[Public Link, YMMV] American Express Business Platinum 150,000 Point Offer, No Lifetime Language

Update 11/15/21: Many people are getting now an email with this 160,000 offer: 150,000 after spending $15,000 and 10,000 after adding an employee card.

Update 7/14/21: There is a new 150,000 point link. You also earn $100 for every transaction greater than $1,000 made on Vendor Pay in the first 3 months. Hat tip to DDG

The Offer

160,000 link | 150,000 link | 150,000 link

  • Get 100,000 points after $15,000 in spend within the first three months of card membership

Card Details

Our Verdict

If you’ve never had this card before, then the call in method is better due to the lower minimum spend requirement. The real nice thing about this offer is the fact it has no lifetime language meaning it’s possible to get the bonus if you’ve gotten the card before.

Hat tip to reader CreditDingo

Update History:

Update 6/15/21: Here’s a link for the 160,000 offer: same 150,000 for $15,000 spend, plus 10,000 for adding an employee card within the first 3 months. Updated below. As always – YMMV.

Update 6/9/21: There is also an offer for 160,000 points. Same as the 150,000 point offer but also another 10,000 for adding an employee card. E-mail subject line is ‘<name>, You’re invited to apply for an American Express Business Bundle’ Hat tip to bedogworthy.

Update 6/9/21: There’s now a public link to this offer (and here’s another link). Won’t work for everyone, YMMV. There’s a stated expiration of this offer of 12/31/21; of course it could get pulled earlier. (There’s also a no-lifetime-language offer on the Business Gold card.) Hat tip to Frequentmiler

Update 6/6/21: Another e-mail has gone out, 150k points again. Email has lifetime language, but actual application page does not. Subject line is ‘Limited-Time Offer for <name> You could earn 150,000 points’

Update 5/10/21: Another round, this time 150k points.

Update 4/24/21: Another round, try this link.

Update 4/5/21: Another round sent out.

Update 3/16/21: Another round sent out.

Update 2/16/21: Another round sent out.

Update 2/5/21: Another round has been sent out, this time the e-mail states the lifetime language but application page doesn’t. $595 annual fee is mentioned on application page. Hat tip to reader BS

Update 12/28/20: Another round has gone out.

Update 12/15/20: More people targeted. Remains to be seen if this new batch ends up having the annual fee waived first or not, just assume it doesn’t.

Update 12/10/20: Despite the terms stating the annual fee is not waived first year, multiple people (1,2,3) have reported applying and then card member approval paperwork showing the $595 annual fee waived first year. This is American Express though so every chance they try to add the annual fee back. I’d apply expecting to pay the annual fee and then it’s a happy surprise if you don’t have to

Source: doctorofcredit.com