The Only 4 Survey Sites That Are Actually Worth Your Time

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I have the entrepreneurial gene. I’m always working on something new that will move our family forward. And I’m always thinking of ways to make the most money for the least effort.

But not everyone wants to start their own business or write for hours a day. That doesn’t mean you can’t make some extra money.

Time is the #1 excuse I hear for why people can’t make more money to pay off their debt faster.

I know you have a lunch break. I know you wait for the water to boil for those rice and beans. I know you poop.

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Are you tired of spending hours taking surveys without a big return? Here are 4 survey sites that are worth your time. #makemoneyonline #surveysite #howtomakemoneyonline #freestuffhacks #howtogetfreestuff

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You may not have time in your day to start a side hustle but you have time in your day to do some surveys. I’ll be blunt, surveys are the least effective way to make money. I wrote about it a while ago. But they are better than nothing.

You’ll be really disappointed if you want to make an extra $500 debt payment with your survey winnings. But if you view it from the right angle you’ll be pretty pleased with your work doing surveys.

You can get gift cards to the grocery store or for a restaurant. You can save up for gas money for this summer’s road trip or for Christmas gifts.

Doing surveys works much better if you have a goal you’re trying to reach vs. just doing them willy-nilly.

There are hundreds of survey sites out there and you could sign up for all of them and never hit the minimum to cash out. That’s why I recommend only four! Four survey sites on rotation allow you to always have a survey available but not too many that you spread yourself thin.

And which of the four do I recommend? I’m glad you asked. These are the four I trust. I’ve tried them out, read reviews, asked around and they’re legit. They actually make payments. I know this because these links in here are my referral links, I get a couple bucks when people I refer cash out.

And I get notifications about my referrals cashing out so I know they’re making money.

So here are the only four survey sites I recommend because they aren’t full of surveys you don’t qualify for and they’ll provide you enough surveys to actually be able to cash out.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is my top dog, my favorite as far as survey sites go because they’re more than a survey site. You can get points for watching videos, answering one-question polls, playing games, and shopping online.

Each point is equivalent to a penny and can be used to buy gift cards to basically anywhere including Amazon, Paypal, and plain ol’ Mastercard Rewards.

Sometimes the cards will go on sale for 2-12% off.

You can leave Swagbucks videos playing on your tablet while you work (just check in every few minutes to play the next) and get points back when you buy stuff online. I still prefer Ebates cash back to do this but if you’re close to cashing out and you need a boost, they have around the same conversion.

Pro tips for excelling at Swagbucks:

  • Subscribe to the Swagbucks Reddit page for all the insider deals
  • Follow SwagCodeSpoilers on Twitter to get SwagCodes sent to your phone
  • Link your card so transactions at certain local retailers will get you swagbucks
  • Participate in “SwagUps” before they expire

Definitely, sign up for Swagbucks before you try any other survey site. This one can keep you busy but if you do run out of things to do (or get bored) it’s nice to have other options.

2. MySurvey

One of the oldest survey sites on the web is MySurvey. It’s also one of the easiest to qualify for so I’m confident you can do enough surveys here to keep you busy.

One of the perks of MySurvey is that in addition to gift cards, you can be paid out in direct cash or PayPal transfers. The minimum to cash out is only $10 (1000 points) and the average survey pays out $.50 cents to $1.25 when converted from points.

You can get about 30-50 points for a 10-minute survey and 150-300 point for surveys over 30 minutes. You can also get products to test from MySurvey with high rewards. I’m not sure how competitive they are.

Some users have complained that MySurvey “caps” them at $10 per month, which isn’t confirmed but hey, it’s why there are four sites on here and not two.

The more you log in to MySurvey the more surveys you’ll receive, checking in once a week will keep you on the list for the best surveys. And best of all you’ll never receive any spam email from them. That’s why MySurvey is my second pick for best survey sites.

3. i-Say

i-Say has a lot of incentive for you to do more surveys with them. Their loyalty program gives you bonuses after completing 5, 10, and so-on surveys. Complete 200 surveys in one calendar year and you’ll get 600 bonus points.

100 points on i-Say are equivalent to $1 and can be redeemed in the form of gift cards or donations to your favorite charity. You can redeem as few as 500 points which can go really quick with

It can be a little difficult to qualify for surveys in i-Say. Some get a few per week and some only 2 per month. Surveyors recommend only doing surveys you know the est. time and points on. 45 points for 10 minutes and 90 points for 20 minutes are good to attempt.

It’s definitely worth signing up for i-Say as a backup.

4. PaidViewpoint

Surveys on PaidViewpoint take only 2-3 minutes and pay out .10 to $2. There’s a $15 minimum to cash out which could take you a while to accumulate but it’s all cash. And there’s no taking half a survey to find out you don’t qualify, when you’re in you’re in.

To get to $15 faster they have a referral program and for every time your friend cashes out you get 20% of their earnings for life.

I don’t recommend making PaidViewpoint a priority but if you’re out of surveys in the first three or only have a few minutes it’s a good fall back. And once you hit the first $15 I’d bail and focus more on Swagbucks.

Honorable Mention: Pinecone Research

I’m awarding an honorable mention to Pinecone Research because they are a legit research company that pays well, $3 per survey and no cash out minimum.

But it’s hard to get approved for their site. I include it so you can apply and if you get in I highly recommend participating. If not, then you’ll have enough to do with the first four sites.

To sum it up:

I definitely think Swagbucks can keep you busy enough but if you’re looking for more start with MySurvey, then iSay, then PaidViewpoint. Try applying to Pinecone Research and definitely stick with them if you get accepted.

Happy surveying my friends!

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survey sites

” data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″ loading=”lazy” data-pin-description=”Are you tired of spending hours taking surveys without a big return? Here are 4 survey sites that are worth your time. #makemoneyonline #surveysite #howtomakemoneyonline #freestuffhacks #howtogetfreestuff” data-pin-title=”4 Survey Sites Worth Your TIme” class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-1748 jetpack-lazy-image” src=”” alt=”Sick of seeing all these survey sites, now I know the ONLY ones to make extra money.” width=”400″ height=”600″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=” 400w, 200w, 100w, 735w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px” srcset=”″>

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survey sites

” data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″ loading=”lazy” data-pin-description=”Are you tired of spending hours taking surveys without a big return? Here are 4 survey sites that are worth your time. #makemoneyonline #surveysite #howtomakemoneyonline #freestuffhacks #howtogetfreestuff” data-pin-title=”4 Survey Sites Worth Your TIme” class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-1748″ src=”” alt=”Sick of seeing all these survey sites, now I know the ONLY ones to make extra money.” width=”400″ height=”600″ srcset=” 400w, 200w, 100w, 735w” sizes=”(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px” data-recalc-dims=”1″>

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If you want Christmas cash, you’re in luck. You can make cash for Christmas from home taking legit surveys and get paid fast. #makemoneyforchristmas #makemoneyonline #makeextramoney #sidehustles #makemoneytakingsurveys #howtomakemoneytakingsurveys

” data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″ loading=”lazy” width=”400″ height=”600″ data-pin-title=”Need extra cash for Christmas?” data-pin-description=”If you want Christmas cash, you’re in luck. You can make cash for Christmas from home taking legit surveys and get paid fast. #makemoneyforchristmas #makemoneyonline #makeextramoney #sidehustles #makemoneytakingsurveys #howtomakemoneytakingsurveys” src=”” alt class=”wp-image-4786″ srcset=” 400w, 200w, 735w” sizes=”(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px” data-recalc-dims=”1″>

Jen Smith is a personal finance expert, founder of Modern Frugality and co-host of the Frugal Friends Podcast. Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Lifehacker, Money Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, Business Insider, and more. She’s passionate about helping people gain control of their spending.


How we Paid off $78K of Debt With Average Incomes

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information.

It’s a new year! And you’re probably reading this because you want to make a change with how you handle your money in 2020. You want to pay off your student loans, start investing, and maybe save up for a big girl vacation, like, to Europe or something.

You want to make big changes but very rarely do big things happen to move the needle. It’s the little things that sustain you when you’re trying to make big changes.

Like, pay off more money in debt than you make in a year.

My husband, Travis, and I paid off nearly $78,000 of student loan and consumer debt in 23 months. When we started, we were making less than $50,000 between the two of us. I have no clue what made us think we could do this.

[embedded content]

The story seems like a big deal now but it didn’t feel that way when we were in it. I remember being halfway through, tired, and hopeless because there was no light at the end of my tunnel.

It’s no wonder more people don’t pay off their student loans. According to the US Dept. of Education’s Direct Loan Portfolio by Repayment Plan, almost 3 million borrowers are in programs that offer a loan forgiveness option.

But… people’s reliance on the loan forgiveness concept is slipping. In the same report, you can see that the number enrolled in Income-Based Repayment has fallen every quarter since the end of 2016. People are realizing that the government is not going to take care of their student loan crisis.

So where do we go from here? You can’t go from drowning in debt to financially independent overnight. It’s a hard road. There’s a glamorous story to tell at the end but the process is anything but.

I’ll tell you honestly, it’s the everyday things that get you through this process.

There’s no magic bullet, there’s no personality, job, or location that makes someone better suited to pay off debt. It’s the small habits you build and perform day-in and day-out that make it possible. And there are dozens of them. But you can get started with just a few.

These are the 17 easiest and most import habits I’ve found that you can start to incorporate into your life to pay off debt and create the financial future you want. I hope you don’t think they’re trivial. Taking a small step forward is vastly more impactful than doing nothing and some days it’s all we’re capable of.

Even if you’re not getting there as fast as you think you should you’re still moving forward and it’s a better place than you were yesterday.

Daily Habits

  1. Drink a Glass of Water Upon Waking 

After 8 hours (hopefully) of sleep, your body is massively dehydrated. Drinking 16 oz. of water before you do anything will potentially aid digestion and other bodily functions.

But why in the world is this a good “financial” habit?

Your body can mistake thirst for hunger when you’re dehydrated. Being well hydrated in the morning can help you avoid that starving feeling that starts when you’re on your way to work and conveniently driving past a coffee shop or bakery.

There are tons of mornings that I have my perfectly portioned breakfast ready to go but my hunger is so big it doesn’t seem like enough. But on mornings I’m not hungry I don’t even think about stopping for coffee and pastry, which costs me $6 a trip.

  1. Eat Protein in the Morning 

For most people, our days are back-loaded with protein. We eat granola and the light turkey sandwich for lunch and a big ol’ steak for dinner. It should really be the other way around.

Protein stabilizes blood sugar levels, which strengthens your concentration and reduces brain fog. It also boosts energy levels and keeps you fuller longer. All this is essential for the avid side hustler.

When I have protein throughout the day I’m more productive at work and I could go home with enough energy to work my side hustle and not crash after. If I forgot about my diet I would feel tired, worn out, and eventually get sick.

  1. Do Your Least Favorite Task First

This one could also be “do your most inconvenient task first.” I’ll never say I’m perfect at these. I am still know for putting off important tasks for weeks when they could be over in 5 minutes.

Things always come up during the day and they always seem more important (translation: easier) at the time. Calls to creditors, applying for jobs, and completing freelance work are some of the tasks I’ve had to complete first to make sure they get done before the last minute.

  1. Respond Open Endedly to Invitations

We get invited to new things everyday. Whether it’s via Facebook events or in-person requests we want to do everything but we can’t afford everything. We’re those people who respond “interested” to events and say “I’ll check my calendar” to most invites.

If it’s free we won’t hesitate to say yes but anything that’s going to cost money has to thought about before agreed to. Eventually, we got good enough to immediately suggest free alternatives to coffee dates and expensive restaurants but some invites don’t have alternatives.

We’ve had to turn down wedding invites, out-of-state birthday trips, and dinners out. They were nothing to cry about but had to be thought through instead of impulsively agreed to.

  1. Track Spending Manually

Apps like Mint are nice because they track you spending automatically. But when you’re on a budget you shouldn’t be looking back at the end of the month to see where all your money went, you should be actively managing it.

Manually tracking your spending every night helps you see where you are on your budget and helps you know whether you can say yes or no to those friendly invitations. I like EveryDollar, it’s a beautifully designed app and it’s free.

  1. Admit & Respond to Your Mistakes

When you’re avoiding sweets and you find yourself eating a cookie do you give up and say “Oh well, I’ll try again next month” and proceed to finish the box of cookies? We are so prone to give up if we make a mistake; that is a seriously limiting mindset.

When you buy something you regret, miss a day of your side hustle, or fall short of your debt payment it’s not an excuse to quit. It’s also not a time to start justifying the reasons behind all your mistakes. Call it what it is, decide how you’re going to respond better next time, and move on.

This is a daily practice because I don’t know anyone, myself included, who can make it through a perfect day while paying off debt.

  1. Celebrate Small Wins

As frequently as we call out mistakes we need to be calling out wins. Every day has something that’s worth celebrating. I prepped all my produce for the week last night, I celebrated that, I was two days late in prepping it but I got it done.

When I say celebrate I don’t mean go out or throw a party. Simply saying out loud what you accomplished or writing it down will suffice. Just identifying the good and progress everyday is what you’re going for.

Weekly Habits

  1. Make Manual Payments

In addition to automatic payments for debt payments and savings goals it’s good to make manual payments too. This allows you to actively participate in reaching your goal.

Sure you could do all your payments automatically (and you should on some) but adding additional payments manually helped us regain motivation, make bigger payments, and pay off the debt faster.

  1. Meal Plan & Prep

Setting aside an hour each week to meal plan and make a grocery list is essential to paying off debt. Honestly it’s essential for anyone who doesn’t want to blow all their money on food.

Meal planning isn’t hard and there are options for premade meal plans if you absolutely hate it, but don’t use the excuse of “not having enough time” to skip this. It’s that important.

One thing I was missing for a while was actually cooking the meals I’d planned for with the ingredients I’d bought. I was too busy (or lazy) throughout the week to go through the monotony of cooking, until I started prepping.

Now after I get home from the grocery store I meal prep produce according to all my recipes and even pre-season vegetables so during the week all I have to do is dump and cook. It’s helped me reduce food waste, which has saved even more money.

  1. Always Check For Savings Before You Buy

Dont get in the checkout line or hit “Buy Now” before you search for a coupon, cash back, or cheaper option. Here are my favorite places to check for deals.

  • Use Blink to save on prescriptions.
  • EyeBuyDirect to save on prescription eyewear.
  • Energy saving methods like low-flow showerheads to reduce our utility bill.
  • Sites like for dining deals.
  • Groupon and LivingSocial for deals on activities.
  • ThredUp for nice secondhand clothing at steep discounts from retail.
  • I take advantage of free trials at gyms.
  • Shopping through Ebates when making any purchases online will get you cash-back from virtually any retailer.
  • Apps like ibotta and Checkout51 to save at grocery stores and other big box retailers.
  • Use healthcare sharing to save big time on health insurance.
  1. Help Someone

When I was a year into our debt payoff I was feeling really hopeless. The first year was so hard and we were only at the halfway point. It was like finishing a half marathon and feeling accomplished only to remember you’re running a full marathon.

What helped me regain my motivation was helping people with the knowledge and skills I now possessed. I started a blog but you don’t have to, in fact I think you can help more people without one.

Facebook groups are a place people ask questions all the time and there’s a thriving #debtfreecommunity on Instagram where people are honest in their accomplishments as well as their shortcomings. These are great places to start and it’s energizing to find others with as much zeal for being debt-free as you.

  1. Write a Thank You Note

Sometimes living on a limited budget can feel isolating. Everyone is travelling, going out, and growing closer while you sit at home. That’s why it’s important to be intentional about cultivating the relationships you do have.

Saying thanks for little things and big things in a handwritten note or on Facebook is how you forge deeper relationships in less time. When you know someone is grateful for you don’t you go out of your way more to accommodate them?

Obviously your gratitude should be sincere and not to get something in return but don’t feel like your missing out on relationships if you don’t participate in everything.

Occasional Habits

  1. Put it On Ice


Sounds funny right? I discovered Icebox, a free Google Chrome extension, last year and found it to be an awesome idea. The idea is to minimize impulse spending by replacing the “Buy Now” button on over 500 online stores with a “Put It on Ice” button.

This button saves the product in your “Icebox” for a period of your choosing, then it becomes available to buy. The hope is that after a cool down period you’ll rethink the purchase and save your money for something better. Watch the video to see it in action:

[embedded content]

Impulse shopping is a monthly obstacle for most millennials, and it actually affects more males than females. I’m all about working smarter, not harder, and anything that forces me to think more about my spending is a welcomed inconvenience.

  1. Automate Everything

Its 2018 and you might think you’re automating everything but this. But somehow we can’t find the 3 minutes it takes to set up auto-pay on something and we miss deadlines. It might sound silly but it’s worth the reminder.

We recently got a new debit card for Travis, we forgot to change the card number on our cell phone bill and got hit with a late fee. Our utilities don’t allow us to automate online and I had to go during working hours to set up auto-pay. Everyone should be regularly auditing their bills to make sure cards aren’t expired, numbers are up to date, and that you’re not incurring random fees.

  1. Unfollow People on Facebook

I did this regularly while paying off debt because I had a big ol’ case of FOMO. Friends were doing things and getting stuff that I wanted and I couldn’t participate. Well, I could but my bigger goals won out.

I never unfriended people, they weren’t doing anything malicious; I just wanted to live in ignorant bliss. And it helped a lot. Instead of following friends who were living their best lives now, I started following Instagram accounts of people paying off debt and it made social media an inspiring waste of time vs. a depressing one.

  1. Look For More Money

Every opportunity we get Travis and I look for ways to make money. Whether it’s an online survey, mystery shop, or freelance gig we spend our free time productively.

Most of these side hustles are a refreshing change of pace from our 9-to-5’s so they don’t drain energy like a minimum wage hourly job would. But hey, if you like your hourly side job stick with it! But it should pay at least $10 p/h. 😉

  1. Shop Used First

One of the most deeply ingrained habits in American culture is that if you need something you go to Target or Walmart and buy it. Or if you can wait two days for it you order it on Amazon. But even though you think you’re getting a bargain, you’re probably still paying way more than you could if you got it used.

Instead of taking the easy way out check Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, pawn shops, consignment, and thrift stores for your needs before buying new. It only takes a few extra steps and you will save thousands of dollars by making this a habit in your life.

We didn’t adopt all these habits overnight. It snowballed with one here, one there, until we were practicing all of them. Start with two or three and work on incorporating more healthy financial habits for the rest of your life. Paying off debt is only the start of your prosperous financial journey.

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One Couple’s Story of Paying off Debt Quickly

” data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″ loading=”lazy” width=”400″ height=”600″ data-pin-description=”Do you want to learn how to pay off debt fast on average incomes? Here are 17 tips to implement today. #payingoffstudentloans #payingoffdebtquickly #howtogetoutofdebtfast #debtsnowball #debtpayoff” data-pin-title=”17 Things This Couple Did to Pay $78,000 of Debt on Average Incomes” src=”” alt=”One Couple’s Story of Paying off Debt Quickly” class=”wp-image-2547″ srcset=” 400w, 200w, 735w” sizes=”(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px” data-recalc-dims=”1″>

<img data-attachment-id="4459" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="700,1350" data-comments-opened="1" data-image-meta=""aperture":"0","credit":"","camera":"","caption":"","created_timestamp":"0","copyright":"","focal_length":"0","iso":"0","shutter_speed":"0","title":"","orientation":"1"" data-image-title="How to Pay Off Debt Fast on Average Incomes" data-image-description="

17 strategies one couple used to pay off $78,000 in under 2 years on average incomes. #getoutofdebtquickly #debtpayofftips #howtogetoutofdebt #debtpayoffhacks #howtogetoutofdebtfast #howtogetoutofdebtquickly

” data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″ loading=”lazy” data-pin-title=”How to Pay Off Debt Fast on Average Incomes” data-pin-description=”17 strategies one couple used to pay off $78,000 in under 2 years on average incomes. #getoutofdebtquickly #debtpayofftips #howtogetoutofdebt #debtpayoffhacks #howtogetoutofdebtfast #howtogetoutofdebtquickly” src=”” alt class=”wp-image-4459″ width=”276″ height=”532″ srcset=” 311w, 156w, 700w” sizes=”(max-width: 276px) 100vw, 276px” data-recalc-dims=”1″>

Jen Smith is a personal finance expert, founder of Modern Frugality and co-host of the Frugal Friends Podcast. Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Lifehacker, Money Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, Business Insider, and more. She’s passionate about helping people gain control of their spending.


75+ Ways to Make Money From Home in 2020

There are lots of easy ways to make money from home.  I do.  But that wasn’t always the case.  There was a time when we struggled financially to make ends meet. Fortunately, I found a side hustle that has since turned into a lucrative business. I was one of the lucky ones who found a way to turn a hobby into a business opportunity.

simple ways to make money

simple ways to make money

If you struggle like we did, you may need to find a way to supplement or even replace your income.  But, where do you even start?  What is it that you could do to make money from home?  You don’t want to stuff envelopes, and those online companies are all a sham.  It can leave you wondering what options you have to make money on the side.

Sometimes, you need to think outside of the box.  There are opportunities all around you, but you need to just look for them!  To help kick-start your work-from-home thoughts, we’ve rounded up some of the best ideas! These are all things you can do that will make you money from home.

Now, many of these won’t make you wealthy, but when you can find one or two that work, that can have a positive impact on your monthly income. There are lots of interesting and fun ways to make money and become your own boss!  We’ve got 75 ideas below!


There is nothing like being your own boss. However, knowing what kind of business to start can pose a challenge.  These ideas will allow you to use your own hobbies and talents and turn them into a way to make more money.  Some of these may require a business license, so check with your local regulations before you begin.

1. Start a blog. Believe it or not, blogging can be a lucrative way to bring money into your home. The trick is to blog about your passion!  I have been blogging for more than eight years now and have continuously made six figures per year for more than five years now.

In just a few minutes, you can create your own blog and be on your way to making money blogging too!

2. Open a Day Care. You need to love kids before you consider this option. You will need to be able to prepare meals, teach kids, and have a set-up in your home that would be safe for children.

If this interests you, it is important that you visit your own state’s childcare license office to learn what it will take to become accredited.  Share with friends to help them get the word out that you are open for business!

3. Home-Based Business. I’m sure you’ve heard of many consultant-based businesses, such as Thirty-One Gifts, Mary Kay, Party Lite, Pampered Chef, etc.  These are great companies that allow you to set your own hours, get out and meet new people and still bring in a little spending money.

The one tip I have when it comes to this type of opportunity is to make sure you do your homework, so you fully understand the start-up costs and even what you have to do to maintain your consultant status.

4. Become a tutor. You might be able to make money tutoring students. From elementary school to college, there are those who need a bit more help on various topics.  Check with your local school and college to find people whom you can help.

You might also see if you meet the qualifications to work for VIPKID, where you teach English to children in China.

5. Teach a trade/craft. Even if you are not an educator,  people want to learn now hobbies all the time.  If you know guitar, you could teach lessons. You might be a baker and can help someone learn how to decorate cupcakes.

6. Lawn maintenance. Love to be outdoors?  You might want to consider mowing, weeding and gardening as a way to make more money.

7. Become an Uber or Lyft driver.  This is a really popular trend right now and a simple way to make money.  You are able to set your own hours and make good money doing it.  You can work for Uber or Lyft to get started.

8. Call center employee. When you place a call to a company, the call rarely goes to an office, but is directed to an employee (who is probably working from their home).  You just set up an area where you can work and follow a script, taking calls from customers.  Pay varies, depending upon the type of company for which you work.  If you are interested in this option, here are some sites you can visit to learn more:, or

9. Dog walker/sitter. If you are home all day because you can’t get out, you could be a dog walker or sitter. Furbabies are family members for many, and people will pay to have companionship or weekend sitters for their dogs.

10. Pet trainer. Speaking of dogs, if you are good at training, you could become a pet trainer.  This can include obedience or even fun tricks.

11. Home organization services.  Organization is a gift that many people do not possess. You can help people clean and organize spaces in their home.

12. Clean homes. If you don’t organize well, but you can clean, become a house cleaner.

13. Balloon animals. I recently ran into an old friend at an event and she had picked up a side job as a balloon animal creator!  It was an affordable investment and she makes excellent money creating animals at corporate events, parties and more.

14. Party planner. This is where your super-original party ideas can make you money.  Become a party planner for birthdays, anniversaries and more.

15. Become a handyman. If you can fix just about anything, your handyman (or -woman) services can bring in some good money.

16. Mover. People hate to move. That is why they pay people to help load and unload moving vans and trucks. I’ve seen people paid upwards of $50+ an  hour just to load or unload trucks.

17. Shovel snow. During the winter months, you can make some money shoveling snow from driveways and walkways. If you have a truck with a plow, you could even work for companies to clear parking lots.

18. Personal shopper. Not everyone likes to shop. You could visit the grocery store and do the weekly shopping for others.

19. Photographer. You don’t have to be a high-end photographer to take photos at birthday parties, events and other occasions.

20. Power Washer.  If you own a power washer, you can offer to power wash driveways, decks and more.

21. Paint. Most people don’t like to paint. You could paint rooms, furniture and more.

22. Sell baked goods. As mentioned above, you could teach someone to bake.  However, you might even be able to sell baked goods as well.

23. Start a bounce house business. Parents and schools rent bounce houses all of the time for parties and events. Invest in the larger houses and you can set them up and take them down at various events.

24. Makeup artist. If you are good with makeup, you can freelance as a makeup artist for events and special occasions, such as weddings.

25. Face painting/tattoos.  It seems every kid loves to get their face painted at carnivals and parties.  Master your skills and then you can contract your services at different events.


Sometimes, leaving your home to earn money is not an option. There are plenty of ways to earn money at home using the web.

26. Become a freelancer. If you love to create and design or are good with proofreading and more, you could sell your services directly on Fiverr.  It is a marketplace where you can create logos, do animation, SEO analytics — all sorts of things! You can set up your shop and people will come to you, and you can also watch for people who post the type of work they are looking for.

27. Take online surveys. If you want an easy way to make money online, you should consider taking surveys. There are companies who will pay you for your opinion. Manufacturers and retailers need to know how they are performing. The best way to do that is to ask people to complete surveys for feedback.  And, they pay you for doing it, too!

Although there are hundreds of these companies online, not all of them are legit.  The way to maximize your survey-earning potential is to join more than one company. If you want to give this idea a try, here are some of the top companies I recommend:


OneOpinion US

Opinion Outpost

Harris Poll

Global Test Market

Inbox Dollars

VIP Voice

Survey Junkie

There are many others out there.  You can read my full list of recommended survey companies.

28. Virtual assistant. You must be highly organized if you want to consider this line of work. Many websites (even mine!) hire Virtual Assistants (VA) to help them.  A VA works for bloggers or websites.  They might do things such as manage social media, check e-mail, write articles or even help with accounting.

The hours and pay vary from site to site, but it is a nice way to pick up a few extra hours of work and some extra spending cash.  Visit or FlexJobs to learn more about how to become a VA (keep in mind that you do have to pay a fee to join this one).

29. Become a proofreader. Proofreading is a great way to make money at home. It is perfect for moms as you truly set your own hours.  Learn more about How to Become a Proofreader.

30. Ebay. If you love to search out deals, eBay might be a good deal for you.  If you find a great deal on a toy on clearance, you can probably turn around and sell it on eBay for more than what you paid for it.  Another great thing to sell on eBay is children’s clothes.

Right now, the economy is so tough that parents can’t afford new clothes, so they can head to eBay and purchase them for just a few dollars per item.  Whatever you decide to sell, eBay has tools to help you with determining your cost to ad layout.  Just do your research and get ready to sell!

31. Freelance writing. If you love to write, you can get paid to write for large publications.  In fact, many freelancers can make a very good living.  Read this post about How to Get Started as a Freelance Writer to learn more.

32. Transcription. Many think this is a dying line of work, but that is not the case. Documents still need to be transcribed and people are paid to help. Learn the tricks to starting out as a transcriptionist.

33. Sell your photos.  If you are a budding photographer, you can make money by selling your images.  There are sites where you then sell your photos.  As with any online endeavor, always read the fine print before you sign up so you know what you are getting into.  Here are a couple of sites you might check out:  iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, Fotolia.

34. Data entry.  With the digital age comes the need to transfer all of that content on paper into digital media. Companies actually pay people just like you to enter this for them.  This is the one where you will find a LOT of scams, so make sure you are very careful before you sign up.  One site you can check out is HEA-Employment.

35. Sell your wares. If you love to create items, you can sell them for cash.  Check out Etsy and sign up!

36. Set up an online store. Online retailers are making a LOT of money!  While many will maintain their own inventory, you don’t have to do that.  You can actually easily create your own store and use drop shipping (where someone else mails out the products to the customer).  I know a lot of people who do this and make a nice living at it (and have been able to quit their full-time job).

One site you want to check out is Shopify. It’s great because it helps you do it all – from creating your site to helping you get up and running.  Shopify charges a minimal monthly fee for the connection process, but that is standard for any company that does this.

37. Review software. If you have a technological mindset, reviewing software is a simple way to make money.  You need to make sure you give it a thorough review and report back your honest feedback.  You can start doing this today on Software Judge.

38. Translate websites or documents. There will always be a need to translate documents and websites from one language to another.  You can visit Proz to get started.

39. Check out apps. This is a fun way to make money for trying out new apps!  Companies want to know what people think and get feedback to improve them (if needed). Check out UTest to learn more.

40. Become a website tester. In order to ensure your website is successful, you need to make sure it is user-friendly.  That is why companies pay people to test their websites.  You can sign up for free and get started right away at UserTesting.

41. Social media manager. In order to stay competitive, bloggers and companies must use social media.  If you are extremely knowledgeable in marketing and strategies, you could offer your services as a social media manager.

42. Blogging editor. If owning a blog is not your thing and you really don’t want to be an assistant, you could offer editing services.  Blogs want to ensure that posts are free from grammatical errors, and editors help ensure that they are.

43. Forum or Facebook group moderator. Owners of these pages don’t want to have to police and monitor them every second of the day.  You can be paid to be a forum monitor.  Reach out to the owner of the forums you frequent to see if they are looking for help.

44. Get paid to surf the Internet. When you get ready to search online, use Swagbucks.  You can earn points for searching the web, and then also for doing other activities as well.

45. Use Rakuten. This site will pay you when you shop online!  Just visit their site before any purchase is made, and they will give you a cut of what you spent.  They even send you an actual check! Sign up with Rakuten now and get a free $10 gift card when you spend your first $25!

46. Search for coupons. If you find coupons and coupon codes, you can get paid for sharing them with others!  CouponChief pays you for passing along the deals you find with others.


47. Flip products. If you are great at transforming trash into treasure, turn it into a way to make money! Sell your creations online or even at local flea markets.

48. Write a book and sell it on Amazon. The Kindle store sells millions of copies of books every year. It is easy to create your own book, be it a short story or a novel.  If you check out some of the best sellers, many have less than 50 pages in them!

You can transform your favorite 50 recipes into a book, your tricks on organizing your home – anything you want. Get started with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program.

49. Get paid to shop. The new way of saving money is not as much with coupons as it is with apps!  You can use apps where you buy the things you need, submit your receipt and get cash back!

I’ve talked about these apps before on the site, so these are sites I trust.  The ones I recommend you check out include:  Ibotta, SavingStar, and Checkout51.

50. Rent your home.  Join AirBNB and rent space to travelers. You are in control of who you allow to rent your space and when.

51. Sell items on Craigslist. If you have things you no longer need, you can sell them on Craigslist.  Just make sure you complete transactions in a safe environment.

52. Sell your hair. I know this sounds crazy, but people do buy hair! Hairsellon can get you started.

53. Rent your stuff. Believe it or not, you can get paid to rent out all sorts of things, from vehicles to books and even clothes and more! It is a great way to use that item you had to buy for that ONE event and now sits in your cabinet. Rent it out to others and make some money on it. You will want to check out RentNotBuy to learn more about getting started.

54. Become a tour guide. If you love your city, you can share that with others. You might even be able to make decent money doing it. Vayable is a great site to help get you started.

55. Become a resume writer.  The right resume can help someone land the perfect job. Get onto LinkedIn and other sites to market your services.

56. Sell your clothes. Clean out your closet and get rid of the things you no longer need. You can visit local stores, such as Plato’s Closet, which pay you for your items.

57. Have a garage sale.  This is a great way to clear out the clutter and turn it into cash. Make sure you read my tricks on running a successful garage sale (I made hundreds on mine — and even $1,200 one year!).

58. Sell unwanted gift cards. This clears out the clutter of the cards you don’t want and puts a little money in your pocket too!  Visit to learn more about how to sell those unwanted cards (use the code PPINCH and you’ll get $5 free to spend on your first purchase, too).

59. Become a mystery shopper. Believe it or not, you can get paid to eat at restaurants and shop at stores. Learn more about mystery shopping.

60. House sitter. During vacation, people do not like to leave their homes unattended.  You can house-sit for them.

61. Sell plasma or blood. Believe it or not, you can sell these.

62. Be a mock juror. Many trial lawyers use mock jurors to get a better feel for their case and how a jury may lean based upon certain testimony and evidence. Visit to learn more about this idea.

63. Become a phone nurse. Man the phones for patients who call looking for help and advice. Fonemed is one resource you can look into.

64. Use your car to advertise. Companies will pay you to put advertising on your vehicle.

65. Lose weight. I know that this sounds crazy, but you can actually bet against others to lose weight!  Check out DietDebt to learn more.

66. Rate music. This won’t make you rich but you can listen to and review songs. Visit MusicXray.

67. Answer questions. If you are knowledgeable about different topics, Ammas will pay you for answering questions.

68. Get paid to share on social media.  Companies such as IZEA and PaidPerTweet pay users and bloggers for sharing information on social media channels.

69.  Earn money by shopping online.  The ShopTracker app will actually pay you for shopping online!  Just shop as usual and you’ll earn rewards month after month.


Sometimes, part-time employment can help your financial picture, too. These jobs often work around your current work schedule so as to not interfere with your regular job.

70. Food delivery. These jobs don’t pay much, but you can make some decent money in tips.  You will need your own vehicle and insurance.  Check out UberEats to get started.

71. Newspaper delivery. Believe it or not, people still like to read the newspaper. You can deliver papers early in the morning before the rest of your day begins.

72. Substitute teacher. This can be tricky as you might get a last-minute call out to work, but there is always a need for subs in most school districts.

73. Hotel complimentary breakfast host. When hotels offer a complimentary breakfast, they need people to set it up, keep it stocked and then clean up.  As an added bonus, you can often get discounted hotel rates as well.

74. Lifeguard. Lifeguard at a private, community or even your local public pool.

75. Referee. Schools, colleges, and local recreation leagues need refs to help run their events.

76. Holiday help. Retail stores often hire seasonal workers to help at different times of the year.  These are not long-term commitments.

77. Temp agency. Become a temp and you will get short assignments to fill in for regular staffers who may be on vacation,  maternity leave, etc.

78. Personal assistant.  Those who are homebound and/or disabled often need help with shopping, chores and more.


Of course, before you ever sign up with a company, make sure you protect yourself.  Here are tips to know if the company could potentially scam you:

  • Watch out for pyramid schemes.
  • Be leery of a company that makes you pay before they tell you what your job will be.
  • Read the fine print.  Know what to expect before you agree to the terms (that means, don’t just click the accept button).
  • Research the company at the Better Business Bureau to see if it’s accredited or if there have been complaints filed.

Whatever you decide to do make money, just make sure you do thorough research. Be sure the job works for you and is something you enjoy doing.  Not all opportunities are for everyone.  Good luck!

make money online

make money online


17 Realistic Ways To Make $100 Per Day

With the current economic conditions of 2020, and with tens of millions of Americans out of work, there are plenty of people looking for creative ways to make money outside of a traditional job.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to supplement your existing income from a job, or whether you’re looking for something to replace a job, there are plenty of options.

While there are a lot of advertisements that promise quick money online or from home, not every opportunity is legit. If you want to avoid scams and actually earn money for your time and effort, stick to one of the proven methods that are covered on this page.

When it comes to side hustles or starting an online business, making $100 a day is a major milestone. While you’re not going to get rich at this level of income, it’s still a significant amount of money that can make a huge difference. And if you’re able to make $100 per day, chances are, that can be increased with the right effort.

Ways To Make $100 A Day

Quick Navigation

legit ways to make money outside of a job, here are some of the best possibilities that you should consider.

1. Freelance Writing

Working as a freelance writer is one of the best opportunities of 2020 and beyond. There are millions of websites and blogs that rely on new content, and a large percentage of that content is written by freelancers. Even aside from online business, there are other opportunities like writing for newspapers, magazines, and other publications.

Some freelance writers take a general approach and write about any topic of the client’s choice. Others choose to specialize in a particular industry in order to grow their profile and become a recognized authority on the topics that they write about. If you take the specialized approach, you can choose a topic that interests you and you’ll probably find that the work is more enjoyable.

Not only are there plenty of opportunities, but the pay can be quite good as well. Of course, there are definitely low paying freelance writing gigs out there, but many writers are able to earn a significant income while benefiting from a flexible work schedule.

Pros of Freelance Writing:

  • Strong demand with lots of websites and blogs constantly in need of new content.
  • Write about something that you enjoy by specializing in the industry of your choice.
  • Excellent income potential.
  • It can be done full-time or part-time, depending on your schedule and the amount of money that you need to make.
  • Start making money right away, as soon as you land your first client.

Cons of Freelance Writing:

  • Some gigs are low-paying.
  • You’ll face more competition for the higher-paying gigs, so you may need to start with some lower-paying opportunities to get experience.

Getting Started as a Freelance Writer

There are a lot of different ways to find clients, including job boards like ProBlogger, Blogging Pro, and Freelance Writing Gigs. It’s also a good idea to use your existing personal or professional network to try to land a client or two.

2. Self-Published Author

Another way to make money as a writer is to become a self-published author. Instead of getting paid to write for clients, you’ll write and sell books or ebooks.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is the most popular platform, and anyone can become an author without the need for experience or piles of cash to spend on printing. Through KDP, you can sell ebooks and print-on-demand paperbacks, which means there is no inventory to buy.

While working as a freelance writer allows you to start making money right away, becoming a self-published author requires some patience before you’ll start earning significant money. Obviously, you’ll need to finish your first book/ebook before it will be available for purchase, and it will also take some time to build up your business. However, there is plenty of income potential if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen.

Pros of Self-Publishing:

  • No need to find clients or deal with clients.
  • Excellent income potential.
  • Write about whatever you want. You’ll choose your own topics and the types of books that you want to write.
  • Print-on-demand means that you can sell paperback books without the cost of buying inventory.

Cons of Self-Publishing:

  • You’ll need to put in a lot of time and work before making money.
  • Constant writing. Most people who make a significant income with self-publishing are constantly working on new books.

Getting Started as a Self-Published Author

From First Draft to Bestseller is a thorough course on Skillshare that will help you to get started. You can get access to the course free for two months with a Skillshare trial.

3. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant side hustle

Working as a virtual assistant (VA) has been one of the best ways to make money online over the past few years. And with many companies looking to reduce costs, it’s likely that even more work will be outsourced to VAs rather than hiring employees to do the same tasks.

Virtual assistant is a broad term and VAs can offer a wide range of administrative services. This could include things like managing email inboxes, moderating forums or Facebook Groups, managing social media profiles, writing or editing blog posts, designing images for blog posts or social media sharing, and much more.

Some virtual assistants offer a very wide range of services, while others take a more focused approach and specialize. Those who specialize and are able to brand themselves as experts in a particular area are usually able to demand higher rates from clients.

Pros of Working as a VA:

  • Plenty of opportunities as many companies and entrepreneurs hire VAs.
  • Likely increase in demand due to more companies outsourcing work in the current economic conditions.
  • Good income potential, especially for those who take a specialized approach.
  • It can be done full-time or part-time, depending on your schedule and the amount of money that you need to make.
  • Start making money right away, as soon as you land your first client.
  • Use your existing skills to make money.

Cons of Working as a VA:

  • Some gigs are low-paying and you may find yourself competing for jobs with people who charge very low rates.

Getting Started as a VA

Gina Horkey is an experienced and successful VA that covers everything you need to know to get started in 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success.

4. Transcription

If you have some typing skills (speed and accuracy), working as a transcriptionist is an excellent way to make money. There are plenty of opportunities to make money by transcribing audio or video, and those opportunities continue to increase as more and more audio and video content is being published online every day.

Transcription work is generally very flexible. There are a number of websites that provide transcription work and most of them allow you to work as much or as little as you want, whenever it’s convenient for you.

You’ll have the option to signup and use transcription websites, or you can look for freelance opportunities. Freelancing will take more effort but will offer higher income potential.

Pros of Transcription Work:

  • Make use of a skill you already have (typing).
  • It can be done part-time or full-time, depending on your needs and availability.
  • Lots of opportunities available.
  • Start making money right away.

Cons of Transcription Work:

  • You need to be fast and accurate at typing. If you don’t already have those skills, you’ll need to practice.
  • Some gigs are low-paying. Determining how much you’ll be able to earn can be tricky as most gigs pay per audio minute or per audio hour, not per hour of work.

Getting Started as a Transcriptionist

The easiest and quickest way to get started is to make use of websites that allow you to sign up and claim the work that you want. There are a number of these sites and you can find the best transcription jobs here.

Transcribe Anywhere has a course that will teach you to be a transcriptionist for general and legal transcription. You’ll learn everything you need to know to start making money. You can also check out a related proofreading course, Proofread Anywhere to see if proofreading might be for you.

5. Bookkeeper

Working as a bookkeeper is an opportunity that’s often overlooked or underappreciated. Some bookkeeping jobs can be done remotely, either part-time or full-time. But the better income-generating opportunity involves working as a freelancer or starting your own bookkeeping business.

You may already have some bookkeeping skills or experience that could be put to good use. And one of the reasons why bookkeeping is a great option is because the skills can be learned relatively quickly. You don’t need an accounting degree and many bookkeeping jobs are entry-level with no experience required. With a little bit of effort, you can learn the skills needed to work as a bookkeeper, either as an employee or freelancer.

Pros of Bookkeeping:

  • Excellent income potential.
  • Uses skills that can be learned relatively quickly.
  • In-demand service that businesses will always need.
  • It can be done part-time or full-time.

Cons of Bookkeeping:

  • If you don’t have any bookkeeping experience, you’ll need to learn.

Getting Started as a Bookkeeper offers 3 free classes that show you how to start your own bookkeeping business and work from home.

6. Grocery Shopper

Grocery shopping and delivery services have been increasing in popularity over the past few years, and that was before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with more people staying home, services like Instacart have become more popular than ever, and that opens up new opportunities for making money.

Instacart offers two different ways to make money. One option is to work as an in-store shopper. Instacart’s in-store shoppers are part-time employees who are not responsible for deliveries. You would be getting a customer’s grocery list and you do the shopping for them.

The other option is to be a full-service shopper, which involves doing the shopping and making deliveries to customers. Instacart’s full-service shoppers are independent contractors and you must have your own vehicle.

Both options offer flexible hours, so you can make the work fit around your existing schedule.

Pros of Working as a Grocery Shopper:

  • Start making money right away. Sign up now and as soon as you’re approved and cleared to work, you’ll be able to start earning money.
  • In-demand service that provides plenty of work.
  • No experience required. Almost anyone can do it.

Cons of Working for as a Grocery Shopper:

  • Options for increasing your income will be limited.

Getting Started as a Grocery Shopper

Getting started is easy. Just sign up at Instacart’s website and you’ll be led through the process. You’ll need to decide whether you want to work as an in-store shopper or full-service shopper.

7. Rideshare Driver

Be a rideshare driver to make extra money

Driving for Uber and/or Lyft has been a popular side hustle for a couple of years now, and it’s still a legit way to make money around your existing schedule.

As a driver, you can work as much or as little as you want. You can sign up today and start making money as soon as you’ve passed the background check and been cleared to drive (usually a few days).

Pros of Rideshare Driving:

  • Start making money right away.
  • No specific skills or experience required (aside from driving), so basically anyone can do it.
  • It can be done part-time or full-time.

Cons of Rideshare driving:

  • You’ll need to calculate the maintenance and wear-and-tear costs related to the extra miles on your vehicle.
  • You’ll need a vehicle that will meet Uber or Lyft’s requirements. If your vehicle doesn’t meet the requirements, you’ll need to rent one that does.
  • You’ll have strangers in your car, which can be uncomfortable for some people.
  • Opportunities may be limited in rural areas.

Getting Started as a Rideshare Driver

To get started, fill out an application with Uber or Lyft. The application process is pretty straightforward and you should be able to start diving in about a week.

8. Delivery Driver

If you like the idea of making money as a driver, but you don’t want to give rides to strangers, working as a delivery driver may be a better option for you.

While rideshare driving can be a good option too, many people won’t have a vehicle that meets the requirements. But most delivery jobs, like DoorDash for example, do not have stringent requirements and you can use almost any vehicle.

Working as a delivery driver also allows you to start making money very quickly, and you’ll still benefit from a high level of flexibility. Many delivery jobs involve making deliveries from restaurants, including:

Aside from restaurant delivery, another legit option is to deliver packages for Amazon through the Amazon Flex program.

Pros of Working as a Delivery Driver:

  • Start making money right away.
  • No specific skills or experience required (aside from driving), so basically anyone can do it.
  • Use any vehicle.
  • No need to have strangers in your car (as opposed to rideshare driving).

Cons of Working as a Delivery Driver:

  • You’ll need to calculate the maintenance and wear-and-tear costs related to the extra miles on your vehicle.
  • Opportunities may be limited in rural areas.

Getting Started as a Delivery Driver

Choose the app or platform that you want to use, and sign up. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to start driving and make money very quickly.

9. Start A YouTube Channel

Blogging is often mentioned as a way to make money online. While it’s definitely true that you can make money as a blogger, there’s much less competition if you decide to pursue video content instead of written content.

There are more than 500 million blogs online in 2020 (source), but there are only about 31 million YouTube channels (source). And despite the significantly lower number of YouTube channels, video content is increasing in popularity significantly. More people watching online videos lead to more opportunities to make money with YouTube.

Just like blogging, you can start a YouTube channel on any topic that interests you. With your own channel, you’ll have the potential to make more from advertising (YouTube Partner Program), affiliate programs, and sponsorship.

Pros of Starting a YouTube Channel:

  • Unlimited income potential.
  • Constantly increasing demand for video content.
  • Start a channel on any topic that interests you, so you can incorporate your hobbies or things that you enjoy in your work.

Cons of Starting a YouTube Channel:

  • You’ll have to build up your audience before you start making money, which can take a lot of work.
  • The YouTube Partner Program requires you to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in order to monetize videos with their ads.

Getting Started with YouTube

Stand Out and Make Money on YouTube is a course taught by a YouTuber with more than 5 million followers. The course is on Skillshare and you can get access with a free two-month trial.

10. Create And Sell Digital Products

If you have a website or blog, or if you’re interested in starting one, one of the best ways to make money is to create and sell digital products. There are all kinds of possibilities here, it really just depends on the niche that you’re in and the target audience of your site. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Ebooks
  • Stock photos and graphics
  • Music and audio files
  • Printables
  • Templates

These are just a few possibilities and some of them are very broad. For example, printables and templates could include any number of different products, and possibilities exist in just about any industry or niche.

Aside from leveraging your own website or blog traffic to sell our products, you could also sell on marketplaces, rely on affiliates to send traffic, or use paid ads (like Facebook, Google, or Pinterest ads).

Pros of Selling Digital Products:

  • Great way to monetize an existing website or blog.
  • Unlimited income potential.
  • Possibilities in any industry or niche.
  • Potential for passive income.

Cons of Selling Digital Products:

  • Some products will require a lot of time to create.
  • You’ll need to get exposure for your products in order to make money.

Getting Started with Digital Products

If you’re looking to get started quickly and you don’t already have an existing audience through your own website or blog, one of the best options is to start selling on a marketplace that has an existing audience.

Etsy is known as a great place to buy or sell handmade goods, but it’s also an excellent platform for selling digital products. Build an Etsy Shop That Sells is a great introductory course at Skillshare that shows you how to get started. You can access the course with a free two-month trial of Skillshare.

11. Create And Sell Online Courses

Online courses could fall under the previous point about digital products, but I wanted to mention courses separately because this opportunity is different from a lot of other digital products, and because online courses are extremely popular.

While there are a lot of different types of digital products that you can sell, online courses typically have a very high perceived value, and so it’s possible to charge a premium if you offer a quality course. It’s not unusual for online courses to sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In fact, the same information could be packaged in an ebook and it would probably be hard to sell it for more than $99. Customers perceive the value or a course to be higher than the value of an ebook.

That doesn’t mean that all courses will be high-ticket items. You could create shorter, simpler courses that sell for lower amounts. The price you’re able to charge for your course will also be impacted by your profile. If you’ve established an excellent reputation and a strong following, people will be willing to pay more for your course. If you’re just getting started, a high-ticket course will be harder to sell.

You also have a few different options when it comes to setting up and selling your course. You could use a WordPress plugin to handle the sales and provide students with access to course material. You could use a platform like Teachable that makes it easy to set up and manage your course. Or you could use a platform like Udemy or Skillshare that will help you to get exposure for your course (but may limit your earning potential).

Pros of Creating and Selling Online Courses:

  • Great way to monetize an existing website or blog.
  • Excellent income potential.
  • Brand yourself as an expert in your field through the creation of a course.

Cons of Creating and Selling Online Courses:

  • In general, courses will require more time to create, as compared to other types of digital products.
  • Selling a course can be difficult if you don’t have an established audience or a reputation.
  • Courses can require more maintenance than some other types of digital products (especially if you have a Facebook Group or some other community component to the course).

Getting Started with Selling Online Courses

Online Course Masters by Phil Ebiner will teach you what you need to know to create and sell your own course. This course is available on Skillshare and you get free access for two months.

12. Voice Acting

With so much audio and video content being created, there is a strong demand for voice actors to record voiceovers. You could be recording your voice for a commercial, a sales video, a podcast intro, or any number of other things. 

You’ll need a little bit of equipment (most importantly, a quality microphone), but it’s possible to get started with a modest budget and then upgrade as you go.

Fiverr and Upwork are popular platforms for landing work, or you may be able to find clients on your own.

Pros of Voice Acting:

  • Excellent income potential.
  • Lots of work available.
  • Can be done part-time or full-time, depending on your situation.

Cons of Voice Acting:

  • Finding your first clients can be difficult with a limited portfolio or no portfolio.

13. Pet Sitting / Dog Walking

Make Money As A Dog Walker

You might be surprised by the income potential of pet sitting and dog walking. Making $100 a day is certainly a realistic goal, and there are plenty of people who are making a full-time income.

This can be an attractive option because it doesn’t require any specific skills or experience, and so just about anyone can do it.

In order to make money as a pet sitter, you’ll need a safe place to be able to host pets. That may not be possible if you’re renting a place that doesn’t allow pets, but you don’t need a huge yard or anything special in order to make it work.

While there are many different ways to find clients, apps/sites like Rover and Wag make it easy to create a profile so pet owners in your local area can find you.

Pros of Pet Sitting and Dog Walking:

  • Start making money right away, as soon as you have your first client.
  • No specific skills or experience required.
  • Lots of work available from pet owners who travel, don’t have time to walk their own dogs, or aren’t physically able to do it.
  • Good income potential.
  • Can be done part-time or full-time.

Cons of Pet Sitting and Dog Walking:

  • Opportunities are better in some areas (like big cities).
  • Pet sitting requires you to have a place to keep the animals.

Getting Started with Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

The easiest way to get started is to create a free profile at Rover and/or Wag.

14. Become An Influencer

Do you spend a lot of time on social networks? If so, wouldn’t it be great if you could get paid for sharing new products or brands with your friends and followers? 

Influencer marketing allows you to get paid to post sponsored content to your social profiles, and some people are making a lot of money with it. 

In order to make money as an influencer, you’ll need to have a responsive audience, and the larger, the better. You don’t need to have millions of followers, but you do need to be able to get engagement from your followers when you share something.

Pros of Becoming an Influencer:

  • If you already have a large, responsive following, you can make money from it.
  • There are plenty of brands looking for influencers to work with.
  • You can make money doing something that you enjoy.

Cons of Becoming an Influencer:

  • Not everyone is an influencer. You’ll need to be able to elicit a response from your followers.
  • You may need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to grow a following before you start making money.

Getting Started as an Influencer

If you don’t have a strong following yet, building up your social profiles and attracting followers is where you’ll need to start. If you do have a following already, check out this list of 25 influencer marketing platforms.

15. Sell Handmade Crafts

Etsy was mentioned earlier as a great place to sell digital products, and of course, it’s also the leading platform if you want to sell handmade crafts or vintage goods. If you’re crafty, you may enjoy making things that you could sell on Etsy.

This side hustle generally works better part-time, but if you’re successful, there is a chance to turn it into a full-time business.

Pros of Selling Handmade Crafts:

  • Make money doing something that you enjoy.
  • Etsy offers exposure to a massive audience of buyers.

Cons of Selling Handmade Crafts:

  • You’ll face a lot of competition on Etsy.
  • It can be difficult to scale as you’ll need to find efficient ways to make the items.

16. Start A Rental Business

It’s not the first side hustle that comes to mind, but there are plenty of ways to make money by renting out your stuff. You could rent out a room in your house, rent your car when you’re not using it, rent storage space, rent your parking space, rent baby items, and more.

Of course, the amount of money that you’ll be able to make will depend on the items that you’re renting out, but there if you have the right items, you can make good money. For example, if you have a house with a separate unit, you can make a lot by renting it out. RVs are also excellent for renting.

Pros of a Rental Business:

  • Your income isn’t directly tied to the hours that you work. You’re making money based on the things that you have.
  • Turn ordinary things into income-generating assets.
  • Lots of different options.

Cons of a Rental Business:

  • You may or may not have the right things that people want to rent.
  • Your income may be inconsistent.

Getting Started with a Rental Business

Think about the things that you already have that you might be able to rent out. There are online platforms for renting all kinds of things. I can’t cover them all in this article, but Fat Llama is a nice option because you can rent just about anything there.

17. Use Your Existing Skills And Experience 

Depending on the work experience and skills that you already have, you may be able to make money on the side as a consultant or coach. There are consultants and coaches in just about any field you can imagine, so it could be a great opportunity for a lot of people.

Not only are there clients who are hiring consultants, but in most cases, the hourly rate that you can earn is very attractive.

Pros of Consulting/Coaching:

  • Make use of the experience you already have.
  • Excellent income potential.
  • It can be done part-time or full-time.
  • Possibilities exist in many different industries.

Cons of Consulting/Coaching:

  • It may take some time to build up your client base.

Getting Started with Consulting/Coaching

The Complete Master Class on Starting a Consulting Business covers all of the basics. This course is available on Skillshare and you can get free access for two months.

Making $100 A Day Online Is Possible

Earning $100 per day with a side hustle or online business is a great goal that marks a significant milestone.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to reach this milestone. The ideas covered in this article give you plenty of options, so find the one that’s a good fit for you and get started.

ways to make $100 dollars

17 Realistic Ways To Make $100 Per Day


How to Make Money Online

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Working remotely or online is a rapidly growing trend. Whether you’re out of work and need a new career, or you need a convenient way to make extra cash, find out how to make money online with this guide. You’ll discover the top industries, statistics about the rise of remote work and all the tips and tricks you need to get started today.

The Rise of Online Work

The dramatic increase of communication technologies has caused rapid growth in the number of remote workers. Currently, 70% of all professionals have worked remotely at least one day. Another survey by AND Co and Remote Year found that 55% of remote workers work full-time.

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  • It’s basically everything my credit needs. I get 28 FICO® scores, rent and utility reporting, cash rewards and even a discount to one of the leaders in credit repair.
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Get everything you need to master your credit today.

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Many people who work online prefer it to traditional work. If you want to know how to make money online and want a happy, more productive work life, online work may be for you.

Who Works Online?

People who choose remote work come from many different industries and backgrounds. Online work can be performed from any location. These are just a few of the types of individuals who enjoy the freedom and flexibility of online work:

  • Stay-at-home parents
  • College students
  • People who can’t drive
  • Residents of rural locations
  • Part-time workers
  • Retired folks
  • Introverts

Many online jobs offer part-time or full-time options. Freelancers, in particular, have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to choosing the number of hours they want to work. Whether you need a full-time alternative career or are simply looking for an easy way to make additional income, there are ways to make money online for your particular situation.

Best Industries for Working Online

You may be surprised at the variety of jobs available for online workers. The latest platforms, like Slack, are designed to help connect remote workers. And you don’t have to be a software developer to find a great online career.

Some industries use jobs boards. These websites host diverse career, job and gig opportunities for nearly any skill level or experience set. You can browse these websites to find odd jobs whenever you need additional income. You can also look for a dedicated career and full-time employment on a site like or by simply adding “remote” to a search on any job site. While there are many careers available, here are some common industries with online andremote work opportunities.

Web Development

Web development is a career that easily transitions to an online position. Because all of the work is done via the Internet, it’s easy to conduct your work from home or any location. You’ll need experience developing websites to be successful.

Choose to start your own company and begin advertising immediately, or search for jobs in web development with an established business for a more stable and immediate paycheck.

Multi-Level Marketing

Although this industry isn’t necessarily online, it’s gained popularity in the past decade thanks to social media. Social media has made it far easier to market your business. These jobs rely on people to sell products or services to their friends, family and neighbors.

This career doesn’t require any specialized experience, so it’s a great option for getting started with online work. Those who are most successful know how to create engaging social media posts, vlogs and other promotional materials. It may not begin paying immediately and is usually a part-time income source.

Content Writing

Writing is a popular way to earn income on your own time. If you’re a skilled writer who is excited about exploring new topics and writing dynamic blogs and web pages, you’ll love a career as a content writer.

Finding a high-paying job can require some digging, but there are many content-writing job boards, companies and gig opportunities online. Content writers can also choose to launch their own business, which requires some patience, persistence and marketing skills.

Editing and Proofreading

Do you have an eye for grammar mistakes? Editing is a popular way to earn online for anyone with experience proofreading, correcting mistakes and refining content. Depending on your experience, editing positions typically pay better than writers. However, many editors are required to have previous experience or a degree in English or a related field.

Teaching and Tutoring

Perhaps the most popular and trending industry is online teaching. Most of these positions are teaching English as a second language, but someone with a teaching certificate or experience can also find a position teaching another subject.

Check out companies that operate out of countries all around the world. Whether teaching adults or children in China, Brazil, South Korea, Russia or any other country, this field can be very rewarding. Prepare to plan around time zones and teach at odd hours.


Interested in sharing your opinions online? There is a diverse range of survey-taking positions that pay a small amount for every survey. The work may not pay as high as others, but it requires no experience and is easy to find. Testing apps, shopping surveys or surveys about website experiences are all available for anyone interested in filling out forms for some extra cash.


Just like traditional investment options, there is a diverse range of online investing opportunities. Use affiliate marketing, make online investments or shop for real estate online. It’s a great way to flex your financial muscles, or you can take out a loan to get started. Not only will you be working online, but you can also generate passive income.

Benefits of Online Work

Working online offers many great benefits compared to traditional careers. Whether you’re feeling stuck in an office or looking for a way to make some extra money in the evenings, here are some of the common benefits reported by online workers:

  • Ability to travel while working
  • Working beyond retirement age
  • Flexible work/life balance
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Lower stress and higher morale
  • Increased efficiency and productivity

Of course, remote work isn’t for everyone. There are some disadvantages to online work that can cause some people to feel less fulfilled with this career option. Some remote workers experience higher levels of stress, loneliness or an inability to meet personal deadlines. Without a community to keep you accountable, it can be difficult to stay productive.

Successful online workers are able to set their own schedules, be proactive when finding work and manage multiple schedules easily. If you have these skills, even a basic understanding of computers is all you need to start your new and exciting career.

Start Making Money Today

Start your online job today. It’s easy to get started, and most gigs don’t require any additional equipment or software. Once you’ve started earning additional income, leverage your savings with a high-yield savings account. With high interest, you’ll see a greater return on your savings and can take advantage of your extra income today.

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