Discover: Buy Sam’s Club Membership ($45) and Get $45

Update 3/3/21: Another round went out, valid through April 30, 2021. Hat tip to reader Jim

Update 11/12/20: tonykony reports getting this $45 offer today via email, seems a new round went out now for 2020. Not sure if it’ll work when using the link for this other deal as the fine print here states you need to use the Discover link.

Update 10/26/19: Reader grant reports this worked on a renewal by using the e-mailed link.

The Offer

No direct link, targeted offer via email

  • Get a $45 statement credit when using your Discover card to buy a new Sam’s Club membership.
  • Others got the same offer, but for a $25 statement credit.

The Fine Print

  • Valid October 1 – November 30
  • Valid online with the link in the email, or you can use it in-club using the promo code from the email (promo code is 12056 for everyone, it seems)

Our Verdict

This is a targeted offer, no luck for me, but a lot of people got it. More people are seeing the $25 offer, but quite a few got the superior $45 offer which is essentially a free (or better than free) membership.

Most of us got a similar offer from Amex Offers to get $25 off. This Discover offer is better for those who got the $45 offer. Plus, this offer works in-club by using the code mentioned in the email. I’ll paste here the ‘Stacking the Deal’ section from the previous post as it might work here too:

Stacking the Deal

  • Use Discover for $45 or $25 back, depending which offer you received.
  • There are a bunch of Sam’s signup deals to stack this with; my guess is that buying membership without going through the link in the email should probably work to trigger the Discover statement credit offer, but no guarantees:
  • Click through a shopping portal, Topcashback is currently at 7% on membership and BeFrugal is 15% on membership. It may not track since you’ll be using a special referral link, but it’s worked for me in the past, and reader’s confirm that it’s working this time too. Just click through and then go to the referral page and  hopefully the browser cookies will retain the tracking.
  • Link your Amex card with Dosh and get $5 $20 back when you buy a Sam’s membership + 4% back on purchases. (If you are new to Dosh, you can signup with my referral code CHUCKS2 and get $1 bonus when you link a card.) Wait 24 hours from time of linking card to time of making purchase.
    • There are often other card-link deals from places like Acorns which can stack too; Dosh is the only one we see now.
  • New Sam’s members can get a slew of freebies by playing their treasure hunt. 

Hat tip to Celia, Arch, SA


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