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AOT, HELOC, Fee Collection, Bidding Tools; Conforming News; STRATMOR’s Ops Workshop; NYCB and Mortgage Prices

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AOT, HELOC, Fee Collection, Bidding Tools; Conforming News; STRATMOR’s Ops Workshop; NYCB and Mortgage Prices


Thu, Feb 8 2024, 11:17 AM

Economists have their favorite indices to measure the health of the economy. GDP, if men are buying underwear, CPI, RV shipments, GDP, plastic surgery appointments, PCE, hemlines… tomorrow on The Mortgage Collaborative’s Rundown Skylar Olsen, the Chief Economist of Zillow, will discuss some of this, and more, for 30-45 minutes starting at noon PT, 3PM ET, in “The Rundown”. Meanwhile, lenders are shifting the focus from things they can’t change to things they can: changing regional managers comp plans to incorporate profits instead of volume. Or honing marketing systems now, not when rates drop further and opening up refi opportunities. Or shifting to paying less for a refi and putting the difference into rate sheet pricing. And who’s buying the properties we’re lending on? Women. Okay, that was a bold generalization, but still… (Today’s Commentary podcast can be found here and this week’s is sponsored by Vesta, the new, modern Loan Origination System (LOS) which helps lenders reduce their costs to originate and improve their ability to integrate with new technologies in the ecosystem. Hear an interview with Ally Home’s Glenn Brunker on what’s happening in the housing market and what to expect going into spring homebuying season.)

Lender and Broker Software, Products, and Services

Matic, a digital home insurance platform built for the mortgage industry, recently announced an exclusive partnership with PRMG to extend their marketplace of over 40 A-Rated carriers into PRMG customer offerings. PRMG joins over 100 mortgage lenders, servicers and banks, representing 20 percent of home loans processed in the U.S., that partner with Matic to integrate the insurance shopping experience into the homeownership lifecycle. Now more than ever, mortgage leaders are turning to Matic to help them offer value to customers, generate revenue, and reduce costs in a tough housing market. Mortgage leaders, don’t miss out: book a demo with Matic to discover how to add an ancillary revenue stream that removes friction from the insurance process and keeps customers within your existing systems. And if you’re attending MBA’s Servicing Solutions Conference in two weeks, stop by booth 806 to learn more! Book a demo with Matic.

Only 60 days since launch and already 150+ mortgage originators have signed up to receive daily mandatory bids from MAXEX on bulk pools of Agency-eligible non-owner occupied (NOO) and second home loans. Moreover, we’re currently winning more than 10 percent of the loans bid! Why? Because our unique loan exchange model provides access to competitive pricing from five leading institutional buyers, allows you to underwrite to agency guidelines, and helps you avoid costly Agency LLPAs—all within a single contract and through a single, standardized clearinghouse. This seamlessly integrates with your existing bulk trading process. Visit here to learn more.

We live in a world of autopay, Apple Pay, Venmo, Uber Eats… the list goes on. If borrowers can pay for a pizza online, why are we still asking them to share their credit card info over the phone? Get with the times and collect upfront fees via text with Fee Chaser by LenderLogix.

TPO Products for Broker and Correspondent

“Button Finance is a leading home equity lender specializing in HELOCs and Closed-End Seconds, offering lucrative opportunities for our partners. Correspondent partners can earn 7.85 percent of the loan balance, while brokers can make 5 percent. Additionally, we offer an attractive 3.5 percent Lender Paid Compensation on Texas 50a6 loans. Our services extend to lending against investment properties for brokers, ensuring a broad spectrum of lending solutions. With competitive 8 percent note rates on Closed-End Seconds and no appraisals up to a $250k loan balance, Button Finance is your go-to partner for all home equity lending needs. Email us for more information.”

Eighty percent of homeowners have first mortgage rates less than 4 percent. However, they are sitting on over $10 trillion of tappable equity. HELOC originations provide an outstanding opportunity for lenders and their LOs. Every homeowner receives HELOC solicitations. If it’s not from YOU, then WHO? Depending on YOUR borrowers, this may be the ideal time for them to make home improvements or pay off credit card debt. Or it may be the right time for that dream vacation. NFTYDoor, a division of Homebridge, is a proprietary digital HELOC platform that provides on-demand access to YOUR borrower’s equity. Customers want an experience that is simple and fast, and through NFTYDoor, HELOCs can close in a few days, not weeks or months. Embrace the “Customer for Life” strategy with NFTYDoor’s platform that is 100 percent branded to you. Stay in front of your customers and recapture future business. Contact NFTYDoor today.

STRATMOR and Operations

Forecasters are predicting modest growth in new and existing home sales in 2024, which means we can all look ahead with cautious optimism. Now’s the time to review your operations and prepare for this modest shift back toward normalcy. Senior Operations Executives: STRATMOR Group is hosting its virtual Operations Workshop next week, February 14-16, to help you do just that. Interact with STRATMOR advisors and your peer lenders to discuss improving operational efficiency, overcoming recent challenges and pain points, and current trends in mortgage operations. Contact STRATMOR Group to learn more and sign up.

Conventional Conforming News

The Federal Housing Finance Agency’s 2024 scorecard for the government-sponsored enterprises included a new provision for representations and warranties. “Explore opportunities to harmonize the enterprises’ processes supporting the single-family selling representations and warranties framework, including defect identification, remedies and repurchase alternatives,” the scorecard states.

Fannie Mae’s (FNMA/OTCQB) December 2023 Monthly Summary is now available and contains information about Fannie Mae’s monthly and year-to-date activities for our gross mortgage portfolio, mortgage-backed securities and other guarantees, interest rate risk measures, and serious delinquency rates. There’s also Fannie’s Home Purchase Sentiment Index® (HPSI) which increased to its highest level since March 2022, due primarily to increased consumer confidence in job security and another significant jump in the share of consumers expecting mortgage rates to decrease. An all-time survey-high 36 percent of respondents indicated that they expect mortgage rates to go down in the next 12 months, while 28 percent expect them to go up, and 35 percent expect rates to remain the same. (Seems pretty even to me.)

Fannie Mae is updating the Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset (ULDD) to provide further guidance on implementation and mandate dates associated with the data enhancements included in the ULDD Phase 5 specification published on Sept. 12, 2023. Review the announcement for an overview on the implementation and mandate dates associated with business-critical and UAD 3.6 alignment data enhancements for the Phase 5 data requirements.

Pennymac is aligning with Freddie Mac Bulletin 2023-19, announcing updates to their rental income requirements. The updates are effective with loan deliveries on or after 03/15/2024. Details are available in Pennymac Correspondent Announcement 24-06.

National MI announced updates to the TrueGuide which include the following changes and clarifications: ​​​​​AUS Loans Automated Tools have been updated as follows: Fannie Mae Appraisal Waiver has been updated to reflect the name change to “Value Acceptance.” Fannie Mae Income Calculator for self-employment income has been added as an approved income and asset tool. Non-AUS Loans have been updated as follows: Jumbo and Medical Professional Program loan limit increases. Verbal Verification of Employment updated to align with the GSEs’ requirements. Underwriting Guidelines detailing these changes and clarifications will be posted to nationalmi.com in the near future.

AmeriHome Mortgage Announcement 20240111-CL summarizes previously published changes made during January, additional changes made with this announcement, and recent Agency and regulatory news.

Citizens Correspondent National Bulletin 2024-02 includes information on Value Acceptance + Property Data – DU (Delegated Transactions only). Effective February 1st, Conventional Conforming Updates and Disaster Tax Filing Relief. See the bulletin for additional information and all lock, delivery, and purchase by dates, if required.

Capital Markets

Need a crash course in Assignment of Trade (AOT) executions? In this blog post, Assignment of Trade Executions 101, MCT experts delve into the process of AOT executions, the impact of bid tape AOT on to-be-announced (TBA) positions, and how automation is moving the industry forward. The blog also reviews the cost savings associated with bid tape AOT executions and the MCT Marketplace technology used to complete these transactions. To learn more about MCT Marketplace, view the recent video with MCT’s CEO & President, Curtis Richins. In the video, Mr. Richins reviews key features of MCT Marketplace, opportunities within the platform for buyers and sellers, and a roadmap for the future.

Even with all the selling in the bond markets last Friday after January’s payrolls data came in much stronger than expected, yields have merely moved back to where they had been for most of the year so far. Most security prices are determined by supply and demand, and yesterday witnessed a strong sale of 10-year Treasuries at the record $42 billion 10-year Treasury auction.

But bonds barely budged! Sentiment was dominated by fears surrounding NY Community Bank. Do you remember when the spreads between Treasury securities and MBS “blew out” last March with the banks having to sell MBS? We may see that again with the NYCB possibly selling part or all of Flagstar’s billions in mortgage holdings. In news of interest to loan originators, FNMA’s Home Purchase Sentiment Index recorded another impressive gain for the second straight month to post the highest level since March 2022.

Today’s calendar kicked off with weekly jobless claims (218k, about as expected, 1.871 million continuing claims… the job market continues to be strong). Later are wholesale inventories and sales for December, several Treasury auctions that will be headlined by $25 billion 30-year bonds, Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey, and remarks from Richmond Fed President Barkin. We begin the day with Agency MBS prices about .125-.250 worse, the 10-year yielding 4.13 after closing yesterday at 4.15 percent, and the 2-year is at 4.44.

Jobs and Transitions

“Direct nationwide lender Kwik Mortgage, based out of Parsippany NJ, is hiring Distributed Retail Sales. We have outstanding support, and our platform is built for you, featuring Blend, Encompass, HubSpot, Loan Vision and Optimal Blue! We offer a full suite of correspondent buyers inclusive of Fannie Mae and Freddie is on the table for 2024! From FHA and VA to Non-QM we have it all! We have a very flat leadership structure which means customers are not paying for more and getting less! We invest in our people and our process, and we have 27 years of company owned and operated success! We are always competitively priced. Don’t worry about fulfillment execution we owned and operated one of the best loan fulfillment for pay businesses in the country, Equilibrium Mortgage Solutions! Contact Paul Campbell, EVP of Lending, (760-774-7704), Paul Campbell, LinkedIn! We are connected: a Fannie Mae diverse minority advisory board lender, The Mortgage Collaborative lender board member, MBA Policy, Servicing and Compliance committee participant! A Depository DE&I advisory board member! Get Kwik come join us! NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA, RI originators welcome.”

Stronghill Capital, LLC, an Austin, TX-based Wholesale and Correspondent lender, is NOW HIRING across the country! If you’re a relationship-focused Account Executive with experience in Non-QM and Investor Financing, including multi-family and mixed-use properties, we’d love to speak with you! Stronghill’s Account Executives enjoy open territories, multi-channel opportunities to work with clients as correspondents or brokers, and consistent communication and collaboration with the Executive Leadership team. If you’re looking to join a rapidly-growing, dynamic organization with a focused commitment to growth and expansion in Non-QM, reach out to our SVP of Sales, Matt Brammer at 440.382.3183 to learn more.

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Apache is functioning normally

FHA, 1st Time Homebuyer, Servicing, Automation, Fair Lending Tools; List of Top 100 Lenders of 2023

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FHA, 1st Time Homebuyer, Servicing, Automation, Fair Lending Tools; List of Top 100 Lenders of 2023


Wed, Feb 7 2024, 11:11 AM

When this commentary gig gets old, I think I’ll take up… throwing needles? But so far so good, putting this out six days a week. Yesterday I glanced at the calendar, and we’re 10 percent of the way through 2024 already! Still raining here in Northern California, and the flooding has caused a lot of concern in the mortgage industry, especially among companies servicing loans on any houses that are damaged, as well as owners of MBS with loans in them on any potentially damaged homes. At least the days are seeing more sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere. Daylight Savings kicks in on Sunday, March 10, just a little over a month away, and goes on until November. (Hawai’i, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and most of Arizona blow off this clock changing stuff.) Today’s Commentary podcast can be found here and this week’s is sponsored by Vesta, the new, modern Loan Origination System (LOS) which helps lenders reduce their costs to originate and improve their ability to integrate with new technologies in the ecosystem. Hear an interview with Vesta’s Mike Yu on LOS innovations and market demands for technology in a digitized space.

Lender and Broker Software, Products, and Services

Fair Lending: Get Ready for 2024! Fair Lending enforcement actions are at an all-time high and fair lending litigation is on the rise. Meanwhile, there’s been a slew of new guidance on AI, appraisal bias, immigration status, and other areas. In this latest webinar, Ncontracts discusses what financial institutions need to know about Fair Lending in 2024, including where regulators are focusing scrutiny, what new guidance means for your Fair Lending program, how Fair Lending has evolved over the past year, and how to prepare your lending compliance management program for 2024. Watch the full webinar for more.

Compliance Experts Report on 2024 Mortgage Servicing Outlook! Join ACES’ EVP of Compliance, Amanda Phillips, and Reid Herlihy of Ballard Spahr on February 14th at 11:00AM PDT as they discuss the most recent mortgage servicing news, CFPB Supervisory Highlights, and expectations and predictions for 2024 and beyond. Reserve your spot.

Make the ultimate connection with ICE + Black Knight at the MBA Servicing Solutions Conference & Expo. The ICE Mortgage Technology team will be on-site from Feb. 20-23 to help you unlock new efficiencies in your servicing operations. Stop by our meeting room to grab one-on-one time and learn about how our solutions can help bolster your business, then make sure to attend one of several informative sessions featuring ICE’s servicing experts. Whether you’re looking for the latest advancements in digital and automation or want to learn more about how we can help you address compliance requirements, ICE has you covered. Click here for the full conference schedule. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando.

Today’s lending environment is a tough market all around, not just for your production teams. Your marketing teams are also likely spread thinner, frequently asked to do more with less, with increased pressure to not only create compliant marketing, but content that is targeted, localized, and on-brand, all while meeting demanding deadlines. Thankfully, Usherpa is here to help! Partnering with Usherpa will give your sales team access to our award-winning Done-for-You automated content, while providing your marketing team with all the tools they need to efficiently help loan officers make the most of today’s market. Marketing teams can utilize Usherpa’s Launch Pad email engine to create and manage collateral aligned with your unique vision and brand strategies. And our boutique customer service is there every step of the way. What’s more, wouldn’t it be refreshing having monthly local content automatically deployed for your loan officers every month? Check out the current Local Housing Market Video. And schedule a demo today.

“Want to escape to old Havana, just for the night? Here’s your chance at MBA Servicing! RSVP to the Covius Kickoff Reception at the Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar on Tuesday, Feb 20th. We’re unwinding with hand-crafted cocktails, Cuban fare and Latin and Afro-Cuban rhythms. Join us there! Be sure to also schedule a meeting to talk with the Covius team while at the conference and stop by the Covius booth (#708) to learn more about our solutions designed to help servicers control risk and assure compliance, including default title, loss mitigation, title curative, REO & auction, doc prep, compliance solutions and more. While at the Covius booth, be sure to catch a demo of the newly redesigned and enhanced RealtyBid auction website or a demo of the Covius Technology Solutions team’s Low-Code Automation solution that interfaces easily with other industry standards and legacy systems.”

Broker and Correspondent TPO Products

“Stairs Financial is the leading mortgage marketplace focused on 1st-time homebuyers, matching them with lenders who understand the unique needs of that borrower demographic. With a successful launch in Texas and having sent hundreds of first-time homebuyer leads to our lender partners, Stairs is excited to announce we are expanding to other states. We are actively seeking additional lender partners who are passionate about helping first-time buyers and supporting local, state, and national Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs. Stairs specializes in connecting lenders with high-intent mortgage leads, many of which are CRA-eligible, that are ready to buy their first homes. Our platform is focused on the customer experience resulting in exceptionally high contact rates because of our approach. By partnering with Stairs, lenders can fill their pipelines with reliable leads that have the financial resources and intent to close quickly. Please reach out to Mike Romano.”

“For the fourteenth consecutive year, U.S. Bank has been recognized by Fortune magazine as one of the 2024 World’s Most Admired Companies, placing #1 in the Superregional Banks industry category. Additionally, U.S. Bank is pleased to announce the start of the migration of our Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) and HFA lenders to our new technology platform, U.S. Bank Lender Portal that provides housing finance agencies and lenders with features to simplify loan delivery and funding, including pipeline, conditions, and document management, lender workflow, and user communications. By offering industry leading technology, U.S. Bank continues to demonstrate a continued investment in our business and in yours. Interested in partnering with U.S. Bank? Contact us for more information.”

People Like Lists

Can you “cut your way to prosperity”? Certainly distributed retail lenders are slicing and dicing regional manager positions, or at least moving their pay from basis points of production to basis points of profitability. But lenders and vendors can only cut so much, right? Would a lender rather do ten loans at breakeven, or one loan at a nice profit?

Mortgage banking, although people talk a lot about dollar volume, is a game of units, of which our industry funded roughly 4.5 million last year. Put another way, units keep companies busy, like three loans for $150k each or one loan for $450k. And would you rather do those three loans and breakeven on them or fund one profitable loan for the same total dollar amount?

With that in mind, here are the “Top 100” lenders in 2023 based on units. The data here shows who the actual lender is, e.g., these are the lenders of the money such as it is with HMDA. This data is a blend of deed data, HMDA data, NMLS consumer direct data, census data, and mix of other sources to create the accuracy of the data overall. A big thank you to InGenius CEO Jeff Walton for this information, and questions about the InGenius product should be addressed to him! So here you go, for bragging rights on the number of units in 2023.

(1) Quicken Loans/Rocket Mortgage (267k), United Wholesale Mortgage, CrossCountry Mortgage, Fairway Independent Mortgage, LoanDepot, Pennymac Loan Services, Mortgage Research Center, Guaranteed Rate, Movement Mortgage, DHI Mortgage, (11) JPMorgan Chase Bank, Navy FCU, Wells Fargo Bank, US Bank, Guild Mortgage, Lennar/Eagle Home Mortgage, CMG Mortgage, NewRez LLC, State Employees Credit Union, New American Funding, (21) Discover Bank, Nationstar Mortgage, Bank of America, The Huntington National Bank, TD Bank NA, Fifth Third Bank, Cardinal Financial, Citizens Bank, NA, American Pacific Mortgage, Primelending, (31) Prosperity Home Mortgage, Freedom Mortgage, “Other” Lenders, Union Home Mortgage, Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Regions Bank, Mutual of Omaha Mortgage, Everett Financial, Pulte Mortgage, NFM Inc., (41) Academy Mortgage, Guaranteed Rate Affinity, PNC Bank, Truist Bank, Amerisave Mortgage, NVR Mortgage Finance, Ark-La-Tex Financial Services, Flagstar Bank, Citibank NA, Provident Funding (11k),

(51) Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, Caliber Home Loans, Pentagon FCU, USAA Federal Savings Bank, American Financial Network, Carrington Mortgage Services, Flat Branch Home Loans, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Ameris Bank, Equity Prime Mortgage, (61) Primary Residential Mortgage, Bay Equity, The Federal Savings Bank, Northpointe Bank, Annie Mac, Plaza Home Mortgage, Morgan Stanley Private Bank, Cornerstone Home Lending, Gateway Mortgage Group, OCMB Inc., (71) Plains Commerce Bank, Kind Lending, KBHS Home Loans, Bell Bank, Homebridge Financial, Sierra Pacific Mortgage, AmCap Mortgage LTD, First National Bank of Pennsylvania, Luminate Home Loans, Wintrust Mortgage, (81) Change Lending, Taylor Morrison Home Funding, First Republic Bank, South State Bank, First Citizens Bank & Trust, PMAC Lending Services, First United Bank & Trust, VIP Mortgage Inc., Finance of America Reverse, Cadence Bank, (91) First Home Mortgage Corp., MERS, HomeAmerican Mortgage, First Horizon Bank, Bank of the West, BMO Harris Bank, East West Bank, Longbridge Financial, UBS Bank, and HSBC Bank (2k).

Capital Markets

The Fed’s policymakers are in less of a rush to cut rates than what you’re probably hoping for. Cleveland President Mester said the Fed will probably gain confidence to cut rates “later this year” if the economy performs as expected, while Minneapolis President Kashkari noted that the central bank has not yet reached its goal.

Despite the hawkish Fed rhetoric, markets yesterday took a breather following a selloff that began with Friday’s stronger than anticipated January payrolls report. Separately, the U.S. Treasury started this week’s note and bond auction slate with a strong $54 billion 3-year note offering.

Today’s economic calendar kicked off with mortgage applications increasing 3.7 percent from one week earlier, according to data from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey for the week ending February 2. Yields were volatile during the reporting period following the latest FOMC decision as well as the stronger than expected January payrolls report. We’ve also received the December trade deficit ($63.2 billion previously). Later today brings consumer credit for December, Treasury auctions headlined by $42 billion 10-year notes, and several Fed speakers. We begin the day with Agency MBS prices worse about .125 from Tuesday night, the 10-year yielding 4.12 after closing yesterday at 4.09, and the 2-year yielding 4.42 percent.

Jobs and Transitions

New Jersey-based NJ Lenders Corp., a residential mortgage origination company, is seeking a full time individual to join its accounting department. Position can either be in the office or remote. The Candidate must have experience in Loan Vision and Encompass. Responsibilities include extensive accounts payable and general ledger expertise in the system.

Good communication skills and a working knowledge of Excel is a must. Confidential inquiries and resumes should be directed to Kathi Chudzik.

Tired of working for a jack of all trades, but master of none? Ready to elevate your mortgage origination career as an expert in the rapidly growing market for financing long- and short-term single-family rentals? Visio Lending, a trailblazer in the world of DSCR loans with over 10,000 DSCR loans funded, is on the lookout for passionate and driven Account Executives to join its outstanding team. Visio is built, top to bottom, to do one thing: provide real estate investors and their brokers an unparalleled experience financing their investment properties. Top performers earn upwards of $400k. Learn more here.

Embrace Home Loans has promoted Ryan “Buddy” Hardiman from senior vice president of retail and direct sales to president where he will oversee the company’s lending operations and fulfillment areas, as well as continue to head Embrace’s financial services division.

Northern California’s Summit Funding, Inc. announced the appointment of Thomas Yoon as the head of Lead+ Wholesale Lending. “With a storied career and a visionary approach, Yoon brings unparalleled expertise and a fresh perspective to Summit’s dedicated non-QM division.”

Mortgage Cadence, a subsidiary of Accenture (NYSE: ACN), has announced that George Morales will join the company’s sales team and “will use not only his industry knowledge but the connections he has built to help the sales team bring Mortgage Cadence technology to new lenders.”

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Source: mortgagenewsdaily.com

Apache is functioning normally

A DIY enthusiast has shared the budget-friendly décor she created for her shelf.

The Dollar Tree shopper showed one of her hacks for elevating your home without breaking the bank.


TikTok user Emma showed her followers how to use Dollar Tree items to create DIY decorCredit: TikTok/thecraftedstudioco


Emma demonstrated how to make a faux succulent garden for your shelfCredit: TikTok/thecraftedstudioco

Emma Villaneda (@thecraftedstudioco) explained that she wanted to liven up her living room with her homemade decoration.

“My shelves were naked and needed some new decor,” the TikToker said in the caption of her video.

“I’m going to share with you a home décor DIY from the Dollar Tree that actually looks high-end.”

For her first step, Emma went to her local Dollar Tree and picked up a dish, a bag of rocks, and faux succulents.

She also purchased a matte black spray paint to elevate the cheap dish.

Next, she filled the freshly painted dish to the brim with the bag of rocks.

“I did pull the succulents out of the little containers they came in and they’re just stuck in Styrofoam so that is very simple,” Emma said.

“Then all I did was arrange them in the rocks however, I quickly realized I didn’t have enough and I did not like the yellow, it was a little too tacky so I did go back and got more neutral succulents.”

Most read in Lifestyle

Emma filled out the dish with the second round of faux succulents.

“I added some extra greenery and look at this beautiful succulent garden,” she said.

I’m an interior designer and found an adorable home decor buy at Dollar Tree that’s identical to items at World Market

After adding the dish to her shelf, she noticed an issue with the plants.

“I did decide to individually glue them in just so they were a little bit more permanent,” Emma told her viewers.

“I cannot get over how good this looks, I don’t think anybody would expect that it came from the Dollar Tree.”

“That is gorgeous, ” wrote one impressed viewer in the comments section.


The Dollar Tree shopper showed her followers the finished faux succulent gardenCredit: TikTok/thecraftedstudioco

Source: thesun.co.uk