How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smell

The struggle is real.

Getting rid of the cigarette smell in your apartment is a common question. But the smell is only the beginning of the problems that residual smoke can cause.

Smoking materials contain toxins like ammonia, arsenic, formaldehyde and acetone. American Cancer Society reveals that there are thousands of chemicals in tobacco smoke. More than 70 are carcinogenic and can potentially cause cancer. Several are radioactive. The chemicals in cigarettes contribute to heart disease, respiratory problems and stroke.

Even if you aren’t in the room with a smoker, the scent, the health risks and the toxins can linger in the air for hours. The exhaled chemicals create a sticky residue. The residue combines with other indoor pollutants, clings to surfaces and infiltrates carpets and air ducts. The chemicals can even contaminate dust.

The chemicals that linger on surfaces and absorbed into objects is thirdhand smoke. You can’t eliminate thirdhand smoke by opening a window or putting out an air freshener. Unless you scrub or replace every item in your home or seal thirdhand smoke in under a new coat of paint, it poses a lingering threat to your health.

Get rid of the cigarette smell before you even move in

The best time to deal with cleaning up thirdhand smoke is before you move in. A thorough check-in is an important part of the move-in checklist. So, if your new home smells smoky during your walkthrough, insist that your landlord or property manager resolve the issue right away.

If the smell is definitely emanating from your apartment (and not drifting in from neighbors who smoke) the property might shampoo the carpets, deep clean, scrub the walls and provide air purifiers. If the smell is very strong, replacing the carpet and repainting the walls may also be required.

Once thirdhand smoke has infiltrated an apartment it’s very difficult to get rid of. So, resist the urge to live with the smell or hope it goes away on its own. It won’t.

How to get rid of the cigarette smell in your apartment

If the smell is minor or if you’re cleaning up an apartment you already live in, there are several ways to banish that cigarette smell from your home. It isn’t enough to simply mask the odor. You have to clean every surface, absorb and neutralize the smell and purify the air.

1. Throw away the source of the smell


To get rid of the cigarette smell in your apartment, first, toss out all the smoking materials. Then clean out everything they’ve touched and anything you don’t want to keep.

  1. Put the contents of ashtrays into a garbage bag. Make sure you wet the remnants down first to eliminate fire risk.
  2. Tie up the garbage bag and remove it from the apartment.
  3. Throw away unsmoked cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco. If you just quit, you don’t need any additional temptation. And keeping extras on hand will just encourage guests to smoke forcing you to clean all over again.
  4. Toss out anything that’s too smoky to salvage or that you don’t want to commit time to clean. That can include furniture from a smoking area, ashtrays or porous items like magazines, newspapers and cardboard boxes that soak up the smell.
  5. Set aside garbage cans for cleaning.

2. Increase airflow

open windows

Still, stale air makes that smoky smell even more potent. So, get the air moving to help things smell fresh.

  1. Open windows to get the air flowing.
  2. Place portable fans in the windows of the smokiest rooms.
  3. Make sure the blades are blowing out, pulling the smell outdoors.
  4. Run the fans for a full day, if possible. If it’s too cold, try for an hour or two at a time.

3. Sprinkle and steam

steam cleaner

If you can’t wash it by hand or throw it in a washing machine, try a sprinkle of baking soda and a steam cleaning. It’s simple but effective.

  1. Sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) on rugs, carpets, mattresses and sofas and anything else that can’t easily be laundered. The molecules in it bind to odors, neutralizing them.
  2. Let it sit for several hours (or even a full day) when there’s no foot traffic.
  3. Vacuum up baking soda residue.
  4. Repeat the process if the smell persists.
  5. Then, steam clean carpets and upholstery if the label says it’s safe to do so. You can rent a cleaner or purchase your own at a big box store.

4. Wash what you can

washing clothes

A run through the washing machine is a quick and easy way to eliminate odors. Be sure to check labels to make sure everything is machine washable.

  1. Launder all clothing that’s been exposed to smoke.
  2. Then, move on to bedding.
  3. Don’t forget to remove decorative items like tablecloths, pillow covers and washable couch cushion covers.
  4. Dry items outdoors, if possible. The sun’s UV rays also break down odor-causing compounds, so a little sunshine will help.

5. Scrub all the hard surfaces

scrubbing hard surfaces

After you’ve cleaned or discarded clothing, textiles and other soft items, move on to hard surfaces. Pay particular attention to walls, counters and floors. Don’t forget about ceilings, windows, window sills and light switch covers. The smoke residue will be sticky, so you’ll have to scrub.

You can make your own natural cleaners or purchase heavy-duty cleaners at the local home improvement or hardware store. Leave options like sodium phosphate to your landlord or to the pros they hire, since it can damage paint, metal and wood finishes. Here are a few of the most popular natural options you can make at home.

Using vinegar to remove cigarette smoke smell

Vinegar is a very effective smoke residue remover. Fill a bucket or spray bottle with a solution made of two-thirds distilled white vinegar and one-third water. This will effectively clean most surfaces.

  1. Spray walls, floors and counters with the water and vinegar solution.
  2. Wipe clean with a sponge or soft, clean rag, rinsing frequently.
  3. For windows, use a 50-50 water and vinegar mix and wipe with a newspaper or lint-free cloth.

Using ammonia to remove cigarette smoke smell

For tougher stains and residue, try an ammonia solution. Just take care to make sure the mixture isn’t too concentrated. And never combine it with bleach or cleaners that contain bleach. It can result in toxic fumes that cause headaches and seizures.

  1. For counters and floors add a tablespoon of ammonia for every cup of water.
  2. Wear protective gloves and open the windows to additional ventilation.
  3. Test in an inconspicuous place before applying to surfaces.
  4. To protect painted walls, reduce the concentration to 1/4 cup of anomia per gallon of warm water.
  5. Let it sit on surfaces or walls for a few minutes, then wipe it off with a clean sponge or rag.
  6. Follow with a rinse of warm water.

6. Don’t forget the ventilation

replacing air filter

To get rid of the cigarette smell in your apartment, you need to clean every space, no matter how small. That includes the spaces that move air through your home. Turn off the power before you start disassembling.

  1. Put in a maintenance request for a clean furnace filter.
  2. Vacuum out the ducts so polluted dust doesn’t move through the ducts into the rest of the apartment.
  3. Scrub the air vent covers and registers to remove dirt and grime.
  4. Wipe down the vents in air conditioning units.
  5. Clean all fan blades, fixtures and light bulbs on ceiling fans.
  6. Gently remove vent covers on the microwave and range top in the kitchen.
  7. Vacuum or dust inside.
  8. Wash the fan covers with soap and water.
  9. Put in a maintenance request to clean out exhaust fans in the bathroom, as well. This is a little more complicated, so your landlord may prefer you let the pros handle it.

7. Clean overlooked items

cleaning window blinds

Once you’ve tackled the big items like furniture, carpets, walls and counters, it’s time to think small. Make sure you’ve scrubbed all surfaces, even the overlooked ones.

  1. Look high and low. The tops of kitchen counters and baseboards are dust magnets.
  2. Wipe down little things like lamp bases, towel racks and window blinds.
  3. Place un-washable items outdoors in the sun (or by the window) to let the UV rays neutralize the smell.
  4. Put a cup of baking soda in a garbage bag with any items you can’t wash, like books or important papers. Let them sit in a sealed bag for a day, then shake off the powder.

8. Neutralize odors

baking soda

As we’ve already learned baking soda and vinegar can effectively get rid of cigarette smells. But activated charcoal works, too. Use all three to help neutralize odors in your apartment.

  1. Place bowls of baking soda around the room to absorb the smell in particularly pungent areas. The baking soda will eventually reach a saturation point, so you may have to rotate fresh bowls in.
  2. Boil a pot of vinegar on the stove for a few hours to neutralize the smell of stale cigarette smoke. (Don’t worry, the smell of vinegar will fade in time.)
  3. Purchase small bags of activated charcoal at home improvement and hardware stores and set them around the apartment.

9. Purify the air

air purifier

Once you’ve removed or neutralized the odors and cleaned the surfaces as well as you can, turn your attention to the air itself. An air purifier that meets HEPA standards will filter out 99.97 of larger particulates like many of those found in cigarette smoke.

  1. Set up purifier with approved HEPA filters.
  2. The most effective options also have an activated charcoal filter to filter out smaller particles, as well.
  3. Change the filters as recommended.

Snuff out the smoke

These cleaning, deodorizing and air purifying tips can help you get rid of the cigarette smell in your apartment. They can help whether you’re moving into a new home or refreshing your existing space.


20 DC Apartments for $1800 or Less

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 This week we found 20 apartments for under $1800 available to rent now in Washington, DC! Apartment hunting on a budget in Washington, DC can be challenging. It’s all about what trades you are willing to make.  A less trendy neighborhood will likely result in a larger apartment or a lower rent. Is a state of the art gym a must-have amenity for you? That’s okay, just know that you’re going to be squeezing into a smaller apartment.  The good news is, there are plenty of options!  This week we bring you 20 apartments for under $1800 available to rent now!

Looking for something different?
Search other available apartments in the Washington, DC area.


1400 Van Buren

One Bedroom $1395

1400 Van Buren NW
Washington, DC 20012

1400 Van Buren is an apartment community with one and two-bedroom apartments for rent in the Brightwood neighborhood. You will feel comfortable and at home in these apartments with their beautiful hardwood flooring, ceiling fans, central A/C, and spacious floor plans. The apartments are located in a charming brick building with controlled access, on-site maintenance, on-site management, on-site laundry facilities, and more. 1400 Van Buren’s convenient location gives residents access to everything they need on a daily basis.


Park Chelsea at the Collective

Studio  $1800

880 New Jersey Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20003

Park Chelsea at the Collective is the first phase of three buildings that make up The Collective.  The concept is that no matter at which of the three buildings you live, you have access to amenities at all three buildings.  Amenities include indoor pools, rooftop heated pools, clubrooms, fitness centers, Peloton bikes, golf simulator, hydro massage beds, and even a Whole Foods on site.  This time of year, you can get great deals on apartments and this studio for $1800 is an exceptional value for everything you get with your rent!


Alexander Gardens

1 Bedroom  $982

1617 17th Street SE 
Washington, DC 20020

Park Pleasant located off 16th Street in the District of Columbia. Beautifully landscaped, this comfortable, sought-after community is convenient to Adams Morgan, is within walking distance of the Columbia Heights Metro Station, and is four blocks the new Target and Staples! Park Pleasant offers affordable, spacious studios, one bedroom and one bedroom/den apartments. So don’t delay, call or visit Park Pleasant today!


Park Pleasant

1 Bedroom  $1700

3339 Mt. Pleasant Street NW
Washington, DC 20010

Welcome to Park Pleasant located off 16th Street in the District of Columbia. Beautifully landscaped, this comfortable, sought-after community is convenient to Adams Morgan, is within walking distance of the Columbia Heights Metro Station, and is four blocks the new Target and Staples! Park Pleasant offers affordable, spacious studios, one bedroom and one bedroom/den apartments. So don’t delay, call or visit Park Pleasant today!


Baystate Apartments

Studio  $1595

1701 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036

Looking for features that look and feel like they came from a book and tell a story? The Baystate offers beautiful studio apartments for rent in a variety of floor plans. All utilities are included! No need to worry about extra bills. With the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC only two blocks from your front door, be fascinated with local culture and flavor. Having the Red Line Metro within walking distance means all of Washington, DC is yours to explore. Find touches of extraordinary in the every day.


The Kenmore

1 Bedroom  $1749

5415 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20015

Experience a lifestyle that is as rich in history as it is in local activities. The Kenmore’s Connecticut Avenue location is distinct and convenient. This residence offers a 24-hour concierge beautifully renovated, classic style interiors. Spacious studios, one and two bedroom apartments are equipped with expansive windows that offer exceptional views.


Studio  $1560

4550 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008

The Frontenac is nestled in the heart of elegant upper-Northwest. The Frontenac boasts spacious apartments with updated kitchens and bathrooms. Its classic architectural style, evident in our grand lobby’s high ceiling and in our apartment units’, arched doorways and traditional wainscoting, attracts tours of local art history students.You can meet your neighbors or take advantage of WiFi on the Frontenac’s peaceful roof deck or in its spacious laundry room. Take a stroll to the Van Ness metro station, Giant, Whole Foods, pharmacies, dry cleaners, restaurants, shopping, and great schools for students of all ages. Our neighborhood is full of hidden gems..


The Channel Apartments

Studio  $1778

950 Maine Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20024

The Channel is the beating heart at the center of The Wharf. With an industrial design aesthetic and jaw-dropping amenity spaces, including a one-acre rooftop green space, this is an urban lifestyle that’s here to be explored, taken in, and experienced like never before. These stylish apartment residences, situated in the heart of a bold and vibrant waterfront neighborhood, are designed to deliver both modern beauty and faultless functionality. Join the ranks of those who live life amplified and move to The Channel today.


The Swift at Petworth Metro

Studio  $1800

3828 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20011

The Swift is one of our favorite communities in the Petworth neighborhood. The Swift’s beautiful apartments, luxurious amenities, and fantastic location allow residents to fully immerse and enjoy themselves in city life. The building offers studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments. The apartments are pet-friendly, spacious, and comfortable, while still maintaining a luxurious and stylish feel. Residents have access to a clubroom, fitness center, a rooftop with lounging areas, grills, and a fire pit. Whether you are simply coming and going from your apartment or lounging on the rooftop, any and all dogs and other pets are more than welcome. 


Hampton Courts

Studio  $1095

2013 New Hampshire Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009

***Special Note about this unit.  It does have a full kitchen.  But with that location and the service at this building, this unit is a steal!!!****

Constructed in 1926, Hampton Courts has the elegant appeal of the early 20th-century architecture. The building is equipped with two elevators, a controlled intercom entrance, and a laundry room with a card payment system. The studio, one, and two bedroom apartments at Hampton Courts has updated appliances and spacious floor plans. All utilities are included in your rent, so no need to worry yourself about additional bills. The U Street Metro Station is three blocks away and provides access to the yellow and green lines. Zipcar and car2go vehicles, as well as Capital Bikeshare bicycles, are just a block from the building giving you endless means of transportation. The Saturday Farmer’s Market, Yes Organic Market, Trader Joes, Vida Fitness and several yoga studios are all a few blocks away from your front door. Come and explore the city living in Hampton Courts.


Studio  $1350

3802 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20011

Twin Oaks is a Columbia Heights apartment community that consists of two unique buildings with a variety of studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments for rent. Situated at the intersection of 14th Street and Quincy Street NW, Twin Oaks Apartments conveniently connects its residents to a unique group of local shopping and dining hot spots. The apartments and amenities will make you feel right at home. Enjoy spacious floorplans, hardwood floors, and central AC in the units while having access to the building’s on-site maintenance and management, laundry facilities, and package receiving services.


Dupont Apartments

Studio  $1535

1717 20th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

Living at the Dupont Apartments will give you the lifestyle you want, and the location you need. The apartments feature hardwood floors, high ceilings, and spacious floorplans in a controlled access building. You will love the floorplans at Dupont Apartments. They have the best micro-units in DC, and several one-bedroom floorplans to choose from. The building is located in one of the most desired locations in all of DC. DuPont Circle provides easy access to public transportation, a variety of restaurant and entertainment options, and a quick commute to many of DC’s finest attractions.


6100 14th Street

1 Bedroom  $1389

6100 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20011

Located in the Brightwood neighborhood of Washington, DC. There are no limitations set when living at 6100 14th street; tons of shopping and dining options nearby, a Metro bus stop right at your doorstep and only a mile to the nearest metro station. Offering spacious and affordable one and two bedroom apartment homes.


Cambridge Square Apartments

1 Bedroom  $1595

4909 Battery Lane
Bethesda, MD 20814

Downtown Bethesda is growing by leaps and bounds, and you’ll find Cambridge Square at the heart of it all. This jewel of a property is so convenient, yet quietly backs up to a park setting. Experience a wide variety of new and exciting shopping and dining options. Cambridge Square offers an easy commute to Washington, D.C. via Bethesda Metro Station. Featuring spacious and affordable one, two, three and four bedroom apartment homes to rent. Cambridge Square floorplans offer large walk in closets and hardwood flooring.


Klingle Apartments

1 Bedroom  $1730

2755 Macomb St. NW
Washington, DC 20008

Right on the corner of Connecticut Avenue and Macomb Avenue, you will find the Klingle. This beautifully landscaped and maintained property couldn’t be more convenient. Located at the corner of Connecticut Avenue and Macomb Street, The Klingle is in easy walking distance to Cleveland Park’s most popular shops and restaurants, not to mention the Cleveland Park Metro Station, National Zoo, and locally-famous Uptown Theater.


Parkside Apartments

1 Bedroom  $1695

1702 Summit Place NW
Washington, DC 20009

Well designed apartments for rent that use every inch of space thoughtfully. Hardwood floors that shine when natural light pours through the windows and bounce off of them. Arched doorway details add architectural interest and the kitchens have gas stoves for cooking gourmet meals. Best of all, these affordable apartments are just blocks from both Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights; our Walk Score of 91 proves it. This is the life.


1 Bedroom – $1775

1673 Columbia Road, NW
Washington, DC 20009

Simple elegance. The best things in life don’t have to be bragged about. They can be simply appreciated each time you arrive home. The Calverton Apartments are in in the heart of the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC. An array of restaurants and grocery options are within minutes of your apartment. Inside, you’ll find updated kitchens with energy efficient appliances, grand living rooms and large windows for natural light to pour in. Whether you choose to rent a studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment, you will be treated to beautiful hardwood floors and ample closet space. This is thoughtful living.


Penn View Apartments

1 Bedroom  $1165

2515 R Street, SE 
Washington, DC 20020

Design cannot be defined by one component but rather the artful intersection of style and function. Located just minutes away from Capitol Hill, Penn View apartments offer affordable efficiencies, one, and two-bedroom apartment homes for rent. Penn View’s luxurious kitchens and functional floor plans are just a few of the features you’ll find at this community. Quality is always on trend.


Wakefield Hall

1 Bedroom  $1795

2101 New Hampshire Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009

Wakefield Hall’s decorative facade gives way to just as beautiful apartments. Hardwood floors, updated kitchens, and walk-in closets create a charming and comfortable living space. Wakefield Hall is located near U St./Cardozo Metro Station, giving you access to all DC has to offer via the yellow and green lines. You can step out your front door and experience the cultural vibes within your neighborhood.


3801 Connecticut Avenue

Studio  $1750

3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008

3801 Connecticut Avenue offers incredibly spacious studio and one bedroom apartments on one of D.C.’s liveliest boulevards. Residents enjoy the convenience of restaurants, unique shops, and a plethora of activities and site seeing opportunities just walking distance from their homes. You’ll fall in love with the new in-unit renovations at this community, whether it is with the designer plank floors, detailed back-splashes or stainless steel appliances. With a metro stop a few blocks away, the options are limitless in these beautiful apartments!

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Jackson National Life Insurance Company Review

Life insurance is an important component of any good financial plan. Choosing a company like Jackson National Life Insurance can help you to protect the assets that you have built, in addition to the people that you love.

Table of Contents

Jackson National Life Insurance At A Glance

Premiums written 21,511,557
Financial Strength A from A.M. Best.
Year Founded 1961
Coverage Area Nationwide
HQ Address 1 Corporate Way Lansing, MI 48951 
Phone Number 1 (877) 565-2968

Get started with Jackson National Life Insurance today!

Jackson National Life Insurance Company Information

The firm currently consists of three separate entities, including Jackson National Life Insurance Company, Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York, and Brooke Life Insurance Company.

When it comes to being secure and stable for a long time you want to make sure an insurance company has plenty of assets to cover claims. Jackson performs well here too and their leaders understand that staying in business it’s important to have large assets.

As a subsidiary of Jackson National, Curian Capital, LLC, manufactures and distributes a very comprehensive suite of various investment strategies and asset management solutions for institutions, advisors, and their clients. This company uses a highly technologically advanced platform for doing so, which can, in turn, assist advisors in terms of efficiency and profitability.

It can also help clients with a very highly customized investment management solution for their financial and retirement planning needs.

Another Jackson subsidiary, Jackson National Asset Management, LLC, provides investment advisory, transfer agency, fund accounting, and administration services for funds and separate accounts that support Jackson’s variable products, and employee 401(k) plans.

National Planning Holdings, Inc, a network of four independent broker-dealers, consists of the following:

  • INVEST Financial Corporation
  • Investment Centers of America, Inc.
  • National Planning Corporation
  • Sll Investments, Inc.

Financial Strength

Jackson National Life Insurance Company garners high remarks from the insurance company rating agencies. These include the following:

  • An (Excellent) from A.M. Best. This is the third-highest rating out of 16 rating categories.
  • AA (Very Strong) from Fitch Ratings. This is the third highest out of 19 rating categories.
  • AA (Very Strong) from Standard & Poor’s. This is the third highest out of 21 rating categories.
  • A1 (Good) from Moody’s Investors Service, Inc. This is the fifth-highest out of 21 rating categories.

Jackson National Life Insurance Products

Contrary to the name of the company, Jackson National Life Insurance does not offer life insurance policies. Jackson National instead offers fixed, fixed-indexed and variable annuities.

The products are sold through 2 outlets, including Jackson National Life Distributors, LLC, (JNLD), and the Institutional Products department. JNLD handles the Jackson National retail products – including annuities – to both independent and regional broker-dealers, warehouses, independent agents, and other financial institutions.

The Institutional Products department at Jackson National sells medium-term notes, funding agreements, and guaranteed investment contracts – to banks, investors and pension providers.

Fixed Annuities

A fixed annuity will offer its owner a fixed amount of interest that is credited on an annual basis. The key benefit with fixed annuities is the safety of the principal that they allow their owners – along with the satisfaction knowing that they will not be losing the money that they have oftentimes worked a lifetime to save. The tradeoff for this safety, however, is that the return on fixed annuities is somewhat low.

These types of annuities will offer their holders a fixed income stream – and, for those who choose the lifetime income option, they can offer a guaranteed income for the remainder of the individual’s life, no matter how long they live. This can be a great way to ensure that a retiree does not outlive his or her assets – especially given that life expectancies are so much longer today than ever before.

Jackson National sells 5 different options:

  • MAX Family
  • BonusMAX
  • Action Family
  • SuperMAX Family
  • Immediate Annuity

Each of these is slightly different in how they operate and how they should be used. Some of them are for longer investments, while others are more of a short-term investment.

They also sell some fixed index annuities as well. Fixed indexed options offer stable returns without the risk of other investments.

Variable Annuities

A variable annuity works like a contract between an individual or business and an insurance company, under the terms of the contract insurance company will make periodic payments to the annuity investor, beginning either immediately or at some future date.

Variable annuities are also considered to be tax-deferred investments, meaning that the contract owner pays no taxes on the income and investment gains from the variable annuity until they withdraw the money.

Variable annuities provide the opportunity for market appreciation through a number of different investment options. They also provide for the tax-deferred accumulation of funds, and future income. Variable annuities offer numerous benefits including, tax-deferred growth, the opportunity for market appreciation, liquidity, benefits to spouses, and benefits to heirs.

Variable annuities may also have an optional life insurance provider that offers a death benefit.
If the annuity contract owner passes away prior to the time that the insurance company has begun making income payments to the annuitant, then a named beneficiary will be guaranteed to receive at least a specified amount of money, which is generally the amount of the purchase payments, or the total amount of the premiums that were deposited.

Variable annuities are designed for people who may be willing to take more risk with their investment in return for more growth potential. Historically, variable annuities have offered better returns than fixed rate annuities. However, it is important to keep in mind the added risk associated with this product.

With Jackson National, they have four variable annuities options:

  • Elite Access
  • Elite Access Advisory
  • Perspective II
  • Perspective Advisory

The Elite Access, Perspective II, and the Perspective Advisory allow people who are older to invest in an annuity. The Elite Access allows anyone who is up to 85 to invest. The Perspective Advisory has a limit of 85 as well, and the Perspective II has a higher limit of 90-years-old.

Each of these annuities has different advantages and limits. If you’re looking for annuities, then Jackson National can be an excellent start to your search.

Fixed Index Annuities

Jackson National also offers Fixed Index Annuities. A Fixed Index Annuity is a great option if you want steady growth without having to risk it all on the fluctuations of the market.

With Jackson National, they have four fixed index annuities options:

  • AscenderPlus Select
  • Elite Choice
  • Elite Choice Rewards
  • Select Annual Reset

The AscenderPlus Select option includes all classic annuity options such as fixed annuity benefits and a death benefit. In addition, this annuity also offers an optional income rider which can be attached for a charge.

Elite Choice offers additional interest linked to a single index. Elite Choice Rewards is a step up from the Elite Choice and offers regular 2.5% or 5% increases to the value of your annuity.
The Select Annual Reset is created to build a retirement fund linked to one of two indexes.

How Does Jackson National Compare?

How does Jackson National Insurance compare to other popular insurance companies? Check out this table where we compare Allstate, Have Life and Met Life.

Company Best For J.D. Power Score A.M. Best Rating
Jackson National Claims Paid N/A A
Haven Life Quick Coverage 751 A++
Met Life Variety of Policies 744 A+

While all three of these companies are very compatible, it is important to note that Haven Life offers only term life insurance.

For more information, you can check out the individual reviews of Haven Life and Met Life.

History Of Jackson National Life Insurance

Jackson National Life Insurance Company has been in business since 1961. The company is headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, and it was named after President Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States. The firm primarily offers retirement annuities and investments.

Just twenty years after opening its doors, the company went from $50 million to more than $160 million in just annuity sales, and by 1989, its sales exceeded $2 billion. In 1998, National Planning Holdings, Inc. (NPH) was formed, and that same year, Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York was opened, which expanded Jackson National’s sales and distribution to all 50 of the U.S. states.

The company has continued to expand throughout the years, and in 2003, it launched Curian Capital, LLC, a separately managed accounts provider. Just two years later, in 2005, the firm acquired Life Insurance Company of Georgia, which essentially doubled the company’s policy count to approximately 3 million.


Wanting to jump-start the application process? Our quote calculator is geared to find the best result for you. It’s quick, simple, and you can do it from the comfort of your own chair. To commence you need to complete the form on the right side of our website.

Should you discover that you have any additional questions as you move through the process regarding Jackson National Life Insurance Company – then you have come to the right place. Our advisors are here to serve you and can answer the questions and concerns that you may have.

We can also show you how the quoting process works, and give more focus on the details such as what type of life insurance policy is right for you, how much death benefit coverage you need for your survivors and their needs, and which of the many available life insurance carriers will be able to serve you best.

There are so many details to keep track of and the application can get tiring. That is why we got into the insurance business. We love helping people figure out the best way to protect their families.

About the Author

Jeff Rose, CFP®

Jeff Rose, CFP® is a Certified Financial Planner™, founder of Good Financial Cents, and author of the personal finance book Soldier of Finance. Jeff is an Iraqi combat veteran and served 9 years in the Army National Guard. His work is regularly featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur.

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