American Express To Open New Centurion Lounge DCA, Expansion For SEA & SFO

American Express has announced it will be opening a new centurion lounge at Washington, D.C.’s Reagan National Airport (DCA). It will be located airside in the National Hall near Terminal B and have more than 11,500 square feet of space. The lounge is expected to open in late 2022, but I don’t think American Express has ever opened a Centurion lounge on schedule.

American Express has also announced expansions for both SEA & SFO.

  • SEA: New lounge on the mezzanine level of central terminal, 13,800 square feet of space
  • SFO: Will double in size to almost 16,000 square feet of space

Both of the existing lounges will remain open during this expansion phase and work is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.


[Rumor] American Express To Open Washington National Airport Centurion Lounge, Expansions For SFO & SEA

According to jona970318 American Express is set to announce a new Centurion lounge will be opened at Washington National Airport (DCA). In addition new expansions for SFO & SEA will be announced. It’s not clear where the new DCA lounge would be located at this stage but Jona speculates it could be landside in the B/C area.

VFTW notes that the SFO expansion would bring the size to nearly 16,000 square feet and the SEA ‘expansion’ is a relocation that would go from 4,500 square feet to 13,700 square feet in space.