The Cheapest Neighborhoods in New Orleans for Renters in 2022

The French Quarter is great and all, but these neighborhoods won’t break the bank.

New Orleans is an exciting place to live. A major tourist destination, you can probably guess which neighborhood is the most expensive — but where are the cheapest neighborhoods in New Orleans and what makes them special?

Check out the cheapest neighborhoods and apartments in New Orleans.

What is the average rent in New Orleans?

The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in New Orleans is $2,311.

The 10 most affordable neighborhoods in New Orleans

Gorgeous and varying styles of architecture, rich culture and location are all major amenities of NOLA’s least expensive neighborhoods.

Though a few of these neighborhoods are completely new to non-residents, the neighborhoods below are some of the most distinct and historical in the city.

10. Medical District

Medical District

Medical District

  • Average 2-BR rent: $2,861
  • Rent change since 2021: +0.06%

The Medical District is in the heart of NOLA. Galleries and museums are a short distance away for culture-lovers, and some of the best restaurants in town are in this neighborhood.

The Medical District is where the Tulane University Medical School, School of Public Health and Louisiana State University are all located. There are various other medical institutions in the neighborhood, too, making it ideal for medical students, staff and professionals.

The Medical District has condos and high rises, but gorgeous brick buildings, as well. Many have beautiful detailing and quirky features that give the area a refreshing personality.

Lured by the fantastic location, you’ll find more than those who work in the medical industry in the area, however. Located within walking distance of the French Quarter, Superdome and Smoothie King Center, apartments in the Medical District are near the best nightlife and events.

9. Central Business District

Central Business District, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in New Orleans.

Central Business District, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in New Orleans.

  • Average 2-BR rent: $2,848
  • Rent change since 2021: -0.58%

Central Business District is the city’s “Downtown,” as this is the area where glass skyscrapers and office buildings are. That being said, the Central Business District (CBD) does have its share of architecture from the 19th century that’s well-preserved.

There are endless options for entertainment in CBD, matching the energetic and exciting vibe of the neighborhood. For kids, the Louisiana Children’s Museum and the Audubon Insectarium are instant favorites. Adults can enjoy Broadway shows and concerts hosted at the Saenger, while Orpheum provides more innovative and unique performances.

If there’s one thing it’s impossible to do in the Central Business District, it’s to eat at every restaurant. Foodies might give it a try, but the sheer amount of delicious eateries on one block is staggering.

Perfect for high-energy families, professionals and kids, Central Business District apartments are close to everything you need.

8. Faubourg Lafayette

Faubourg Lafayette

Faubourg Lafayette

  • Average 2-BR rent: $2,592
  • Rent change since 2021: N/A

If you’re looking for an up-and-coming neighborhood with tons of amenities, look no further. Centrally located, Faubourg Lafayette connects to some of the most popular neighborhoods, has accessible public transit and is only a 10-minute walk to the Superdome.

One of the great African American neighborhoods in the city, the Ashe Cultural Arts Center is a great place to learn about the arts of the African diaspora. Along St. Charles Avenue, you’ll find some of the most delicious Mexican, Southern and seafood dishes.

Non-profits and cultural arts are revitalizing the neighborhood, drawing young professionals and families to its lively streets. With all the interest and development this neighborhood is quickly becoming one of the hippest places to live in the area, but for now, apartments in Faubourg Lafayette are still some of the most affordable.

7. Central City

Central City, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in New Orleans.

Central City, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in New Orleans.

  • Average 2-BR rent: $2,592
  • Rent change since 2021: N/A

Located smack in the middle of the Central Business District and Garden Districts, when you live in Central City, you can do just about everything on foot.

The neighborhood is a hodgepodge of architecture, though seemingly odd is actually Central City’s rich history on full display. You’ll find shotgun homes — built for an influx of migrant workers — in every direction, architectural gems next to vacant lots and 20th-century apartments in Central City.

Oretha Castle Haley Blvd is a major area of the neighborhood and is where the Central City Festival takes place. It also has some of the best restaurants and cafés to visit, not to mention the art centers and museums. As more investment returns into the neighborhood, the growth will continue to attract new people.

It’s no surprise if you haven’t heard of Central City — many tourists haven’t — but that hasn’t stopped this neighborhood, and the interest in it, from continuing to thrive.

6. Lower Garden District

Lower Garden District

Lower Garden District

  • Average 2-BR rent: $2,485
  • Rent change since 2021: +1.91%

Famous for Magazine Street, the Lower Garden District is known for having a million things to do. Whether you’re hanging out at the trendiest new bar or taking in an art exhibit, the options are endless.

Despite the number of boutiques, restaurants and shops located in the Lower Garden District, it’s a neighborhood above all else. This historic area is an eclectic community that features some of the best architecture New Orleans has to offer. From mansions to condos and townhouses, there’s something for families, professionals, couples and everyone else.

Lower Garden District is also great if you love the outdoors. Coliseum Square, a park known for its beautifully preserved and vast amount of green space, is at the center of the city.

A neighborhood that’s full of culture, interesting neighbors and spellbinding old streets, architectural gems aren’t the only thing you’re sure to find here.

5. Mid-City

Mid-City, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in New Orleans.

Mid-City, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in New Orleans.

  • Average 2-BR rent: $2,254
  • Rent change since 2021: -5.03%

Not only is Mid-City one of the cheapest neighborhoods in New Orleans, but it’s also one of the coolest, too. Without as many tourist attractions as other areas, Mid-City’s economic livelihood relies heavily on local clientele, giving the neighborhood a unique identity.

Mid-City, once the swampy back part of town, now attracts younger people with its diversity, an array of bars and restaurants and quirky local feel. Residents live in historic homes, many of which still have cypress cabinetry and other original architectural features.

Public transit goes throughout the neighborhood, connecting to Uptown and Gentilly, as well as the Canal Street streetcar. Centrally located, when you live in Mid-City, you’re only 10–15 minutes away from everything in New Orleans.

With quick access to outdoor recreational spaces and major commercial corridors that attract residents throughout the city, apartments in Mid-City provide a fusion of spacious Uptown living and the urban vibes of downtown.

4. Fairgrounds

The Esplanade at City Park

The Esplanade at City Park

  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,831
  • Rent change since 2021: +3.6%

Fairgrounds is famous to tourists for the Fair Grounds Race Course — the namesake of the neighborhood — and the New Orleans Jazz Festival, but only true NOLA locals know how much it has to offer.

Predominantly a residential neighborhood, Fairgrounds oozes with the laid-back NOLA charm its long been known for, yet, surprisingly, bursts with life. Residents living in Fairgrounds apartments enjoy easy access to City Park and the New Orleans Museum of Art, as well as a central location within the city.

Bordered by the waterway, Bayou St. John, residents have access to a variety of outdoor activities along the bayou, as well as many local bars, restaurants and boutiques to explore. Designed for travel, the neighborhood’s streets are pedestrian- and biker-friendly, making a day out in the neighborhood fun and easy.

As one of the cheapest places to live in New Orleans, you’ll get much more from this area than you imagined.

3. Gert Town

Gert Town, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in New Orleans.

Gert Town, one of the cheapest neighborhoods in New Orleans.

  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,788
  • Rent change since 2021: -1.11%

Often overlooked, Gert Town is a diverse slice of New Orleans quietly tucked away near the heart of the city. A blend of urban and academia, Gert Town is home to the sprawling campus of Xavier University and the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant. As more and more people have found their way to one of the most affordable neighborhoods in New Orleans, the secret has gotten out.

The neighborhood is now going through its own Renaissance of sorts, with developers adding new retailers, homes and apartments in Gert Town. The old Blue Plate building is now filled with artist lofts, and specialty businesses — including a craft brewery, wine shop and chocolatier that now call Gert Town home.

In addition to the converted industrial buildings and new shopping, renters get to enjoy some of the most delicious and diverse bakeries and restaurants, too. As the community continues to steadily redevelop and reengage the community, Gert Town’s hidden treasures will soon be city favorites.

2. Algiers



  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,292
  • Rent change since 2021: +1.31%

Algiers is a tight-knit community with a suburban feel — perfect for those who enjoy a slower pace and knowing their neighbors’ names. Sitting on the Mississippi River’s West Bank, this historical neighborhood is the second oldest in the city and one of the cheapest neighborhoods in New Orleans.

Residents enjoy walking or biking the levee paths and taking in the gorgeous sunsets along the river, but residents can also head to the Lakewood Golf Course or Park Timbers for tennis.

While walkability isn’t its strong suit, renters living in Algiers have larger apartments and yards, stylish architecture and are only a ferry ride from the French Quarter, where all the action in the city takes place. Thanks to strong interest, the neighborhood is developing quickly with restaurants, cafés, bars and grocery stores popping up.

One of the cheapest neighborhoods in New Orleans, apartments in Algiers offer similar amenities and quality of living found in Uptown but with an unmatched community appeal.

1. Old Aurora

Old Aurora, the cheapest neighborhood in New Orleans.

Old Aurora, the cheapest neighborhood in New Orleans.

Source: Isle Apartments
  • Average 2-BR rent: $1,292
  • Rent change since 2021: +1.31%

There’s getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and then there’s Old Aurora. Tucked further inland on the other side of the Mississippi River, Old Aurora is not the fastest commute to the French Quarter’s nightlife, but the residents that call this neighborhood home like it that way.

It’s easy to forget you’re in the Big Easy when you walk Old Aurora. With streets lined with oak trees, friendly neighbors and the distinct sound of quiet, the neighbors love it for its residential feel, diverse population, good schools and safety. Old Aurora is ideal for retirees, couples and raising kids.

Compared to other neighborhoods, apartments in Old Aurora are more spacious and come with a smaller price tag. Along with some of the most affordable rent prices, you’ll also have brilliant views of NOLA’s skyline and river-front shopping, outdoor activities and nightlife.

The most expensive neighborhood in New Orleans

NOLA’s crown jewel, the French Quarter, is world-famous for intoxicating tourists with its alluring charm and picturesque streets. For residents living in the center of the action, however, the French Quarter is about convenience.

Bourbon Street is iconic for its music venues, bars and nightlife in general. It’s also home to elite fine dining establishments that keep tourists packing the neighborhood’s streets.

The rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the French Quarter is $3,242 with a 5.91 percent increase in rent over the past year.

If you’ve fallen in love with this neighborhood and want to live here, finding parking may drive you crazy, but you can reach some pretty amazing places by foot or bike.

Find an affordable neighborhood for your next apartment

Affordable, stylish apartments for rent in New Orleans are easy to find once you know where to look. The cheapest neighborhoods in New Orleans offer great amenities, walkability and history that only add to the city’s already welcoming atmosphere.

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