The 15 Best Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs for Renters in 2022

A small town close to big city amenities.

Colorado Springs is one of the best cities to live in Colorado. Housing is relatively affordable and it’s only an hour away from Denver. Residents love that you can get big-city amenities while still enjoying the sense of community most commonly felt in smaller towns.

Colorado Springs is also one of the most health-conscious cities in the nation — and it’s no wonder! When you’re surrounded by such breathtaking natural beauty, you can’t help but get out into nature as often as possible.

If you’re ready to call this lovely city home, we want to help you find your new home. To do that, you need to know which neighborhoods fit your needs, personality and budget.

Here’s a guide to the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs.

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,657
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,992
  • Walk Score: 35/100

One of the reasons Briargate is one of the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs is because it’s centrally located. This means you get to enjoy living outside the urban area and enjoy everything that nature has to offer.

However, you’re also close enough to many of the attractions that make Colorado Springs so great. Briargate is about 15-20 minutes outside of the Downtown area, 40-45 minutes to Denver and a little over an hour to Red Rock Amphitheater (it’s world-famous, so you should definitely check it out).

You’re also close to (20–60-minute drive) Dome Rock Trail, Gardens of the Gods Park and Monument Valley Park.

Briargate is a Master-planned community that’s family-friendly and community-oriented.

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,314
  • Median 2-BR rent: $2,100
  • Walk Score: 51/100

A charming neighborhood located west of Downtown is Old Colorado City, or OCC as the locals call it. During the Pike Peak Gold Rush, this was the hub for gold mines and for five whole days it was the territorial seat. Now, it’s a popular tourist attraction because of its proximity to Pikes Peak, its history and its charm.

OCC has an eclectic feel, with a mix of upscale, well cared for homes, as well as homes that are quite the opposite. Homes and apartments are on the smaller side (1,000-1,500 square feet). Population density is low (407 people per square mile), so you’ll feel like you have space to breathe while you enjoy the natural beauty around you.

  • Median 1-BR rent: $957
  • Median 2-BR rent: $971
  • Walk Score: 60/100

East Colorado Springs is a mature community surrounded by beautiful trees and rolling hills. You’ll find several subdivisions throughout the neighborhood. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a neighborhood that has a more traditional, residential feel to it. Most of the residences in the area are larger homes on big lots, providing plenty of space for kids and pets to play.

That said, less than half the population has kids, so the neighborhood is relatively quiet. Another great feature is that it doesn’t take long to commute to Downtown Colorado Springs. Most people have a commute of 20 minutes or less.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,505
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,741
  • Walk Score: 34/100

Pleasant Valley has an interesting history as the first true neighborhood in Colorado Springs. Before settlers came, it was the summer home of the Ute Indians. Then, pioneers settled the area in 1858 during the Pikes Peak or Bust Gold Rush, and then again in 1891 during the Cripple Creek boom. Pleasant Valley was the place where prospectors would purchase supplies before heading up the Ute Pass to look for gold.

These days, Pleasant Valley is a relaxed neighborhood surrounded by mature, towering trees. As a resident here, you’ll love being just minutes away from Garden of the Gods Park and Westmoor Park, while having a stunning view of Pikes Peak.

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,150
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,481
  • Walk Score: 37/100

One of the reasons why Peregrine is one of the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs is that it offers an easy commute to Downtown.

Ultimately, though, people move here because of the views. Calling them stunning is putting it mildly. You’ll have easy access to Marshall-Sprague Park, Blodgett Open Space, Woodmen Valley Park and Woodmen Valley Open Space for walking, jogging, biking and other outdoor activities.

No matter where you live in this neighborhood, you’ll get the chance to see some incredible wildlife and a dramatic natural landscape.

  • Median 1-BR rent: N/A
  • Median 2-BR rent: N/A
  • Walk Score: 18/100

Pine Creek is a Master-planned community located near Briargate. It encompasses 900-acres and within it are upscale homes, townhouses and apartments, making it one of the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. As a resident in this neighborhood, you’ll have access to a golf course, parks, trails and common green spaces.

The architectural style of the neighborhood is that of historic Colorado Springs, which includes European Cottage, Craftsman, Spanish Eclectic and Prairie homes styles. Safety, security and beautiful landscaping are high priorities for all residents in this neighborhood, not only to ensure high property values but to create a comfortable, safe living environment.

Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO

Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Median 1-BR rent: N/A
  • Median 2-BR rent: N/A
  • Walk Score: 29/100

Located west of Interstate 25, south of Peregrine, Mountain Shadows sits in the foothills just southwest of the United States Air Force Academy.

Homes and rentals in the area sit on oversized lots surrounded by indigenous vegetation. It’s close to Ute Valley Park, as well as national forests, all of which contain trail systems that are perfect for walking, jogging and hiking.

Within 30 minutes, you’ll be in Downtown Colorado Springs. You can also quickly access various malls, like the Citadel Shopping Mall and the Chapel Hills Mall.

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,424
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,677
  • Walk Score: 40/100

Broadmoor is in the Southwestern part of Colorado Springs. It has one of the top-rated school districts (Cheyenne Mountain School District), making it one of the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs for families.

Two other perks of living in this neighborhood are the fact that it’s home to The Broadmoor Resort (a high-end resort with beautiful grounds) and NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). NORAD is a training site and alternate command center and has featured in the movies “War Games” and “Independence Day.”

Broadmoor is also close to Interstate 25 and takes less than an hour and a half to get to Denver.

  • Median 1-BR rent: N/A
  • Median 2-BR rent: N/A
  • Walk Score: 60/100

The Palmer Park neighborhood is a family and pet-friendly neighborhood, but also noted for being a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. The residents are welcoming and can’t wait to meet new neighbors like you.

People who live here are usually into the great outdoors, whether they’re taking their dog for a walk on one of the many trails, going camping or hiking or having an outdoor BBQ.

Palmer Park itself is quite the destination, for visitors and locals alike. In 2017, Elevation Outdoors Magazine named it the “best urban park.” There are various types of geological formations, including steep cliffs and tall rock spires. There are also plenty of beautiful open fields. From atop the cliffs or spires, you get a great view of Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs and the rugged Colorado Wilderness.

Downtown Colorado Springs, CO

Downtown Colorado Springs, CO

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,915
  • Median 2-BR rent: $2,495
  • Walk Score: 61/100

Downtown Colorado Springs is a great neighborhood if you’re looking for urban amenities. Yes, you still get access to the natural beauty of the area, but you’re also close to sophisticated, contemporary bars, cafes and restaurants. Choices are abundant, too. You can go to a bakery, eat Mexican cuisine, get a hearty steak or get a delectable vegan dinner.

This neighborhood isn’t just great for young professionals, either. It’s good for families, as well. The school system in Colorado Springs is one of the best, so you can ensure your child is getting the very best education and that they’re ready for college when the time comes.

Speaking of colleges, the University of Colorado and the University of Northern Colorado have campuses in Colorado Springs, making this one of the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs for college students.

  • Median 1-BR rent: N/A
  • Median 2-BR rent: N/A
  • Walk Score: 35/100

Northgate is a newer community that’s still growing. It has great mountain views, easy access to Interstate 25 and a golf course. If you’re looking for a community that’s on the luxurious side, Northgate has several Master-planned communities that will fit your every need.

One thing that draws renters and homeowners alike to this area is that the homes are spaciously placed, so you don’t have to feel like you’re packed like sardines with your neighbors or that you have to vie for a great view.

And since you’re living in Colorado Springs, you’re surrounded by majestic mountains, beautiful preserves and the best parks and hiking trails in the state.

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,272
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,490
  • Walk Score: 42/100

If affordability is your main priority, you’ll definitely want to check out the apartments for rent in Northeast Colorado Springs.

This neighborhood has a good mix of residential properties, as well as commercial properties, including offices, retail shops and restaurants.

The neighborhood offers easy access to amenities, making it one of the more convenient neighborhoods. Affordability and convenience don’t always go hand in hand, but they do in Northeast Colorado Springs.

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,116
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,308
  • Walk Score: 45/100

In the southern part of the city, you get a mix of urban amenities, as well as affordable housing options, making this one of the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs.

Southeast Colorado Springs is close to Peterson Air Force Base and the Colorado Springs Airport, two installations that helped this part of the city thrive.

Homes in this neighborhood are below the national and state average and there’s a wide array of rental options. Nearly any apartment you choose in the area will be close to restaurants and shops, including Big Box stores, as well as smaller boutiques and Mom and Pop-type stores.

Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, CO

Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,045
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,235
  • Walk Score: 59/100

Country living is great for some people. But, if you’re someone who needs to have stores, restaurants and other amenities nearby, then you need to find an apartment in a neighborhood like Stratton Meadows. It’s just south of Downtown Colorado Springs.

Many of the homes and rental properties date back to the 1980s to ’90s and styles run the gambit, unlike some communities where a Master designer chooses the style of every home.

Stratton Meadows is near Cheyenne Mountain State Park (about 10 minutes away), where you can go hiking, camping and mountain biking or hit up the archery range.

  • Median 1-BR rent: $1,006
  • Median 2-BR rent: $1,164
  • Walk Score: 66/100

Knob Hill is northeast of downtown Colorado Springs. One thing that makes this one of the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs is that it’s a melting pot of sorts. According to, the neighborhood isn’t just made up of generations of people from Colorado. Rather, it’s made up of new residents from other areas of the country and world — more so than 97.6 percent of American neighborhoods.

Residents here say their neighbors are “amazing” and “kind-hearted.” The community is pet- and kid-friendly and there are plenty of outdoor activities, including going to the lake, hiking and camping.

The best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs – can you choose just one?

With so many amazing neighborhoods on our list of the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, you might have a hard time choosing just one! If that’s the case for you, you should check out our apartment guide. You can use the filter to narrow down your search to find apartments for rent in Colorado Springs that suit your needs. Not only will that make your search easier, but it will show you which neighborhoods suit you the best.

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