Top Places to Retire in Arizona

Arizonans say it best with the famous truism, “In Arizona, we salt margaritas, not sidewalks.” The perfect escape from brutal winters, Arizona has attracted d retirees with its picturesque landscape, warmer temps, and laid back vibes. It’s no wonder; after years of hard work and dedication to the wellbeing of others, retirees deserve all that Arizona has to offer.

The soothing weather and chill atmosphere comes at a price (and it’s a low one). Arizona’s cost of living is significantly less than that of most north, northeast, and midwestern states. On top of that, groceries, healthcare, and miscellaneous expenses fall significantly below the national average. Things in Arizona aren’t just easy on the wallet, they’re also convenient. Arizona offers a diverse arrangement of shops, eateries and retail outlets. Ready to move here? To make things even easier, there are plenty of 55+ communities which are full of amenities and activities. Here’s a list of the top active adult communities in Arizona to check out.

Sun City Grand feels much more like a resort than your typical “community,” and if you want a pristine active, yet relaxing atmosphere, Sun City has you covered. Packed with four golf courses, Sun City Grand offers a variety of terrain and a mix of forgiving and challenging holes.
The fitness department is ready to satisfy your exercise needs, regardless of whether you want to go all-out or take it step-by-step. Residents can take group classes or get one-on-one guidance to progress towards their goals.

The homes in Sun City Grand focus on luxury in both their amenities and architecture. They range in size from 1,096 to 3,388 square feet. Each residence has its own personal style, décor and feel, so residents aren’t forced to settle for cookie cutter design; you can choose something that suits your unique tastes.
Sun City Grand also provides residents with an immersive community experience. Whether you engage in any of Sun City’s many activities, golf, or community meetings, it’s easy to get swept up in the energy of one of Arizona’s best retirement communities.

Featuring a range of custom builders and designers, the homes at The Trilogy provide residents with a unique living experience. Unlike some Phoenix retirement communities, you can choose the builder you want according to the style that suits you best. And regardless of which home you choose, you get an impressive list of amenities, including modern appliances, plush furniture, plenty of light and layouts designed to make hosting friends and family easy and fun.

The Trilogy has several options to keep you busy and entertained—if you choose—and many ways to kick back and unwind. One element that sets The Trilogy apart from some other Arizona retirement communities is its network of trails and parks. Residents can immerse themselves in nature while working up a nice sweat through the twists and turns. Vistancia also boasts two lap pools, four tennis courts, indoor basketball, modern fitness centers, the Blackstone Country Club, and more.

PebbleCreek offers a variety of expansive, convenient floor plans with all the finishings to make your home a haven of comfort. With 21 different options ranging from 1,569 to 3079 square feet, it’s not hard to find something that suits your tastes. And when it comes to “tastes,” PebbleCreek has you more than covered. Its series of restaurants set it apart from many other active adult communities, thanks to their wide selection of flavors and culinary styles. The Tuscany Sports and Aquatics Complex offers many sports and fitness options, as well as both indoor and outdoor swimming and water activities. Its fitness center and outdoor sports courts provide residents with more than enough options for getting and staying in shape.

In addition to Eagle’s Nest and Tuscany Falls right within PebbleCreek’s borders, golfers can enjoy a pass to all seven Robson Resort Communities across Texas and Arizona. Whether you want to keep it local or embark on a little road trip, PebbleCreek has you covered.

Sun Lakes specializes in fitting each resident with an optimal range of activities. You can choose events and organizations based on your age, which means you can connect with people at similar stages in life. Sun Lakes has several gated communities to choose from and a laundry list of amenities and cool things to get into.

From driving ranges to golf courses to health clubs and stocked fishing, the challenge isn’t finding something to do; it’s figuring out what to do when. Sun Lakes is also conveniently located near several high tech firms and high-end shopping, restaurants spas, and health care services. Sun Lakes is also only 20 minutes from the city, so residents can easily visit friends in other Phoenix retirement communities.

Sunland Springs boasts an ideal location, which affords residents views of the Superstition Mountains and easy access to shopping and restaurants and other retirement communities. Residents can also indulge in Sunland Springs’ 27-hole executive golf course or one of a long list of activities. Sunland has everything from basketball to billiards to softball to shuffleboard.

Another amenity that sets Sunland Springs apart from other Arizona retirement communities is its arts and crafts. Residents can learn ceramics, how to work with stained glass, glass fusing, and even silversmithing.

Sunland helps residents thrive through community-building clubs and activities. For example, Sunland Springs’ genealogy club only costs $10.00 a year and gives members the chance to investigate new ways of tracking down their ancestral records as well as learn from the efforts of others.

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4 Ways You’ll Benefit By Giving Back

Did you know Giving USA reported that in 2018, Americans donated over $410 billion dollars?!

It’s around this time of year especiailly that giving back becomes top of mind for many. Whether it’s for a particular occasion or we’re looking at how to work it into our routine and monthly budgets, it can be tricky and overwhelming to get started.

With so many worthy causes, what should we focus our time, energy, and money on? What is the best way to fit this into our schedule and budget?

4 Ways Giving More Can Benefit You

There’s also another challenge: many Americans are dealing with debt and struggling to make their own ends meet.

If you’re trying to find the best path forward, you’re not alone.

Many families want to give more but are on a tight budget. You might be wondering, How can I give more without breaking my budget?

And I want to encourage you to look at a few ways to make it possible.

If you’re on the fence regarding whether you should give or you’re unsure about what you need to do begin, I want to share a few benefits of making giving a part of your schedule and budget.

You may not be aware that giving back can not only be a blessing and aid for others, but it can also help you with your own life and finances.

Here are four benefits to giving back and how it might improve your family’s finances.

#1 Be More Aware of Your Money

When you treat giving as a part of your budget, you tend to be more aware of your finances.

When I interviewed Wilson Muscadin, a Certified Financial Educational Instructor and creator of The Money Speakeasy, he noted that to help clients save more he tells them to budget their money in a way that they give first, save second, and then pay the bills third.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but this order has empowered some to see that their money is a reflection of their values and priorities. Defining those allows them to find those needless expenses that are eating up their paycheck and instead direct them towards what matters most to them. That insight, in turn, motivates them to be wiser and more conscious of the remainder of their money.

Here’s where a spending plan can be a fantastic aid.

Using apps like Mint, you can set up a goal or two along with a realistic budget that will allow you to plan for donations while hitting your other financial goals such as paying off debt, savings, or investing. Once you’ve set up your budget, you can then automate the bill payments, savings, and transfers through your bank or credit union.

This system can free up quite a bit of time and keep you on top of your finances.

#2 Develop Your Marketable Skills

Of course, you may not be in a position to give as much financial help as you’d like to for a charity that you appreciate. Perhaps you’re trying to pay down debt. The good news is that you can still give in a meaningful way.

Besides money, many charitable organizations could use volunteers, skilled and unskilled. In fact, some provide free training as long as you’re willing to learn.

If you’re using your talents and a skillset you’ve already have, this is an opportunity to challenge and grow your leadership skills as well. You could manage a small team of volunteers, apply your expertise to solve problems or vision for the organization, etc.

On the other hand, volunteering can be a chance to try something completely different than your day to day routine. Acquiring and widening your skills and expertise can make you a more desirable candidate in the job market.

You may now be qualified for a position with better pay and work more aligned with what you value.

#3 Become Happier and Less Stressed

You may be aware that there are different studies and research out there that point to how those who give have increased satisfaction and happiness. It might seem like a small deal, but improving your happiness and decreasing your stress can have financial benefits, considering there seems to be a link between the opposite scenario: stress and bad financial decisions.

Having an outlet, including volunteering and contributing to a charitable organization that you admire can alleviate some stress and may help you keep a level headed perspective on things.

By having meaningful work, you may find yourself dropping habits such as impulse that gave you fleeting satisfaction, but in the end, just ate up your budget.

#4 Manage Your Time Better

Besides reducing stress, giving and volunteering can be a wonderful motivator at approaching your life more holistically. Just like you’re more aware of your finances when you’re giving, you can also become better at managing your time.

While you don’t want to over-commit yourself to a ton of different volunteer projects and contributions, having some responsibilities can give a productive and fulfilling way to spend your time.

If you know you’re helping out at the food bank for a few hours in the morning, you’re probably going to relax and rest the night before.

Likewise, if you’re doing a 10k or marathon to raise money for a cause, you’re hopefully making healthier choices with your diet and exercise so you’ll be ready for the big event.

Budget for More Giving

Hopefully, you see how giving is really a mutually beneficial thing with your finances and others’ as well.

If you have a chance this week, think about ways you can include more giving. Can you start by choosing a small amount to contribute?

Do you have some time to see what local charities are in the area that could you an extra pair of hands? Can you offer up some time to your kid’s school for tutoring or helping out with school projects?

However you decide to give, please remember that this is a wonderful way to help your neighbors and yourself!

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