Emergency Numbers to Have

When you move into a new place, it’s impossible to foresee what events lie ahead. And of course, that’s always the case for medical emergencies and pet emergencies. It’s best to be prepared, by keeping certain emergency phone numbers handy, whether on your cell phone, your refrigerator, in your glovebox, or all three. There are other contact numbers you might also need on your list.

If you have a roommate, this is even more critical; if something happens to one of you, the other one might not have any idea who to call for help, or to report an accident, illness or absence.

Take time to pull this list together . . . and if you have a roommate, do it together over a drink or meal (with Google’s help). Many of the customer service numbers you’ll need for utilities can be found on the bills themselves. A move-in packet might also reveal other helpful numbers. Review the materials you received from your manager when you moved in, or ask them for a replacement.

Here’s a list of all the important numbers to have, just in case:

Emergency Numbers

In a true emergency, always make 911 your first call.

  • Apartment Manager
  • Doctor(s) / Nurse Practitioner
  • Family member(s)
  • Significant Other
  • Neighbors you share walls with (you’ll have to ask them to share their numbers)
  • Neighbors you trust
  • Best friends
  • Employer
  • Animal Control
  • Veterinarian

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Utilities  (you only need the ones you pay for)

  • Cable / Internet company
  • Phone company
  • Power company
  • Gas company
  • Trash / Recycling
  • Public Works
  • Recreation Dept (city or county)

Service Providers

  • Renters Insurance Co
  • Car Insurance Co
  • Car Repair Shop
  • Pet Sitter / Walker
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Dentist(s)
  • Hair Salon
  • Cleaning Services
  • Favorite food delivery(s)


  • Favorite live music venue(s)
  • Sports Club(s)
  • Sports Venue(s) Ticket Office
  • Favorite radio stations (including Sirius)

Hot Tip:  If you’ve moved to a completely new city, it’s also a great idea to create a channel list of your favorite TV channels.  You can group them by categories like news & weather; sports; movies; favorites; kids; and music.

Important numbers to have can make life SO much easier. You’ll also get to know a new roomie a little better while making out your list.

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Source: apartmentguide.com