A Mom’s Practical Guide to the Best Ideas for Your Family Christmas Bucket List

25 inexpensive ways to celebrate the holidays
Christmas family traditions that won't break the bank!
free and cheap guide to Christmas Family Fun
frugal family fun for the holidays
25 frugal ideas for your family's Christmas bucket list
A mom's guide to the best family Christmas bucket list

25 Christmas Family Traditions that won’t bust the bank

The holiday season is a magical time for many families, the excitement, the treats, the cost!

The cost?!?

Ouch, yes it’s true, the holidays cost money. Sometimes a lot of money. But they don’t have to! You can absolutely get in all your Christmas family traditions without spending a lot of money! You just need to keep your eyes open, have a flexible schedule, and be ready to appreciate the small moments. Here are my top 25 choices for your family’s Christmas Bucket List (mostly) on a Budget!

A mom's guide to the best family Christmas bucket list

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure for more info

Fair warning, I did give a few options that included spending money, but nothing very expensive. So pick and choose what fits your family and your holiday budget. As going over budget doesn’t make things easier come January!

Start your Christmas bucket list off early in the season

One – watch the parade

In my home, Christmas begins Thanksgiving morning. Sounds a bit hasty, but watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a huge hit! We sit in our jammies, have coffee, and talk about our favorite floats (and how we have no idea who the musical acts are). Then when the dog show comes on, right after it the parade, we start cooking! We have the dog show on in the background, and then when that is over, we put on Miracle on 34th Street, a total classic that we watch multiple times during the season!

Two – the first gift of Christmas

This one also happens on Thanksgiving, but after all the gluttony. We sit and watch The Polar Express (we’re a movie watching kind of family), and then after that, we all go into the living room, where my mom hands out the first gift of Christmas (just like in the movie). It’s always something small, a box of truffles, a knick-knack, or something like that, but it’s a fun way to officially ring in the holiday season!

Three – a visit to the tree farm

If you can, I strongly encourage you to go to a local tree farm vs. a tree lot to get your tree. Our local Christmas tree farms have absolutely stepped up their game and make it a full outing! Hot cocoa, fire pit with marshmallows, rustic holiday decor items for sale, petting zoo, and of course, the tree! You pick your tree out, and they shake it and wrap it up (bring some cash $10 -$15 for the guys working outside in the freezing cold). Last year our local farm even had a spot for our #4 item…

Four – pictures with Santa

Now, I have to say it, but this doesn’t fit my Christmas bucket list “on a budget” criteria, as DANG, those pictures can be spendy! I think we paid $45 for three photos on a flash drive (facepalm). But they are worth it! My daughter gets SO excited to see him, and we always send out her pictures to family members, and they love it too!

You have to decide if this fits into your budget or not. Maybe you have all your kiddos visit Santa at once and sit down around his feet for a combo photoshoot (vs. individually going up). Or maybe you can find a Santa for free (I am sure there are opportunities, we just really liked the Santa at the farm).

Five – sleep under the Christmas tree

So I don’t mean to sleep under the tree literally, but having a living room (or wherever your tree is) “camp in” that first night that you put the tree up! Make it an event, bring in lots of blankets and pillows, watch a holiday movie, have hot cocoa!

Go all out on a hot cocoa bar! You need to spend a little money, but this could be a great Christmas family tradition that everyone will look forward to! These super cute marshmallow hot cocoa mugs are hard to resist! Grab some chocolate peppermint stir sticks to add some fun or grab some delicious Ghirardelli sauces to make your hot chocolate just right.

Six – get your Christmas advent calendar ready

Christmas advent calendars are always a favorite in our household. In the past, we’ve ended up with the chocolate ones from the grocery store, but I’d like to do it a bit differently this year.  

If your family is religious, Pink Fortitude has some lovely advent scripture printables to help you count down the days while celebrating the hope and love of the season.

If your younger ones want a more hands-on calendar, try the Lego’s City advent calendar, where they build a different small Lego toy every day! This is more expensive than the ones from the grocery store, but it’s a set that they can build with for a long time.

Or maybe you want to start your advent tradition; this beautifully decorated wooden Christmas Tree advent calendar can be used every year, handed down to future generations! Make your own small gifts, or chocolates, or handwritten notes to hide behind each day’s number!

Or to bring to the fun (or relaxation) to a friend The English Tea Shop’s advent calendar is a great way to sample new flavors and still take part in counting down the days until Christmas.

Yes, some of the above calendars are spendy, but you can reuse them. But in my heart, I still prefer the $2 chocolate candy filled ones.

Seven – mail a letter to Santa

I remember going through the Toys R Us holiday catalog and cutting out toys that I wanted and pasting them onto my letter to Santa! But sad to say that this next generation of kids won’t experience that particular catalog.  

You can still make it a fun afternoon crafting your kiddo’s perfect letter. You can make your own with just pen & paper, or here is a great inexpensive option if you want a cute formatted Santa letter. Or if you’re an Elf on the Shelf household, then be sure to check out this option, complete with book and special paper!

Christmas bucket list items at home

Eight- bake some Christmas cookies

The holidays aren’t really the holidays unless you have treats right? That’s why this is my favorite item on our Christmas bucket list on a budget list! Your cookies don’t have to be fancy; they don’t have to taste amazing either. You just need to have a good time with your family making them! You can pick red & green frosting, or sprinkles or holiday shapes, basically anything you want!  

If you have little hands baking, here are some good cookie cutters with safety tops, as you don’t want super sharp metal. For some holiday cookie inspiration, check out The Christmas Cookie Cookbook (over 100 holiday cookie recipes!)

You already have most of the baking ingredients; you may need to invest in some sprinkles. Maybe about $5 – $15.

Nine – make your house smell like the holidays

I happen to be in love with Christmas pomanders (but I didn’t know it was called this until writing this). Basically, it’s an orange with a bunch of cloves stuck in it, and it smells heavenly! My mother used to make a decorative bowl of these and put it on our hall entry table, so you smelled it right when you walked in! Check out Hello Homebody post to learn how to make your own, I promise you’ll love it!

You may have cloves already in your pantry, but if not, then this should cost less than $12 for small oranges and cloves.

An even cheaper way to make your house smell like Christmas is to decorate with evergreen boughs. Just go to a place where taking cuttings is permitted (get a variety of greens – juniper, pine, holly) and make your own decorations!

Ten – make your own holiday decorations

There are so many wonderful ways to decorate your home that are inexpensive! Not only will it be a fun activity for your kids, but they will be keepsakes to remember each year when you pull them out! Here are a few of my favorites

  • These origami waterbombs are great because you can use any color scheme you want to fit in with your home decor! These are perfect for kids a little bit older with patience and can pay attention to the process.
  • Another memory that I have is making cinnamon ornaments when I was little, they smell amazing and can be made in any shape/design that you wish! (now good cinnamon is fairly expensive, so be sure to buy some that is not spendy for this activity).
  • This gumdrop Christmas tree is so fun! I can picture a whole mantle with different sized “trees” to have a more modern feel to it!

Eleven – learn about other countries Christmas traditions from around the world

An excellent way for kids to learn about other cultures is by experiencing traditional food dishes. So if you feel that you’ve done all the “regular” holiday traditions type stuff, this is a fun item to layer in! Check out Love These Recipes for her free Christmas Around the World Cookbook for kids!

Twelve – have a holiday game night

Now, this activity can get spendy in a hurry, so be sure that you are getting games that will appeal year after year. This Christmas Monopoly game is sure to be a hit!

This award-winning Santa Claus game teaches younger kiddos that it’s fun to give (as well as receive). Which can all agree kiddos need some encouragement in this area.

Who doesn’t love Rudolph? This Aquarius Rudolph the Red-Nosed Journey board game is perfect for the whole family! You’ll journey through the icy winter wonderland finding all the misfit toys and bringing them back to Santa so he can give them to all the little good girls & boys!

Or if you’re looking more for holiday party games, be sure to check out the fan-favorite holiday Minute to Win It games from Play Party Plan!

Take a break between games for some treats! A fun way to make treat time special is an indoor electric S’Mores maker. No campfire smoke or hungry bears included! Just yummy treat time, which you can use throughout the year!

Thirteen – grab some Christmas crackers

These are a traditional holiday favorite from around the world! Each Christmas Cracker in this set contains a party hat, a joke, and a small gift. They are sure to make your holiday dinner memorable!

Fourteen – Make your own gingerbread house

Now, I would like to think that I am an amazing chef. Yet, I know this isn’t true. Still, one year I would like to make our own gingerbread houses from scratch!  Easy Budget Recipes has a great post with a free template and a video!  

Could this be the year that my inner creative cooking genius comes out? Maybe! But even if it doesn’t come out perfect, that’s not the important part. The important part is that my little one and I have a great day doing it!

Fifteen – A Christmas Movie Marathon

This one is such a cliche, as OF COURSE you’re going to have a movie marathon on your Christmas bucket list! Be sure to check out all your video subscriptions before buying new ones. Disney + is sure to have a lot, Netflix has some cute original holiday content, and check Amazon Prime too if you subscribe.

Mix in black & white classics with cartoons, and even some Hallmark holiday favorites too! I won’t give you a list of must-watch movies, as there are already 67,956 posts about great holiday movies. But this is a great frugal option, even one you could repeat every weekend is you want!

Yet, if you do want uplevel your movie marathon, you can always splurge and tell the family that festive holiday apparel is requested!

You can’t go wrong with matching family holiday Snoopy pajamas! I mean, right? Or if you want a more practical item, the fan in your family could have a festive Star Wars sweatshirt! Or for the young man of the household a Marvel Avengers gingerbread hoody!  

If your family members are movie buffs maybe uplevel the experience to include a holiday movie trivia quiz! Everyone thinks they’re a pro and it might be time to crown the winner and end the debate once and for all!

Sixteen – send some Christmas cheer with a homemade card

If you have a little crafter in your house, making Christmas cards can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. With this activity, you need to be mindful of your budget, as all crafters know that buying supplies can be a budget slippery slope!  

Wandering Hoof Ranch has a great post on making your own cards, and she even uses some items from nature to make your cards unique (and save some money). She uses pine needles, twigs and greenery along with ribbons and cut-outs to make the cards shine!

Seventeen – snuggle up with a holiday picture book

Every night, either my husband or myself read books to our little one. During Christmas, I bring out the box of picture books that my mom read to me when I was young. I’m not sure who looks forward to it more, me or my little. But our holiday book time is always special.

Here are some of my favorites (both new and old), gleaned from over 40 holiday seasons…

As an adult, I reread The Christmas Story by Jean Shepard every year. Even though the book takes place all throughout the year, it still retains the holiday feel.

Now you don’t need to buy these, please go to your local library and check them out for free! My best advice is to go the day after Thanksgiving, as holiday books always get checked out fast!

Make storytime even more special by reading in front of the tree every night!

holiday planner mockup

Christmas bucket list items to do in town

Eighteen – Go downtown to see the festive holiday fun 

Going out to “shop” doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. One of my favorite things as a child was going downtown to see all the department store window displays! One Pacific NW store would always do their windows themed on the 12 Days of Christmas song. So we’d park, get some hot chocolate from the coffee shop, wander the streets, look at the displays, and enjoy the holiday hustle & bustle!

We’d time it to coincide with the special holiday tree lighting event, which is another great free option for families to do! Just Google “tree lighting + your town” to find out local times & places.

Don’t forget to have your own day to do some relaxed Christmas shopping, either alone or with a good friend. When you’re out don’t forget to see if you see anything that you want for Christmas, be sure to write it down with the name of the store and send it to your spouse!

What? You don’t need anything for Christmas? Of course not, but what do you want for Christmas? If you’re not sure be sure to look here for inspiration on finding the perfect gift for mom (aka YOU)!

Nineteen – pick a Giving Tree item

While you’re downtown, see if any of the businesses are hosting a Giving Tree. This is where the business (in partnership, usually with a local nonprofit) will put up a tree with gift tags on it. The tags will tell you about a family or person who needs an item for the holiday.

It’s an excellent activity for families to do together. It helps teach children about the importance of helping others and learn that gifting can be just as rewarding as receiving a gift. Bringing joy to people should be tops on all of our Christmas bucket list!

Twenty – find a choral event

Listening to Christmas carols, or a choral show can be a special holiday moment. Even if you happen to be walking along the street and see a quartet singing take the time to stop and listen. Appreciating the moments as you find them (and not rushing around like crazy) can turn an ordinary day into a very special one. Especially for little ones who don’t see live signing very often.

Twenty One – celebrate the season of giving

One of my favorite things during the holidays (as a child) was to donate to bell ringers at storefronts. The Salvation Army has a long tradition of hosting bell ringers, and you can even volunteer for a shift! What a great way for older children to give back to their community.

Or it’s an excellent way for smaller children to donate their change to a worthy cause! For my own little, she has three money jars, one for saving, one for spending, and one for giving. The holidays are a perfect time to open her giving jar, and she can directly donate to the ringer’s red kettle.

The Red Kettle campaign raised $147 million in 2018 to help over 23 million Americans with food, shelter, and social services!

Twenty Two – do a random act of kindness

Another great way to have your children develop their sense of community is to do a random act of kindness. One time during the holiday season, we go out to eat with the intention of doubling our bill. Whatever the total is for our food, we give the same amount as a tip. Now, we’re not going out for lobster or anything crazy. Just a meal, where our server gets a nice surprise.

This activity doesn’t have to be big; you can pay for the car behind you in the drive-thru, or in the past, we’ve brought donuts for the volunteers & staff at a local animal shelter.  

Your kindness doesn’t even have to cost anything. You can shovel snow for your elderly neighbor, or get groceries for them. You can put up Christmas lights on their house, or bake them cookies.  

For more Christmas kindness activities, be sure to check out Coffee and Carpool’s post for 24 great ways to help kiddos be kind to others!

Twenty Three – drive around and look at the Christmas lights

A great impromptu free activity can be everyone piling in the car and driving around some neighborhoods to look at the Christmas lights! Bring some blankets so you can roll down your windows to get a better view (and some houses have coordinating music)! Here’s a cute Christmas light scavenger hunt to make even more of an event for your kiddos!

Twenty Four – go find some snow!

It seems that white Christmases are a thing of the past, well, I’ve never had snow at Christmas. But many times, we’ve driven up into the mountains to find some holiday fun! Whether you drive up to a lodge to relax for an afternoon or go adventuring into a state or national park, be sure to take a moment and build a snowman! Bring some rocks for eyes, carrot for a nose and a scarf to complete the outfit, because you have to take pictures!

Twenty Five – experience a candlelight service

I wasn’t raised in a very religious household, and we never really went to church. Yet, we did always go to Christmas Eve candlelight service at our grandparent’s church. I must admit there was something magical about it, with everyone quiet and serene. The choir singing in the candlelight glow.  

So, even though I’m not religious (and you may or may not be), I can respect the service and feel the warmth. I encourage everyone to go at least once. Ask your friends where they go or look at your town’s local Facebook group for suggestions.

At the end of the day

My most important tip on enjoying your Christmas bucket list is not to try and do it all! Plan to under schedule your family outings as little ones (and moms) get tuckered out easily with everything that is going on! Spend money on the activities that really speak to your family and then let the others pass by. Besides, there’s always next year! So be sure that you are taking the time to actual enjoy the holiday season!

Whatever you do, these frugal Christmas family traditions will help make memories for years to come! Many of my fond memories are at Christmas, and I swear that one year I even saw Santa flying in his sleigh, totally true story! I hope you’ll add some of these frugal Christmas bucket list items, and find a new family favorite tradition!

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holiday planner mockup

What are you putting on your holiday traditions list?

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure for more info

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Whoa, that’s a loaded statement! I mean, “be a better mom” implies that you’re doing a bad job now, right? NO! We are all doing the best job we can in the life we have right now. No one wakes up and says, “I want to be mediocre today”! No, we want to do a great job every day. Yet, sometimes, at least for me, I fall short.  

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Being a better mom can mean anything that you want it to mean! Don’t let my own definition put restrictions on your best version of you! You can use my ideas to be a jumping-off point, and then tailor them to your own personality and goals!

Take advantage of Amazon Prime Day for huge savings!

I know that spending money on ourselves is hard. I will convince myself that I don’t really need something, or that the money would be better spent on a new thingamajig for my little one. I don’t know why I feel guilty spending money on myself, I just do sometimes.

One thing that always helps me feel better about spending money on myself is if I get it at a good deal! I love saving money! (yes, I’d save a whole lot more if I didn’t buy “it” at all but sometimes we need something! Especially when that something makes our life better or easier! So that’s why I am super excited about Amazon Prime Day!

What is Amazon Prime Day?

It’s a two day event where Amazon offers up steep discounts on millions of products across all categories! People use this time to stock up for holiday gifting, or to splurge on normally expensive items. If you’re a Prime Member you get early access to some of their deals so if you have been thinking about getting a membership, then now is the time! Don’t forget to snag your free 30 day trial!

When is Prime Day this year?

It’s October 13th & 14th this year, but if you’re a Prime Member you’ll get early access!

I am so happy to say that Amazon will be supporting small businesses this year too (sounds counterintuitive but hear me out). Small Businesses can be a partner shop on their platform, and if you purchase starting now through October 12th, if you purchase $10 worth of items from a participating small business you will get $10 credit to use on Prime Day! Check out all the small business partners here!

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Now the following items aren’t a part of my own person list of mom life must haves, yet so many people swear by these. Starting today, Prime members can shop early offers and deals everyday leading up to Prime Day on October 13 & 14.

  • Amazon Devices: 
  • Amazon Music: For just $0.99, Prime members who haven’t yet tried Amazon Music Unlimited can get four months of the premium streaming tier with unlimited access to more than 60 million songs ad-free, and now a wide selection of popular podcasts.
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  • Kindle Unlimited: New customers to Kindle Unlimited save 50% off a 6-month subscription.

The main question with Prime Day Deals, is did you want this item before you heard about it on Prime Day? Or did you simply see it and think “ohhhh, shiny!” Remember, it’s only a deal, if you were going to buy it anyway!

Mom life must haves for the home

1. Family charging station

mom life must have #1 - family charging station
4 1/2 stars with 4,300 ratings

Hercules Tuff Charging Station

  • charges up to 80% faster!
  • charge six devices at once
  • gift-ready packaging
  • includes 4 Lightning Cables, 1 Type-C Cable, and 1 Micro-USB cable perfectly sized to keep your space organized

This is honestly one of my favorite things, and I’m not usually a gadget person. If my phone isn’t in my hand, I always know where it is, the family charging station is the natural place to put it down, so it’s an easy habit to start. There’s no worrying about your hubby or kiddo walking off with your charging cables! Plus, it makes mealtimes more family-friendly.

We can sit down to a meal without having our phones on the table or in our pockets, where it’s so easy to start scrolling or get sidetracked by notifications!

Time Saved by less distractions and mindless scrolling!

2. A great handheld vacuum

mom life must have #2 - a great handheld vacuum

I’m not a Roomba vacuum kind of person, even though the concept sounds great. I don’t trust them 🙂 I don’t think they’ll do a great job, and I’ve heard the horror stories of them eating cords & carpets. So that means a handheld vacuum, which sounds lame as they don’t usually have a lot of power. Until I found this one, the Black & Decker Pivot! He’s lightweight and super fast to pull out of the pantry for a quick clean up!

Honestly, this vacuum is amazing! I got mine for Christmas 2015. Yes, 5 years ago, and I can still say it’s amazing! It has so much power to it; it vacuums up everything! I’ve only had the battery run out one time; it was when we were moving, and I cleaned the whole house for the entire day. So I don’t blame it 🙂

I hate to admit this, but I didn’t know that there was a removable filter that you had to take and shake out for the first two years. Yes, I emptied the chamber, but I didn’t know about the filter. I didn’t notice it, and it still worked great!  Shhh… don’t tell anyone how dumb I was!

Besides, you cant lift a Roomba up and vacuum huge spiders off the ceiling like you can with this handheld vacuum! (Just this past week, it was two mornings in a row that I had to climb on the bathroom counter and get ’em!)

Both time & money saved, as it’s very convient for a quick clean and money saved as this is a quality vacuum, and I expect it to last a long time!

3. An Amazon prime membership

This sounds so silly, as everyone must have it by now, right? Nope, they don’t, but it’s such a lifesaver! Every one should find a way to fit this into their budget. It’s $119 a year for an annual subscription or $12.99 a month. But the main question busy mom’s ask is, “Is it worth it?”

“The actual value of Amazon Prime is estimated to be around $784 annually after all of its individual perks and benefits are considered, according to a recent analysis by JPMorgan”, says Business Insider. So the resounding answer is yes! Click here for your 30 day free trial to Prime.

You get free shipping, two-day shipping, movies, free ebooks, music, file storage, and more! Prime members also get extra discounts to Whole Foods and member-only deals.  

Plus, there’s Prime Reload, which gives you 2% by linking up your debit card and reloading your “available shopping balance” from there! Saving money without the lure of a credit card is a great option!

Their Subscribe & Save program also offers great perks! You pick out which items you order all the time, like bar soap or diaper pail liners, and you signup to get them regularly delivered to your door; with this you can save up to 15% on these purchases!  Amazon Prime Family also offers 20% off diapers and special baby registry benefits!

Don’t forget to look for available Prime Membership discounts:

Amazon also has their Signature Visa, where you get 3% back at Whole Foods, 2% back at gas stations, restaurants, and drugstores. 1% back on utilities and all other purchases (see terms & conditions for current details).  

Don’t forget you can get a 30-day free trial on all Amazon Prime!

Money saved! You will find great deals on Amazon, but you might need to spend some time digging through reviews and products.

4. Easy & fast dinners

Meal kits certainly aren’t new anymore, so the novelty has worn off. They’re not just for “fun” anymore, but they are a lifesaver! And there are so many different companies you can choose from, meal kits for any diet and lifestyle!

We like EveryPlate, as it’s one of the cheapest out there at $4.99 a serving! Meal kits save me so much time and brain angst (is that even a thing?). But you get me, I mean I would waste so much time trying to figure out what to make for dinners for the week. Then I have to go buy it all, and the prep it. Ugh! My brain hurts just thinking about it!

With EveryPlate, it takes me 12 minutes every month to go into their dashboard and pick my meals. That’s it. The recipes are easy to make, tasty, and I feel good about not serving up a frozen pizza or take out every night.

We have also started trying Dinnerly too. I’m not into blindly following brands, I like to be sure that I am getting the best deal for the best value out there! So of course I am going to try the competition! Dinnerly and Everyplate are similar in cost, program, and quality.

YET, Dinnerly just started offering extra protein portions (in case you want to make a little more). AND, they just started offering desserts too! This next week I signed up to get a caramel apple spice cake and the following week pumpkin pie cheesecake bars! (fall flavored treats are my weakness). Click the here to start making meal time easy (finally!) and treating your family!

Don’t get me wrong, meal kits have their drawbacks, sometimes the cucumber arrives soft, or it’s not enough for my hubs, but overall it’s a great option, and it totally works for us!

We also use our trusty old slow cooker! It’s still great for making a good amount of food that we can use as quick leftover meals throughout the week. Things like chicken fajitas, or three-bean chili, or mac & cheese are great options.

This slow cooker is great as it’s programable for temp & time. Then when it’s done cooking, it switches to warm mode, so you don’t overcook your dinner! It also comes with a temperature probe, so if you’re cooking meats you can be doubly sure it’s fully cooked!

On my wish list is this Instant Pot; I mean, it has 4 1/2 stars with over 100,000 reviews! That’s crazy, right! Besides, any gadget that says it’s perfect for beginners is for me!

Time & money saved! But more so, my sanity as I hated trying to decide what to make for dinner!

Mom life must haves for our kids

So we wouldn’t be busy moms if it wasn’t for our kiddos, right? These things are ones that I love, and have made this crazy journey a lot easier!

5. Honest Company products 

So this sounds corny, but I honestly love Honest Products! Actress Jessica Alba started the brand. Honest’s bio page says, “When she couldn’t find one brand to trust for all her everyday needs, she had to create it. And she knew that there had to be others out there looking for safe products, simple solutions, and clear information about their choices, just like her.”

Did I ever tell you that I am a natural skeptic? When someone says their product is safe and uses only the best ingredients, I look to the experts to tell the truth. I use the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep app on my phone all the time for this! I scan the barcode of an item, and it tells me if it’s considered safe by their 3rd party unbiased testing. EWG is a “non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment.” Their app doesn’t have every product in its database, but they have a lot (mostly in the beauty and cleaning area). 

When I am standing in Target and looking for something for my kiddo, I scan all the brands to find the one that is the least toxic, and then I go to Amazon to check out the reviews on that item. If people love it, then I buy it!

I just used it this past month, we stayed at my mom’s house for a few days, and my daughter used their bubble bath; she loved all the bubbles. But a few days later, she broke out in a rash, sure enough, I found it was rated an 8 (on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the worst). Whoops!

So I went to target and scanned a few and settled on The Honest Company’s lavender bubble bath, and it was rated a 1! I bought it, and it worked great (as much as a bubble bath works), the bubbles lasted forever, smelled great, and she loved every second of it! (oh and no rash!)

I bought…

I feel great about these products as I know they’re safe (peace of mind is priceless), work great, and don’t cost a fortune!

Mental space & time saved! As I don’t wonder anymore (or feel guilty) about knowing that the products I use on her are safe!

6. The best safety in the industry

Along the same vein of keeping our kiddos safe, I researched a lot of items when I was pregnant, and one of the most researched items is a car seat! I finally chose the Britax B-Safe 35 (funny story here), and then when she got older, the Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat.

I honestly spent way too much time agonizing over the car seat choices. I wanted the best for her without spending a fortune. Yes, Britax is a teeny tiny bit expensive, but a car seat is so important, as a bad car seat can have horrible repercussions!

Anyway, funny story, so I was agonizing over which to choose for weeks. One day, as I watched TV, a clip about Prince William & Kate came on, as they just had their first baby. The TV shot was of them standing at the top of some stairs, walking down and outside to their car. Prince William was holding the car seat, and I recognized the colors (black & red) of the car seat.  

I paused it, screenshot it, and zoomed in; sure enough, it was a Britax B-Safe! Within two minutes, I was on Amazon and ordered it! If this was the brand & model that the Royal Family trusted, then this was the one for me! Problem solved, no more worries!

All of their models’ rates very high for safety, their quality is great, and they are easy to use!

Peace of mind! Knowing that I have done everything I can to protect my daughter, while in the car, is important to me!

7. Car Snacks

mom life must have #7 car snacks - packaged nuts
4 1/2 stars with 2,000 ratings
mom life must have #7 car snacks - whole grain fig bar
5 stars with 76 ratings

A busy mom’s best friend is without a doubt her car snacks! Car snacks for the kiddo and absolutely car snacks for us!

Car snacks keep everyone happy, and they keep you out of the drive-through! Oh, and did I mention that when your kiddos are eating the snacks they’re not asking you 459 questions!

I have two go-to’s for this.  

  • Emerald nut mix, variety pack 100 calories packs. Right now, it’s $9.44 for the box of 18 small individual packs. That’s $.52 a pack.
  • Nature’s Bakery Whole Grain Fig Bar – these are the best, as they don’t harden into rocks when your car has been sitting out in the freezing cold. They don’t melt in the summer, and they don’t crumble and get a mess everywhere! Plus, they’re tasty and not total garbage nutritionally speaking! 

Time & money saved, as you’re not stopping for fast food! More importantly, I can say that the magic of car snacks has saved my own personal sanity!

Mom life must haves for ourselves

8. An organized life

If I had to get married again (and not to my husband), I would marry Trello! Seriously, I feel that strongly about this app! If you’re not familiar with Trello, it’s basically a place where you can put your entire life & brain to help keep you organized!

Picture this; it’s like a giant whiteboard with lists and sticky notes, links, files, and images. It’s sharable so you can work with people on projects too! It gives you the big picture and zero’s in on the tiny details. It’s for desktop and mobile, and it’s free! Yup, FREE!

If you have a daily planner or 489 sticky notes, then you have to check out Trello!

If you absolutely love your pen & paper style organizing, then check out my Brain Dump printables! It’s for when you’ve got way too much swirling around in your brain. You lay it all out in formatted sections, and it helps you plan, prioritize & delegate your to-do list!

Time & sanity saved! I don’t forget things nearly as much (but I’m not perfect).

9. A delicious nutritional home run

mom life must have #9 - a good protein powder
4 1/2 stars with 800+ ratings

As busy mom’s we’re run ragged sometimes. So much to do, and it’s easy to forget about taking care of ourselves. Or we push it to the back burner, always meaning to get to it later, but never actually doing it.

Ugh. Fail.  

We know we feel better when we take care of ourselves, yet it’s hard to prioritize yourself over your to-do list (at least I do). So make a promise to yourself to start taking better care of you! For me, that looks like having a healthy smoothie! For you, it could look totally different, and that’s fine!

My favorite protein powder is Garden of Life Whey Protein Powder, I don’t need anything crazy with 78 grams of protein, I just need something to feed my body, without a ton of crazy chemicals. (Yes, I do realize that protein powders are processed, but this is a very well respected brand, and it was recommended to me by super knowledgeable staff at a natural grocery store.)

“We start with what goes IN our products—true, whole food ingredients. But we don’t stop there. We also pay very close attention to what we keep OUT of them.  And once again, we look at food—real nutrition food. When is the last time you picked up an apple, turned to read the ingredients, and saw a list of chemicals?  If it’s not in your food, then we don’t want it in our supplements.  We use third-party (never self-affirmed) certifications to prove we are clean!” (source).

My base recipe…

  • 1 scoop of protein powder
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 can full-fat coconut milk
  • 2 Tbs chia seeds

Then either…

  • 1/3 can pumpkin puree with 1 tsp of pumpkin pie seasoning


  • a handful of frozen mixed berries with 1 tsp of vanilla

These smoothies are a part of 21 Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide, which I did last year! I felt so good about focusing on my health and I plan to do the program again (as life happens, right).

For those of you a little wary of the can of coconut milk, I want you to try it at least once. It’s delicious, and it fills me up all day long! Yes, it has a lot of fat in it, but so many vitamins and nutrients. I’m not a food or weight loss blogger, so I won’t try and convince you of the scientific health benefits.  

It’s delicious (truly, I’m not exaggerating), and it makes me feel great, and it’s healthy! That’s good enough for me. Besides, when I make it in my Vitamix, cleaning up is super easy! I just give it a quick rinse in the sink, pour some dish soap in it, fill it with hot water, put it back on the base, and turn it on for 40 seconds! No taking apart pieces and scrubbing it! (of course, if I use dairy, then I do put it through the dishwasher)

Time saved! Smoothies are quick and easy, plus I feel good knowing that I am taking care of myself so that I can have the energy to take care of my daughter and answer her 45,871 questions!

10. Chug Chug Glug

mom life must have #10 - a good water bottle
5 stars with 16,500 ratings for standard mouth
mom life must have #10 - a good water bottle
5 stars with 225 ratings for wide mouth

That’s code for drink more water! We all know this; it’s been drummed into our head with 1000 hammers. Yet, it’s still true; we all need to drink more water!

I love my Hydro Flask! It keeps my water cold for FO-EV-ER! It never sweats, I have dropped it a billion times, and it only has one dent (haha). I love the lid with the loop, as I can hang it from my mommy hook on my little one’s stroller. (Mommy hooks are great too, you can hang anything with it!)  

My current one I’ve had for two years, and the only reason I needed a new one is I lost my older one, which was at least three years old (my Amazon order history only goes back so many years, I guess). So that ‘a good sign; they last forever! Well worth the price! Plus, they come in super cute colors!

Oh, and did I mention Hydro Flask makes a wine tumbler too! Ha! This might absolutely help me be a better mom!

Money saved, as this water bottle lasts forever! Probably money saved too, as I eat less snacks and less at meal time as I’m well hydrated.

11. A simple cute & comfy style

mom life must have #11 - comfy yoga pants
4 1/2 stars with 25,000+ ratings
mom life must have #11 - comfy yoga pants

This is a hard one, as I’m a little bit ashamed of my path to this product. I got to a point where I was getting a bit scroungy; you know sloppy. My sweatpants were old, and the t-shirts were stained. Sexy huh!?!

It was time for a mini mommy wardrobe makeover! I have been reading a lot about minimalism and especially capsule wardrobes, and am in love with the nice, basic simplicity of it! It appeals to me on all levels! Find pieces that fit & flatter, that all go together and stick to it!

So I went through, purged my closet (I got rid of 75% of my clothes), and focused on an inexpensive capsule wardrobe! The base of the collection is these amazing IUGA high waist yoga pants! I got a pair in black, and I love them! With 4 1/2 stars with over 25,000 reviews, they have to be amazing, right? They are! An absolute staple for this mom life must have list!

And they don’t cost a fortune either! Just $25 for this pair! I did buy some nice yoga pants at Target before finding these, but they didn’t come in black). These IUGA pants…

  • come in 26 colors
  • inside waistband pocket for keys
  • hip pocket for phone
  • aren’t see through (whew!)
  • 30 day money back love it guarantee

Time & sanity saved! As I don’t stare blankly at my closet for 12 minutes every am, wondering what to wear, of if it will look okay! It’s a quick scan the closet, grab the pants and it’s go time!

12. Survival in a can

mom life must have #12 - canned wine
4 1/2 stars with 50 ratings

If I didn’t mention my absolute favorite must have for moms, I would be doing you a disservice. I would also be hiding the real me. I don’t want to do that, as that’s lame. So my favorite mom life must have is canned wine.

…cricket cricket…

Let me explain. I love canned wine. I really do. I like wine, but I don’t like opening a whole bottle of it. If I drank a whole bottle, that’s bad news. Yes, I could put a stopper in a bottle and save it. But my favorite one is The Bubbles, a sparkling white wine (kind of like a Pinot Gris). So if I used a stopper, the bubbles wouldn’t be as amazing a few days later.

A can size is perfect, usually consumed over two nights. And then I don’t have to worry about it going bad, or feeling like I need to drink more than I should, just because I don’t want to “waste” a bottle.

Besides, canned wine is coming up in quality and popularity! It’s not like those jugs you see at discount grocery stores for $4.99. Trust me; it’s delicious!

The Bubbles is my favorite, and you can get it from Whole Foods through Amazon Prime delivery! Plus, add a snack tray and a heavenly chocolate bar from WF, and you’re set! This is my perfect meal for a relaxing evening on my own!

I wish that I could say that this saved me time or money. But this is just something that makes me happy!

At the end of the day

As busy moms, we have our hands full, not to mention our brains! We need all the help we can get, and I am not too proud to accept help from great tools and resources! These mom life must haves help me be a better mom by taking away the unnecessary, automating what can be, and making me feel better in my skin, my mind, and in my heart!

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What’s your mom life must have item? Let me know in the comments below!

Source: moneyforthemamas.com