home or second residence can be a worthwhile purchase.  At Hanover Mortgage Consultants we provide loans on second homes with rates as competitive as your primary mortgage.

Investment Property Loans
Typically Investment property loans are used for properties that you intend to make "Income" off of.  Hanover Mortgage Consultants can help find a loan that fits your special needs.  Our loans can provide a positive cash flow to give you the highest return on investment.

Lot Loans
Thinking about purchasing a lot for future building?  Keep us in mind, most of our lot loans are 95% Loan to Value with 15 to 30 year amortizations.

Construction Loans
With all the different types of construction loans, Hanover Mortgage Consultants will work with you to find the one that best fits your situation.  We offer permanent construction loans that require only one closing and enable you to lock in rates at the time of your application.

No-Income Verification/No-Doc Loans
Sometimes you might not be able to produce W2/Income verification.  There are loans that we can provide to assist you in your purchase.  No Income Verification loans are great for self-employed individuals and people with ideal credit who do not choose to reveal their income.


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