• Sara Hayat scoured industry sources near and far to find a fill that would give the Bevel a bit of bounce while ensuring its cushions would retain their pebble-like shape. Indeed, each velvet-upholstered seat cradles a person perfectly. As it should: It takes the team about a month to hand-stitch this low-slung belted beauty. $28,495

  • Minotti who passed away in August, played with the idea of balance in the Solid Steel coffee table, despite the heavy-metal inference of its moniker. Party-ready glossy and mirrored finishes belie the architectural geometry of the streamlined, staggered slabs. Even with its fashion-forward feel (or backward: the materials reference 1970s glamour), it evokes an unflinchingly Bauhaus sensibility. Price upon request

  • Astraeus Clarke found inspiration in N.Y.C. The Roebling table lamp takes its form, albeit loosely, from the Brooklyn Bridge and its name from the bridge’s engineers, John A. Roebling and his wife, Emma. The lamp’s deep-green marble pillars support a gable-shaped top that hides the light source. But there’s a twist: That top segment pivots 360 degrees, allowing the user to direct illumination as needed. $12,500

  • New Ravenna. Duo, a waterjet mosaic, features boxy, mustard-toned cross-stitches that punctuate a large, dark grid over elegant marble with green veining. The coastal Virginia–based company replicates the texture of stone that has been well-worn by salt air, ensuring your kitchen, bath, or patio looks suitably lived-in. $229 per square foot

  • Source: robbreport.com

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    Every item on this page was chosen by a Woman’s Day editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.


    Best for Floating Flowers

    Webelkart Diya Shape Urli Bowl


    Best for Floating Flowers

    Webelkart Diya Shape Urli Bowl

    Credit: Webelkart

    This special bowl can hold floating flowers and candles. You’ll appreciate the intricate detail on its metallic finish. Just fill it with water and artificial or real flowers with no stems. You can also use it for scented potpourri.


    Most Festive Rangoli

    Itiha Indian Rangoli Floor & Table Decoration


    Most Festive Rangoli

    Itiha Indian Rangoli Floor & Table Decoration

    Credit: Itiha

    This gorgeous rangoli is a great addition to tabletops. You can also lay it on the floor. Handcrafted by Indian artisans, you can use this to hold one candle at a time.


    Best Diwali Door Decorations

    Diwali Peacock Porch Banner


    Best Diwali Door Decorations

    Diwali Peacock Porch Banner

    During Diwali, people might also decorate with peacocks due to their bright colors. This intricate door decor — which is made of polyester so it won’t wrinkle — will impress your neighbors.

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    Best Budget Diwali Decoration

    Diwali Backdrop


    Best Budget Diwali Decoration

    Diwali Backdrop

    Credit: TENCOW

    Hang this on any wall in your house for your Diwali party. The bold banner can also serve as a beautiful backdrop for a party photo booth. It features festive images of diyas, rangolis, and candles to boot.


    Best Diwali Photo Booth Props

    Duormal Diwali Photo Booth Props


    Best Diwali Photo Booth Props

    Duormal Diwali Photo Booth Props

    Credit: Duormal

    Who doesn’t love a good photo opp? This 16-piece kit comes with some fun adornments for your photo booth. With signs that say Happy Diwali, Festival of Light, and Warm Diwali Wishes, you can spread joy and awareness of the event. In true photo booth style, you’ll also get fun glasses, lips, mustaches, and more to complete your shot.

    RELATED: 40 Fun Diwali Captions to Celebrate the Holiday


    Best Diwali Centerpieces

    Diwali Honeycomb Table Centerpieces


    Best Diwali Centerpieces

    Diwali Honeycomb Table Centerpieces

    Credit: Know Me

    These fabulous Diwali decorations can adorn your tables and other surfaces with bright colors and fun images. This 9-piece set comes flat, but easily opens up into 3D centerpieces. And the best part is, you can reuse them year after year.

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    Best Diwali Decorative Table Runner

    Linen Diwali Table Runner


    Best Diwali Decorative Table Runner

    Linen Diwali Table Runner

    Credit: Jiudungs

    Tablecloths are often either too formal or a little corny, depending on the design. To elevate your table for Diwali and keep things chic yet festive, a table runner is the perfect solution. This one in a lovely purple and gold color scheme will truly dazzle in any party space.


    Best Fill-in Rangoli Template

    Aditri Creation Designer Rangoli Mat


    Best Fill-in Rangoli Template

    Aditri Creation Designer Rangoli Mat

    Don’t let the simplicity of this rangoli template fool you. When you pair it with colorful rangoli powder, it’ll be a lovely addition to tabletops. If you don’t want to make a mess of the powder, you can also paint it beautifully!


    Personalized Diwali Decor

    Personalization Mall Diwali Personalized Round Plate


    Personalized Diwali Decor

    Personalization Mall Diwali Personalized Round Plate

    Now 30% Off

    Credit: Personalization Mall

    Hosting a dinner party or having people over for some delicious treats? A personalized plate can be a great addition to your tablescape. This round plate features a diya. Simply customize with your family name to make it your own.

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    Best Large Diwali Banner

    Diwali Banner for Fence


    Best Large Diwali Banner

    Diwali Banner for Fence

    Credit: FARMNALL

    If you have the space, let your neighbors know you celebrate Diwali with this 8-foot long sign. Display it on your fence or garage. Made of durable fabric, it can withstand wind and snow and won’t fade or wrinkle, so you can use it for years to come.


    Best Happy Diwali Outdoor Decor

    Diwali Yard Signs


    Best Happy Diwali Outdoor Decor

    Diwali Yard Signs

    Credit: ADXCO

    By now, you’ve likely seen graduation, baby shower, and birthday yard signs on your neighbor’s lawns. For Diwali, you can do the same! Share your Diwali pride with your community by staking these fun Diwali decorations outside. The set comes with 11 different pieces that scream Happy Diwali.


    Colorful Marigold Garland for Mantle

    LoveNTouch Handicraft Marigold Jasmine Toran Garland


    Colorful Marigold Garland for Mantle

    LoveNTouch Handicraft Marigold Jasmine Toran Garland

    Credit: LoveNSpire

    With this kit, you’ll get five feet of sweet artificial marigold garland to display over mantles, bookcases, or doorways. Choose from three different color combinations of orange, pink, and yellow.

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    Best Rangoli Stencil Set

    Rangoli Stencils


    Best Rangoli Stencil Set

    Rangoli Stencils

    Use these rangoli stencils to easily create your own beautiful rangoli designs at home. Get the whole family involved for a fun and inexpensive Diwali activity!


    DIY Sand Art Decor

    A Kailo Chic Life

    During Diwali, you will undoubtedly have candles all over your home. While you can use your standard candle holders, you may want to add some fun for the holiday by making these lovely (and easy!) sand art holders.

    Get the Sand Art Decor tutorial at A Kailo Chic Life.



    DIY Dancing Ribbon Rings

    Buggy and Buddy

    One of the simplest crafts we’ve seen to date, these dancing ribbon rings can be made with your favorite hues. Since Diwali is marked by bold colors, select several colors to tie around wood rings. You can then hang these rings around the house or let kids craft and play with them during your Diwali party.

    Get the Dancing Ribbon Ring tutorial at Buggy and Buddy.


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    DIY Tissue Tassel Garland Cake Topper

    See Vanessa Craft

    We love the idea of using this DIY garland cake topper for your dessert table. If you’re serving a cake or pie, consider hanging it on top to give your table that extra added color that Diwali calls for. And the best part is, it’s easy to make and requires only a few materials.

    Get the Tissue Tassel Garland Cake Topper tutorial at See Vanessa Craft.


    Ysolt Usigan is a lifestyle writer and editor with 15+ years of experience working in digital media. She has created share-worthy content for publishers Shape, What To Expect, Cafe Mom, TODAY, CBS News, HuffPo, The Bump, Health, Ask Men, and Best Gifts. A working mom of two, her editorial expertise in parenting, shopping, and home are rooted in her everyday life. 

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    Apache is functioning normally

    Apache is functioning normally

    The Halloween spirit began to possess Goodwill Southern California back in August.

    In Lincoln Heights, a creepy doll with blood-red tears and a stuffed animal in a Grim Reaper cloak posed amongst the seasonal tchotchkes. At the regional flagship store in Glassell Park, a witch and a flapper were amongst the mannequins dressed in their Halloween party finest to welcome shoppers.

    “Halloween is like Christmas for us,” says Marla Eby, director of marketing and media relations for Goodwill Southern California, which covers Los Angeles County north of Rosecrans, as well as Riverside and San Bernardino counties.


    While seasonal items might pop up at one of the 80+ stores in Goodwill Southern California’s territory throughout the year, staffers often save Halloween donations for the two months leading up to the holiday. It’s a popular spot for costume shopping; in fact, that’s the focus of Goodwill Southern California’s September and October lookbooks. But like most thrift, vintage and antique shops, it’s also a great place to source decorations. As we toured the Glassell Park facility, I spotted a small chandelier, a smattering of goblets and an ornate mirror amongst the Halloween merchandise.

    There are a lot of benefits to shopping secondhand for Halloween decorations. Choosing a pre-owned item over something new is an environmentally friendly option since you’re extending the lifespan of a good and potentially saving it from a landfill. Depending on when, where and how you shop, it can be easier on your wallet, too. But perhaps the most attractive benefit of shopping secondhand is the knowledge that you’ll find something far more interesting than the seasonal products at big box stores.

    “They’re a statement piece,” says Chuck Garcera, who co-owns King Richard’s Antique Center in Whittier. “It’s exciting because it’s broken-in. It’s got some character.”

    At King Richard’s, where more than 140 dealers occupy 302 spaces in the four-story complex, the Halloween season starts around mid-September. However, some vendors, like Creep & Kitsch, located downstairs from the main floor, offer spooky items all year. On a trip to King Richard’s in August, I came across potential Halloween decorations throughout the market, including a Wigglin’ Hand, a painting of a skull surrounded by candles and even a prop electric chair.

    But shopping secondhand for Halloween can be tricky. If this is your favorite holiday, you might be on the lookout for themed goods all year. If not, know that you should start your shopping early. “Now is the time to shop because I promise, the closer it gets to Halloween, the more treasure hunting you have to do,” says Eby.

    If you’re working with a small budget, Goodwill Southern California has a plenty of affordable options, including monthly coupons for those who sign up to their email list and discounts for military, seniors and students. They also have color tag sales. When you’re shopping, you’ll probably notice that the tags are coded in various colors. Each week, one of those colors is half-off. On Thursdays, a designated color tag will be sold for $1.99. “It’s a really great way to save,” says Eby.

    This is also a good option for those who like to reimagine secondhand items for Halloween. Eby points to a recent social media trend where people paint spooky images on existing artwork. You can find base pieces for these projects amongst the home decor at Goodwill.

    For those with a larger budget or who want items that can hang around the house long after October 31, vintage and antique shops might be the best option. Your choices here aren’t just the ones that scream Halloween. Vintage horror movie posters and memorabilia, memento mori and home items with a Victorian look are just a few things that can take you through the spooky season and beyond.

    Wherever you shop, look beyond the designated Halloween displays. Pick up horror movies on VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray to play in the background at parties. Seek worn books, particularly ones with creepy cover illustrations, that can be used as coffee table decorations. Thrift clothes and accessories to outfit any prop witches and creatures you might be building. Look for old dolls and toys to reappropriate as Halloween decorations. Sift through photographs, film slides and postcards, which can be used in a variety of different projects.

    Whether you are thrifting or antiquing, you should use the same plan. Note the best shopping options in your area, including both brick-and-mortar stores and events like flea markets. Make time to shop and break up the excursions over a period of weeks if that’s easiest on your schedule.

    Be sure to shop with an open mind. You never know what you’ll find inside a thrift store or an antique shop. The most important advice, though, is to be prepared to buy what you love when you see it.

    Says Garcera, “It’s like we tell customers, if you see something at an antique store, you better buy it now. It might not be there tomorrow.”

    Source: sandiegouniontribune.com

    Apache is functioning normally

    Apache is functioning normally

    Witness the pinnacle of opulence, ingenuity, and artistic brilliance as Kohler, the global frontrunner in kitchen and bath solutions, introduces its highly anticipated third Experience Centre in India on August 11. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Bengaluru, at Trinity Circle on MG Road, the Kohler Experience Centre (KEC) sprawls across an expansive 10,000 sq. ft, promising an unparalleled wellspring of inspiration for elevating bath space decor, where luxury transcends boundaries. Serving as a haven of immersive encounters, the KEC beckons architects, designers, and consumers alike to engage with products, exchange creative ideas, and embark on personalized ventures imbued with their unique aesthetic sensibilities.

    David Kohler, Chair and CEO of Kohler Co, expressed, “KEC Bengaluru marks the third installment in India and the thirteenth globally, underscoring our unwavering dedication to providing extraordinary experiences for our esteemed customers in India. As we celebrate our 150th anniversary, we remain committed to serving our customers through targeted investments, robust distribution, and the offering of distinctive products tailored for India. We eagerly anticipate welcoming the creative community to explore and draw inspiration from the boundless possibilities of transforming their spaces into havens of style, functionality, and unparalleled quality.

    Salil Sadanandan, President of K&B South Asia and Asia Pacific at Kohler, further elaborated, “At the Kohler Experience Centre, innovation, design, and craftsmanship converge to craft a unique encounter. We are confident that this new space will become a realm of luxurious indulgence and synonymous with refined living. It will empower our consumers to explore an array of cutting-edge solutions for bath spaces, meticulously customized to resonate with their design preferences.

    The KEC bears exceptional significance as it breathes life into Kohler’s 150th-anniversary celebrations under the theme of “Come All Creators.” Beyond showcasing captivating creations from artistic collaborations with talents spanning India, the USA, Brazil, and China, the center features five inspirational suites envisioned by renowned Indian and international architects: Talati and Partners LLP, DSP Design associates, Miaja Design Group, Fab Designs, and Venkataramanan Associates. These suites are meticulously conceived to display the limitless possibilities in luxury bathrooms, each presenting Kohler’s finest products within a distinctive thematic context.

    Vishal Chadha, Managing Director of K&B for India and South Asia at Kohler, enthused, “We are genuinely thrilled to unveil the doors to this distinctive space, where Art, Technology, and premium bath products harmoniously merge. Through the Experience Centre, our vision is to inspire consumers and empower them to transform their dreams into reality.

    The Bengaluru-based KEC proudly showcases a series of artist-edition sinks, reflecting Kohler’s dedication to collaborating with artists and infusing artistry into their products. These handcrafted decorative sinks transcend mere aesthetic appeal; they are meticulously crafted from premium materials and draw inspiration from cultures and heritage across the globe, rendering them as distinct as their homeowners. Notable mentions include “Aranya” and “Quila” by Pushpa Kumari and Padma Shri Jai Prakash, respectively, showcasing Mithila and Miniature painting styles, leaving an indelible mark at the forefront of KEC Bengaluru.

    Embodying Kohler’s rich legacy in colors, the KEC radiates a harmonious blend of India-inspired hues, such as Thunder Grey evoking the monsoon’s spirit, Peacock reminiscent of India’s national bird, and Indigo capturing the essence of natural dyes. Global finishes like Rose Gold and Matte Black enhance the allure of the KEC, bearing testament to the brand’s color-centric heritage since 1927. These finishes serve to enrich bath spaces while fostering a sense of unity and delight.

    The Experience Centre stands as a treasury of live, fully functional displays showcasing an array of showers and Intelligent toilets, alongside a selection of the most innovative, design-forward products sourced both globally and regionally. Among the highlights is the Statement showering system, which redefines indulgence through its opulent spray functions, creating immersive environments for rinsing, massaging, and rejuvenating. The Anthem digital controls offer preconfigured hydrotherapy journeys that introduce new dimensions of wellness to daily routines. Additionally, the live area boasts an exquisite collection of bathtubs in diverse shapes and sizes, harnessing the power of water to calm the mind, refresh the body, and revitalize the spirit.


    Source: indianretailer.com

    Apache is functioning normally

    Apache is functioning normally

    Looking for jobs where you work alone? If you’re an introvert or simply want minimal human interaction, here are 40 ideas.

    Looking for the best jobs where you work alone? If you’re an introvert or simply want minimal human interaction, here are 40 ideas.

    With there being so many different types of jobs out there nowadays, more and more people are looking for jobs where they can be by themselves, away from the busy office or customers. They find comfort in jobs where they can do tasks on their own, letting them really concentrate and do well in what they do best.

    For me, I have worked mostly alone for over a decade now, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I enjoy the flexibility of working on my own and having less stress.

    Jobs that let you work this way are usually appealing to introverted individuals, those who like a calmer setting, or people who just work better with more independence.

    Knowing which jobs let you work alone is really important for those who want to find the right mix of being on their own and getting things done well.

    Top Jobs Where You Work Alone

    There are 40 jobs where you can work alone listed below. If you want to skip the list, here are some jobs that you may want to start learning more about first:

    Benefits of Jobs Where You Work Alone

    More and more people are looking for jobs where they can work alone, and I get it! I have been working mostly alone for over a decade and I really love it.

    After all, a person spends so much of their time working, so you might as well like what you’re doing. If you’re an introvert, or if you like working by yourself, there are jobs where you can do just that.

    Some of the positives of working alone include:

    • Less stress if you’re an introvert – If you’re an introvert, then you may feel stress when working with other people, such as coworkers and customers.
    • Getting more stuff done in less time – Working alone may mean that you can complete your tasks faster because there are fewer distractions.
    • Having a more flexible schedule – Some jobs where you work on your own sometimes let you choose when you want to work, as long as you get the work done.

    If you’re looking for jobs where you work alone, think about what you’re good at and what you enjoy (and also think about what you don’t like!).

    40 Jobs Where You Work Alone

    Below are 40 jobs where you can work on your own. The jobs below range from earning a part-time to a full-time income too.

    1. Proofreader

    Proofreaders check and edit written content for errors and inconsistencies, and this job requires strong attention to detail and excellent grammar skills.

    If you’re good at paying close attention to details, then proofreading could be an ideal work-alone job for you.

    Authors, website owners, and students often hire proofreaders to improve their work. There’s a high demand for proofreaders, and you can find jobs through many different platforms.

    Even the most skilled writers can make mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. That’s why hiring a proofreader can be very helpful for pretty much anyone and everyone.

    If you want to find online proofreading jobs, I recommend joining this free 76-minute workshop focused on proofreading. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to begin your own freelance proofreading business.

    Recommended reading: 20 Best Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginners (Earn $40,000+ A Year).

    2. Virtual Assistant

    One of my first side jobs was as a virtual assistant and it was a fun and flexible way to earn income. While you do have a boss when you are a VA, a lot of the tasks that you do will require you to take charge and complete them by yourself in your own home.

    A virtual assistant is someone who helps people with office tasks from a distance. This could be from your home or while you’re traveling. It might include things like replying to emails, setting up appointments, and managing social media accounts.

    This job can pay you more than $50,000 each year.

    If you want to find part-time or full-time virtual assistant jobs, I recommend joining the free workshop called “5 Steps To Become a Virtual Assistant“.

    Recommended reading: Best Ways To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

    3. Bookkeeper

    Bookkeepers are people who keep track of all the money-related things for businesses such as writing down sales, keeping a record of expenses, and making financial reports.

    This is a job where you can work alone and a typical salary is $40,000+ each year. Plus, you’ll mainly be dealing with numbers and not people.

    You can join the free workshop that focuses on finding virtual bookkeeping jobs and how to begin your own freelance bookkeeping business by signing up for free here.

    Recommended reading: How To Find Online Bookkeeping Jobs

    4. Blogger

    Blogging is a great way to make money while working on your own. It’s one of the reasons I really enjoy it, haha! I get to work by myself, for myself, and I can pick the projects I want to work on.

    As a blogger, you write content for others to read online. You get to choose what you want to write about as well as how you want to make money blogging because there are so many different options (like affiliate marketing or displaying ads).

    You can begin a successful blog about a specific topic like finance, travel, lifestyle, family, and many others.

    Blogging is my main source of income, and it has completely transformed my life. I have the freedom to travel whenever I want, set my schedule, and be my boss.

    Since I began Making Sense of Cents, I’ve made more than $5,000,000 from my blog. I earned this money by working with companies through sponsored partnerships, affiliate marketing, display ads, and selling online courses.

    Learn more at How To Start A Blog FREE Course.

    5. Delivery Driver

    Delivery drivers pick up and drop off packages. And, they get to work by themself most of the time as they are in the vehicle alone.

    A delivery driver may drive a car, truck, or even a bike, depending on the company they work for. They don’t usually have a boss watching them all day nor have to deal with very many customers for long periods.

    6. Book Reviewer

    Book reviewers read books and share their thoughts in book reviews.

    There are websites where you can get paid for sharing your thoughts about books and you may earn money through PayPal or a bank transfer, and sometimes you get to keep the book you reviewed.

    They don’t just want positive reviews either, they want to know what you really think! You see, authors and publishers like to send out free copies of their books so that they can get honest opinions. Just like us, they know it’s helpful to read reviews before deciding if a book is worth the time.

    Some sites that pay for book reviews include Online Book Club, Kirkus Media, and BookBrowse.

    Recommended reading: 7 Best Ways To Get Paid To Read Books

    7. Deliver RVs or Cars

    You can earn money by traveling across the country and delivering vehicles for people and dealerships. Sometimes you’ll be towing the vehicle, and other times you’ll be driving it.

    If you want a job with minimal human interaction, this can be a good one to look into as you are mostly by yourself. You simply pick up the vehicle, drive by yourself, and then drop it off.

    For this job, you need to have a clean driving record. Those who do this type of work can earn around $300 to $400 (or much more!) for each vehicle they deliver. It depends on the distance they are traveling and what is being transported.

    8. Digital or Graphic Designer

    A graphic designer is someone who creates designs for others, such as people and businesses.

    As a digital designer, you may be making things like images, printables, planners, t-shirt designs, calendars, business card designs, social media graphics, stickers, logos, and more.

    Recommended reading: How To Make Money As A Digital Designer

    9. Pet Sitter and Dog Walker

    Pet sitters and dog walkers take care of pets while pet owners are away, such as on vacation or in the hospital. Some of the tasks include feeding, taking dogs for walks, and playing with them.

    You might have pets come to your home or you can go to their owner’s place (this is something that is agreed upon beforehand). Dog walkers earn around $20 for every hour walking a dog. Looking after someone’s pet overnight can earn a person around $25-$100+ or even more each day.

    I have personally paid a person to watch my dogs overnight in their home $100 a day. She was so wonderful too and my dogs loved her.

    Now, with this job, you’re not working entirely alone, because you will be with pets. But, they can be great friends and companions!

    Rover is a company you can sign up with and list your dog walking and pet sitting services.

    10. House Cleaner

    House cleaners make sure homes and businesses are nice and clean. They might work alone or with a small group. They can earn between $25 to $50 an hour for cleaning for others.

    You can work for a cleaning company, but you’ll likely make more money if you have your own business.

    Starting this kind of business isn’t expensive because you likely already have the cleaning supplies you need. You can advertise your services on Facebook, tell your friends and family, or make an account on Care.com.

    11. Transcriptionist

    An online transcriptionist’s main task is to listen to video or audio files and then type out everything that is being said, a process known as transcribing. The aim is to accurately write down what is heard, without any mistakes in spelling, grammar, or punctuation.

    There are many different types of transcriptionists as well – legal, general, and medical transcriptionists.

    This job requires strong typing and listening skills, and you can work from home all by yourself.

    Online transcriptionists earn around $15 to $30 per hour on average, with new transcribers on the lower end of that.

    A helpful free resource to take is FREE Workshop: Is a Career in Transcription Right for You? You’ll learn how to get started as a transcriptionist, how you can find transcription work, and more.

    Recommended reading: 18 Best Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners To Make $2,000 Monthly

    12. House Flipper

    House flippers buy, renovate, and sell properties for a profit. This job involves managing renovation projects, and you can work alone or with a small crew.

    House flipping is when someone buys a property at a lower price, fixes it up (like painting, redoing the kitchen, and improving the outside appearance), and then sells it for more money to make a profit. This is done to make a quick return on the investment.

    Recommended reading: 10 Best Books on Flipping Houses To Make Money

    13. Grocery Shopper

    Grocery shoppers buy groceries for people like you and me, offering a helpful service for those who don’t have the time or can’t shop on their own. You’ll work on your own and talk to clients through an app on your phone.

    One service you can easily sign up with to become a grocery shopper is Instacart. This is a popular site for people who want to make extra money by shopping for and delivering groceries.

    Instacart shoppers make money from a mix of base pay, tips from customers, and sometimes bonuses or rewards (like for finishing orders during busy times).

    You can sign up here to get started as a grocery shopper with Instacart.

    Recommended reading: Instacart Shopper Review: How much do Instacart Shoppers earn?

    14. Affiliate Marketer

    Affiliate marketers share products or services with their followers for a commission. You do this by placing a referral link on your website, blog, or social media (like Instagram). When people use that link to buy something, you then get a commission.

    For example, if you share a link to a book on Amazon and someone buys it through your link, you make some money. Companies like Amazon want people like you to help them sell things, so they’re happy to work with you as it helps them.

    If you get someone to sign up through your special link, the company gives you a commission for telling others about their product. It’s like a little thank-you for your help!

    This is one of my favorite jobs where you work alone from home, and what I do full-time!

    Click here to get Affiliate Marketing Tips – Free eBook.

    15. Flea Market Flipper

    Flea market flippers find underpriced items at flea markets, yard sales, and thrift stores, then resell them for a profit. This job requires a good eye for valuable items and the ability to research market value.

    Finding items to resell may be one of the best jobs to work alone on this list because we all have things in our house we could probably sell. Plus, there are always things that you can buy for a low price and possibly resell for a profit.

    If you are looking for work-alone jobs, this is a great one to look further into.

    I recommend signing up for this great webinar, Turn Your Passion For Visiting Thrift Stores, Yard Sales & Flea Markets Into A Profitable Reselling Business In As Little As 14 Days, that will help you learn how to make money by flipping items as well.

    16. Sell Printables on Etsy

    Creating and selling digital printables on Etsy is a great way to work independently and earn money.

    Making printables can also be a pretty hands-off job since you only have to create one digital file for each product, and you can sell it as many times as you like. It’s quite affordable to start because you only need a laptop or computer and an internet connection.

    Printables are digital items that customers can download and print at home. They can include things like bridal shower games, grocery shopping checklists, budget planners, invitations, printable quotes for wall art, and patterns.

    I recommend signing up for Free Workshop: How To Earn Money Selling Printables. This free training will give you great ideas on what you can sell, how to get started, the costs, and how to make sales.

    17. Mechanic

    Mechanics diagnose and repair vehicles, working independently or in small shops. Strong problem-solving skills and knowledge of automotive systems are important.

    Being a mechanic is a job where you often work on your own. While they might work in a garage with other mechanics, they often have their own tasks to do. They need to be really careful and pay close attention to make sure everything gets fixed just right.

    18. Dog Treat Baker

    Do you really like dogs? If you do, here’s a way to work mainly alone and make an extra $500 to $1,000 or even more each month.

    You don’t need to know how to bake beforehand, because you can learn this skill. You can make special treats like cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and more, all for dogs.

    You can sign up for this free training workshop that shows how to start a dog treat bakery.

    You can learn more at How I Make $4,000 Per Month Baking Dog Treats (With Zero Baking Experience!).

    19. Amazon Seller

    Selling items on Amazon is a job where you work alone (mostly) and don’t have to deal with customers face-to-face.

    Even if you’re new to selling on Amazon, you can make money by selling household goods, books, electronics, and more.

    If you’re interested in learning about starting an Amazon business, you can join this free training that will teach you how to sell products on Amazon and make around $100 to $500+ each day.

    20. Stock Photo Photographer

    Stock photo photographers work on their own, and this job can be done without talking to anyone for the most part. Almost all of the tasks can be done with just a camera and then uploading photos on a site.

    Stock image sites are some of the most popular ways for photographers to sell their pictures. These are sites where customers can buy pictures for websites, TV shows, books, social media accounts, and more. There are stock photos that I have purchased within this blog post that you can take a look at to see an example.

    One great thing about stock photo sites is that they can be a great form of passive income. You can take pictures, upload them, and earn money from an older photo for months or even years in the future. There is no need to talk to anyone as everything is online and mostly automated.

    Some stock photo websites include Shutterstock, iStock, DepositPhotos, and Dreamstime.

    Recommended reading: 18 Ways You Can Get Paid To Take Pictures

    21. Social Media Manager

    Social media managers post on social media accounts for businesses and their goal is to bring in new customers and help a business grow.

    Social media managers may post a picture or a video of a product or the company, join in a viral trend to get more views (such as on TikTok), answer common questions from customers, and more.

    This includes social media platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

    Salary can vary, and this job can be done part-time or full-time.

    22. Landscaper

    A landscaper improves and maintains outdoor areas, such as by taking care of the lawn, planting flowers, or even renovating a whole outdoor area (such as to make it more enjoyable to sit outside and have company).

    If you’re interested in jobs where you work alone outside, this is one to consider as you will be outdoors and working on your own a lot. Customers may talk to you occasionally, but you are mostly by yourself.

    Landscapers work at houses, apartment complexes, businesses, or somewhere else.

    23. Data Entry Clerk

    Data entry clerks enter, update, and check information in databases or spreadsheets. They type information such as numbers and names into computers to keep things organized and recorded.

    This job can sometimes be done remotely and alone, with minimal supervision or interaction with customers.

    Data entry jobs typically pay around $15-$20 an hour.

    24. Editor

    Editors review and improve written content for clients and they usually work on their own as most of their time is spent editing content.

    Their job is to read articles, blog posts, advertising, books, and more to make them better. They fix any mistakes in grammar or spelling and help the words flow smoothly.

    Editors typically earn anywhere from $40-$60+ an hour.

    25. Freelance Writer

    Freelance writers write content for clients, such as blog posts, advertising, and more. Freelance writing jobs where you work by yourself are common as you’ll be given a topic to write about from the client, and when you are done you may be given some feedback (such as paragraphs to improve or add to). But, that is usually as much human interaction as you’ll get if you want.

    You can find different writing jobs on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, or even find clients on your own.

    I was a freelance writer for many years before switching to working full-time writing here on Making Sense of Cents. It is a great career path where you can work from home mostly by yourself.

    Recommended reading: 14 Places To Find Freelance Writing Jobs – (Start With No Experience!)

    26. Translator

    Translators convert written content from one language to another, requiring fluency in at least two languages. Freelance and remote opportunities are available.

    If you know another language, you might be able to find a work-from-home job where you can earn money by reading books and translating them. Another option is to get paid for proofreading or editing translated books to ensure they read smoothly and accurately.

    There are lots of places you can find translation jobs, such as UpWork, Babelcube, Today Translations, Ulatus, Fiverr, and more.

    27. Computer Programmer

    Computer programmers write and maintain computer software, often working alone on projects.

    They use coding to tell computers what to do and create all sorts of things like apps, games, and websites.

    28. Canva Template Designer

    Creating and selling Canva templates online allows you to work alone.

    A Canva template is like a ready-made design that you can use for things like making posters, Pinterest pins, ebooks, or presentations. It’s like having a helpful starting point if you’re not super good at designing things from scratch. Canva templates come with empty spaces where you can put in your own words and pictures and you can also change colors and fonts to make them just how you like. They’re really helpful for people who want their things to look nice without spending a lot of time on it.

    Making and selling Canva templates can be a great way to earn extra money as you only need to create them once, and then you can sell them as many times as you like.

    Recommended reading: How I Make $2,000+ Monthly Selling Canva Templates

    29. Voice Over Actor

    A voice-over actor is the person whose voice you hear but don’t see in YouTube videos, radio ads, educational videos, and more.

    Voice-over actors many times work right from their own homes!

    Voice actors don’t need experience for this job (eventually, it does help, yes). Instead, they need to have a voice that the company is looking for.

    Recommended reading: How To Become A Voice Over Actor And Work From Anywhere

    30. Truck Driver

    Truck drivers are people who move things from one place to another. To do this job, truck drivers need a commercial driver’s license (CDL). This job often involves working by yourself for long hours.

    The salary for a truck driver can depend on things like what kind of items they’re moving and the miles they have to drive. Usually, they can make between $45,000 and $75,000 or even more in a year.

    31. UPS Driver

    UPS drivers deliver packages to people’s homes and businesses. They do this mostly on their own, in their trucks by themselves.

    UPS drivers make a good income and they earn about $30-$45 per hour or even more, depending on how many years they have worked at UPS and where they work.

    32. Security Guard

    Security guards protect property and/or people, and they usually work alone.

    A security guard’s salary depends on things like where they work, how long they’ve been doing the job, and what exactly they have to do. Usually, they can make between $25,000 and $35,000 in a year.

    33. Self-Storage Facility Owner

    Self-storage facilities are where people store their belongings, like boxes of their mementos, vehicles, RVs, and more.

    Owning a self-storage business can be a way to make money and run a business with low expenses, plus they typically only have a couple of employees.

    Many of the times when I’ve been to a self-storage lot, it’s been just the owner or an employee of theirs working. There are almost no customers either.

    Recommended reading: How To Invest In Self-Storage For Beginners

    34. Laundromat Owner

    Similar to a self-storage business, a laundromat typically does not have very many employees.

    Running a laundromat can be a way to make money, with low costs, as most things are automated (the washer and dryer machines do all of the washing).

    Recommended reading: Are Laundromats Profitable? How Much Do Laundromats Make?

    35. Get Paid To Text

    When getting paid to text, you will many times be talking to someone else, but it is all done through text messages.

    Some jobs may include:

    • Text Therapy or Coach
    • Answering questions, such as if you are a mechanic, doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, home expert, appraiser, computer expert
    • Customer support

    Recommended reading: 28 Ways To Get Paid To Text And Make Money

    36. Survey Taker

    Taking online surveys and answering questions for focus groups is not a full-time job, but it can be a way to make some extra money.

    You share your thoughts and answer straightforward questions, and in return, you can receive cash or rewards such as Amazon gift cards.

    The survey companies I recommend signing up for and the best-paying survey sites include:

    1. American Consumer Opinion
    2. Survey Junkie
    3. Swagbucks
    4. InboxDollars
    5. Branded Surveys
    6. Pinecone Research
    7. Prize Rebel
    8. User Interviews – These are the highest paying surveys with the average being around $60.

    Recommended reading: 18 Best Paid Survey Sites To Make $100+ Per Month

    37. Twitch Streamer

    Twitch is a site where you can make money playing video games, talking online in a live stream, and more. A streamer may be able to make money from their own home and all alone. Yes, they do need to be live recording their life, but they are their own boss.

    There are many ways to make money on Twitch such as with paid subscriptions, display ads, selling merchandise (like t-shirts and mugs), and more.

    Some of the most successful Twitch streamers make hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars each year, but, it’s important to know that most don’t earn much at all.

    Recommended reading: How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make?

    38. Litter Cleanup Worker

    If you own a business, it’s important to keep your place clean and tidy. Nobody likes to see trash lying around, right?

    That’s why some business owners are happy to pay for someone to clean up before their business opens for the day. A clean area makes the place look nice and welcoming for customers.

    This business can be started all alone and earnings on average are about $30 to $50 for every hour you work. It’s pretty simple too. You’ll just need a broom, a dustpan, and some tools to help you pick up litter easily. It’s almost like taking a stroll while you work! Plus, you can choose when you want to do it, so it can fit nicely into your schedule.

    Recommended reading: How I Started A $650,000 Per Year Litter Cleanup Business

    39. Google Rater

    A Search Engine Evaluator, also known as a Google Rater, is a person who looks at websites and blogs and gives them a score based on how good and helpful they are for Google.

    You don’t need to be a tech expert or have a fancy background for this job. Google actually wants regular people, just like you, to rate websites. Plus, you can do this in your own language. Google works in lots of different countries, so you can help out right from where you are.

    Recommended reading: How To Become a Search Engine Evaluator

    40. Actuary

    An actuary is a financial expert who helps businesses figure out and manage their money-related risks, such as for insurance, pensions, and investments.

    They use mathematics and statistics to forecast what might happen and help companies make smarter financial decisions.

    Actuaries can earn a good salary, and as they get more experience and pass more exams, they can make even more money. Depending on where they work and how experienced they are, actuaries earn average salaries of anywhere between $70,000 to well over $100,000 each year.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Jobs Where You Work Alone

    Here are answers to common questions about finding jobs where you work alone.

    What are jobs with no interaction? What jobs allow me to work by myself?

    Yes, there are jobs where you don’t need to talk to people a lot. For example, being a night shift security guard, a transcriptionist, or a stock photo photographer.

    How can I work alone from home?

    There are jobs where you can work alone at home such as being a blogger, a transcriptionist, or a computer programmer.

    What are jobs where you work alone with no degree?

    Many jobs don’t require bachelor’s or master’s degrees (a high school diploma will work for many on the list above) and offer the opportunity to work independently. Mowing lawns, painting houses, repairing cars, or walking dogs often don’t require formal education and focus more on skills and experience.

    Which part-time jobs are best suited for solitary workers?

    Many of the jobs in this blog post can be done part-time, such as any of the freelance jobs, house cleaning, dog walking, and taking surveys. That is one of the joys of many of the jobs above – you can choose your schedule.

    What trade jobs can one perform independently?

    Trade jobs that you can perform independently include carpentry, welding, or plumbing. These professions usually require specific skills or certifications but may offer opportunities to work alone.

    Are there any tech jobs ideal for people who prefer to work alone?

    Yes, there are tech jobs that can work well for people who want to work on their own such as web developers, software engineers, or data analysts. These roles usually involve solving problems and working independently, though there might be some instances where collaboration is needed from time to time.

    What jobs can be done in isolation with no experience required?

    Jobs such as house cleaning, taking surveys, and flea market flipping can be good places to start for entry-level jobs.

    How can I find work-alone job opportunities near me?

    To find work-alone job opportunities near you, try perusing local job boards, classified ads, or online sites like Indeed or LinkedIn. You can also network with people in your community or join online forums related to your interests to find jobs.

    Jobs Where You Work Alone – Summary

    I hope you enjoyed this article on jobs where you work alone.

    These jobs are like a safe space for people who like being by themselves. It’s a place where you can really concentrate and do your own thing with low social interaction. Jobs where you work alone often appeal to introverts and individuals who require fewer distractions.

    Jobs like writing, coding, and freelancing let you work on your own. Not everyone may like working alone, but for those who do, it can be a lot less stressful and overwhelming.

    I have been working mostly on my own for years now, and I really love it!

    Do you want to find jobs where you work alone?

    Source: makingsenseofcents.com

    Apache is functioning normally

    Apache is functioning normally

    Gracie Speer | Cartoonist

    By Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

    Living in a residence hall or apartment can make it hard to decorate. There’s minimal space, and you probably bought everything from Target — which makes it easy to coordinate colors but difficult to create a space that doesn’t look like “dorm central” threw up all over it.

    Here are some of the best and worst design choices we make in college. If you find yourself guilty of some of these, it’s OK. We all make mistakes sometimes.

    First, we have maybe the worst offender of all: navy blue sheets. Navy blue sheets aren’t so bad on their own, but it’s really the Megan Fox poster covering up the hole a gym bro punched in the wall that makes it a crime against interior design. Here’s an easy fix: Find a different color of sheets. Better yet, go ahead and buy a second set of sheets altogether. Navy blue and white stripes are a good middle ground — still simple, but just a step above.

    Speaking of simple yet a step above, a nice area rug elevates your space faster than your grades dropped as a freshman. Make sure you choose the right size rug for your room so that it doesn’t disappear under the lofted bed you’ve fallen out of a few times, but also doesn’t take up the entire floor.

    Next, we have two that go together like ramen and your $2 plastic bowl: LED strip lights and fake vines. If you have these, I want to quickly remind you to check your email to see if your SHEIN order has shipped yet. If not, that’s OK. It just gives you more time to film another thirst trap for your TikTok while you wait.

    Chances are, if you have fake vines hanging behind your bed collecting dust and critters, you might have a tapestry on your wall as well. I’m not judging — I think tapestries make a great backdrop for reading your horoscope and going online shopping for another evil eye necklace. But here is what is written in the stars for you, Leo: It’s time for better wall art.

    Not to worry. You can up your wall art game at very little cost. Start by framing the posters that are already on your wall to add a put-together touch to the room. Stock up on Command strips and make sure you secure those posters to the wall really well, unless you want to find yourself being smacked in the face by a flying picture of Harry Styles at 2 a.m.

    At the end of the day, decorating your space is all about making your dorm room or apartment your home away from home. Buy what you want, hang what you want, but whatever you do, remember to sweep your floors every once in a while.

    Source: baylorlariat.com

    Apache is functioning normally

    If you’ve ever had the privilege to experience a taste of la dolce vita in Italy, then you’ll understand the dilemma I am facing; I want to shop for everything. The homes and hotels of Italian tastemakers have well and truly stolen my heart, so I set myself a little challenge to narrow down these trends to just five – five key home decor trends that I would slowly incorporate into my own home. 

    You may already be familiar with, or even own, a few of these Italian-influenced designs. See which ones are having a moment below – at least for me – and get inspiration for how to decorate with them in your own space.

    decorating with neutrals. One important aspect to consider when decorating with a subtle or muted color palette is to bring in as much texture as possible as it creates interest and layers – important factors when strong room colors are out of the picture. 

    Texture in interior design is crucial if you want to create a modern rustic room that is also contemporary yet cozy. Quite simply, without texture, your space will fall flat. It’s vital to look at the room as a whole and bring an area together with mixed materials for energy and warmth.

    ‘Texture can determine how a modern rustic room looks and feels, so invest in plenty of raw materials alongside natural reclaimed wood, linen, wool – and elements of greenery,’ says homeowner Lauren Meichtry, founder of Elsie Home.

    3. Kitchens with character

    Tailor-made kitchen by Officine Gullo in Florence

    (Image credit: Officine Gullo)

    Decorative kitchens, with plenty of personality, are rife in Italy. For many traditional Italian families, the kitchen is truly the heart and soul of the home. 

    No matter the era or status of the home, the kitchen was first and foremost a functional space. It is the engine room of the home, the space that keeps everything running smoothly. It is somewhere that meals are prepared and sometimes eaten, as well as being where the essential household tasks are carried out. However, this is only part of its role – it is also the hub of the house. 

    Today, the kitchen is a space to commune and spend time with family and friends. The duality of its role means that it is important that the kitchen not only meets your practical needs but is also beautifully decorated, offering a warm welcome to anyone who passes its threshold.

    This delightfully bold and bright kitchen in the heart of Florence’s historical center is a visual feast for the senses. Designed by Officine Gullo, the colors have been chosen to harmoniously chime with the architecture and furnishings that define the room.

    ‘Colourful kitchen ideas have been enjoying rather a renaissance, and we’re seeing brighter colors on walls, cabinets, and even ceilings,’ says Emma Bulmer, head color consultant at Edward Bulmer Natural Paint. ‘The colors and color combinations being used are also becoming more creative and confident.’

    4. Patterned tiles

    (Image credit: Studio Indigo)

    Often featuring a myriad of intricate patterns, original patterned tiles are highly sought after. Globally, Italian manufacturing and innovation dominate the design industry, and tiles are no exception.

    More than any other floor and wallcovering, tiles have undergone a renaissance, becoming a design favorite whether used in a new build or to remodel an existing home. While there are plenty of choices for popular neutral tones, the big tile trend is for tiles that feature the dazzling colors and patterns of traditional Moorish and Italian tiles. 

    As reclaimed tiles come from all sorts of properties, they often have a unique story attached to them. ‘We source a lot of tiles from junkyards – a good place to start if you only need a few replacement tiles to mix and match,’ says Andy Triplow from The Vintage Floor Tile Company. ‘However, reclamation companies often only stock a handful of tiles and are unable to offer enough for a complete floor, which is why it is good to start collecting early.’ 

    5. Lighting with purpose

    (Image credit: Natalia Miyar Studio)

    No one does innovative and contemporary design quite like some of the world’s best Italian designers. Lighting with purpose, be it sculptural or to highlight a focal point, is a look that the Italians have perfected. 

    With their delicate interplay between form and function, all rooms benefit from a well-executed decorative lighting scheme. During my time away, I was taken aback by the creativity on display when it came to choosing light sources. 

    Lighting isn’t just about the light. There are many design-led options for your home and backyard, from decorative pendants to wall lights with an extendable arm. Remember that warm white light will create an inviting glow.

    ‘Homeowners are seeking unique pieces for their homes that create maximum impact,’ says Ian Cameron, creative director at Cameron Design House. ‘From unusual shapes to innovative materials, there is an increased desire from customers looking to be more daring in their design choices. There will be a demand for unusual and eye-catching light pieces that challenge every day and are show-stopping art forms in themselves.’

    Shop the Italian-style decor edit

    Achieving the Italian dream in your home is easier than you think. I’ve selected my favorite buys for you to shop below. They are already in my basket…

    Source: homesandgardens.com

    Apache is functioning normally

    Often found in compact homes and apartments, the galley kitchen—a narrow, elongated design with parallel counters—offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities for homeowners and designers alike. Though its footprint might be small, its potential is immense. When designed thoughtfully, a galley kitchen can not only save space, but can also be a functional and stylish heart of any home. 

    Whether you’re renovating an existing kitchen in your Dallas home or starting from scratch in Cleveland, these five indispensable tips from Redfin and expert designers will help you create a galley kitchen that’s both efficient and elegant.

    1. Prioritize day-to-day functionality

    When it comes to galley kitchen design, placing emphasis on day-to-day functionality is paramount. Unlike expansive kitchen layouts, galley kitchens have a more restricted space, which means every inch counts. Prioritizing functionality involves thinking deeply about the daily rituals and routines in your kitchen. From the placement of your most-used appliances to the accessibility of utensils and ingredients, every design decision should simplify and enhance your cooking and preparation process.

    From cabinet and countertop organization to appliance placement, Ashley Denbow, owner, and lead designer for 940 Interiors, shares the importance of considering your daily routines within a kitchen and prioritizing your unique needs. She shares how “customizing kitchen drawers to fit your unique needs can aid with functionality.” Additionally, Denbow recommends thinking about finer details such as lighting and suggests using multiple types, such as task lighting for cooking and cleaning and dimmable lighting or pendants for a cozy atmosphere.

    2. Create a layout that maximizes storage space

    Creating a layout that maximizes storage space is crucial, no matter what kitchen style you’re designing. Thinking about where you’re going to store pots, pans, and cutlery, how much pantry space is needed, and where a storage closet will go should be top of mind.

    “Opt for floor-to-ceiling cabinetry to create a seamless flow while maximizing storage space,” recommends Hannah Campbell, from Worldwide Granite and Marble” You can easily do this by integrating floor-to-ceiling cabinet units on the ends of the countertops. For added convenience, Campbell suggests incorporating soft-close drawers and pull-out shelves.

    3. Cut out a conversation niche

    In the context of a galley kitchen, where space might seem restrictive, carving out a conversation niche can work wonders for the atmosphere. This niche, whether it’s a small seating area, a breakfast nook, or even a bar-top along one side, can transform your kitchen from a mere functional space to an intimate gathering spot.

    Hannah Campbell recommends, “fitting a countertop extension where barstools can be placed so that friends and family will feel invited to gather.”

    4. Consider your color choices

    Color choices go a long way, whether that’s a bedroom, a living room, or the kitchen. Galley kitchens tend to be on the smaller side, so unless you have abundant natural lighting that makes the space feel larger, painting with black may not be the best option.

    Consider painting your cabinets and walls white and integrating color through the backsplash with intricate designs or even textured brick to add a wow factor. Additionally, installing warmer wood-toned flooring instead of glossy tiles can make the space feel extra inviting.

    5. Capture more light with high ceilings

    Light plays a pivotal role in making spaces feel larger and more open, especially in narrower layouts like galley kitchens. One ingenious way to amplify natural light is by optimizing vertical space with high ceilings. Elevating the ceiling not only creates a sense of spaciousness but also provides more surface area for sunlight to bounce off. When complemented with tall windows or strategically placed skylights, high ceilings can dramatically transform the atmosphere

    Cheryl Moore with Core Homes recommends “designing a galley kitchen with at least 9-foot ceilings to create the illusion of a larger area.” 

    Final thoughts galley kitchen layout and design:

    There is no one-size-fits-all solution on how to design a galley kitchen. However, considering the functionality that aligns with your daily routine can benefit your decision-making process. No detail should be overlooked; thinking about storage space, how you and your guests interact around the kitchen, what colors should be utilized, and how to leverage natural light will all be critical factors in designing a galley kitchen that you’ll ultimately be proud of.

    Source: redfin.com