Valet Waste: How it Works

Confession: the first time I heard of valet trash, I wasn’t overly excited.  Another fee for a thing I can do myself? Seriously? Who needs it!

Fast forward several months later and I can tell you that valet trash is actually one of the most practical advents to modern apartment living.

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Let me explain. Valet waste removal is exactly what it sounds like. Trash receptacles, generally designed to look attractive or serve a double purpose, are near your door. At my Orlando apartment community, the receptacles are disguised as benches: great for tying shoes, placing shopping bags while we fumble for our keys, etc.   We put our properly bagged trash into the receptacle and POOF! . . . someone makes the garbage disappear.

Valet trash really does feel like magic.

Advantages of Valet Waste

Think about it: unless you live right near your community’s dumpster (and who wants to?), lugging trash is super inconvenient, particularly if you’re on a higher floor. Bags are cumbersome at best and if they break, cleaning up that mess is not something any of us wants to do. With trash valet, those “magic garbage elves” come right to your door to get it. It’s amazing!

Are you eco-conscious? Most valet trash services account for your predilection. Some valet waste services provide separate receptacles, while others might require you to use a different kind of bag (blue plastic, for example) and just put it in the bin.

If you’re living with a roommate, deciding who takes out the garbage can be a real pain in the neck. Valet trash makes it a non-issue! Open door, deposit waste and you’re done. Arguments – over trash, at least – averted.

Here’s a rundown of the many benefits of valet waste services:

  • No need to carry trash up/down stairs, on elevators or down hallways
  • No trash chutes or designated areas where garbage piles up
  • Services are usually included in rent
  • Valet waste collection is available to all residents
  • Contributes to a cleaner apartment community that everyone can enjoy
  • More efficient for property management
  • Regular schedule makes trash collection predictable and convenient
  • Supports recycling and sorting of waste
  • Deters potential snooping through tenant garbage
  • Service valets offer helping hand and extra security on apartment premises during the night

Valet Trash: Things to know

Valet trash fees are generally included in some other monthly bill, whether rent or utility. Some properties will allow you to combine so you’ll only have to make one payment. Also, there are a few basic rules.

  • Know your collection days. Some communities have valets coming up to five days a week, but generally there are off days.
  • There can be rules about the types of bags you can use and how you secure the trash (raccoons are cute, but you don’t want them rummaging around on your third-floor breezeway).

Oh … and if you do live near your community’s dumpster, it might be time to look for a new apartment!