How to Get a Shower Curtain to Stop Sticking—Plus More Shower Curtain Hacks

How to keep a shower curtain from sticking

If you’ve ever had a shower curtain liner that kept sticking to you while you were trying to shower, you know it’s less funny, more annoying. Get rid of this problem forever with a spray bottle! Pour a tablespoon of liquid fabric softener into the empty bottle and fill the rest with water. Spray on the liner just before you shower and it will always stay in its proper place.

Stop mildew before it starts

Avoid leaving a shower curtain bunched up after use, especially in a small bathroom—the steam encourages mildew. Always pulled it closed after bathing, and if small spots of mildew do appear, dab with baking soda on a damp cloth. Wash larger areas in hot detergent, rub with lemon juice, and dry in the sun, if possible.

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Keep mildew off the bottom of your shower curtain

If you have a pair of pinking shears (scissors with a zigzagging edge used in sewing), put them to good use in the bathroom. Use them to cut the bottom of your shower curtain liner: The uneven hem allows water to more easily slide off, making bottom-of-the-curtain mildew a thing of the past.

How to get mildew off a shower curtain

Need to remove mildew from a plastic shower curtain? Try running it through the washing machine (on cold) with two large, white bath towels. Add a little bleach in with your usual detergent, and use 1 cup white vinegar in the rinse cycle to prevent future mildew growth. Or, rub a wedge of lemon on the stains and leave the curtain out in the sun. By the time it dries, the stains will be gone.

Make a shower curtain liner last forever

Keep soap scum and mildew off your shower curtain on the regular with the help of hydrogen peroxide. Stick the curtain and a bath towel into your washing machine, pour in regular detergent, and start the wash. Add 1 cup peroxide during the rinse cycle. Do this once a month and you’ll pretty much never have to buy another shower curtain liner again.

It’s also said that soaking a shower curtain liner in saltwater before you use in can help repel mildew.

Keep shower curtain rings from squeaking

Do the rings on your shower curtain squeak as they run along the rod? The solution is simple: Just rub some petroleum jelly or car wax along the rod and they’ll slide right along it without making a noise.

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10 Hacks to Keep Your Toilet Clean

The toilet is likely one of the most-visited spots in your home — keep this popular area clean with these ten easy hacks. 


Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
September 29, 2021

Using Lemons to Clean Your Home

Remove toilet stains

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The tannins in tea can help lift any stubborn stains. Tannins also have antimicrobial properties. To take advantage, just leave some brewed tea in the toilet bowl for several minutes to several hours (depending on the severity of the stains). Then brush the bowl, and flush the stains away.

Make your bowl smile

For a cheap and easy way to clean your toilet, use mouthwash. Just as it cleans away germs in your mouth, it will do the same in your toilet bowl. Pour 1 capful into the bowl, leave for 10 to 15 minutes, and wipe clean with your toilet brush.

Reach under the rim

Clearing away dirt and deposits under the rim can be tricky. But a smart tool can help. Purchase a package of those cotton coils used for perms (you can find them at a beauty supply store). Soak the coil in a basin with vinegar. You might want to do this right in the shower to avoid drips. Then stuff the toilet’s rim with the coil. Allow the vinegar to work on the stains overnight, then remove and throw away the coil, and flush the toilet to rinse.

Speedy toilet-cleaning relief

To make this nasty chore easier on your gag reflex, drop two Alka-Seltzer tablets into the bowl twice a week. After 15 minutes, swipe around the bowl with a toilet brush. Your toilet will be spotless!

A fizzy denture tablet works well for this hack, too.

Take soda to the can

Cola contains phosphoric acid, which can lift stubborn stains such as rust. That makes it a good toilet cleaner: Pour the cola directly into the bowl, leave it for an hour, and then flush.

Lift with lemonade mix

Instant lemonade mixes like Kool-Aid contain citric acid, which works great to battle mineral deposits. Sprinkle the powder around your toilet bowl, let sit for a minute or two, then scrub with a toilet brush.

Trick to dry that toilet brush

We all know it’s gross to stick that brush back into the holder wet. But what’s the solution? Close the seat on top of the brush’s handle so it’s sandwiched and secure, with the brush in position to drip-dry over the toilet bowl. Come back for it later when it’s dry and ready to stash away with much less ick.

You can also add a little mouthwash to the toilet brush holder to help fight germs while the brush is in storage.

Protect TP Rolls

If your toddler or fur baby likes to unroll or shred your toilet paper, you’re not alone. Simply slipping a rubber band around the roll will keep it safe from curious hands and paws.