Mindy Kaling is Moving Into Frank Sinatra’s Beach House in Malibu, Known as Ol’ Blue Eyes’ “Happiest Place on Earth”

Mindy Kaling just got herself a new home in Malibu, and boy is it one for the history books! According to the Los Angeles Times, the actress bought Frank Sinatra’s former Malibu home for $9.55 million.

After selling two other homes in the Los Angeles area in the past three years, Mindy Kaling seems to have settled on Malibu as a place to call home, and will be moving into her new place on Broad Beach with her adorable toddler, Katherine. And it only makes sense that the Sinatra beach house was the one to lock her down, as Frank Sinatra rightfully once called it “the happiest place on Earth”.

A coastal estate with seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, 5,824 square feet, and plenty of outdoor spaces to soak in the vast ocean views, it’s easy to see why the oceanfront estate served as a frequent hangout for Sinatra’s star-studded crew. 

When we first reported on the listing (back in December 2018, when the property first came to market), and got in touch with one of the real estate agents in charge of the listing, I was humbled to learn that Leonard Rabinowitz (of Hilton & Hyland) was a real-life friend of the Sinatras. One that has actually passed through the doors of their home as a guest, and one that can help tell the story of the home where “The Voice” had spend his final years.

“I met Mr. & Mrs. Sinatra in the early 90’s when mutual friend and poker pal Angie Dickinson invited me to their beach house for a Sunday afternoon” Leonard Rabinowitz said. “When you enter the front door of the Sinatra Beach House there is an expansive view straight through the house and grounds to the ocean. As spectacular as the ocean view is, I was just as struck by those seated in the living room. There were Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Peck, Jack Lemmon, Dick Martin, Robert Wagner, Louis Jourdan, Steve Lawrence, Edye Gorme, and Dick Van Dyke. A room full of legends!”

Photo credits: Mike Helfrich
Photo credits: Mike Helfrich

The story of how Frank Sinatra made Malibu his home

According to Mr. Rabinowitz, at the beginning of the 1990s Frank Sinatra and his wife Barbara would often visit their friends Steve and Eydie (Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé.) The Grammy Award-winning husband-and-wife duo were close friends of the Sinatras and would often invite them over to their Broad Beach home.

That’s how the two fell in love with the area and bought a lot there in 1990, lot that they used to built what was later on their ‘happiest place on earth’: a 7-bedroom, 9-bathroom dream beach home that opens up to the ocean.

With lots of space for entertaining, the 5,800-square-foot Sinatra Beach House comes with a state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen, endless dining and living spaces (fit for a world-class entertainer), a stunning indoor-outdoor bar, and a patio overlooking a grassy lawn out to the ocean. There’s also a sauna, a hair-salon, and an elevator with leopard-print design. Don’t know how Mindy Kaling feels about all that, but I do know is that one Mindy Lahiri would be ecstatic about the leopard-print elevator!

Photo credits: Mike Helfrich
Photo credits: Mike Helfrich

The Sinatra house of love

Working with designer Edward “Ted” Grenzbach — who also designed homes for the likes of Johnny Carson, Barbara Streisand, Rupert Murdoch and Cher — Barbara and Frank Sinatra saw their dream home come to life.

And they were so happy with the results that, according to Mrs. Sinatra’s autobiography, “Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank“, they decided to renew their vows in the house’s backyard in 1996.

In an intimate setting, with friends and family attending, the Sinatra Beach House stood witness to a ceremony celebrating renewed commitments of love and friendship from Frank and Barbara Sinatra. Now isn’t that a wonderful story to tell visitors when they come visit Mindy Kaling’s house?

Photo credits: Mike Helfrich
Photo credits: Mike Helfrich

After his death in 1998, Frank Sinatra’s house was passed on to a trust linked to Mrs. Sinatra. Following her own death in 2017, the house was brought to market by her son from a previous marriage, Robert Oliver, and initially priced at $12,900,000.

Agents Leonard Rabinowitz and Jack Friedkin with Hilton & Hyland, and Chris Cortazzo with Coldwell Banker were in charge of the listing, with Cortazzo also representing Kaling in the transaction.

Photo credits: Mike Helfrich

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What to Do With the Extra Room in Your House

What would you do if you had an extra room in your house? Get creative because the possibilities are limitless.

  1. Home Gym: Do you love to start your mornings with a good workout, but hate dragging yourself to a crowded gym? If you have some workout machines at home, transform your spare room into a gym. Even if you just buy some weights, a yoga mat, and other inexpensive equipment, you can turn your unused room into something useful.
  2. Playroom: If you’re tired of tripping over your kids’ toys in your nice, fancy living room, turn that extra room into their own space. Paint the walls with chalkboard paint so they can write on the walls, store all of their toys in the room, and allow them to play. They’ll love a space of their own, and you’ll love not having a mess all over the house.
  3. Contemplation Room: Ever just need some time alone with your thoughts? If you find yourself wanting to escape the craziness of the day and not knowing where to go, consider creating a contemplation room. Decorate it in all white with comfortable furniture, throw pillows, and blankets. This creates a serene space where you can go to clear your head, meditate, and relax.
  4. Library: If you’re a bookworm, you’ve probably always dreamed of having your very own library. Now is your chance! Install bookshelves from wall to ceiling, add comfortable, sophisticated couches, and throw in cozy area rugs to make a comfy and inviting space. Just imagine relaxing after a long day in your library with your favorite book, a cup of tea, and candles.
  5. Entertainment Center: If you don’t have a den or finished basement, and only a formal living room, you may want to consider turning the spare room into an entertainment center. Use dark woods and deep colors, reclining chairs and a sectional couch, and top it off with a flat screen television for the perfect movie theater feel. It can be a great place to have a movie marathon on a rainy day!

Having a spare room in the home leaves you with countless opportunities to be unique and create a special room that’s all your own!

Source: century21.com

How to Deodorize a Room: Natural Recipes For A Fresh Smelling Home

Have you ever forgotten to take the trash out before vacation? You come home to a house ridden with a very unappealing smell. Even when the garbage is disposed of, the odor can linger for days.

While it can be tempting to spray down the home with a store-bought air freshener, these contain chemicals that are harmful to human health. Over 20 percent of the general U.S. population have reported having adverse health effects from air fresheners.

To help you get rid of common household smells in a safe way, we’ve created a guide on how to deodorize a room. It includes a natural DIY room deodorizer recipe and 7 hacks for getting rid of specific home odors. Read through to find what household items you can use to rid these unwanted smells.

How to make a basic DIY room deodorizer

illustration of DIY room deodorizerillustration of DIY room deodorizer

To create a natural air freshener that isn’t harmful to your health, you only need four items. Make this spray and use it when an unwanted smell comes into your apartment.


  • 1 ½ tablespoons baking soda
  • 3 cups water
  • 30-40 drops of essential oil
  • Misting spray bottle


Step 1: Add 30-40 drops of your preferred essential oil with the baking soda. Stir until it’s completely mixed together.

Step 2: Pour this baking soda and essential oil combination in a spray bottle.

Step 3: Add the three cups of water to the bottle. Shake to mix.

Step 4: Spray the area on the light misting setting.

This natural DIY home deodorizer can be personalized with any scent. Each essential oil has its own unique properties, so be sure to pick one that fits the space you are using the cleaner in. For example, a scent that promotes slumber is better for the bedroom than the kitchen.

Why does baking soda work to deodorize a room?

Many room deodorizing recipes, including the one above, call for baking soda. Why is this? Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate has a low pH level. Most bad odors have a high pH level, meaning they are acidic. By adding baking soda to the environment, you are neutralizing the area, causing the odor to fade.

Illustration of baking soda to deodorize a roomIllustration of baking soda to deodorize a room

Essential oils to add to each room

When making this DIY room deodorizer, you can choose your preferred natural scent to use. If you aren’t sure what will smell best, here are some essential oil suggestions for each room.

Living room

illustration of vanilla and cinnamon essential oilsillustration of vanilla and cinnamon essential oils

The living room is an area you’ll be hosting people as well as relaxing. Depending on the tone you are trying to set, vanilla or cinnamon essential oil could be a good fit. Vanilla is known to improve relaxation and create a tranquil environment. If you want to relax after a long day in your sparkling-clean living room, vanilla is the right choice for you. For those who are having friends over for a book club or social event, cinnamon might be a better fit. The scent of cinnamon boosts memory and increases alertness.


Illustration of citrus and peppermint essential oilsIllustration of citrus and peppermint essential oils

Make the kitchen a productive place by using a citrus or peppermint essential oil when scenting your DIY deodorizer. If you have a long afternoon of meal prepping ahead, citrus is known to boost energy and improve your mood. For the non-chefs who can get frustrated in the kitchen, a peppermint scent will alleviate stress and reduce irritability.


illustration of lavender and chamomile essential oilsillustration of lavender and chamomile essential oils

A restful space, the bedroom can benefit from lavender or chamomile essential oils. These calming scents both reduce anxiety. Lavender also promotes relaxation which can help you fall asleep. Chamomile can improve your mood, great for those who wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Other rooms

Illustration of tea tree and eucalyptus essential oilsIllustration of tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils

If you have a laundry room, playroom or any other room that needs to be deodorized, you might consider tea tree or eucalyptus oils. These natural smells each have their own unique properties. Tea tree oil has antifungal benefits and is an immune booster. Eucalyptus essential oil is cleansing and known to lift moods. Both will help keep your space clean.

7 common household smells and how to rid them

Whether your home is new to you or you’ve lived in it for multiple years, you’ve probably come across one of these common household smells. We explain why they happen and how to rid them from your home. In addition, we suggest an essential oil that you can use to keep the space smelling fresh.

1. Stale air

illustration of essential oil being dripped on light bulbillustration of essential oil being dripped on light bulb

Stale air is a smell that’s hard to describe, but easy to identify. It’s usually caused when the indoor air begins to feel stuffy or humid due to a lack of fresh air. If the weather is nice, you can rid this smell by opening the windows and letting fresh air in. However, if it’s too hot or too cold out, this might not be an option.

In that case, you can create your own stale air deodorizer by cutting lemons in half and placing them throughout the home. Another quick solution is to rub a little vanilla essential oil on the outside of your light bulbs. Be sure to do this when the light is off. Once you turn the light on, it will heat up and start smelling sweet.

2. Carpet smells

illustration of vacuumillustration of vacuum

Whether you are moving into a new apartment with carpet or you spilled something on your rug that has caused a stench, this absorbent flooring is prone to smell.

To get rid of carpet smells, baking soda is your friend. Sprinkle baking soda on the entire carpet and let it sit for a few hours. Then vacuum it up. The baking soda should soak up any bad smells. It’s best to do this when you are out of the house for a period of time. The baking soda doesn’t have any chemicals, but it can leave a mess if people in your house walk through it.

3. Fridge odors

illustration of fridge with baking soda insideillustration of fridge with baking soda inside

Does your fridge smell even after you clean out your leftovers? This is because the plastic in the refrigerator absorbs odors. Even if you’ve scrubbed out every crumb and spill, the plastic might still stink.

To prevent or mute this odor, try putting a box of baking soda in the fridge. Baking soda will absorb these smells and leave your fridge smelling clean after just a couple of days. Another alternative to this is leaving coffee grounds in a container in your fridge. Similar to baking soda, coffee grounds can absorb odors and leave your fridge smelling like a freshly brewed cup of joe.

4. Garbage disposal stink

illustration of garbage disposal being cleaned with iceillustration of garbage disposal being cleaned with ice

If you go to wash dishes and notice there is an odor coming from your drain, it could be your garbage disposal. It’s easy for food to get caught in hard-to-reach places, preventing it from being washed down the drain.

Some people put citrus peels down their garbage disposal to mask this odor, but this doesn’t clean the food that is causing this smell. To clean, place a handful of ice in your sink drain. Then pour a cup of salt on top. Run the water and turn on the garbage disposal. The ice and salt will slowly drain into the garbage disposal, cleaning it and sharpening the blades.

5. Mold or mildew

illustration of a bowl of charcoal to absorb smellsillustration of a bowl of charcoal to absorb smells

Mold and mildew can leave a musty smell in your home. If you have a serious mold issue, it’s important to have a professional take care of it. Mold is known to cause many respiratory issues.

If the smell of mold persists, you can use an odor absorber to dull the scent. Baking soda, charcoal and kitty litter are all items that can soak up any moisture in the air and get rid of the smell. Place one of these in a bowl near the musty smell. Be sure it’s out of reach of small children or pets.

6. Washing machine smells

Illustration of essential oils being used in washing machineIllustration of essential oils being used in washing machine

Your washing machine is meant to make your clothes fresh and clean, but what do you do when it begins to have a mildewy or sour scent? Washers are prone to a build-up of soap, dirt or hair. Over time, this can lead to an unnatural moldy stink.

To clean, begin by getting rid of any debris that’s caught in the gasket, or rubber liner, of your machine. Wipe this rim down with a mixture of vinegar and tea tree essential oil. This is an antifungal formula that will clean off any leftover dirt. Then use this same mixture, measuring two cups of white vinegar and 20 drops of tea tree essential oil into the liquid tray. Run on a hot cycle or cleaning cycle. When done, wipe the interior with a microfiber cloth.

You can prevent some of this build-up by leaving the lid open after each wash cycle. This will allow your washer to dry out completely. It’s also helpful to use the correct amount of detergent. Creating too many suds can leave a leftover residue that dirt clings to.

7. Skunk stench

illustration of skunk and vinegar solutionillustration of skunk and vinegar solution

If your clothes or your pet has been skunked, the attacker will leave a pungent smell that can last for weeks. This stink can easily be transferred to the house.

For houses that smell like skunk inside (but not outside), open the windows and turn on the fan. Heat up a tray of vinegar on the stove on low heat. This should overpower the skunk smell.

If the smell is on your pet, The Humane Society suggests mixing together a quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, a quarter cup of baking soda and a teaspoon of dish soap. Use a pair of gloves and wash your pet with this mixture. Be sure to avoid their eyes and don’t store this mixture, it has the potential to explode in a bottle.

List of essential oils for different roomsList of essential oils for different rooms

Keep your apartment fresh

Regular cleaning will keep your home clean and free of these unwanted smells. For more home hacks like these, check out our cleaning and maintenance advice page.




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Everything We Know about Trevor Noah’s Apartment — the New Set of the Daily Show

As Trevor Noah returns to his late night post this week, with a new format filmed in the safety of his own couch, we’re grateful that he’s found a way to come back to our screens and keep us informed on what’s going on in the world.

After last week’s three episodes of what’s now called The Daily Social Distancing Show saw great ratings on TV, and each episode drew in more than 3 million YouTube views in the first 24 hours, Trevor Noah and his team will now adopt the new format for all of their upcoming shows.

This follows similar moves by late night show hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, or Jimmy Fallon, who have all started recording segments from their homes last. And we couldn’t be more grateful to have back the relief of our nightly humor sessions, with a double dose of staying informed.

[embedded content]

And as our favorite show hosts invite us into their own homes, we can’t help but want to see past what the camera is willing to show us. Luckily, in some cases, we can. Or at least in the case of Trevor Noah, whose Hell’s Kitchen apartment was heavily mediatized when he bought it back in 2017.

Three years ago, Trevor paid $10 million for a never-lived-in-before 3,596-square-foot penthouse in Hell’s Kitchen — which was initially listed for $12,995,000. It comes with 3 bedrooms, 3 full and 2 1/2 bathrooms, and a generous terrace with killer NYC skyline views.

Trevor Noah’s apartment. Image credit: CityRealty

Now, past the sofa and bookshelf behind the sofa, both pictured on the show as Trevor’s current setup, we don’t know how the comedian decorated or partitioned the space. But since we covered the purchase when Trevor got the apartment, we can show you the listing photos that probably first attracted Trevor to the place, and give you a sense of what the new Daily Show ‘set’ looks like in real life.

Among the most attractive features in Trevor Noah’s apartment: an 29-foot-long open living room that connects to an eat-in kitchen (with polished concrete countertops and designer fixtures), 2 guest bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms; and a sun-flooded den with a soaring 14-foot ceiling. Better yet, look for yourself:

Trevor Noah’s apartment. Image credit: CityRealty
Trevor Noah’s apartment. Image credit: CityRealty

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Trevor Noah’s apartment. Image credit: CityRealty

Trevor’s building: the Stella Tower

Trevor Noah’s penthouse is located in the Stella Tower, a gorgeous building that combines the best of pre-war architecture with modern, stylish NYC living. Designed in 1927 by pre-eminent Art Deco architect Ralph Walker — who named it after his wife — Stella Tower was converted into condos in 2014 by JDS Development Group and Property Markets Group in partnership with Starwood Capital Group.

Stella Tower’s ornamentation, handcrafted brick facade, entryway, terrazzo lobby floor, and remarkable crown have been carefully restored to reflect the brilliance of Ralph Walker’s masterpieces.

Trevor Noah’s apartment. Image credit: CityRealty

Now home to 51 upscale units, the pre-war building features a fitness center, a residents’ lounge with pantry and bar, and outdoor garden and lounge. Too bad those all sound like amenities Trevor won’t get to enjoy anytime soon.

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5 Tips for At Home Entertaining

Entertaining at home is a great way to get together with friends and family. Going out to dinner or events is fun, but there is something special about hosting at home.

Here are five simple ways to set your home up for entertaining.

1. Put appetizers on the coffee table: When the party starts you’ll be busy greeting guests. Put appetizers like a cheese plate, crackers, and olives out on your coffee table so guests can munch and mingle.

2. Set up a buffet table: Serving people adds an extra task to your entertaining to-do list. Push a side table against a wall or use your kitchen island to set up a buffet table so people can serve themselves. People may enjoy being able to set their portion sizes and food choices, plus it will leave you with more time with your guests — and less time in the kitchen.

3. Set up a beverage bar: If you have a bar cart, set up all your beverages in one place. If you don’t have a bar cart, assemble everything on a large side table.

4. Rearrange the furniture: Rearrange your living room couches and chairs so they are conducive for chatting. If you’re short on furniture, bring chairs from the dining room or kitchen into the living room while people enjoy hors d’oeuvres.

5. Delight in the details: Little details like fresh flowers, candles, and place settings can make the evening even more special. Have fun designing the table aesthetic by curating your cutlery, china, serving ware, and napkin choices.

6. Take it outside: If it’s a beautiful day take the party outside! Clean off your patio furniture, set up an outdoor umbrella, and add some comfortable seating. For an added touch, incorporate flowers from your garden and lanterns or candles.

These tips may make entertaining at home more enjoyable! Call some friends and invite them over to your place.

Source: century21.com

4 Reasons Furnished Apartments Are Better For Short-Term Leases

Person in sweatpants walking around cozy , stylish furnished apartmentIt’s a dilemma many people entering short-term housing situations face: How to make a space feel like home without investing too much time or money. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about being stuck with a sparse or impersonal apartment. Furnished apartments could be the solution to your short-term lease AND decorating needs! Why do we think so?

1. There are only so many hours in a day.

Articles that try to convince you furnishing an apartment can be done on the cheap tend to gloss over a crucial point. You’ll need to run around to many different retailers to get everything you need and likely make multiple trips. But you’re preparing to relocate! THAT’S where you need to focus your energy! You likely don’t have time for full-scale bargain hunting. With the time you save, you can select a few inexpensive yet personal pieces to help your new place feel like home. (See #3.)

2. You only have so much money.

Realtor Magazine asked several designers about the expense associated with decorating spaces. The good news is that the rooms the designers worked on look great. The bad news is that you’ll need about $15,000 for the living room alone! That’s way more than you’ll spend furnishing a short-term apartment during your entire stay!

3. No one wants to make sacrifices … and you won’t have to.

Here’s where you can spend some of the time you saved with reason #1! You’ll probably need a security deposit for your short-term lease, but what you won’t need to sacrifice is your sense of style. There are many ways to personalize your short-term living space by:

  • Decorating with plants
  • Adding curtains to cover window treatments you don’t like
  • Putting up removable wallpaper
  • Using candles or scent sprays

4. It could not be easier.

Thanks to ApartmentSearch, finding a furnished apartment for your own short-term housing needs is amazingly simple. Here’s just how simple:

  1. Select “Short-Term” in the search box at the top of ApartmentSearch.com’s home page.
  2. Enter your search term (a zip code will do).
  3. Once you look at each property, scroll to the bottom of the page and look under the heading “Need It Furnished.”

Setting up a short-term housing situation should be easy, regardless of where and why you’re moving. ApartmentSearch.com makes it easy to search for short-term lease options AND furnished apartments at the same time. Give it a try today!

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  • Tips for Finding Temporary Housing in a Pinch
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This Newly Built Hollywood Hills Home is a Modern Architectural Gem

Hollywood has a secret, and it’s located at 6902 Los Tilos Road on the Sunset Strip. Here lies a stunning 2019-built home designed by architect Marc Whipple of Whipple Russell Architects, that’s on the hunt for its very first owner.

The property is being marketed by Steven Rothstein and John Iglar of Douglas Elliman, with an asking price of $14.5 million. 

Conveniently situated on the glamorous Sunset Strip, in the Hollywood Hills West neighborhood of Los Angeles, the house is a modern architectural gem. Its design is a testament to Whipple’s clean-lined modernist approach, though the property still manages to exude warmth and comfort. 

luxury home 6902 los tilos road los angeles
6902 Los Tilos Rd, Los Angeles CA. Image credit: Jonathan Ducrest and Tom Hunter
6902 Los Tilos Rd, Los Angeles CA. Image credit: Jonathan Ducrest and Tom Hunter

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luxury home 6902 los tilos road los angeles
6902 Los Tilos Rd, Los Angeles CA. Image credit: Jonathan Ducrest and Tom Hunter
6902 Los Tilos Rd, Los Angeles CA. Image credit: Jonathan Ducrest and Tom Hunter

The property incorporates five bedrooms, six bathrooms, as well as two half-bathrooms. Walking onto the property for the first time, you’re guided through a private gate that reveals a bridge leading to the rooftop parking. Here, you’ll also get to enjoy breathtaking views spreading from the Hollywood sign right to the Pacific Ocean. 

The main entrance stairway or the elevator will lead you downstairs to the first level of the home, where you’ll enter a large, open space equipped with custom LEICHT-designed cabinetry, MIELE appliances, and Italian porcelain floors. This level also opens up to one of three terraces that total 5,000 additional square feet of outdoor living space. 

Moving further down to the middle level, there’s a second living room and three of the five bedrooms, including a luxurious ‘floating glass box’ master suite. All the bedrooms offer easy access to the infinity pool, which provides stunning views of the surroundings and a perfect setting to enjoy summer nights and sunsets in complete privacy. 

luxury home 6902 los tilos road los angeles
6902 Los Tilos Rd, Los Angeles CA. Image credit: Jonathan Ducrest and Tom Hunter
luxury home 6902 los tilos road los angeles
6902 Los Tilos Rd, Los Angeles CA. Image credit: Jonathan Ducrest and Tom Hunter
luxury home 6902 los tilos road los angeles
6902 Los Tilos Rd, Los Angeles CA. Image credit: Jonathan Ducrest and Tom Hunter
luxury home 6902 los tilos road los angeles
6902 Los Tilos Rd, Los Angeles CA. Image credit: Jonathan Ducrest and Tom Hunter

The lower level of the Los Tilos home incorporates a home theater, a wine room, a gym, the remaining two bedrooms, as well as a beautiful garden patio. All three levels offer exquisite views of the Hollywood Hills.

If you’re interested to check out this fabulous home, be sure to reach out to Douglas Elliman and schedule a tour. It’s not too often that you get to be the first owner of a stunning, masterfully designed Hollywood mansion. 

In the meantime, you can take a virtual tour created by Marc Whipple and Whipple Russell Architects:

[embedded content]

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Former NHL Star Oleg Tverdovsky Selling Sleek $8.8M Mansion in Bel-Air

The former NHL defenseman Oleg Tverdovsky may have been away from the league for more than a decade now, but he’ll light the lamp again—if he manages to get his unusual $8,888,888 asking price for a luxe hillside home in Bel-Air, CA.

Tverdovsky has owned the modern residence for a little under two years, purchasing it in May 2019 for $6,989,000. With its ocean and mountain views and its sleek and unique design, it’s easy to see why he was attracted to it.

The four-story home built in 2017 features five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and two half-bathrooms on 6,112 square feet of living space.

While it’s a large home, it feels even more spacious, thanks to walls of glass, soaring ceilings, and a plethora of skylights.

Oleg Tverdovsky's home in Bel-Air, CA
Oleg Tverdovsky’s home in Bel-Air, CA


The home is constructed of steel and glass, with floors of concrete, and the added warmth of organic wood finishes both inside and out.

Living room
Living room


Street view
Street view


One of the home’s true highlights is an illuminated gold onyx bar, backed by a wine room with a 315-bottle display, and bordered on one side by a spectacular wood-and-glass staircase.

Onyx bar
Onyx bar


The hillside lot is steeply terraced, but smart design allows for a raised infinity pool and spa, a rooftop fire pit and cocktail lounge, as well as a number of terraces and decks on each level, designed to take full advantage of the awe-inspiring views.

Infinity pool
Infinity pool


Rooftop lounge
Rooftop lounge


One of many terraces
One of many terraces


Other luxe features include an open chef’s kitchen, a state-of-the-art home theater, and a steam room.



Home theater
Home theater


Family room area
Family room area


The main bedroom, with its large private deck and remarkably modern and spacious bathroom, is also the height of luxury.

Main bedroom
Main bedroom


Main bathroom
Main bathroom


Tverdovsky, 44, is a native of Ukraine, and made his NHL debut as a teenager with the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in 1995. He went on to play for a number of teams and was a member of two squads that won the Stanley Cup, before hanging up his skates after the 2006-07 season.

He’s no rookie when it comes to profitable L.A. real estate deals, having bought another beautiful Bel-Air home for $5.4 million and selling it six years later in 2010, for $7.81 million.


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Source: realtor.com

Amazon Deal of the Day: 10 Home decor products from Amazon to stylize your home – PINKVILLA

Stylize your home with these 10 decor items to give your home a touch of class and elegance. Check it out!

Home decor is an interesting subject. From colour coordinating the objects in your home to placing the showpieces in the right angle and space, it takes the minute details to bring out the perfect finishing. On today’s Amazon deal of the day, we have curated 10 must-have products that can make your living space look as beautiful as you! So, scroll down and shop your favourite decor item that matches your home theme and vibes well with you.

Artificial flowers handmade with high-quality material make a great decor element for your home. They can be the perfect centrepieces in vases. You can mix them up with other flowers or keep this natural-looking tulip bunch as it is to bring a bohemian touch. 


MRP: Rs 800

Deal of the Day: Rs 221

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Orchids are rich elegant flowers that give a chic look to any place. The flower vine is carefully wired and joined together and hence is adjustable and can be put in any corner. Elevate the style level of your home with hanging Orchid in the garden area making it a perfect place for evening dine-in or family get together parties.


MRP: Rs 2000

Deal of the Day: Rs 600

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Photos make us relive our favourite memories of life every day. Looking at them not only builds a better bond with each other in the family but also creates a visual aesthetic to that space. Create a romantic, peaceful and warm atmosphere for your family with these pretty warm lights to hang in photos, decorate the living space or amp up the party feel at home.

MRP: Rs 1399

Deal of the Day: Rs 359

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Table Lamp

Provide a touch of classiness to your living space with this captivating metal table lamp. The modern metal table lamp is designed for a modern and elegant look that is the perfect decor for a beautiful modern house. It’s not just a useful product that is an interesting decor element but also an aesthetic look and feels, brightening up the ambience of your home.

MRP: Rs 1799

Deal of the Day: Rs 539

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On your desk, shelves or as a paperweight or night your lamp shade, a showpiece idol is what you want to bring out the perfect completion and make your house feel like a home. This divine Buddha idol is an ideal gifting option and an amazing pick to doctorate your living space.

MRP: Rs 1500

Deal of the Day: Rs 499

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Inside your drawing room or under the shade in your garden space, a swing chair is a perfect gift to your home. Bohemian style outdoor sitting hammock jhula makes your space charming. This macrame hammock chair is versatile enough to function as a hammock chair Ayala or a simple and elegant decoration in your home.

MRP: Rs 2999

Deal of the Day: Rs 1597

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Elevate your home’s style and Illuminate your dining room or living room with this striking cluster pendant. The pendant light comes with everything you need to install and it allows you to customize the fixture to your lighting needs and creates the desired look and a canopy for the ceiling. What’s a home without this home decor!


MRP: Rs 7000

Deal of the Day: Rs 3465

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This stylish box adds charm to your dining room shelves and they come in an offbeat colour that completely steals the show. This could be your best choice to carry lunch to college, work, camping, travelling, any indoor or outdoor activities.

MRP: Rs 4090

Deal of the Day: Rs 2945

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Ceramic Figures


A well-finish home decor product that is completely focused on elevating the style and aesthetic vision of your home. This ceramic figure comes in neutral shades creating subtle elegance in making the home look prettier. 



MRP: Rs 1499

Deal of the Day: Rs 879

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Amazon Deal of the Day: Home decor and cleaning products from Amazon that you home need on an everyday basis – PINKVILLA

Here are 10 must-buy products from Amazon to keep your home Monica- clean. Check it out!

Cleaning, organising and re-ordering the structure of your home is not an easy task but it is something we all end up doing every day. To keep the charm of the home alive to make guests go awe in the sight of your perfect interiors, we need certain products on a daily basis to get the job done perfectly. Here we bring to you 10 such daily use products that you need in your home to bring the perfection you carve for!

The ultimate cleaning set

Cleaning your home with water and Dettol or any other anti-septic cleaning agent is a must. To make the process easier and a lot of fun, this cleaning set comes with a spin mop with a rectangular bucket and plastic basket for your daily cleaning needs. The sturdy stainless steel metal can handle the heavy load of water and make your cleaning experience quick and sleek!

MRP: Rs 1600

Deal of the day: Rs 849

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Cleaning clothes

This super-absorbent fabric can hold up to 5.6 times its weight of water and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, garage and for wiping floors, crockery, cutlery and even as face towels.

MRP: Rs 559

Deal of the day: Rs 259

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Washing machine cover

This pretty and quirky cover adds to your home decor and washing area and also keeps your washing machine free from dust particles. Aren’t they the ideal way to add some visual fun element to the otherwise boring daily use products?

MRP: Rs 700

Deal of the day: Rs 279

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Picnic Blanket

Featuring an eye-catching print and soft fabric, here is your ultimate picnic product. It’s flexible waterproof undersize prevent dampness from seeping through the blanket’s surface. The fold and secure blanket come with a velcro flap for easy transportation and packing.


MRP: Rs 1500

Deal of the day: Rs 659

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These cutesy gloves come with elastic cuffs to hold on to the wrist and clean the surfaces. Its a daily use product that can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, garage and for wiping surfaces, crockery, cutlery and even for car washing. You need not keep looking for a waste piece of cloth or dirty your hands again.

MRP: Rs 400

Deal of the day: Rs 219

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Jewellery Organiser

This Jewelry organiser is the best option to use while travelling and it will help you to keep your heavy jewellery in a separate cover from other items in your luggage without any damage. It also helps in keeping the sets safe and you will never lose them again!

MRP: Rs 700

Deal of the day: Rs 379

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Maternity pillows are a comfortable prop for various sleeping and resting positions. It retains shape due to hypoallergenic filing of siliconised polyester fibre and gives you the best nap ever!

MRP: Rs 2100

Deal of the day: Rs 1329

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This cotton top layer absorbs liquids and allows bedsheets to be spread evenly without lumps. It makes your bedroom look more aesthetic and create a visual elegance and luxe look. The waterproof bottom layer made of polyurethane protects your mattresses against liquid spills and stains.

MRP: Rs 1900

Deal of the day: Rs 569

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To make your fridge look more pretty and also to add more space and organise items in a professional way, this organiser cover set is the best option. It protects the fridge from dust and stains and keeps everyday products in an easily accessible space.

MRP: Rs 500

Deal of the day: Rs 299

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Wall Sticker

Yet another interesting product that we think your home needs is a pretty wall sticker that adds to the home decor and creates a visual treat and fills the vacant space. Use in the bedroom, living room, playing room, kid’s room to enhance your living spaces instantly.

MRP: Rs 500

Deal of the day: Rs 299

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