WiFi Password Security: Why It’s Important, How to Get It

Hacking is all over the news, from major corporate data breaches all the way to random viruses. Don’t kid yourself that nobody would really be interested in stealing your information. Securing your personal information is more important than ever before, and it can start with something as simple as ensuring that your apartment’s wifi password security, as well as your other passwords, are strong enough. But how do you create a secure password?

The Three Essential Rules to Creating a Secure Password

Though passwords may seem like a hassle to remember, they’re a hugely necessary inconvenience. According to cybersecurity company IdentityHawk.com, they’re essential in the fight against someone stealing your data or even your identity. In order to ensure your password security, start by keeping these three rules in mind:

  1. Passwords should be complex and long
    While this may make your password more difficult to remember, it also makes it more difficult for a hacker to guess. Aim for a password that’s at least 8 characters long, includes both upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters such as %, # or &.
  2. Passwords should not be easy to guess
    It’s always tempting to use something simple like “password1” or even “123456,” but that’s one of the worst things you can do. Sequential numbers are actually the worst for hacks, according to SplashData, who collect information on data breaches. In fact, in 2015, “123456” was the most commonly used password found in hacks for the 5th year running.
  3. Use a different password for every account
    Using the same password for all of your accounts is just asking for trouble. Oftentimes during major data breaches, hackers will try using acquired passwords on other accounts just to see if they’ll work, meaning they could possibly gain access to your important financial information. If your memory just isn’t built for that kind of thing, try using one of the top password managers to ensure your password security.

How Do I Know If I Have a Bad Password?

That’s easy — just check out SplashData’s Worst Password List of 2016 below. If yours is on it, it’s time for a change:

bad security passwordsbad security passwords
 Infographic provided by TeamsID.com

What’s the Best Way To Create a Secure Password?

how to create a safe passwordhow to create a safe password

Infographic credit: Sage Data Security

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