Dying Careers You May Want to Steer Clear Of

No one has a crystal ball, but we are in a time of great change, and we want our skills to be relevant and needed moving forward. And just as important, we want our kids and grandkids to have happy and fulfilling jobs.  Which brings us to an important question: What jobs are likely to disappear or become obsolete over the next decade or so?

Jobs That Disappeared

If you were a carriage maker in the 1900s, it would be a hard conversation to have with your kids who came home to tell you about this new machine that was invented, the automobile.  You may have said, “It’s a fad. It’s noisy, it breaks down, it goes slow, it gets stuck in the mud and manure, it’s expensive … it will never replace the horse and buggy.”

Can you imagine when people first saw the airplane?  It may have been impossible to think that it would change the way people moved across the ocean.

Or, remember when you saw the first cordless phone, and it looked like a shoe box?  Did you ever think that your trusted home phone could be replaced by a cellphone?

You get the point.  What I want to highlight is that all of these new ways of doing things greatly impacted the jobs and people who worked in these soon-to-be obsolete industries.  Think of all of the farriers (horseshoers) who lost their jobs as the car took over the world of local transportation. Think of the cruise ship owners and workers who were replaced by the advent of air travel.  And we know how the world of the internet exploded the world of personal and business communication. If you are not knowledgeable about computer technology, you may not have a seat at the new worktable.

What Industries Will Become Obsolete in the Future?

I want to put a disclaimer on this list. No one knows for sure which professions will or will not exist or how they will morph into new incantations of themselves.  Here are some that I have been thinking about:

  • Real Estate Agent: The old days of having a person pick out a home for you to tour are swiftly slipping away.  There are so many sites to help you choose the location, school system, amenities, etc. of a new home, that real estate agents are starting to disappear.  As the final stages of where you want to live come closer, you may want the help of a real person, but the fees they charge are coming under pressure as their value diminishes. 
  • Truck/Taxi Driver: Driverless technology is advancing quickly. It’s estimated that roughly 33 million autonomous vehicles will be on the road by 2040.
  • Doctor: This is controversial, because so many people want to be taken care of by a live person.  The pandemic ushered in the transition to telehealth.  I believe that we are about to witness another revolution.  No one doctor has all of the knowledge to diagnose a patient, and they do not have all of the historical data and possible treatments at their fingertips.  As soon as global medical data becomes available, the computer can diagnose, research DNA, and set about a cure for the vast majority of people.  Today, not all medical data is shared.
  • Librarian:  It pains me, but gone will be the days of researching or reading in a library.  The digital library is at everyone’s fingertips.
  • Cashier: In the old days, there had to be a person to check you out, take your money and give you change or charge your credit card.  We are rapidly moving into becoming a cashless society.  Gone will be the need to even learn the life skill of making change; our computers will perform all of the banking needs we have. Amazon, through its Amazon Go brick-and-mortar stores, is experimenting with a new checkout system.  You scan an Amazon Go app at a turnstile when you enter and just exit without checking out when you leave.
  • Delivery Driver/Mail Carrier: As drones get more sophisticated, there will not be a need for humans to deliver packages and mail. Much of your junk mail has already been converted into junk email. Even Social Security has abandoned physical checks, and many utility companies are moving in that direction with their billing, too.
  • Bank Worker: Banks are going to physically downsize, as much of our monetary transactions are done digitally.  Bank branches will begin to close as online banking increases.  Millennials are also using digital solutions for their investing needs. The fin tech world is exploding with new mobile investing devices, as well.  As people become more comfortable with investing digitally, it will mean there will be fewer and fewer live financial advisers and bank personal.
  • Sports Referee/Umpire: Even soccer’s governing body, FIFA is relenting to pressure to introduce more technology into the game with video assistant referees.  Many other sports, such as tennis, also have been using technology to make real-time decisions.
  • Fishers: We have overfished our waters in many places, and global warming is negatively impacting remaining species of fish. If we are to eat fish in the future, it will most likely be farm raised.  The typical fisher will no longer be able to go out and fish.
  • Lawyer/Legal Secretary: Deloitte has indicated that over the next 20 years, 114,000 legal jobs could be automated.  It is similar to the medical profession.  Our digital world can instantaneously provide case history and feed your data into a system to find your legal solutions. The documentation could also be filed electronically.
  • Factory Workers: Automation is already interrupting these professions.  It is estimated that there will be shrinkage of over 204,000 jobs by 2029.
  • Travel Agent: Before the internet, it was really great to talk to a live person who could help you cobble together your whole vacation.  That professional could get you the best hotel and accommodations at the best rates.  Today, there are many easy-to-use websites and apps that can help you research and book every part of your vacation. Employment for travel agents is expected to fall 26% from 2019 to 2029.

Don’t Be Bummed, Be Inspired

My goal was not to depress you if you or your loved ones are in any of these industries.  It is just to get you thinking about the future so that you can be on the forefront of the new world with new job opportunities.

This can make for great dinner conversation with your kids.  Ask them what they see in the future and what jobs will disappear and what others will be created.  Part of being a parent is to help our kids to be resilient to change. 

Remember the words of Albert Einstein; “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

President & CEO, Children’s Financial Network Inc.

Neale Godfrey is a New York Times #1 best-selling author of 27 books, which empower families (and their kids and grandkids) to take charge of their financial lives. Godfrey started her journey with The Chase Manhattan Bank, joining as one of the first female executives, and later became president of The First Women’s Bank and founder of The First Children’s Bank. Neale pioneered the topic of “kids and money,” which took off after her 13 appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” www.nealegodfrey.com

Source: kiplinger.com

27 Motivational Career Podcasts for 2021

Whether you’re currently in the process of looking for a job, transitioning into a new career field, or starting your own business to achieve financial freedom, you can gain inspiration from listening to motivational career podcasts. One major perk of podcasts is how convenient and time-efficient they are, since you can listen to them during your lunch break or commute to work.

Feeling stuck in your career and need some inspiration? Skip ahead to the infographic for career podcasts to spark your creativity, gain useful career tips, and boost your motivation.

Career Podcasts for Millennials

Being a young adult in the career field can be intimidating, especially if you’ve just graduated college or trade school. Here are some resourceful career podcasts for millennials to help you navigate the real world.

1. My Millennial Career

In the My Millennial Career podcast, hosts Emily Bowen and Shelley Johnson explore the world of working life. The podcast covers everything from toxic work culture and negotiating a higher pay, to finding jobs as a new grad and acing interviews. This resourceful and educational podcast is a great listen for young professionals trying to navigate the career world.

Recommended Episode: The Secret to a Winning Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile

2. Advice To My Younger Me

Sara Holtz, the host of Advice To My Younger Me, launched the podcast as a pay-it-forward project to help women and young professionals alike reach their highest potential. In each episode, Sara invites expert guests to discuss topics and provide advice on everything career-related, such as dealing with job loss or networking while working remotely.

Recommended Episode: Becoming the Boss of Your Career

3. The Tim Ferriss Show

As one of the first podcasts to surpass 100 million downloads, The Tim Ferriss Show is without a doubt one of the most popular career and personal development podcasts on the internet. Though Tim covers a wide range of topics in his show, he often shares valuable career and life advice for professionals looking to better themselves. For example, how to cultivate success habits and how to design a better life.

Recommended Episode: Tony Robbins on Morning Routine, Peak Performance, and Mastering Money

4. Millennial Minded

In Millennial Minded, hosts Duncan Lowe and David Blackburn provide listeners with all the information needed to navigate the confusing yet exciting “real world” after college. Each week, Duncan and David sit down with Lee Caraher, the CEO of Millennial Minded, to discuss career topics that most students don’t learn in college, like how to actually land a job.

Recommended Episode: If You’re Interested in Getting the Most Out of Your Job…


5. How I Built This with Guy Raz

How I Built This podcast host Guy Raz talks to influential innovators, entrepreneurs, business owners, and idealists around the world, and dives deep into the story behind the empire or movement they’ve created. Over the years, the podcast has provided listeners with insightful stories behind businesses such as BuzzFeed, Ben & Jerry’s, Airbnb, Bumble, Spanx, and Southwest Airlines. How I Built This is a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to start their own business in the future.

Recommended Episode: Bumble: Whitney Wolfe

6. The GaryVee Audio Experience

The GaryVee Audio Experience podcast is hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. In this podcast, Gary shares everything about entrepreneurship, finding a career path, and how to become the best version of yourself. Apart from sit-down interviews, Gary also includes keynote speeches on marketing and business. For millennials looking to become an entrepreneur or start an alternative career path, consider listening to this podcast for daily inspiration.

Recommended Episode: The #1 Piece of Advice For Entrepreneurs To Achieve Success

7. Millennial

In the Millennial podcast, host Megan Tan explores the transition between college and work in real time, figuring out how to best navigate this confusing period of life. She discusses topics such as finding meaningful work and the pressure of making a high income. Besides her solo episodes, Megan also interviews her coworkers and friends to provide more perspectives on the experience of maneuvering your 20s after college.

Though this podcast is no longer producing new episodes, there are still gems in the archives to check out.

Recommended Episode: What’s Your Worth?

Motivational Career Change Podcasts

Are you currently job hunting or open to new opportunities? Here are some inspirational career change podcasts to help you manage the transition process.

1. The Job Search Boot Camp Show

In the Job Search Boot Camp Show, hosts Angela Loeb and Jay Markunas talk about career-related topics such as interviewing, salary negotiation, resumes, and much more. If you’re currently in the process of job hunting, give this podcast a listen. You’ll receive practical information and insider tips on how to job search more effectively and finally land that dream job.

Recommended Episode: Ready, Aim, Get Hired!

2. Career Relaunch

Career Relaunch is a motivational career podcast that guides you through the ups and downs of the job transition process. Host Joseph Liu has personally navigated through three major occupational changes in his life, and as a career consultant, he has plenty of experience helping others open a new chapter in their work lives.

Recommended Episode: Handling Setbacks with Aaron Leventhal


3. Happen To Your Career

Happen To Your Career is not just another career advice podcast — it’s a motivational podcast that will inspire you to find meaningful and fulfilling work in your life. It aims to transform your perspective on what it means to thrive at work, and to help you unlearn the misconceptions about having a career.

Recommended Episode: Figuring Out Your Perfect Career Match

4. The Meaning Movement

The Meaning Movement is a motivational podcast where host Dan Cumberland encourages you to explore your life passions and find a career path that excites and motivates you. Through the stories of experts and professionals that Dan invites to the podcast, you will find inspirations that will urge you to venture outside your comfort zone and explore the vast possibilities out there.

Recommended Episode: Let Your Intuition Guide You with Rick Snyder

5. Career Warrior Podcast

In Career Warrior, podcast host Chris Villanueva invites job-hunting experts and industry leaders to give advice on how to land your dream job and become the best professional you can be. In the short 10-to-30-minute episodes, Chris covers a wide range of job-related content, including topics relevant to entry-level job seekers as well as high-level executives. No matter which stage of your career you’re in, you can find helpful and inspiring content in the Career Warrior Podcast.

Recommended Episode: How to Build a Career You Love | Emily Moyer

6. Career Talk

Career Talk uses a humorous and playful approach to empower people to take control of their professional lives. In each 15-minute episode, host Stephanie Dennis discusses popular topics such as how to avoid burnout and salary negotiation. For those who are currently in the process of job hunting, Stephanie also provides helpful advice such as how to sell yourself in an interview.

Recommended Episode: How to Make a Career Change/Shift Without Starting Over

7. Repurpose Your Career

In Repurpose Your Career, host Marc Miller invites special guests and experts to explain their processes of making important life decisions and transitioning to a different career path. Since Marc has personally made over five occupation pivots over the course of his life, he provides valuable information in the podcast about how to create actionable plans and transition smoothly to a better career.

Recommended Episode: How to Create Your Career Story So That It Makes Sense

8. The Holistic Career Change Podcast

The Holistic Career Change Podcast is hosted by Vilma Usaite, a certified career coach helping people make smoother career transitions and find their dream jobs. In this podcast, Vilma not only provides advice on how to overcome hurdles and challenges in the career change process, but also dives deep into personal development-related topics such as discovering your true purpose in life.

Recommended Episode: Stages of Career Change

Inspirational Female Career Podcasts

Learn from influential businesswomen by listening to their stories and journeys to success. Here are seven female career podcasts you can gain inspiration from.

1. The Marie Forleo Podcast

Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author who also hosts a popular podcast that explores everything career, business, and personal development. In this show, Marie and her guests share actionable tips and strategies to help women around the world become the best version of themselves, including valuable advice on growing personal wealth, building a business, overcoming fear, and finding your true passion in life.

Recommended Episode: Want to Start a Business? How to Finally Make It Happen

2. Being Boss

If you’re feeling a bit stuck in your career and need motivation, Being Boss is the motivational podcast you need to cheer you up. In this podcast, host Emily Thompson invites many inspirational female entrepreneurs to share their stories and how they’ve built successful businesses. Through these interviews, you can gain inspiration for your own business ideas and discover new ways to build steady income streams.

Recommended Episode: 7 Habits of a Successful CEO

3. The Classy Career Girl Podcast

Hosted by Anna Runyan, the Classy Career Girl Podcast aims to help ambitious women and entrepreneurs achieve their business goals and do what they love. In this podcast, you can find a variety of training sessions, expert interviews, inspirational stories about entrepreneurship, and plenty of helpful advice. If you’re looking for career tips and inspiration from like-minded female entrepreneurs, this podcast is for you.

Recommended Episode: 3 Phases of Your Career and How to Succeed in Each Phase


4. Not Wonder Woman

Not Wonder Woman is a podcast where hosts Cyran and Mel give tips on how to become a successful businesswoman without needing superpowers. In one episode, Cyran and Mel explore the idea of juggling motherhood and a career, a dilemma many women face today. Through hearing other women’s relatable experiences in entrepreneurship and business, you can gain confidence and the motivation to advance your career.

Recommended Episode: How to Network; for Women Who Hate Networking

5. Side Hustle Pro

Nicaila Matthews Okome, host of Side Hustle Pro, is a side hustler who was eventually able to quit her 9-to-5 job and make a full-time income with her own business. In her podcast, she shares her personal entrepreneurial journey to inspire women like her to start their own side hustles and strive for the same level of success. Nicaila also invites other successful female entrepreneurs to contribute fresh perspectives on career and business topics.

Recommended Episode: No More Excuses, It’s Time to Act on Your Side Hustle Idea

6. The Goal Digger Podcast

Goal Digger adopts a new way of engaging with listeners by offering a live workshop-style podcast where listeners can follow along and actually take action to advance their careers. Podcast host Jenna Kutcher has a passion for encouraging women to chase after their dreams. She often shares actionable tips on how to manage online businesses, achieve financial freedom, and overcome limiting beliefs.

Recommended Episode: A Lesson in Unapologetic Decisions for Empowered Women

7. The Clever Girls Know Podcast

Looking to advance your career and build real financial wealth? The Clever Girls Know Podcast will teach you everything you need to know about leveling up your professional life and personal finances. In many episodes, host Bola Sokunbi interviews women in different fields about how they were able to pay off debt quickly while working a normal full-time job. Through these interviews, you can gain knowledge about ways to overcome financial obstacles and move one step closer to financial freedom.

Recommended Episode: How Losing Her Job Became the Catalyst for an Incredible Business with Marianne Ladapo

Informative Tech Career Podcasts

Planning to start a career in tech? Check out these tech podcasts to stay updated on all the industry news and gain knowledge about what your future job might entail.

1. CodeNewbie

This tech career podcast is suitable for those who are interested in coding and web development but don’t know exactly where to start. CodeNewbie features a variety of tech-related topics, but is mostly centered around interviews with successful coders and tech professionals. In each episode, you get to hear stories about how different experts established their professions in the tech and web development industry.

Recommended Episode: How to Not Let Imposter Syndrome Hold You Back

2. Breaking Into Startups

Breaking Into Startups is an inspirational podcast where each guest on the show shares powerful stories about how they successfully switched careers and broke into the tech industry. Past guests include Alexis Ohanian, Dan Rosensweig, and Gary Vaynerchuk. If you’re looking into switching to a career in tech or upskill in your current career, you can find plenty of inspiration and tactical advice to help you begin this transition.

Recommended Episode: Iris Nevins: Teacher Who Became a Software Engineer at Mailchimp


3. Developer Tea

Developer Tea is hosted by Jonathan Cutrell, who is also the director of engineering at PBS. In this podcast, listeners who are interested in engineering and development can learn about how to improve their technical competency as well as interpersonal skills.

Recommended Episode: 4 Things You Have to Leave Behind as a Beginning Engineer

4. Front End Happy Hour

Interested in working in front-end development? This podcast is for you. Front End Happy Hour features a panel of software engineers from renowned businesses such as Twitch and Netflix. In each episode, panelists explore topics about all things front-end development. If you’re currently in the process of upskilling yourself for a career in this particular field, Front End Happy Hour can be a great educational resource for you.

Recommended Episode: Career Growth – Beers and Careers

5. Ladybug Podcast

In a male-dominated industry like tech, it’s rare to have a woman’s perspective in the podcast space. The Ladybug Podcast is here to change that. Hosts Kelly, Ali, Emma, and Sidney are seasoned software developers who decided to start a podcast to represent women in tech. On the show, they talk about all things software development, including how to start coding and how to land your first developer job.

Recommended Episode: So You’ve Got a Job Offer, Now What?

Podcasts are a great way to absorb new information in accessible, bite-sized chunks, which is perfect for those who have busy schedules. No matter which field or circumstance you’re in, there is a career podcast out there for you. Don’t have a degree but want to achieve financial success? Podcasts such as The Tim Ferris Show and The GaryVee Audio Experience will motivate you to achieve your goals in unconventional and creative ways.

After listening to resourceful career tips and inspirational stories from entrepreneurs and business professionals, begin your own success journey by first learning how to manage money with the Mint app today. Having a stable financial life not only gives you a sense of security but will also make your career and entrepreneurial efforts much less stressful.


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