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Home Decor – Big Home Trends For 2021: More Automation, Multi-functional Living Spaces


The Covid-19 lockdown has changed the way we look at our home and live in it. People now want fancier kitchens, dedicated entertainment rooms, home offices and increased automation at home, to be able to live indoors for a long period of time. The demand for eco-friendly building materials and made-in-India is also on the rise.
“Now is the time for architects and designers to become problem solvers and have an empathetic approach towards people’s lives. After the lockdown, people’s requirements from their homes have changed and evolved,” says Jimmy Mistry, luxury décor retailer, architect, and designer. “Luxury stores and brands have never seen better days. People are investing in their homes, which they have realised is the safest haven,” he adds. 

HNIs and UHNIs who had left India during the lockdown are back and looking for alternate homes away from metro cities that are designed to be safer and more comfortable. “These clients are asking for fabrics and materials with antibacterial treatments,” says architect Alfaz Miller.  
While Mistry has been working on a 50,000-sq-ft multi-brand home furniture and décor store in Della Lonavala, Miller has been busy with the Bangalore International Airport’s Terminal 1 domestic lounge. The two highlight the top luxury home trends of 2021. 
Home offices and multifunctional spaces
People are reassessing their home design. They want their gym to also be a study, a guest room and/or a theatre room, says Miller. There is a lot happening in the home office space. People are building both large and small office set-ups at home, which can be an isolated and disturbance-free zone. “From collapsible set-ups to permanent rooms and studies, everyone today wants a corner where they can work from home,” says Mistry. 
making office space at home -shutterstock_1120813820-bg
Kitchens are now becoming fancier as not just the house-helps but even the owners are working in the space. 
Modern, user-friendly kitchen models, which enables all the members of the family, young and old, to cook are being made. Many UHNIs are also building two kitchens, one indoors and another outdoors, especially for Indian cooking. Small kitchenettes are also being built in the living room. 
The demand is also for germ-free cooking spaces. “One way to minimise dust is to get stainless steel kitchens,” says Miller. 
Automation has become very important in kitchens. Dish washers, machines that help you cook–from kneading the dough to rolling chapatis or slicing vegetables, and to make cold press juices are in great demand. 
2021 illuminating yellow and ultimate gray-shutterstock_1873731577-bgShutterstock
2021’s colours 
“We foresee a shift from neutral pastel colours to brighter, bolder and vibrant colours, especially in furnishings,” says Miller. “The Pantone colours of 2021 are grey and illuminating (yellow), and I see all our projects moving away from their brown colour palette to greys and monochrome shades.” Earlier, clients always preferred white and creams for marble, but now they are asking for greys, even in granite and basalt. 
While ergonomic furniture continues to be in demand, antique furniture is making its way back in contemporary homes and so is lightweight and easy-to-maintain cane furniture. Curvilinear shapes can be seen in interiors and facades, in curved sofas, round tables, curved walls and partitions.

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Home Decor – Big Home Trends For 2021: More Automation, Multi-functional Living Spaces

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5 Ways to Improve Your Home Office Setup

February 9, 2021 February 10, 2021 by Lexi Klinkenberg

Updated on February 10th, 2021

The pandemic has affected our lives in countless ways, but a shift in workplace habits is among the most notable. The pandemic has forced millions of workers into their homes, taking away their commutes, their routines, and, of course, their offices. In fact, having a home office is one of the most popular home trends on the market right now and homes with a home office are currently seen in 9% more homes for sale than last year. If you’re among those stuck at home, day in and day out, making a few tweaks to your home office can improve your productivity and boost morale. Here are five great ways to improve your home office setup.

home office setup

home office setup

1. Lean into an ergonomic setup

Many office spaces are designed with employee comfort in mind, but our home offices can be a little less thought out and could potentially increase discomfort and stress during the workday. There are a few upgrades you can make when it comes to your office equipment. Consider investing in an ergonomic chair and desk. An ergonomic chair will provide you with the support you need to avoid neck and back pain and ergonomic desks can often move up and down giving you the ability to sit or stand as you work throughout the day. Additionally, specific keyboards, laptop risers and an external mouse can add extra comfort to your current office workspace. Adding just a few of these ergonomic upgrades to your home office can lessen your discomfort, making it easier to stay at your desk and stay focused on the task at hand.

2. Upgrade to new technology

Are you tired of trying to get work done on a tiny laptop screen? Do you struggle to hear your coworkers on video calls through old computer speakers? If so, some new technology might be just what you need. Investing in quality speakers, additional monitors, or even a smart home system to ensure you’re always looped in can be a big benefit, making it easier to do your job while eliminating some common headaches.

Not all companies will offer reimbursement for technological upgrades but some may, so it never hurts to ask. With the newest technology at your fingertips, you may be able to increase your productivity and enjoy your home office setup more than ever before. 

3. Improve your lighting

The wrong lighting can be unpleasant and uncomfortable, especially when you spend most of the day in your office workspace. Without adequate bulb brightness and warmness, you may be more likely to strain your eyes or even get headaches while staring at your screens. If you have bad lighting in your home office consider increasing your access to natural light by taking away blinds or relocating your desk. Add a desk light or floor lamp to your office to bring in a warm, happy feel, or put better bulbs in your overhead light fixtures to improve comfort and visibility. 

Many studies have shown that lights in higher color temperatures (above 3500K) directly impact our learning and productivity and increase our ability to take in information and concentrate on tasks. The higher the color temperature, the higher the level of focus. For this reason, it is recommended that you purchase LED lights with color temperatures around 5000K to increase focus and save you money on electricity bills. Bringing warm, bright light into your office space is especially beneficial if you live in an area that tends to have overcast skies, like Seattle, WA

home office setup

home office setup

4. Add custom cabinets and organizational spaces

Many careers and positions require keeping extensive records, which is fine when you’re in an office with shelves and cabinets. But now that you’re working from home you most likely are dealing with a smaller space. With cabinetry designed to accommodate your job, you can improve organization and efficiency. Consider adding some custom cabinetry to your office, it is a great way to keep your office looking great while also giving you plenty of space to store your work so it doesn’t turn into towering piles around your desk. 

If you don’t have the space for custom installations, even a small filing cabinet, shelves on the walls, or a desk with more drawers can make staying organized a little easier.

5. Bring in the decor

A drab workspace may seem functional, but it’s probably not a place you want to spend a lot of time. Stepping up your decor can be an aesthetic improvement that can excite you about working in your home office setup rather than dreading it. A work area that looks nice will feel nice, and that may be all you need to stay motivated during the day. Here are some simple upgrades you can make to your home office to help inject a little more energy and color into your space. 

  • Add a colorful rug: Rugs can be fashionable, but they can also make your space homier. This is particularly true if your at-home office is in a basement or a room that’s less cozy. A rug can also be easier on your feet and provide insulation to help regulate the room’s temperature, not to mention it could add some much-needed color and texture to your space. 
  • Draw on some curtains or blinds: If your workspace has a lot of natural light, curtains and blinds can be a good way to keep the rising or setting sun at bay.  There are many curtain and blind options available these days that can be used to modify your windows. And, with the vast range of color options, materials, and designs available, you have the freedom to choose any that match your style and interior design. Whether this means adding some sage green curtains to your windows or automatic modern blinds that open or close with the touch of a button, the options are endless. Nice curtains or blinds can elevate the feel of a room, which could certainly help enhance a drab space. 
  • Incorporate artwork and plenty of it: Office workers across the country keep pictures on their desks, so why not hang some art in your home office? You may not need pictures of your family necessarily, since you might be able to hear them right down the hall, but t maybe a favorite art print, framed photos from one of your favorite trips, or any other fun and enjoyable pieces that can brighten up your home office setup. There are so many art options available, just find something that speaks to you and helps you stay energized and motivated. 
  • Invest in indoor plants:  Plants can complement any decor and really add personality to your home office space. Other than plants having the ability to spruce up any space, they also have other benefits. Indoor plants are great for providing a pleasant and tranquil environment for working. Learn more about your favorite species — like the amount of maintenance and sun the various types of plants need— and choose the indoor plants that would be best suited for you and your home office.

Working from home is no longer a temporary situation for many Americans, so there’s no longer a reason to just make do with a cramped desk, an uncomfortable chair, and otherwise unmotivating workspace. Improving your home office setup can make working from home easier and more enjoyable, no matter what the future holds.

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13 Home Trends That Will Bring You Positive Vibes in 2021 – Yahoo Lifestyle

If we learned any lessons at all in 2020, it was without a doubt how important our homes are in our lives. Design companies across the spectrum clearly heard this message too—the buzzwords for the pieces we’re seeing so far in 2021 are optimism and positivity. Happy yellows and soothing pastels are in vogue in the color arena; earthy, textured stone and bright brass are among the popular materials; and the 1960s vibes of peace and love are fully back in the form of rainbow emblems. We’re all hopeful, of course, that 2021 is going to be a better year, so with that in mind, read on for 13 top design trends that are sure to brighten your home in the coming months.

Source: yahoo.com

These Pandemic-Related Housing and Design Trends Aren’t Going Away

Home trends come and go, but social distancing and staying at home have ushered in a new way of life—and some of those changes have spurred home trends that are likely to stick around well past the COVID-19 era.

“The idea of what is necessary is changing,” says Camille Thomas, a real estate matchmaker and lifestyle expert in Jackson Hole, WY. “The home has become more than a living space.”

This means a lot of people have started to evaluate how they live in their home and what matters most to them when buying.

Here are some of the real estate and design trends people have latched on to during the pandemic that will likely have staying power for years to come.

The great escape

Quarantine has caused more than a few people to pack up their lives and head out of crowded cities to the suburbs (or even the country) in search of more room to breathe. One in 5 U.S. adults says they either changed their residence due to the pandemic or know someone who did, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

In fact, as people buy homes in the suburbs, housing inventories in those areas are dwindling faster than in urban areas, according to realtor.com®’s September Urban vs. Suburban Growth Report.

“People are not wanting to be in a city where it feels too crowded right now,” says Suzi Dailey, a Realtor, who’s with Realty One International in California’s Orange County. “They are leaving cities in favor of homes with more space, a backyard, or some type of view.”

Thomas says in the mountain town of Jackson Hole she is seeing buyers come in from Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Houston, and Chicago.

“Some are purchasing sight-unseen,” she adds.

Also, with more companies allowing their workforce to work from home, many people are no longer tied to a specific city for employment. Most housing experts agree that this trend of increasing preferences for suburban homes will continue.


Watch: These Are the Home Features Buyers Want in the COVID-19 Era


The Zoom room

Regular videoconferencing from home—whether you’re an employee or a student—is a new reality, and it’s become increasingly common to see agents and sellers including Zoom rooms in listings as part of a home’s features. But what is a Zoom room, anyway?

Essentially it’s a dedicated room or corner of your home that features an aesthetically pleasing background for your videoconference calls. Zoom rooms are free of household clutter and typically removed from the high-traffic parts of the house. And experts predict the dedicated video room trend is likely to persist for buyers beyond COVID-19.

“Buyers are looking for extra space to create workspaces for students and working parents,” says Thomas. “Three bedrooms is no longer enough. Now it must be three bedrooms and an additional workspace, at least.”

Clean and cozy design

Photo by ME Design Group

Interior design trends are always changing. But throughout the pandemic we’ve seen homeowners doing everything they can to create a cozy, simple, clean, and comfortable vibe inside their homes.

“It’s a focus on an open floor plan, lighter wall colors, and no clutter,” says Dailey. Elements that capture this aesthetic are comfortable sofas, throw blankets, candles, herb gardens in the kitchen, and houseplants that make a person feel at home.

“Especially with COVID-19, you do not want a home that feels dirty. That’s why clean, simplistic decor and decluttering have become very popular,” says Dailey.

And that feeling of streamlined coziness is extending to the outdoor areas of the home, too.

“Sales of space heaters, such as the tall standing heaters for porches, patios, and outdoor spaces, are already going through the roof,” says Dailey.

The backyard premium

It’s little surprise that homebound owners—or would-be owners—are focusing more on backyard spaces. Some buyers are even willing to settle on a smaller house or a house in a less desirable area in order to have a large backyard where they can spend more time in the open air.

“For some, that means moving farther outside of town for the same-size house with more land. Others are moving into small townhouses so they can purchase a small farm outside of the city,” says Mary Patton of Mary Patton Design.

Source: realtor.com

Most Popular Home Trends in Texas That Are Worth the Money

In today’s booming housing market, it’s crucial to stand out from the competition and appeal to as many homebuyers as possible. You want your home to sell quickly and for top dollar, right? To help incite multiple offers, and possibly start a bidding war, you may need to do some home upgrades to make your home more desirable than the home listed for sale down the street. But, what sort of home trends and features are most popular in your market with today’s buyers? 

From indoor fireplaces to recessed lighting, consumer taste often varies state-by-state, or even by city. Someone living in Seattle won’t desire a backyard pool as much as someone living in Phoenix, after all. So, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, check out these five home remodeling trends that are currently the most popular with homebuyers in Texas.*

1) Walk-In Closet

Large walk-in closet

Large walk-in closet

Once considered a feature only found in luxury homes, walk-in closets have become increasingly popular over the years and have now become one of the more important rooms in any home. In fact, homes in Texas with this feature sell for 99% of asking price. These large closets typically have space for hanging your clothes and shelves for clothes, shoes, and jewelry. 

Depending on the size of the closet, they’ll sometimes even have a lounging area. It’s common to see homeowners convert a spare room into a large walk-in closet that is highly functional, practical, and spacious. But, even with the rise in popularity, only about 20% of homes for sale have a walk-in closet. Consider adding a walk-in closet or converting an existing room into a large closet to stand out from other listings.

2) Ceiling Fan

Bedroom with ceiling fan

Bedroom with ceiling fan

With the Texas climate, it’s no surprise that ceiling fans are ranked as the second most popular home feature with today’s buyers. Still only about 14 percent of homes for sale in Texas have this feature. If you’re looking to attract more potential homebuyers, it might be time to install ceiling fans. They’re useful in keeping homeowners cool in warmer climates, but they also have many other advantages such as energy conservation, versatility, illumination, and year-round value. With ceiling fans, you can also enhance your home’s decor at an affordable price while keeping everyone cool and comfortable.

3) Covered Deck

Covered deck

Covered deck

If your outdoor space doesn’t have a cover, it may be time for an upgrade. Many homeowners in Texas prefer a covered deck or patio so they’re able to enjoy the outdoors all year round, but only about 15% of current homes for sale have one. A covered deck will offer shade so you can relax without being directly exposed to the sun’s rays, rain, or any other outdoor elements. It’s no wonder that outdoor living spaces are all the rage.

4) Security Cameras

Home security camera

Home security camera

Homebuyers nowadays are always looking for a way to boost home security and provide a peace of mind. In fact, listings with security cameras sell for almost 99 percent of list price on Redfin.com. Security cameras can be found all around neighborhoods as the demand for high-tech home security increases. These systems are now more powerful and affordable than ever before. Security cameras can deter crime, lower homeowners insurance, notify of gas or fire problems, offer remote access to your home, and more.

5) Breakfast Bar

Modern kitchen with breakfast bar

Modern kitchen with breakfast bar

A common, and often inexpensive, upgrade homeowners often opt for is adding a breakfast bar in the kitchen. A breakfast bar provides more counter space, additional space to entertain, as well as extra space for eating. Homes with breakfast bars have a median listing price of $364,900, almost $39,000 more than the average list price in Texas.

*Per home listing data on Redfin.com, as of November 2020. 

Individual results may vary. This is not intended as a substitute for the services of a licensed real estate agent, or licensed and bonded home services professional or appraiser.

Source: redfin.com

10 home features that have fallen out of favor

Trending: 10 home features that have fallen out of favor:
1. Bold color schemes
2. Industrial-style kitchens
3. Kitchen islands
4. Granite countertops
5. TVs in the kitchen
6. Over-the-stove microwaves
7. Raised-panel cabinets
8. Wall-to-wall carpet
9. Distressed wood walls
10. Mediterranean-inspired suburban McMansions

Source: century21.com