6 Unexpected Perks of Renting a Furnished Apartment

Young blonde woman relaxing on couch with hands behind headWe’ve all seen the same Facebook post from our desperate friends: “Moving day! Can anyone help? Will pay in six-packs and pizza slices!” Zero likes. And it’s no wonder why—moving is a pain, and helping your friend lug that solid wood entertainment center down three flights of stairs isn’t exactly worth a bachelor’s favorite meal. Keeping up with hand-me-downs shouldn’t be at the top of your list, which is why many people are now choosing to live in furnished apartments. With an option to filter your search results to fully furnished rental options only on ApartmentSearch.com, your life can be made easier with the click of the mouse. Just check out these unexpected perks!

#1: Keep more cash in your wallet. Moving expenses add up. When you have to buy boxes, packing supplies, new furniture, decor that matches the new space, and then pay a company to move you in and out of an apartment, you can go broke pretty quickly. Save yourself the hassle and leave it to a furniture rental company to do the dirty work. According to the the American Moving & Storage Association, the average cost of a in-state move is $1,170, and a move between states costs upwards of $5,630. Transporting your belongings can cost far more than you originally anticipated! For a relatively comparable cost, your furniture rental company will handle everything: delivery, set-up, takedown, and oftentimes—repairs and service.

#2: Say sayonara to IKEA. Gone are the days of buying cheap boxes of unassembled furniture, only to have to get home and follow the instructions of a stick figure in an instruction manual. Save the time you’d spend piecing together plywood and do something productive, like studying, taking up a new hobby, or just catching up on Stranger Things!

#3: More flexible than a yoga instructor. Unsure of your plans in a particular place? Having your furniture taken care of at your destination apartment leaves you more energy to sort things out things at your current apartment. This can be especially helpful if you’re preparing to relocate for your job, or are expecting long days of training or orientation. Seriously—pack your clothes, your keepsakes, and get ready to enjoy your next home sweet home. That’s pretty much all you have to do! (OK, don’t forget about utilities too!)

#4: Matchy-matchy. Ever get tired of the fact that your dresser from three years ago looks nothing like the bed you just bought? A common misconception about furnished apartments is that you have no control over the quality or style of the furniture you’re provided, which is far from the truth. When you use ApartmentSearch.com to land a furnished unit, you’ll find that can pick a theme for your furniture, the selection of rooms you’d like furnished, or simply choose individual decor items. Plus, there’s no lack of quality!

#5: A life-saver in a time crunch. Moving for a job and need to move in quick? Moving for school and time is running out to find a place? Are you just a really big procrastinator? When you don’t have to worry about buying and moving furniture, you’ve got a lot less to think about logistically and physically. The only thing you’ll be moving are your feet, as you dance around your new, furnished place.

#6: Never ask for moving help again. A typical move is sweaty, time consuming, stressful, and physically exhausting, so it’s no surprise that people report moving homes to be more stressful than a relationship breakdown, divorce, or even a new job! Do your friends, and yourself a favor, by making the whole process as easy and as simple as possible. If you do need the help of your pals, make sure your stuff is boxed up and organized when they arrive to ensure things run smoothly and efficiently. There’s no poll or report data on the percentage of friends who detest helping people move, but we have a hunch it would be pretty high.

Sure, a good friend helps you move, but a great friend suggests you guys eat pizza on the couch that was already set up in your furnished apartment. Maybe they’ll even pay for it! Are you ready to pick out a sweet pad with all the fixings? It’s never been easier with the technology of the “interwebs” and the genius filters on ApartmentSearch.com! Simply type in the city where you’re searching for apartments and click the box that says, “I’m also interested in fully furnished rental options,” and you’ll find plenty of options to fit your budget and needs.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Fully Furnished Apartment

Two delivery men in blue uniforms taking white couch out of back of delivery vanWhen you decide to rent a fully furnished apartment, you’re choosing ease, flexibility and convenience. By going this route, you can live in the apartment of your dreams without the commitment of purchasing the furniture. You can pack up and move at a moment’s notice, without having to hoard stacks of moving boxes. That doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t need to be an educated and careful consumer. There are a few unique things to consider when renting a fully furnished apartment, and some important questions you need to ask. By getting answers to these questions before signing on the dotted line, you can make the best decision for your lifestyle!

#1: What furniture is included with the apartment?

When you are renting an apartment that comes pre-furnished, ask for a list of what exactly is included. You might be surprised how much furnished apartments can vary. Some come with only the bare necessities, others come decked out. You don’t want to realize at shower time that you don’t have a shower curtain, or discover on your first night that you don’t have a single lamp, let alone a lamp with a light bulb. Understand what is included and what you’ll need to add.

#2: Is furniture included in the rent?

While it’s nice to believe that everyone has great intentions and no one will mislead you, that’s not always the case. You don’t want to rent a furnished apartment only to find out that there is an added furniture rent on top of the stated apartment rent when you get your first bill. Make sure to ask your landlord if the furniture rental fees are all included in the rent, so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

#3: Is there a security deposit on the furniture?

When you rent an apartment, you’ll already be paying a security deposit, one that typically equals one month’s rent. Ask if there is a security deposit on the furniture as well, because that can dramatically increase the amount you have to hand over. In fact, it can double or even triple the security deposit you’ll need to cough up. This one’s an important detail to know!

#4: How is pickup and delivery handled?

If the furniture isn’t already in the apartment, you’ll need to know exactly how delivery and pickup are handled. Will the delivery team do the heavy lifting when everything arrives? Will they assemble it, or is that on you? When you’re done with your rented furniture, how do you schedule and prepare for a pick-up? Renting through CORT means that the delivery, heavy lifting, assembling and disassembling, and moving out are all handled by the CORT team. You won’t have to lift a finger – huzzah!

#5: Can I pick out the furniture?

Some pre-furnished apartments come with whatever furniture the apartment complex decides. Others, however, can come with exactly the furniture you want, in the styles that you love. Here’s how it works. First, choose your apartment. Any apartment! Then, go to CORT.com and pick out the furniture, decor, and home accessories that you like. As we said above, CORT will take care of every ounce of assembly and heaving lifting.

As you look into renting a furnished apartment, keep this list in hand. You can rent an apartment that already comes fully furnished, which may limit your apartment options. Or, you can have ANY apartment furnished with a little help from the folks at CORT. By going into the process with a bit more information, you’ll be ready to make the best decision with all the facts. Head on over to ApartmentSearch.com and check out the full furniture packages and prices for renting a furnished apartment. Seriously–you’re about to experience the easiest move in the world.

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5 Advantages to Renting a Furnished Apartment

Legs of woman sitting on the floor with cup of coffeeIf you’re a professional or student always on the move for work, the advantages of furnished apartments are a no brainer. However, renting a furnished apartment can actually be a smart choice for almost anyone! Check out these five huge advantages to see how a furnished apartment could be beneficial for you, from both a cost and convenience perspective.

  1. Furnished apartments are perfect for procrastinators. No judgment here – not everyone carefully plans for a move months in advance. If you need an apartment on short notice, furnished apartments are the perfect solution. Not only will you have a roof over your head, you’ll have one furnished with all the things you want and need, but might not have time to buy.
  2. You’ll save time on decorating and buying furniture. Some people love spending hours on Pinterest planning the perfect décor for their new space, or arranging and rearranging furniture for feng shui. If that’s not you, or you simply don’t have the time or resources to do that, renting a furnished apartment is an ideal compromise. You can still have a cozy, decorated space, but without the anxiety of creating it from scratch.
  3. You’ll benefit from a serious reduction in stress associated with moving. Don’t worry about packing up your old furniture and paying for movers. Don’t stress over measuring every corner and wall of your apartment, hunting for the perfect pieces, then struggling to assemble each one. By renting a furnished apartment, you can skip all of these headache-inducing tasks!
  4. When renting a furnished apartment, you rarely have to commit to a long lease. Not all of us can say for sure that we’ll be in the same city in 12 weeks, let alone 12 months. Leases for furnished apartments are typically much shorter than traditional leases, so you don’t have to worry about breaking a lease when you’re ready to move on to the next adventure.
  5. You can pick and choose your furniture through CORT. Scrap the myth that furnished apartments lack personality. When you rent through CORT, you can handpick each and every piece of furniture and décor that goes into your space. You can customize your space exactly how you like it, creating the apartment you’ve dreamed of. Even better, you aren’t stuck with those pieces for life – so your apartment can easily change when your tastes do!

No matter where you are or where you’re headed, there’s a furnished apartment with your name on it. And no matter where your life takes you, from Boston to San Diego, you can relax knowing your move can be both convenient and cost-effective. Simply visit ApartmentSearch.com, choose the apartment complex that interests you, and click on “Show Me Furnished Apartment Pricing” to learn more!

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Taking a Tour? Watch for 3 Types of Model Apartments

Full length rear view of an affectionate couple looking out of window in empty apartmentCongratulations. You’ve been searching for an apartment to rent on ApartmentSearch and discovered three communities that have everything you are looking for. They are all in the same area and generally have the same price and basic amenities. Now, the time has come to tour each and make your final selection. During your apartment tour, each leasing team will take you through a model apartment, one that’s meant to put their best foot forward and help you see that their community is the superior choice. But, not all apartment communities are created equal. and neither are their apartment models. These are the 3 types of apartment models you are likely to encounter.

The Great Empty
Many times, the apartment that you are looking to move into is still occupied by the previous renters who still have a few days left on their lease. Since they have not left yet, you have to see a different apartment to get the basic idea of what yours will look like. In an empty apartment, you get to see the basic layout of the place and some of the interior amenities that you will be able to enjoy. But what about your furniture? How is it going to fit within this space? It is nice to see a unit similar to yours, but nothing beats a representation of the lifestyle you can lead while living there.

Welcome to the Museum
Other models simply “wow” you when you walk in. Tantalizing all of your senses once inside, this model is made to impress — and impress it surely does. Each room has been carefully thought out and shaped by an interior designer. The place looks like it’s right out of a Pottery Barn catalog! And therein lies the challenge. Does anyone else at this apartment community live like this? You are almost scared to touch anything with how nice it all is. Sure, it is great to see the potential of your future apartment, but a “museum” isn’t a true representation of what life in this apartment community is really like.

Just Your Average Digs
When you walk in, you are treated to the smell of…cookies. Chocolate chip, to be exact. The furniture, freshly delivered from CORT, matches your expectations for what you would be spending on rent. Everything is laid out so you can see just how your apartment most likely will look once you move your things in. There is art on the walls and maybe even a rug on the floor. It is warm and inviting, and it makes you feel right at home. It is not glamorous, but it doesn’t have to be. It makes you want to sign a new lease and move right in. This will do nicely.

Of course, first you have to determine the potential apartment community you would like to live at before you can tour an apartment model. There is no better place to start the search than at www.apartmentsearch.com. Discover the most comprehensive listing of apartments for rent across the nation, sorted by the factors that matter most to you. And, when you tell your leasing agent you heard about them using ApartmentSearch, you could even be eligible for up to $200 in rewards. Visit us today and discover your next great apartment home.

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5 Reasons Furnished Apartments are a Rad Choice for Off-Campus Housing

Blonde college student sitting cross-legged on couch in off campus housing, reading a bookEver moved somewhere, excited to start fresh and eager to explore, only to realize that you need to go…furniture shopping? Bleh. While you may have heard of furnished apartments for corporate travelers and last-minute movers, you may not know that they’re a super smart choice for off-campus housing, too. Dare we say, an A+ option? Check out our five reasons!

1. The savings are epic.

The money you save when renting a furnished apartment is pretty hefty. Just think about it: furnishing every room in the apartment, buying large items that require movers to help, and even decorating the place — the costs add up quickly. With a furnished unit, you won’t have to worry about spending money, or time, on any of that.

2. Your place will look awesome.

When it comes to picking the right decor for your place, the last thing you want is a home that doesn’t feel like one. But sprucing up your walls and putting potpourri in vases isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do. And if it is, those costs can get, well, costly! With a furnished apartment, you’ll be able to to pick themes and colors of the decor based on your taste (which are guaranteed to change). How easy, peasy and oh so stylish!

3. The process is painless.

No heavy lifting (literally), no last minute posting for people to buy the things you don’t want to move, no packing up fragile items, and best of all, no worrying about not having a bed to sleep on your first night! A furnished apartment is an easy apartment. Not to mention, your friends will thank you for not offering free pizza and beverages in exchange for spending their whole day moving your old furniture.

4. It’s a quick turnaround.

When you rent furniture from CORT, any apartment can be a furnished apartment, even in as little as 48 hours. That’s less time than what you might spend browsing Netflix for your next show to watch. Worth. It.

5. You can’t beat the convenience.

Getting in and out of a place in between summer school, summer fun, and visiting the fam is tough – if it’s your first year off campus, not having to furnish an entire place right off the bat can save you time and moolah. Use both more wisely when you use ApartmentSearch.com to locate an off-campus apartment, and then find out how you can get three rooms of furniture for as little as $119 a month with CORT’s student furniture rental packages.

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4 Reasons Furnished Apartments Are Better For Short-Term Leases

Person in sweatpants walking around cozy , stylish furnished apartmentIt’s a dilemma many people entering short-term housing situations face: How to make a space feel like home without investing too much time or money. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about being stuck with a sparse or impersonal apartment. Furnished apartments could be the solution to your short-term lease AND decorating needs! Why do we think so?

1. There are only so many hours in a day.

Articles that try to convince you furnishing an apartment can be done on the cheap tend to gloss over a crucial point. You’ll need to run around to many different retailers to get everything you need and likely make multiple trips. But you’re preparing to relocate! THAT’S where you need to focus your energy! You likely don’t have time for full-scale bargain hunting. With the time you save, you can select a few inexpensive yet personal pieces to help your new place feel like home. (See #3.)

2. You only have so much money.

Realtor Magazine asked several designers about the expense associated with decorating spaces. The good news is that the rooms the designers worked on look great. The bad news is that you’ll need about $15,000 for the living room alone! That’s way more than you’ll spend furnishing a short-term apartment during your entire stay!

3. No one wants to make sacrifices … and you won’t have to.

Here’s where you can spend some of the time you saved with reason #1! You’ll probably need a security deposit for your short-term lease, but what you won’t need to sacrifice is your sense of style. There are many ways to personalize your short-term living space by:

  • Decorating with plants
  • Adding curtains to cover window treatments you don’t like
  • Putting up removable wallpaper
  • Using candles or scent sprays

4. It could not be easier.

Thanks to ApartmentSearch, finding a furnished apartment for your own short-term housing needs is amazingly simple. Here’s just how simple:

  1. Select “Short-Term” in the search box at the top of ApartmentSearch.com’s home page.
  2. Enter your search term (a zip code will do).
  3. Once you look at each property, scroll to the bottom of the page and look under the heading “Need It Furnished.”

Setting up a short-term housing situation should be easy, regardless of where and why you’re moving. ApartmentSearch.com makes it easy to search for short-term lease options AND furnished apartments at the same time. Give it a try today!

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10 $10 Ways to Bring Beauty Into Your Apartment

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Infused Water Recipes To Help You Hydrate & Detox In The New Year

Our favorite way to make an apartment feel like home is by decorating. There is no better feeling than coming home to a place that looks and feels exactly how you’d like it to. That being said, we know that apartment décor can get pricey. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style, though! There are plenty of ways to bring beauty into your apartment without breaking the bank. Below, find 10 ways for $10 (or less) to bring beauty into your apartment. From tidying tips to DIY projects, you’ll find something on this list that will make coming home feel even more special.

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5 Gorgeous Sofas You Will Love, All For Less Than $1,800!

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Infused Water Recipes To Help You Hydrate & Detox In The New Year

Decorating an apartment should be fun and exciting, but we know it doesn’t always go that way. Picking out your furniture and decor can become a daunting task, especially when you start looking at price tags. Furniture is expensive, and there really is no way of getting around that. That being said, there are some affordable options out there, and you won’t have to sacrifice your style. We’ve put together 5 of our favorite gorgeous sofas, ranging from sofa beds to sectionals. The best part? These beauties are all under $1,800. Happy shopping! 

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