Fun Shaving Cream Cleaning Hacks

Shaving cream. It’s foamy and fun and oft refreshing as you employ it in the manner for which it was meant — beard busting! But did you know it has alternative uses that have nothing to do with Halloween pranks?!

From cloudy faucet finishes to carpet stains, we’ve compiled a list of how-tos for cleaning with shaving cream.

In the bathroom


Photo courtesy of A.D. Thompson

Does your apartment have upgraded fixtures? You’re lucky if you do, but they might not be consistent throughout. While the sinks have artful (and easy to clean) oil-rubbed brass faucets, it’s basic chrome in the shower — a finish that gets spotty quite easily.

To get rid of those spots, using a generic-brand shave gel, work up a lather and leave it on for about a minute before scrubbing and rinsing. Minimal effort yields rich rewards in cleanliness!

How about those fogged mirrors? If the vent fan in your bathroom takes eons to clear them up — which can be annoying when you have to get ready — consider treating them with shaving cream.

Simply apply the foam to your clean, dry bathroom mirror, lather and then wipe clean with a cloth. This will keep your mirror from fogging up for weeks at a time!

In the kitchen

kitchen hingeskitchen hinges

Is your interest piqued? Take that into the kitchen, where the hellaciously squeaky hinges on the fridge, freezer or cabinet doors may be plaguing you. In lieu of WD-40, apply the cream and administer well into the hinges.

In moments, you’ll no longer feel as though you’re opening the gates to Hades every time you want an ice cream sandwich.

In the living room — and even the closet!

stained floorstained floor

Every apartment has its problem stain areas, generally in those areas where food consumption or foot traffic is heavy. The same can go for your clothing, depending on how clumsy you are with your coffee or ketchup-dipped French fries.

Shaving cream can be a stain savior, as well! Here, you should use a white, non-gel for use on stains immediately after they happen. Simply remove as much of the offending substance as possible, then apply the shaving cream, working the lather into the stain with a sponge or perhaps even an old toothbrush. The results, quite often, are super-impressive!

For bath time fun

bath foambath foam

Kids have been using products like Crazy Foam for eons — but you can mix your own for pennies and your kids will love it! Using a muffin tin or even an old, recycled egg carton, fill each form with shaving cream and add a few drops of food coloring. Mix them (Example: red + blue = purple) for additional colors.

Your kids will have loads of fun in the bath creating foamy sculptures or “painting” the walls and you’ll love it just as much, because the “mess” is basically made of soap! This fun tip isn’t precisely for cleaning, but really — what artsy-craftsy kid activity could be easier to clean up?