10 Things to Never Keep in Your Junk Drawer

No matter how organized you are, everyone has a junk drawer. While junk drawers can be useful and hold helpful odds and ends, they can easily spiral out of control and end up becoming a dumping ground. Listed below are 10 things you should never keep in your junk drawer.

1. Important papers

Important papers like manuals, pay stubs or insurance documents need their own safe space. These items are not something you want to lose in your junk drawer or get damaged so they’re unusable.

2. Take out menus

In theory, it sounds like a great idea to keep take out menus from your favorite restaurants on hand to browse when you want to order in, but how often do you actually look at those menus?

With hundreds of mobile ordering apps and easy to use sites, you can find everything you need online. No need to take up precious real estate with hard copy take out menus.

3. Take out sauce packets

Are you saving the hot sauce, ketchup or soy sauce packets just in case you need them to add to your lunch bag or pack for camping? Ditch the sauce packets! You likely have all of these sauces in your fridge and you can simply add a bit to a reusable Tupperware container when you need to take it with you on the go.

4. Expired coupons

Sure, you may have intended to use that coupon but as soon as it was tossed in the junk drawer you likely forgot all about it. Toss the expired coupons the second you notice you have them. It’s 2019, after all!

5. Coupons

The fact that there are expired coupons in your junk drawers suggests you really shouldn’t keep coupons in there at all. If you intend to use a coupon, place it in a visible space like your fridge or a bulletin board. Or better yet, keep it in your wallet so you have it on hand when it’s time to use it.

6. Mail

Sort your mail and recycle flyers, pay your bills and post that important wedding invitation on your fridge right away. Don’t sift through it and add it to your junk drawer to deal with later. That’s one habit you don’t want to create.

7. Coins

Coins belong in your wallet or piggy bank. If you find change in your pocket or around the house, place it in their rightful spot instead of throwing it in the junk drawer. This just creates more clutter you don’t need.

8. Bobby pins

Bobby pins are mind-boggling. You start off with a hundred or so in a pack and somehow they seem to magically disappear. Putting loose bobby pins in your junk drawer is a sure fire way to continue this magic trick. Take them to the bathroom where they belong so you can find them easily.

9. Pens that don’t work

We’re all guilty of reaching for a pen and scrawling a line, only to find out it no longer works. But instead of throwing it in the garbage, we end up tossing it back in the drawer. Take the extra few steps to the garbage to get rid of those pens that don’t work.

If you have duplicate pens in your junk drawer, find a new home for those, too. It’s all about streamlining and you really only need one functioning blue or black pen in there at a time.

10. Push pins

Push pins belong in the office, or on a bulletin board. In addition to adding clutter to your junk drawer, having sharp objects in there is dangerous since you’re likely to prick yourself when you’re rummaging through.

Keeping these items out of your junk drawer will help to keep it organized and full of useful pieces. Take the junk out of junk drawer and get it organized today!

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash



Source: apartmentguide.com