Review: “I ordered this rug in the Grey/Brown color option. It is perfect for tying my brown wood furniture and dark grey floors together. It is also a great color/pattern combo for hiding any little spills my toddler or dog might have. The thickness is enough that it is comfortable and padded underfoot, but not thick enough for a lot of crumbs, dirt, hair, etc. to get stuck in the fibers. It definitely can be vacuumed easily. Overall I am very happy with this purchase and buy this rug again for other rooms! The picture shows the rug right out of the bag, so the side is still a little curled. After an hour or so it is already flattening out.” – Scott Hammock , Scott Hammock Report

Review: “Loved that they came in a set, so you know they’re going to be identical. Wonderful size. Tall. Perfect. Note. In order to get the leaves to look like the ad picture: when installing, the leaves are in various sizes and you can put them wherever you’d like. Smaller on the bottom, larger on top, works best. Alternating colors. Initially, they stick straight up. To get the curved look, roll the “leaves” by hand. Do not try to bend the wire between the leaf and the stem. They really do look quite real” – Good , Good Report

Review: “I love this screen. We placed it on our deck for a privacy screen and love it. It is a very versatile screen and I have used it in several places in the house as well. It looks great on the deck as you can see. I ordered 30″ zip ties when I ordered the screen and have used the zip ties to gently secure the screen to the deck posts for windy days. I want to order another!” – Buckleysangel , Buckleysangel Report

Review: “I had a great TV stand that I really liked because it was open. I decided to order this one because the top was going to raise the height of the tv. At the last minute I decided NOT to add the back & the doors so that it would be exactly like the previous one, so I wanted a buyer to know you can leave off the back & doors if you choose & it looks great. When I get bored I change things often, so if I decide to add the back & doors it will be like a different piece of furniture. I am so pleased with this purchase.” – Robinette Fields , Robinette Fields Report

Review: “I was very apprehensive because it was only a two ounce candle pretty small but wow it’s mighty. I understand the price now. I’m going to say buying the 8oz version is going to be totally worth it because this candle lasts a while and you don’t need to leave it on for long and the smell will Permeate the entire area and it’s very strong. I would also say this is a great gift for anyone and especially for a masculine man.” – That One Girl , That One Girl Report

Review: “The quality of these shelves is awesome. And, they are so easy to put together! I chose to get the adjustable option so I could customize my shelves. I chose to leave one shelf out to have a bit more room. And, the price point is right in line with the quality in my opinion.” – Heather Lowery , Heather Lowery Report

Review: “Very realistic. Soft. Very lux looking. True to color. Great size for the sofa. I have yet to clean this but my hunch would be to avoid tumble drying. I purchased primarily for the look. Not to actually use as a blanket. So far no shedding. I’m in love with this throw. Excellent accessory to mark the cold season. BUY IT! – Markita , Markita Report

Review: “These three coffee tables are so beautiful and came in much larger than I expected. It really fits in a large living room. The install was straightforward but due to the arch we had to spend sometime lining the holes up. I love these coffee tables in the living room!” – Janice , Janice Report

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Review: “Got two of these for dorm room and was pleasantly surprised by the weightiness of the mirrors. It is a solid, sturdy piece and I feel confident it will still be standing at the end of this school year. They look great in the room!!” – Kat , Kat Report

Review: “I bought the 30” and 40” bottle to fill in space next to my entertainment center in the living room. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. They were very well packed and when I unpacked them , they were very sturdy and heavy. I loved the look of the recycled glass. – Terry A Stiles , Terry A Stiles Report