6 Reasons to Splurge on Apartments with Garages

When it comes to renting a garage, many consider it a luxury. If budget is tight, then luxuries are out of question: a parking space is convenient enough. Apartments with garages can actually be worth the “splurge,” however. Read on to learn why and how.


It is really inconvenient to scrape your car each morning in the winter. Wind can also send debris flying into your car. And time spent on de-icing can do a number on your clothes, your health and your attitude.

However, snow and ice are not the only elements that can do damage to your car. If you live in tornado alley, hail damage or debris from a tornado could cost you your deductible. What if a tree falls on your car during a tornado? You’ll not only be shelling out your deductible amount, you’ll likely be looking for a temporary or even brand new car. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, narrowing your search to apartments with garages for rent is a must.


Typically, criminals don’t like to work hard. In order to loot a car in a garage, they would first have to break into the garage, usually more trouble than its worth for them. Statistics show that cars in a garage are less likely to be stolen. If your car is safely stored in the garage, it’s out of sight out of mind, along with its contents.

Other drivers

Not everyone is a good driver, especially in the parking lot. People get distracted, and they park poorly or open their doors too quickly if they’re in a hurry. You shouldn’t have to suffer because someone else is careless. Who’s got time to get dents and scrapes fixed?  Apartments with garages eliminate that problem, since your vehicle is carefully insulated from careless, inexperienced and aging drivers.

Your engine

Your engine doesn’t like extreme weather conditions. Keeping its fluid and oil warm is good for the lubrication of the engine and will ensure it runs well and doesn’t have to work so hard to warm up or cool down.

Your insurance premium

Before you decide on a garage, ask your insurance agent how much you can save if you put your car in the garage. Renting a garage won’t feel like such a splurge if you can save some money on your insurance bill. This is especially true if you have a nice vehicle.

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Car value

When you go to sell your car, you can ask (and get!) more for your vehicle, if you say it’s been garaged. Buyers love knowing that a car they’re considering hasn’t been exposed to the elements overnight.

Looking into apartments with garages for rent can save time, money, and your sanity. Have a chat with your insurance agent and see how much you would save putting your car in a garage, then compare that to the rent. What may initially seem like a splurge on a tight budget can actually be a great long term investment on many levels.



Source: apartmentguide.com