Is Amazon Family Worth it?

Going anywhere with kids can be difficult, which is why services such as Amazon are popular with parents. There’s nothing better than ordering something you need and having it delivered to your door while still in your pajamas.

While I used Amazon sporadically over the years, it wasn’t until I had my first child seven years ago that I signed up for Amazon Prime. One draw was the savings offered by the Amazon Family program (formerly Amazon Mom).

Since there’s some conflicting information about Amazon Family out there, let’s go over what the program is and how it can help you save money. The information below should help you answer the question, “Is Amazon Family worth it for me?”.

What is Amazon Family and how does it relate to Prime?

There may be some confusion about Amazon Family since it was previously called Amazon Mom. This was the name of the program when I signed up for it with my first child in 2013.

Amazon changed the name in 2015 to better align with the audience it was serving.

While Amazon Family is free, you will need to be an Amazon Prime member to access it. You can also get it when you sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, which is how I got started.

If you’re a new parent, discounts on diapers, formula, baby food and other baby essentials can be a significant benefit. It was one of the selling points for me since it meant fewer trips to the store with a small baby.

This program can also benefit anyone who may be caring for small children regularly. This can include grandparents, nannies, guardians and so on.

How much Does Amazon Family cost?

Amazon Family is a free benefit for Amazon Prime members. This means you will need to have a Prime membership to enjoy the benefits of the program.

You can get a free 30-day trial membership and after it expires, the cost is $119 per year or $12.99 per month.

Once you sign up for Prime, you will be able to enroll in Amazon Family and get access to all the discounts, offers and coupons the program offers.

What are the benefits?

Amazon Family comes with several perks that can help you save money on taking care for a child. It offers discounts of up to 20 percent on diapers, baby food and other baby essentials. You will also get exclusive family-oriented discounts, offers, coupons and age-based recommendations.

Parents having a new baby can do a baby registry through Amazon Family and enjoy a 15 percent registry completion discount. You will also get a registry welcome box filled with goodies and discounts.

As a Prime member, you will also have access to member benefits:

  • Free two-day shipping with no purchase minimum
  • Prime Instant Video content
  • Prime Music
  • Unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos
  • Access to Prime Pantry
  • Kindle First books
  • Prime Reading

Who is Amazon Family good for?

While Amazon Family can benefit anyone who takes care of a child, especially those who have younger children. Many of the discounts and coupons are on diapers, baby food and baby essentials, which can save you a bundle in the early years.

When you sign up for the program, you create a profile for each child. This way you can get relevant recommendations and coupons based on your child’s age and stage in life.

One thing I love about Amazon Family is that I can order baby essentials and have them shipped to my door. This means I don’t have to take both of my kids to the store to stock up on diapers or other kid essentials.

When I signed up for the program, I was on maternity leave with my first child. The thought of going to the store with a baby to get diapers and wipes sent me running to my phone – and to Amazon Family.

Amazon became my go-to place to order anything and everything for my kids since it was convenient and I could find most things I needed. Now that my kids are older, I shop around more, but when my kids were little, Amazon Family and my Prime membership were very helpful.

Is Amazon Family worth the cost of Amazon Prime?

There are a few things to consider when evaluating getting an Amazon Prime membership so you can access the Amazon Family benefit. First, start off with a free 30-day trial to help you decide if what you get is worth the cost.

To unlock the 20 percent off diapers discount, you will need to use the Subscribe & Save option. You will need to sign up for five or more subscriptions to be delivered automatically every month to your home. This can include diapers, wipes, baby food, formula and household products, pantry staples and more.

You can adjust the quantity and schedule between every month and up to every six months. You can also cancel your subscriptions at any time. Many coupons are offered on the first subscription order, so to get the discount again, you will need to cancel and subscribe again after each order is delivered.

Amazon has a Subscribe & Save online store to help you find items eligible for the discount. The Amazon Family page shows Subscribe & Save products eligible for the Family program discount to make it easy to find and subscribe.

The bottom line on if Amazon family is worth the cost of Amazon Prime: it depends. If you use many of the products that fall under the Amazon Family program discounts, the savings can be material.  The other perks of a Prime membership such as access to Prime Video and Prime Photos can also make it worth it for you.

Have you used Amazon Family? Did you find it worth the cost of an Amazon Prime membership? Share your experience in the comments.

–By Veneta Lusk


What is Woot and How Can it Save You Money?

Recently, my husband announced that he had finally purchased us a new robotic vacuum to help with cleaning around the house. I naturally assumed that he’d ordered it from Amazon and that I could expect it to arrive in two days with Prime. To my surprise, however, he mentioned that he purchased it from a website called Woot.

Having never heard of the site, I was, of course, curious.

Seeing my skepticism, he said the only words that would put me at ease: “It was cheaper than Amazon.”

At that moment, I not only knew that I had married the right person, but that there was a new site worth exploring.

Upon my own examination, I realized that he had discovered a hidden gem that would now become a part of my online shopping rotation.

What is Woot?

So, what exactly is Woot?

Woot is a daily deals site that offers discounts and limited-time sales on everyday items. The site, which is owned by Amazon, is a hub for finding deals on electronics, clothes, appliances, furniture, and even food.

You can search deals within one of their seven main shopping categories:

  • Home & Kitchen
  • Electronics
  • Computers
  • Tools & Garden
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Shirt (Custom T-shirts)
  • Gourmet (Food)

As with any deal site, you won’t be able to search for the exact item that you may be looking for. In fact, you never know exactly what’s going to be there as the selection changes every day.

However, the site is organized well enough that you can search through each category and filter to find items that you may be interested in.

The Woot community

In addition to offering deals, the site has an engaging community that consists of a blog and various forums. Customers who are a part of this community are affectionately called Wooters.

You’ll find anything from blog posts about kangaroos to community members creating and participating in games within the chat. You can also find advice about what’s being sold and people’s experiences with those items.

It is a vibrant space for those who love Woot, their deals, and random banter.

How can Woot save you money?

The advantage of shopping on Woot is its deep discounts on products. You may find items that are discounted up to 80% off of their original price, making it an obvious cost-saving.

For example, the robotic vacuum that my husband purchased was sold for 60% off its original price and $20 less than Amazon sells it for. This saved us around $300.

In addition to the deep discounts on new items, Woot also sells refurbished goods that are sold for less than retail. This is typically the case for items within the electronics category.

You can find refurbished computers, cameras, televisions, and more.

Start saving with Woot

As you might imagine, Amazon makes it seamless to shop on the site.

If you already have an Amazon account, you can simply use your login credentials to gain access. Otherwise, you can create an account with your email address.

Amazon Prime members get the added bonus of free shipping when they shop on Woot. So in addition to getting a reduced price, you won’t pay extra to ship (but it takes longer than the one- or two-day shipping Prime offers).

Once you’re logged into your account, you officially become a Wooter and can begin taking advantage of deals.

So, if you’re as into saving a few pennies as I am, I recommend checking out Woot to find deals on those everyday items you plan on buying. You, of course, may not find the exact item you want but you could find an acceptable substitute … or see something you didn’t even know you wanted.

–Fo Alexander


How to Use Priceline to Save on Travel

I don’t know about you, but one of my most exciting resolutions for this year is to travel more. In order to make this a reality, though, I need to be able to save money wherever I can on the trips that I plan for my family.

One of the biggest tools in my money-saving arsenal is to use an online travel agency site, like Priceline, anytime I’m ready to book. This can help me save tons whether I’m trying to find flights, hotels, rental cars, or even book a cruise or vacation package.

While Priceline is a pretty straightforward platform to use for travel booking, there are a few features that can save you even more money than you’d expect.

Express Deals show you star level and location, not the name of the hotel. Image source: Priceline.

Express Deals

Once upon a time, Priceline had a tool called Name Your Own Price. This allowed you to bid for flights, hotels, and rental cars, finding companies who would accept the offer(s) you were willing to make. It was a bit of a gamble and you were essentially “buying blind,” but the tool was a great opportunity to save.

Unfortunately, that tool was phased out a few years ago for flights and rental cars. It’s now only available for hotel stays and only accessible through the Priceline mobile app.

However, if you’re still itching to save money — and don’t mind buying blind — there’s another option. You can still save big using Priceline Express Deals … saving up to 60% off, in fact.

With Express Deals, you are able to pick up incredible prices on hotels, as long as you’re a little flexible (and trusting). All you need to do is choose your destination city and travel dates, and Priceline will help you find a great deal on a surprise booking.

While you won’t be able to choose the exact hotel you’ll get through Express Deals, you can choose the amenities you need and even the hotel quality you desire. You’ll see the price you’re paying as well as your overall savings. As soon as you book the room, you’ll be told where you’re staying (but, be careful because these are non-refundable purchases). And you can switch to the map view and see exactly where your hotel options are located.

A screen shot of the Priceline Trip Builder tool

Priceline lets you package airfare, hotel, and more. Image source: Priceline.

Trip Builder (new)

Sometimes, you just need a hotel room. If you’re planning a big trip or family vacation, though, you’ll need a lot more: hotel rooms, rental cars, and even flights.

Thanks to Priceline’s new Trip Builder feature, you can bundle all of those travel needs into one convenient package and save significant money.

With Trip Builder, you can combine any two or three needs from flights, hotels, and a car. If you’ll be bouncing around, you can add multiple hotel stays to the bundle and further boost your savings.

Your Trip Builder booking will all be listed under the same confirmation number, making it easier than ever to track all of your reservations in one place. You’ll also enjoy some of Priceline’s best deals in the process, leaving more jingle in your pocket for things like souvenirs and experiences.

Best Price Guarantee

Every once in a while, I’ll book a room or a flight for an upcoming trip, only to notice that the price goes even lower the very next day. Sometimes, that price continues to drop, reminding me of how much money I lost out on.

Luckily, you can learn from my mistakes. That’s because if you book a flight, hotel room, rental car, or cruise through Priceline, you’ll be covered by their Best Price Guarantee.

With this guarantee, you can receive a 100% price adjustment if the price of your reservation drops in the 24 hours after you book. If you booked an Express Deal, Priceline will not only give you double that — 200% of the difference! — but you’ll also have all the way until midnight the night before you travel to file your Best Price Guarantee claim.

There are some requirements, of course: the lower-price itinerary must be publicly accessible (no military discounts or special pricing platforms), the details must match exactly, and some airlines are excluded (Spirit, British Airways, and KLM, to name a few).

Even still, this guarantee means added peace of mind when you travel. And perhaps even extra savings in your pocket after you’ve already booked.

Double up on savings

Want to make your Priceline experience even more lucrative? Then double up on the savings.

There are a few ways to do this. You can:

  • Visit Priceline’s website through a shopping portal such as Rakuten (which is currently offering up to 5% back on your bookings)
  • Use a travel rewards credit card to earn extra miles or points on your reservations made through Priceline
  • Join Priceline’s membership program, giving you access to additional members-only discounts and easy trip management
  • Get the Priceline Rewards Visa credit card, which offers 5x bonus points back per $1 spent on purchases

In fact, you can use more than one of these within the same booking, earning you maximum rewards, and saving as much as possible.

When booking a trip, sites like Priceline make it easy to shop around, compare prices, snag discounts, and manage reservations. You’ll have access to deals and promotions that you might not be able to find elsewhere, while also offering a best-price guarantee each time you book.

The more you save on your travel today, the more you can put toward additional trips in the future. And I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to start seeing more of the world in 2020.

–By Stephanie Colestock