10 Relaxing Home Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space

Much of our time these days is spent at home. Whether you’re still working from a home office, meal-prepping in your kitchen on weekends, or spending most of your leisure time looking at other homes for sale on your favorite real estate app, you may feel your home is not the calming space you’d hope it to be. Regardless of how you spend your time, your home is your sanctuary, where you should feel relaxed and be able to unwind from your daily life. If you want to design a more calming space but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered.

From adding cozy blankets and scented candles to dedicating a space to practice meditation, creating a relaxing house is just a couple of design steps away. Whether you live in warm Los Angeles, CA, or rainy Seattle, WA, one of these 10 relaxing home decor ideas is sure to transform your home into an even more calming place you’ll be happy to spend time in.



1) Design your space with cozy fabrics

There’s no better place to start designing a calming space than decorating with cozy fabrics. Whether that’s getting a new throw blanket for your couch or reupholstering your chair with a crushed velvet fabric, you can decorate just about anything with textiles. Soft fabrics bring a soothing, cozy feel to your home and can make you feel like you’re in a serene environment no matter the season. So break out the quilts, incorporate a fuzzy shag carpet, or pick up some soft throw pillows to make your space more relaxing after a long day.

2) Create balance between colors

When looking for the right relaxing home decor idea, think about how you’ll strike a balance between the colors in your space. Rather than bringing in lots of bright colors, consider adding a pop of color with a pillow or throw blanket against a neutral couch or chair. Unless you find yourself drawn to vibrant colors, less is more when it comes to incorporating these statement elements in your home. 

3) Choose classic and calming decor ideas

When it comes to choosing relaxing home decor, you may find yourself tempted by all the up-and-coming home trends. Opting for the latest trends can be fun, but if it’s not something you totally love, chances are you may not feel that relaxed in your space. One of the keys is to pick trends that you like along with those that will stand the test of time. If you’re interested in a new style but not sure how that fits into your home, looking into reversible home design ideas may just be your best option. 

4) Carve out a space for yoga or meditation

Nothing makes a home more relaxing than creating a designated space to wind down. Whether that’s a simple corner of your living room or a small room of its own, you can easily design a space that feels secluded from the rest of your home. With a yoga mat or a floor pillow, a few green plants, and a photo you love, you can easily make a calming nook for your yoga flow or mindfulness practice.



5) Use a weighted blanket in your bedroom

Chances are you’ve heard about weighted blankets. If you haven’t, weighted blankets range from 5 to 30 pounds and mimic therapeutic techniques of deep pressure stimulation, much like a massage. For those that have trouble balancing work and home life, choosing a weighted blanket for your bed or living room may help you relax. Either way, having a great blanket is one of the easiest relaxing home decor ideas to bring into your space to help you shut off for the evening. 

6) Light candles or diffuse essential oils throughout your home

Scents can be the gateway to creating a relaxing environment in your home. Whether you gravitate towards a calming chamomile scent or the smell of lavender before you go to sleep, there’s an essential oil for everything. If you’re more of a candle user, you can find a variety of scents perfect for cultivating a relaxing space. Fresh baked cookies, check. Christmas cheer, check. Nothing beats lighting your favorite candle or turning on your essential oil diffuser after a long day and letting your favorite aromas fill your home.

7) Mood lighting makes a relaxing home

If the weather is gloomy or it’s dark by the time you finish your workday, some much needed light can be all you need for a peaceful home. From sun lamps that mimic the benefits of sunlight or just incorporating string lights throughout your home, the options are endless. You can easily make your space more relaxing by switching up your lights and bringing a new vibe to your home. 



8) Embrace any and all natural light

Natural light is one of the easiest elements to brighten up your space. But if you live in an apartment with minimal windows or your living room doesn’t let in much natural light, there’s no need to worry. It all starts with embracing what natural light you do have in your home. Highlight the windows with high drapes to draw your eyes upward or keep window shades pulled open for as long as the daylight hours allow. Making an effort to let in any light from clouds or sun into your home can make your space more calming and welcoming. 

9) Take inspiration from nature for relaxing home decor

If getting out into nature makes you feel more relaxed, look to nature for inspiration when designing your house to be more relaxing. Incorporating the right shade of wood furniture into your home can evoke feelings of the mountains or the beach. Consider lighting a Fraser fir-scented candle or adding a few drops of pine essential oil in your diffuser to bring the mountain relaxation into your home. Taking inspiration from nature may be as simple as hanging a picture of your favorite beach or lake. That way you’ll have a serene feeling every time you see the photo.

10) Incorporate a plant garden

Plants are known to be a great way to incorporate nature and its properties into your relaxing home decor. The key is to choose plants that work with your space, like small succulents against a windowsill or tall fiddle leaf figs in a sunny room. For greenery that has multiple uses, consider starting an herb garden so you’ll have fresh herbs year-round. No matter how you bring plants into your home you’re likely to find yourself enjoying the greenery you see each day.

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15 Simple Ideas to Make a House a Home

Your house should make you feel welcomed as soon as you step through the door, but this feeling isn’t something that always happens on its own. Once the movers have left, and the chaos of moving has calmed down, it’s time to start focusing on putting down roots in your new space to help make your new house a home.

There are many ways to invoke the cozy, warm feeling that makes a house a home without a complete remodel or shopping spree. So, whether you just moved into your new home in Boston, MA, or need to personalize your studio in Albany, NY, here are 15 simple ideas you can use so your house can start feeling like a proper home.



1) Create an inviting entryway 

The front door and entryway can set the mood of your entire home. After all, it’s the first thing you see when you and your guests first step into your space. Make your front entrance more inviting by keeping it clear of leaves and debris and accessorize with a welcome mat and a few potted plants. Adding a bench or a clothes rack will also help keep your entryway neat and tidy, plus it makes a great first impression. Equally, painting the front door can give your house a fresh, new look in one afternoon. Feel free to choose a fun, contrasting color that aligns with your style.

2) Make your home more zen

Turning your house into a home starts with ensuring that you feel instantly at peace when you enter a room. But if you’re having difficulty feeling relaxed, there may be particular reasons why. If the sight of a messy, disorganized room is causing you stress, you might want to start decluttering and letting go of items that don’t bring you joy. Choosing random decor items to fill up empty spaces in your home can make a space feel cramped, and can add too many contrasts between your wall colors or furnishings. When choosing decor, artwork, or pictures, be sure to pick items that have special meaning to you. By identifying the areas in your home causing you stress, you can begin making your home a more zen space.

Brightly lit kitchen

Brightly lit kitchen

3) Improve your living space with home upgrades

Upgrading spaces in your home can go a long way in making you feel more settled. Bathrooms and kitchens are high-traffic areas in a home, so prioritizing home upgrades in these areas can ensure that you’re tackling the places that make the biggest impact. Installing new appliances can give your kitchen a facelift, but if you’re working with a smaller budget, select the most outdated or worn-looking one and replace it. Likewise, swapping out an old showerhead with one that has better water pressure can instantly elevate space and improve the quality of life in your home.

4) Use cozy area rugs to help make a house feel like home

An area rug can instantly warm up a space and make it more inviting. Area rugs can help ground furniture, and an artistically designed rug can also add more interest to a space. When selecting a rug, take the room’s size and arrangement into account. Ensure all of your furniture is on the area rug or at least touching a portion of the rug to give the space a cohesive look.

5) Dressing up empty walls with artwork

Blank walls can add an unfinished element to your house, preventing your house from feeling truly lived in. Displaying your favorite pieces of art can act as the finishing element to pull a space together and make a house a home. And the best part is that it’s a budget-friendly way to complete a room. When selecting your artwork, keep the room’s function, size, and decor style in mind. After that, you have the freedom to choose artwork that you love and will be happily displayed in your home.

For living rooms and areas where guests spend the most time, choose a large-scale piece as a focal point or incorporate multiple art pieces into a gallery wall. Pieces with soothing, cool-toned colors and abstract prints are great additions for areas for relaxation like a den or bedroom.

Dining area

Dining area

6) Bring nature inside with indoor plants

Indoor plants don’t just add a pop of greenery to a space, they can also breathe life into a dull room. Houseplants help us feel more relaxed and can even improve our home’s indoor air quality. They come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, so if you live in a shady studio in Portland, OR with only a few windows, or a home with lots of natural light in Seattle, Washington, you can still find ways to incorporate plants into your decor.  

For home offices or areas with low light in your home, stick to low-maintenance plants like lucky bamboo or succulents. These plants are compact enough to keep on a desk or side table and thrive in shaded areas. To add drama to larger rooms, such as living or dining rooms, money trees or fiddle leaf figs are great statement plant options. Plus, the right planter can add another design element to your home.

7) Keep the clutter to a minimum

Identifying the key areas in your space that you’ll keep tidy will make life in your home more pleasant. It’s easy to believe in the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality when decluttering, but actively keeping your living area clean will allow you to fully relax in your space without being constantly stressed by the sight of messy areas. Instead of stowing items that are no longer used in designated “junk drawers,” take the time to go through and pick out items that no longer have sentimental value, use, or have similar functions to items you already have. And if the thought of decluttering your home is too daunting, consider hiring a professional organizing service to help you get your space in order.

8) Add scented candles or diffusers

A house filled with inviting smells can instantly make a house feel like home. With various candles, diffusers, and scent plug-ins available on the market, there’s no shortage of ways to make your home smell good. Choose your favorite and fill your home with the aroma of sweet vanilla, sharp citrus, or fresh linens in minutes. For more natural smelling scents, you can opt for essential oils, such as lavender or jasmine, which comes with the benefits of being natural stress relievers.

Layer lighting

Layer lighting

9) Make a house a home by layering the lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in affecting a room’s mood and is an essential design element when making a house feel like a home. If your house feels dark and cramped, you can switch up your lighting by adding and layering light sources to make it feel more warm and welcoming. While brighter lights are needed to illuminate kitchens and workspaces, using fluorescent overhead lighting in living rooms or dens can make the space appear harsh. Instead, opt for ambient light sources that use mellower, warmer lighting. Wall sconces, table, or floor lamps are excellent ambient lighting sources that can cast a warm, cozy glow on any room. 

10) Frame your windows with curtains

Window curtains are great accent pieces in a room. Replacing them is an easy way to switch up the room’s look and add a lived-in look to any space in one easy step. Personalize your windows by adding new window dressings to instantly warm up your home and showcase your style. Not only does adding beautiful curtains or shades improve your home’s appearance, they can also decorate blank walls, separate a room into sections, or even create fun little reading nooks in children’s bedrooms.

11) Showcase family mementos or antiques

Make your house feel like home by incorporating sentimental pieces in your decor, such as family mementos or antiques, to personalize your space. As you plan the display locations for your keepsakes, group related items together to help create a cohesive look in your home design. Items such as wedding photos, important documents, or certificates can be grouped in a gallery wall, while trophies or souvenirs can be displayed on a shelf together.

When displaying sentimental photos, pick frames that can protect the paper from damage or fading from ultraviolet (UV) rays over time. If you’re planning on including antiques or other precious items as decor, consider purchasing shadow boxes or display cases for them. Cases will protect the objects from harm and prevent dust or grime from settling on the fragile objects.

Dining room

Dining room

12) Freshen up your home with a coat of paint

Painting your walls can give your space an instant facelift and can go a long way in refreshing a home. Plus, it’s a great way to customize your home and make it your own. If you’re not ready to undertake an entire painting project, you can pick smaller areas in your home, like a bedroom or powder room. You can even opt to paint a few accent walls throughout your home to warm up the space and give it pops of color.

Living room bookshelf

Living room bookshelf

13) Personalize your shelves with books

A stack of well-loved paperbacks or a decorative coffee table book is a great way to bring personal touches into your home. Books are an easy and budget-friendly way to embellish your decor and can be used as statement accessories to pull a space together. And, the sight of a filled bookshelf can instantly give a room a homey feel. If you have an extensive book collection, use a blank wall in your home to create a book wall by displaying them in a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. You can also choose books with decorative covers or colorful spines to brighten up your decor.



14) Add warmth with comfy bedding

The right bedding can instantly make your room look decorated and homey if you can’t decorate the whole room right away. If your room has a bold paint color, using neutral-colored bedding can add texture while also creating depth and interest to your space. Alternatively, if your room has a neutral color palette, you can play around with different colors or patterns in your bedding.

When creating the ultimate comfy bedroom, one can’t forget the textiles to transform a bare bedroom. Adorning your bedroom with soft throws- chenille or faux fur are great options – and fluffy pillows can instantly add a cozy touch to any space, making your bedroom feel more welcoming.

15) Finally, make a house a home by setting up a hobby area

Whether your hobby is painting, reading, or even solving puzzles, make room for it. Dedicating a space in your home, like a nook or bonus room, for your hobbies will not only make it easier to do what you love, but it allows your personality and interests to shine throughout your home. Not to mention, having an area to yourself can allow you to concentrate on doing what you love all while making your house feel more like a home. 

Source: redfin.com

Home decor store Woodland Mod to open in former Camelion Design space – My Ballard

A new home decor and design store is opening at 5330 Ballard Ave, the space previously home to Camelion Design.

Woodland Mod, owned and soon to be operated by local resident Jaimie McCausland, is planning to open its doors this April.

McCausland is keeping the essence of Camelion Design, as she plans to appeal to gift-givers, home decorators, and those looking to add design elements to their space.

However, McCausland is shifting the focus of the store from its previous style and will be curating designs and merchandise from a “Scandinavian design philosophy.”

Staying close to her own roots and those of Ballard, McCausland will highlight Scandinavian style in the functionality, simplicity, and clean lines of her designs and featured products in the brick-and-mortar Ballard store and online.

Store merchandise at Woodland Mod will include homeware, wall art, accessories, wellness products, and more. Local, US, and overseas/European products will be sourced for the store along with goods from independent and artisanal crafters.

The old Camelion Design space will also be renovated for Woodland Mod to better reflect the Scandinavian design and decor of the store. The renovation designs have been recently completed and McCausland is moving forward with contractors to begin the changes.

McCausland is looking forward to opening Woodland Mod and adding to the area’s small business community by being a “compliment to the stores in Ballard.”

More updates to follow as Woodland Mod prepares for its opening in April.

Source: myballard.com

5 Ways to Improve Your Home Office Setup

February 9, 2021 February 10, 2021 by Lexi Klinkenberg

Updated on February 10th, 2021

The pandemic has affected our lives in countless ways, but a shift in workplace habits is among the most notable. The pandemic has forced millions of workers into their homes, taking away their commutes, their routines, and, of course, their offices. In fact, having a home office is one of the most popular home trends on the market right now and homes with a home office are currently seen in 9% more homes for sale than last year. If you’re among those stuck at home, day in and day out, making a few tweaks to your home office can improve your productivity and boost morale. Here are five great ways to improve your home office setup.

home office setup

home office setup

1. Lean into an ergonomic setup

Many office spaces are designed with employee comfort in mind, but our home offices can be a little less thought out and could potentially increase discomfort and stress during the workday. There are a few upgrades you can make when it comes to your office equipment. Consider investing in an ergonomic chair and desk. An ergonomic chair will provide you with the support you need to avoid neck and back pain and ergonomic desks can often move up and down giving you the ability to sit or stand as you work throughout the day. Additionally, specific keyboards, laptop risers and an external mouse can add extra comfort to your current office workspace. Adding just a few of these ergonomic upgrades to your home office can lessen your discomfort, making it easier to stay at your desk and stay focused on the task at hand.

2. Upgrade to new technology

Are you tired of trying to get work done on a tiny laptop screen? Do you struggle to hear your coworkers on video calls through old computer speakers? If so, some new technology might be just what you need. Investing in quality speakers, additional monitors, or even a smart home system to ensure you’re always looped in can be a big benefit, making it easier to do your job while eliminating some common headaches.

Not all companies will offer reimbursement for technological upgrades but some may, so it never hurts to ask. With the newest technology at your fingertips, you may be able to increase your productivity and enjoy your home office setup more than ever before. 

3. Improve your lighting

The wrong lighting can be unpleasant and uncomfortable, especially when you spend most of the day in your office workspace. Without adequate bulb brightness and warmness, you may be more likely to strain your eyes or even get headaches while staring at your screens. If you have bad lighting in your home office consider increasing your access to natural light by taking away blinds or relocating your desk. Add a desk light or floor lamp to your office to bring in a warm, happy feel, or put better bulbs in your overhead light fixtures to improve comfort and visibility. 

Many studies have shown that lights in higher color temperatures (above 3500K) directly impact our learning and productivity and increase our ability to take in information and concentrate on tasks. The higher the color temperature, the higher the level of focus. For this reason, it is recommended that you purchase LED lights with color temperatures around 5000K to increase focus and save you money on electricity bills. Bringing warm, bright light into your office space is especially beneficial if you live in an area that tends to have overcast skies, like Seattle, WA

home office setup

home office setup

4. Add custom cabinets and organizational spaces

Many careers and positions require keeping extensive records, which is fine when you’re in an office with shelves and cabinets. But now that you’re working from home you most likely are dealing with a smaller space. With cabinetry designed to accommodate your job, you can improve organization and efficiency. Consider adding some custom cabinetry to your office, it is a great way to keep your office looking great while also giving you plenty of space to store your work so it doesn’t turn into towering piles around your desk. 

If you don’t have the space for custom installations, even a small filing cabinet, shelves on the walls, or a desk with more drawers can make staying organized a little easier.

5. Bring in the decor

A drab workspace may seem functional, but it’s probably not a place you want to spend a lot of time. Stepping up your decor can be an aesthetic improvement that can excite you about working in your home office setup rather than dreading it. A work area that looks nice will feel nice, and that may be all you need to stay motivated during the day. Here are some simple upgrades you can make to your home office to help inject a little more energy and color into your space. 

  • Add a colorful rug: Rugs can be fashionable, but they can also make your space homier. This is particularly true if your at-home office is in a basement or a room that’s less cozy. A rug can also be easier on your feet and provide insulation to help regulate the room’s temperature, not to mention it could add some much-needed color and texture to your space. 
  • Draw on some curtains or blinds: If your workspace has a lot of natural light, curtains and blinds can be a good way to keep the rising or setting sun at bay.  There are many curtain and blind options available these days that can be used to modify your windows. And, with the vast range of color options, materials, and designs available, you have the freedom to choose any that match your style and interior design. Whether this means adding some sage green curtains to your windows or automatic modern blinds that open or close with the touch of a button, the options are endless. Nice curtains or blinds can elevate the feel of a room, which could certainly help enhance a drab space. 
  • Incorporate artwork and plenty of it: Office workers across the country keep pictures on their desks, so why not hang some art in your home office? You may not need pictures of your family necessarily, since you might be able to hear them right down the hall, but t maybe a favorite art print, framed photos from one of your favorite trips, or any other fun and enjoyable pieces that can brighten up your home office setup. There are so many art options available, just find something that speaks to you and helps you stay energized and motivated. 
  • Invest in indoor plants:  Plants can complement any decor and really add personality to your home office space. Other than plants having the ability to spruce up any space, they also have other benefits. Indoor plants are great for providing a pleasant and tranquil environment for working. Learn more about your favorite species — like the amount of maintenance and sun the various types of plants need— and choose the indoor plants that would be best suited for you and your home office.

Working from home is no longer a temporary situation for many Americans, so there’s no longer a reason to just make do with a cramped desk, an uncomfortable chair, and otherwise unmotivating workspace. Improving your home office setup can make working from home easier and more enjoyable, no matter what the future holds.

Source: redfin.com

20 Reversible Home Design Ideas to Instantly Revamp Your Space

Transforming your home’s look and feel doesn’t require a complete remodel or a shopping spree for all new furnishings. There are many inexpensive and reversible ways to spruce up your space to make it feel more like home. Simple things like trendy removable wallpaper or temporary statement flooring can make all the difference. So whether you need renter-friendly decorating ideas for your home in Portland, OR, or you’re looking for a quick refresh to your condo in Austin, TX, here are 20 home design ideas to revamp and freshen up your living space – all without leaving a mark. 

Wallpaper home design ideas

Wallpaper home design ideas

1) Use removable wallpaper to transform a blank wall

Removable wallpaper is a great way to incorporate color or pattern into any room. With its quick (and damage-free) installation, you can easily give a blank wall in your home a temporary makeover by creating an accent wall with a bold print or color.

2) Bring your home design ideas to life with house plants

Bring the outdoors in by adding some greenery. Incorporating low-maintenance indoor house plants into your home design, such as spider or bamboo plants, can easily brighten up a space. 

3) Transform your kitchen with peel and stick backsplash

You don’t need to undergo a kitchen renovation to revamp the space or achieve that trendy subway tile look. Peel and stick backsplashes mimic the look of tile and are extremely easy to install, plus you won’t have to worry about the mortar, grout, or any of the mess that is required when using traditional products.

4) Replace kitchen and bathroom hardware 

The best home updates are often in the smallest details. Replacing the existing hardware on your cabinet doors and drawers with sleek pulls or knobs can have a significant impact on a room’s overall look. For a modern touch to your home design, simple brass pulls or knobs can be used to add some shine to wooden cabinets. Hardware can also be easily adapted to any color palette or home style. 

Kitchen home design ideas

Kitchen home design ideas

5) Make a statement with temporary flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most valuable home design trends to include in your space. If you’re not ready to commit, interlocking laminate planks are an affordable way to cover up unsightly flooring or test out the trend to see if it’s for you. These planks don’t require nails or adhesives and can be installed over your existing flooring by simply snapping and locking them together. If sleek gray floors or even a trendy pattern have been on your home design ideas list, this is an easy way to achieve a new look without the commitment or hassle of redoing your flooring.

6) New draperies 

Are your window treatments outdated, or are you just bored of the same curtains hanging on your windows? Swapping out old curtains or blinds for new ones is a simple home design idea to give any space a facelift. New curtains can instantly tie a room together, or you can change the look and feel of any space by playing with different color palettes and textures.

7) Brighten up your space with new lighting

Good lighting is integral to creating a warm and inviting space. But if your home lacks natural light or you live in a city like Seattle, WA, where it tends to be cloudy most of the year, consider adding additional lighting. It could be as simple as a decorative floor lamp with a lighter lampshade or recessed lighting to diffuse light throughout the room.

8) Use contact paper to completely transform a surface

In the mood for an at-home DIY project but not ready for a permanent change? Contact paper is a great way to experiment with different home design ideas, such as bold colors or patterns. You can use it to cover up roughed-up surfaces, like an old coffee table, or you can even give your kitchen countertop a luxe makeover with marble contact paper. The best part is if you decide a few months from now that you no longer like the look – it’s totally reversible. 

Colorful gallery wall

Colorful gallery wall

9) Showcase your personality with a gallery wall

Gallery walls are a fun and easy way to revamp your space while adding architectural details to your home design. Create a nonpermanent gallery wall by collecting your photos and favorite prints and grouping them into several frames. You can use Washi Tape or Command strips to easily remove or rearrange your pieces without the hassle of using a drill and screws. 

10) Install floating shelves

Floating shelves can reduce the look of clutter and are perfect for small nooks in your home. You can use floating shelves to display small decor items in your living room or even as extra storage space for bathroom linens.

Bedding home design ideas

Bedding home design ideas

11) Refresh your bedding

Your bedroom is a spot to unwind after a long day, and if your bedding is uncomfortable or just outdated, it can affect your mood and even your quality of sleep. Refreshing your bedding and adding in some decorative throw pillows is an easy way to revamp your room’s look without any major updates. To create a stress-free sleeping environment, use cool tones such as blues or greens in your bedding.

12) Use a large mirror for a bright and airy atmosphere

Not only do mirrors help reflect more light into a room, but they can also add the illusion of a larger space. Instead of mounting a heavy mirror to your wall, lean a full-length standing mirror against the wall to add a “wow” factor to any room and double up your light sources at the same time.

13) Accessorize with throw pillows

Accessorizing with throw pillows is another easy home design idea to let your personality shine. Throw pillows are a great way to experiment with new color palettes or add pops of color throughout your space. When arranging your pillows, keep in mind that odd numbers work best to achieve a modern look while even numbers create a traditional, balanced look.

Modern living room brown couch

Modern living room brown couch

14) Incorporate rugs into your home design

Use area rugs to connect the different spaces in your home. Placing rugs with similar styles, colors, or patterns in connecting spaces can create a visual connection between two rooms, making each room flow seamlessly from one to the next. So, if your space is feeling empty or dull, an area rug can be a great piece to tie together your home design ideas. 

15) Decorate with Washi Tape

Washi Tape is a versatile home design idea to create instant wall art. Use it to introduce patterns into your home design by creating a nonpermanent accent wall with geometric shapes. 

Aerial view living room layout

Aerial view living room layout

16) Update your home design by rearranging your furniture

Breathe new life into your space by rearranging your furniture. This is one of the simplest and impactful reversible home design ideas with endless arrangements. For a cozier feel, place your furniture closer together or spaced out to create an airy feel. 

17) Swap out light switch plates

Not only is a cracked light switch plate unsightly, they can also be potential fire hazards. Swap out cracked or broken wall plates to black or brass ones to give a room a modern look.

18) Give vent covers a makeover

Take your old vent covers to the next-level by freshening them up with a coat of black paint or metallic spray paint. Not only will this revamp your space instantly, it’s also a quick and easy project no matter how many times you redecorate your home.

Sleek white bathroom

Sleek white bathroom

19) Replace your bathroom showerhead

Swapping out your shower head for one with better water pressure can create a more pleasant and spa-like experience. It’s also a reversible and inexpensive way to make your bathroom look more luxurious. 

20) Minimize the mess 

A messy, cluttered home makes a space feel smaller and less relaxing. Keep your living space organized by creating an action plan of home design ideas and projects you want to tackle. That way, you can make small intentional changes each day with your goal as a motivating guide. 

Source: redfin.com

Homes With a New Kitchen List for More and Often Sell Above List Price

January 20, 2021 January 21, 2021 by Lexi Klinkenberg

Updated on January 21st, 2021

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, serving as both a central meeting place for family and a functional area necessary for preparing meals. So it’s easy to understand why a state-of-the-art kitchen is a must-have for millions of homeowners from coast to coast. For those considering home upgrades, the kitchen is a great place to start. A kitchen remodel can add value for current homeowners, and appeal to homebuyers if you’re looking to sell in the near future.

Modern kitchen with breakfast bar

Modern kitchen with breakfast bar

A kitchen remodel can increase your home value

For homeowners who plan to sell their homes any time in the future, value is an important point of consideration. A new kitchen can play a significant role in higher than average list price, while an outdated kitchen that doesn’t meet functional needs can deter buyers in any housing market.

Think renovating a kitchen isn’t a big deal for prospective homebuyers? It is. It’s possible to recoup virtually the entire cost of a kitchen upgrade in the purchase price, giving you the opportunity to remodel your kitchen from top to bottom, with less concern for expenses.

Homes with new kitchens are rated number 1 for most valuable home improvement trends. The median list price on homes that have a new kitchen is $14,500 more than the national median, and on average, these homes sell for above their list price.

When planning a kitchen remodel, be sure to consider both what makes the most sense to you as well as what will appeal to most homebuyers in your area. For example, if you live in Atlanta, GA, and want to upgrade your countertops, opting for the most valuable trend, quartz, is probably a better option than granite. Someone who specializes in kitchen remodeling can also help you identify regional trends to ensure you make the best possible choice for your home.

In addition to increasing the value of your home, here are 5 other reasons you should consider remodeling your kitchen.

1. Improved lifestyle and convenience

For most homeowners who are planning on remodeling their kitchen space, convenience can be a primary motivator. If your kitchen can’t meet all of your needs, whether it’s too small or situated in an inconvenient manner, an upgrade is a great decision.

As you move forward with your kitchen remodel, determine what you need out of your kitchen and what is required to fulfill those needs. For example, if you need more space to prep and cook, extending your counter or adding an island might be the ideal solution. On the other hand, if you need more storage, an island or hanging cabinets could help you get the extra room to store your pots, pans, and dry goods. If you’re not sure where to start, speak with local kitchen renovation pros to identify the available options for your current kitchen space.

2. Better design and appearance

Kitchen remodels are often functional, but they can be beautiful, too. Upgrading your kitchen can both expand the area you have for food prep and can become a space you enjoy spending more time in.

If you don’t like the look or feel of your kitchen, a kitchen upgrade can bring your home into the twenty-first century. From counter materials to new cabinets, there are tons of ways to improve the space in your home. Some of the most popular kitchen features we are seeing nationwide include, granite countertops, an eat-in area, stainless steel appliances, and hardwood floors. You can definitely follow your own tastes to create the kitchen of your dreams or enlist the help of a pro to recommend more current trends. Regardless, the right approach to a remodel can guarantee a room that looks amazing and feels great, too.

kitchen lighting

kitchen lighting

3. Create additional space

If you’re tired of cooking and cleaning in a small, cramped space, a new kitchen can make all the difference. Renovating your kitchen can maximize the space you have available, making it much easier to cook meals and spend time with family.

Even small homes can be improved with remodeling opportunities. This can include adding things like extra cabinets or even kitchen islands. If space is really tight, taking down walls or expanding storage – like adding a new pantry or cabinets – into bordering rooms can free up storage options in your kitchen in a way that maximizes functionality.

4. Improved technology options

Kitchen technology isn’t a one size fits all option. If your 1980s fridge and old school oven can’t meet your needs, it may be time to upgrade. A customized kitchen remodel can also focus on technology. If you’re looking for higher-tech kitchen solutions, upgrading might be required.

Kitchen appliances come in all shapes and sizes, from fridges with Wi-Fi capabilities to ovens that provide quick preheat functionality and will have you ready to cook within minutes. Upgrading your kitchen with the latest and greatest technology can make cooking and preparing meals faster and easier. Start trawling home improvement stores and working with a kitchen renovation contractor that is knowledgeable in high tech options to help you weigh the pros and cons of each new kitchen appliance. No matter what you have in mind, there’s an option out there ideal for you.

5. Eco-Friendly Upgrades

If climate change or saving money on utilities are concerns for you, your kitchen remodel may be focused on implementing eco-friendly options for more sustainable living.

Appliances that offer great functionality while also reducing waste are available in countless forms, from low-energy refrigerators to microwaves with convection options. Those who want to truly maximize eco-friendly home upgrades may want to go beyond the kitchen alone, but Energy Star appliances can make it much easier to minimize your impact on the environment – and save money.

Remodeling a kitchen is never a requirement, but if you plan to sell soon or aren’t completely satisfied with the cooking space in your current home, a remodel is a great opportunity. Partnering with a kitchen remodeling company can ensure you tick every box, giving you access to pros who can identify needs and provide solutions that meet both functional and fashionable options within your budget. Whether you want more space, better tech, or to sell for more, it’s never too late to upgrade your kitchen.

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7 Simple Home Improvements to Beat the Winter Blues

January 8, 2021 January 22, 2021 by Emily Huddleston

Updated on January 22nd, 2021

Winter can be a difficult time of year for many of us, especially after all the holiday excitement dwindles down. The days are short and dark. The temperatures are low. The weather is gloomy. And this is when many of us start to feel the winter blues settling in. 

But there is good news. By planning out a few simple home improvements you can easily transform your space into a happier and cozier place to be. Sprucing up your home can be worthwhile during any season, but certain projects are perfect for giving you a much-needed mood boost during this time of year. 

So, if you’re in a seasonal funk, consider these home improvement projects to help you beat those winter blues, no matter how short and dark the days are or how low the temperatures drop.

painted living room

painted living room

1. Repaint living spaces

Feeling like your home is in need of a dramatic change? A new coat of paint can be a cheap and effective way to switch things up in no time. During this time when many of us need a mood booster, take a page out of the psychology book, and surround yourself with colors that help you relax and increase happiness. In general, cool colors have a calming effect, while warm colors add comfort and can be invigorating. White can help brighten rooms by reflecting light. It makes a small space feel larger and more open, which can help you feel more energized.

Painting can require some patience, especially if you are considering a brand new color, but it’s easy enough for even a DIY beginner to accomplish. And, with the right attitude and a few friends or even some favorite music, you can make repainting your walls fun, too. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your painting project, consider hiring a local painting company to tackle it for you.

kitchen lighting

kitchen lighting

2. Update your home’s lighting 

What better way to brighten and warm your spirits this winter than with the perfect lighting. Not to mention it’s an easy and affordable way to make your home a more comfortable place to spend time.

Instead of sticking with whatever fixtures came in your home when you bought it, you can use the doldrums of winter as an excuse to try this simple home improvement. Light fixtures are affordable and can often be installed without an expert. Whether you repurpose your holiday string lights or invest in a daylight lamp, the options are endless. You can also completely change the ambiance in your home simply by replacing any harsh white bulbs with calming yellow ones.

skylights in living room

skylights in living room

3. Maximize natural light with windows or skylights

With the shorter days and gloomy weather, one of the main factors leading to winter blues this time of year is the lack of natural light. The best solution for this is to increase the amount of sunlight in your home. If your current windows aren’t letting in enough light or air, it may be time to upgrade. 

Skylights can also be an excellent way to improve natural light. This is true even if you live somewhere like Miami, where the sunlight is abundant. Skylights can be installed in many areas of your home, with kitchens and baths being among the most popular choices. Adding more light and sun can go a long way in making the winter darkness a little easier to manage.

simple home improvements bright entryway

simple home improvements bright entryway

4. Install a sound system

There’s nothing like a great song for instantly lifting the spirits. Playing some of your favorite tunes at home is the perfect remedy to help fight your winter blues. It’s a bit less impactful, though, when you’re listening to music through tiny laptop speakers. If you want to really immerse yourself in the sound of your favorite songs, invest in a home sound system.

Setting up a surround sound system or a sound system that plays across multiple rooms is quite simple. Modern technology allows for easy connectivity with Bluetooth, ensuring your home is ready for fun without a costly or complicated setup process.

simple home improvements bathroom

simple home improvements bathroom

5. Improve organization

After spending months inside due to the pandemic, followed by the holidays, your home may be overrun by clutter. Think about how good you’ll feel when you’ve cleaned your house, and everything has been put back in its rightful place

Improving the organization of a space can occur in a number of ways, from purchasing storage boxes and bins to custom pieces for the closet. A few simple home improvements can go a long way. Whether that’s just going through old mail, sorting clothing to donate, or filing papers, organizing can help create a nicer living space. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the process, bring in a professional organizer or declutter to help.

6. Add greenery to beat winter blues

Plants are amazing gifts of nature. In both work and home environments, live plants can boost your mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity. Plants come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny succulents to large potted plants, making greenery a functional and flexible option for everyone. You can choose from flowers, greek plants like ferns, or even herbs to add color and life to any room.

If you have a large living area, potted trees can also be an excellent addition and one of the simplest home improvements you can do. Available from local nurseries and mail order services nationwide, plants make it easy to add a dynamic living focal piece to any room.

bedroom sanctuary simple home improvement

bedroom sanctuary simple home improvement

7. Create a bedroom sanctuary

There’s nothing quite like having a cozy place to escape to on a cold winter day. From fluffy blankets and bedding to essential oils and warm, ambient lighting, your bedroom can be a place of peace from the moment you walk in. Flannel sheets can keep you nice and warm while a plush rug to sink your toes into will add comfort. 

Making it through yet another winter may seem tough, but a few simple home improvements can be just what you need to turn a cold-weather frown upside down. From a little repainting to installing skylights, there’s plenty you can do to increase your happiness and take your home from bland to beautiful this season.

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8 Major Home Design Trends That’ll Be Big in 2021, According to Redfin and Hunker

This article is a collaboration between Redfin and Hunker 

With a new-found love for our homes this past year, it’s likely you’ve racked up a laundry list of ways that you’d love to revamp your space. And what better time to refresh and upgrade your home than the New Year? To help spark some inspiration, we partnered with Hunker to predict which home trends will be big over the next year. So whether you’re looking for kitchen remodel ideas or you’ve set a goal to finally transform that spare room into your dream office, we’ve got you covered. Combining Redfin’s data on the most valuable home trends and Hunker’s design experience, here are the major design trends we expect homeowners to embrace in 2021:

designer kitchen black cabinets

designer kitchen black cabinets

Home Design Trend 1: Designer kitchens fit for a chef

Since many picked up cooking or baking as a new hobby in 2020, it’s no surprise that the kitchen remains the heart of the home. When it comes to kitchen design trends this year, think functional yet stylish. Spacious, open concept kitchens with top-notch stainless steel appliances will continue as a “must-have” for homeowners, but they’re also seeking a beautiful and stylish design. 

kitchen blue cabinetry design trend

kitchen blue cabinetry design trend

Home Design Trend 2: Stylish kitchens with contrast

While an all-white kitchen is a classic, expect to see bolder palettes — like blue hues, forest greens, and deep charcoals — on island cabinetry, as a contrasting backsplash, or with kitchen furniture. We’ll see kitchens continue to incorporate luxe statement lighting and sleek hardware, such as gold faucets and cabinet handles. 

home office design trends built in

home office design trends built in

Home Design Trend 3: Bonus spaces that can double as a home office

Working from home will continue to be a theme in years to come, and many are looking for opportunities to create dedicated workspaces within their homes. Whether it be an ADU, a sun room, an additional guest room, or transforming a shed into an office space — this is one of the major home design trends that’s here to stay.

warm bedroom fur blanket

warm bedroom fur blanket

Home Design Trend 4: Earthy textures with luxury elements

In 2021, look to see more homes incorporating a lot of the colors you typically see in minimalism. You’ll see colors like white, cream, beige, rust, and sage, but layered in with multiple textures. Think a living room that combines jute, oak, and linen with materials that are undeniably luxe, or a kitchen with colored marble countertops and rich velvet banquette seating.

quartz countertop kitchen

quartz countertop kitchen

Home Design Trend 5: Quartz countertops 

In the war of countertop materials, quartz has risen up through the ranks over the years. Versatile, practical, contemporary and elegant, quartz is basically the full package and we expect to see more of it moving into 2021. Quartz countertops pair well with both light and dark colored cabinets, making them easy to integrate into any kitchen color scheme.

outdoor dining area pool fireplace

outdoor dining area pool fireplace

Home Design Trend 6: Outdoor dining rooms for year-round entertaining 

Now, more than ever before, homeowners want to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor in a way that lets them experience the best of both realities. With people less focused on eating out, they’ll be looking to take advantage of outdoor entertaining with spaces that can function as open-air dining rooms — whether that be a deck, a gazebo, or a patio overhang. 

blue velvet couch pattern rug gradmillenial design trend

blue velvet couch pattern rug gradmillenial design trend

Home Design Trend 7: Embracing grandmillennial style 

This style slowly began to take off this year,  but “grandmillennial” is being embraced with open arms as we enter 2021. This fun and unique design trend is all about appreciating traditional style from a modern point of view. You can expect to see tasteful antique decor — like a vintage statement mirror — plenty of brass and wicker, and varieties of texture. Whether it’s just a fad or a timeless trend here to stay, it’s going to be “in” throughout this next year.

floor to ceiling windows living room

floor to ceiling windows living room

Home Design Trend 8: Floor-to-ceiling windows

If you’re looking for an open, airy, and refreshing space, then floor-to-ceiling windows are the upgrade your home needs. On-trend with indoor/outdoor living, this home design trend lets light pour into your space without the need to actually step foot outside. Although not the easiest home upgrade to make, it’s one we’ll continue to see throughout homes this year. 

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