7 Ways to Get Ready for an Early Spring

Our friend, the Groundhog, didn’t see his shadow this year. That means we’re in for an early spring.

There’s probably not going to be too much complaining about this prediction, because most of us prefer the warm weather, sunny skies and activities that go along with spring in general.

However, before spring approaches, it’s always good to get a head start on a few things around your apartment so you can fully enjoy the season when it arrives!

1. Start your spring cleaning

spring cleaningspring cleaning

Get ahead of the game and start organizing your apartment early for spring. Clean out your fridge, closets, bedrooms and other cluttered areas. Since you’re probably still stuck in winter hibernation mode, you might as well get ahead. Consider donating old clothes and household items that you no longer have use for.

2. Keep your plants comfortable


Make sure you’re taking care of your plants as spring approaches by monitoring the temperatures. Give them the right food and provide as much sunshine as possible. Soon, you won’t have to do much besides basic maintenance on your plants because spring will be here before you know it!

3. Check on your interior systems

air conditioner maintenanceair conditioner maintenance

It’s always a good idea to check on your air conditioning system and other interior systems before spring approaches. Consider having a service person come for an inspection, so you can prepare if anything needs to be fixed. Ask your landlord early to schedule something, and remember them it will be a lot less expensive in the winter and spring months than it will be during summer.

4. Declutter storage spaces

declutter storage spacedeclutter storage space

Whether you have a traditional garage or a designated storage space, it’s time to declutter these areas and get ready for spring. Clean out your garage and storage, so that you feel organized again. You’ll also want to flip your storage spaces and start storing those winter items that you won’t need for another year or so.

5. Prepare for the bugs


Spring brings warmer weather, some warmer than others. And with the warmer temperatures, bugs will start to appear, so it’s important to prepare ahead of time. There are numerous ways to prevent bugs, but the first step is making sure your apartment is in pristine working condition to keep them from getting in.This is a good time to examine if you need any new weather stripping around your apartment, because you want things as sealed as possible to prevent bugs.

6. Stock up for summer early

beach towelsbeach towels

Call us crazy, but summer requires a lot of things that you don’t normally keep year long such as, sun block, insect repellent, aloe and beach towels.

If you know you’re going on a summer vacation, stock up early to save money on these items ahead of time. Once spring arrives, these items get more expensive, so get it out of the way early.

7. Spruce up your interior design!

spring interior designspring interior design

Get excited for spring by changing some design aspects of your apartment. Perhaps bring in lighter, brighter colors and change some decor around to spruce things up. Pastel colors, flowers and bright shades will get you in the spring mood! Take a shopping trip to HomeGoods and make a fun day out of it.

With spring just around the corner, there’s so many things you can do to get ready and prepare ahead of time. Cleaning your apartment, decluttering your space and changing the mood inside your living space are just a few things that will get you in the spring spirit!



Source: apartmentguide.com