How to Get Your Home Ready for Valentine’s Day

As the author Melissa McClone wrote, “Life takes you to unexpected places. Love brings you home.” Although this adage almost always holds true, it has extra value on Valentine’s Day. This year have a Valentine’s Day date at home. Here’s how you can fill your home with lovely details of love.

1. Romantic photos: Display your wedding photos and other romantic photos around the house then find them all together. Walk through your home together and talk about the stories the pictures tell.

2. Flowers: There is nothing like a beautiful bouquet of red roses to make your home feel ready for Valentine’s Day. Display a few bouquets in your bedroom and on the dining room table. Feeling extra romantic? Scatter rose petals in a heart shape on your bed.

3. Candles: Light scented candles in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Candles are soft, romantic, and can change the ambiance of any room.

4. Date night activities: Cook a decadent dinner together then set the table and eat by candle light. Hang a sheet on a large wall and use it as a movie projector. Watch your favorite romantic movie and share popcorn. Move your living room furniture and dance to love songs.

5. Details: Add details like heart cutouts, heart shaped garland, and your favorite candy.

Setting the mood is the first step. Turn the lights down, set out some wine glasses, and enjoy a nice evening in with your loved one!


20 Places To Sell Your Old Smartphone For Top Dollar

We live in an age where technology is constantly evolving, and newer and more advanced smartphones seem to come out on a weekly basis.

When you bought your iPhone, it was the cream of the crop – the best available on the market.  While it still works just fine, you’re in love with the newest iPhone that was just released with that fancy new feature that you just can’t live without. (Sound familiar?)

The only problem?  That new smartphone is expensive, and you’re not sure you can justify the expense.

If your old phone is still relatively new and in demand, you may be able to offset the cost of that new device by selling your old one.

Places To Sell Old Smartphones

There are a lot of places where you can sell your old smartphone for a decent amount of money. Some places you can even sell your broken phone for parts and still make a decent amount! Today I’d thought I’d list a few of the more popular ones.

Quick Navigation is the US’s largest price comparison site for selling old mobile phones and tablets – they compare all of the key BuyBack companies in the market, saving the user the time of visiting lots of other websites to get the best deal for an old device. They guarantee that the user will always get the maximum cash when selling an old device on and offer users a Best Price Guarantee – if they spot a higher price on another site, they will refund the customer double the difference. They also show each BuyBack company’s user ratings from sites likes ReSeller Ratings, Trustpilot & BBB for peace of mind.
Top Places To Sell Your Smartphone

  • Decluttr: Decluttr will buy your cell phones and other tech gadgets. They process fast next-day payments for your Apple and Android phones, game consoles, and other technology items. Read a full Decluttr review here. UPDATE: Get an extra 10% on electronics traded in using code:  ELECTRONICS10
  • Whistle: Whistle offers consumers a quick and easy way to sell almost any used electronic device (phones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, smart speakers, etc.). You indicate what you have to sell, and Whistle extends you an offer. If you accept it, Whistle provides free shipping and fast payment, so that the transaction can be completed in under a week. Whistle is the fastest, easiest way to sell used electronics.  
  • ItsWorthMore: ItsWorthMore is a well-rated buyer and will buy anything from an Android device to a Macbook or an iPhone. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, an Elite Rating with, and payments within 2 days.
  • BuyRUs: They buy used phones, tablets, laptops, consoles, and more. Just get a quote, ship off your item (with free shipping), and then get paid within 24 hours of them receiving your device. Buy through our link and use our invite code: V0T6J4 to get extra back!
  • This is a new buyback website that specializes in buying cracked, broken or financed iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and Apple Watches. Get a quote, ship with a free label, get paid via Venmo, PayPal, Check, or Zelle. Use promo code: “moneymatters” to get a $10 bonus!
  • BuyBack World: They’ll buy iPhones, iPads, media players, and a host of other electronics. They even buy unwanted gift cards.
  • With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and a price match guarantee, they are well respected. They issue payments within 2 days via PayPal or Check.
  • BuyBack company where you can sell a huge variety of Phones, Macbooks, iPads, iPods, Game Consoles, GoPros and other electronics. Simple and easy to use platform. Just get an instant quote, ship your item for free, and then get paid within 48 hours of them receiving your device.
  • OCBuyBack: Sell your used or broken iPhones, iPads, iPods, Samsung Phones even MacBooks. From the OCBuyBack team: “Help us keep e-waste out of landfills. We keep a low overhead to give you a bigger payout.” Get free shipping and fast payment via check or paypal.  Use our exclusive promo code MONEY5 to get $5 added to your trade-in!
  • QuickSell: QuickSell is a trade-in website that offers competitive prices for used, cracked, and broken iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. They offer multiple payment options, quick payouts, and free shipping on all orders. Use promo code “MONEYMATTERS” at checkout to receive an additional $5 on your order!
  • Buy Back Pros: They pay cash for cell phones, computers, electronics, laptops, smartphones, tablets, & more.  Find your device, accept their offer, and get paid within 2 days of the device being inspected.
  • Swappa: A great place to sell your late model phones, tablets, wearables, and some computers.  Buy from other phone owners!
  • Glyde: They buy iPads, iPhones, Samsung phones, tablets and more.  You get paid 3 days after delivery to the buyer. Simple.
  • Green Buyback: GreenBuyback will pay you for your mobile device, from cell phones and tablets to a wide variety of other electronics. GreenBuyback will give you free shipping and quick payment. We worked out a special deal with them and if you use promo code: moneymatters when checking out at GreenBuyback, you’ll get an extra $5 for your device.
  • ecoATM: ecoATM has ATM-like machines in high traffic locations that will buy your phone or tablet. Use our promo code: peter at the ecoATM kiosk checkout to get an extra $5 on your order! Find a location near you here: ecoATM locations.
  • eBay: Over the years I’ve done pretty well selling relatively new electronics on eBay, especially devices that are only a year or two old.  Selling on eBay may mean more hassle than selling elsewhere since you have to deal with the auction, answering questions, and then mailing out the device. You also have to pay listing fees and fees on the final price of the winning bid, but in the end, you may come out further ahead.
  • They buy your used iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and other Apple devices.
  • Apple products are the most in-demand on this site. They buy everything from Apple TV and Apple Watches to Mac computers.
  • UpTrade: UpTrade is a great choice if you want to keep the process of buying or selling a used phone simple. For buyers, every listing includes HD quality photos of the exact phone being sold, along with a phone history report.
  • Sell On Amazon:  Just search for your item on Amazon, then look for the button that says “Sell on Amazon”. You can then create a listing to sell your used item via Amazon. You’ll just pay a small listing fee and a pay a percentage when it sells. I’ve had good success selling this way.
  • Facebook “Yard Sale” Groups: My wife has been using Facebook to sell things lately, and typically does pretty well.  Typically she will find a local Facebook yard sale group for one of our local areas that is big enough to have quite a few members, and then she’ll list the items on there.  When someone wants to buy the item you connect and figure out all the details to complete the sale.
  • Craigslist: Selling to people on craigslist typically works better for me for larger items like furniture, but it can work pretty well for electronics as well. The only hassle is having to connect with a person in real life – and the dangers associated with doing so.  Many local police departments have started to have designated Craigslist transaction areas where people can meet and complete a sale, and not have to feel like they’re in danger.
  • Amazon Trade-In program: Ship your old items, not only electronics, to Amazon and receive Amazon gift cards in return. It should be noted that they don’t typically pay a ton.
  • Sell Broke: Get an instant quote to sell laptops, phones, tablets, or other electronic devices – even if they’re broken.
  • Gadget Salvation: This website will take most electronic devices, even those that are broken. Get a quote through their website.
  • MaxBack: This site pays cash for cell phones, tablets, and other devices!
  • GizMogul: Sell anything from old iPhones and smartphones to tablets, watches, Macbooks and more.
  • YouRenew: Sell your old phones, tablets and other devices.
  • uSell: Working or damaged, sell your used phone in seconds.
  • iPhone Antidote: Mainly buying Apple products.
  • SellMyCellPhones: They claim to offer the “best price when you sell your old cell phone, iPhone, iPad or tablet”.
  • Gadget Traders: Recycle your devices and get paid. They accept Apple products, Android phones tablets, iPods, and more.
  • Gadget Gone: Sell your iPhone and get the most cash, fast.
  • Get Top Dollar By Selling Before An iPhone Launch

    As I write this Apple is expected to announce the release of the new iPhone 12 in early October. With the release, many people will be selling their iPhone 11s and Xs in order to fund the purchase of the new model. In fact, 40% of iPhone owners plan to purchase the new model according to one recent survey.

    The earlier you sell your older iPhone, the better off you’ll be. Once the new phone comes out and more and more people flood the market with old phones, the value of your phone goes down each day, especially after the big announcement.

    Top cell phone buyer and seller Gazelle has discussed the trend.

    Trade-ins typically spike around each iPhone cycle as consumers seek to get maximum value for their old phone and take advantage of special offers. This year, consumers can lock in their best price with Gazelle on an iPhone, Galaxy, or any unwanted phone starting 9/5 to 9/22, and will have until 10/22 to mail it in – plenty of time for their new iPhone to arrive. But the earlier you lock in the better, because the value of your phone goes down each day – and especially after Apple’s 9/12 announcement.

    So to get top dollar on your old phone, sell before the market is flooded after a new phone is released!

    Selling My Old Smartphone

    The last time I sold an old smartphone I had purchased an Android phone and used it for a couple of years. The phone was no longer state of the art but was still usable on a national network.

    I searched for completed listings on eBay, but the phone was going for next to nothing there because it was so common.

    I searched phone buying sites. Those sites gave me at most $10-15.

    In the end, I sold the phone on for about half of what I originally bought it for. The buyer was happy because it was less than what the phone cost new, and I was happy because I got more than I would have through other venues. It took a little while to sell, but in the end, the wait was worth it.

    Get Top Dollar By Selling Your Old Smartphone ASAP

    One thing you must keep in mind when selling your old smartphone, the amount you receive for your phone will be directly correlated to the demand for that phone on the current market.

    If it’s a high demand phone like an iPhone from a recent generation, you may do better than you will for an old Android phone from 6 years ago.  It’s all about demand, and how much the phone is still desired by buyers on the marketplace.

    Your best bet is to shop around, figure out what forum will give you the best return for your device, and then go for it.

    Finding Out What Your Phone Is Worth

    To get an idea of what your phone is worth I suggest doing the following:

    • Search eBay for completed listings: Do a search for your phone’s make and model on eBay, and then make sure to check the “completed listings” checkbox on the search filters. It will show you what your phone sold for – in real-world listings.
    • Get price quotes on several smartphone buying sites: Try getting a price quote on a bunch of sites to see what kind of offers they’ll give you on your phone. If you only want to do a few, I suggest established sites like Gazelle,, Decluttr, Green Buyback, Buyback Boss or BuyBack World.

    Once you find the place that you think will give you the best return for your phone (when taking into consideration the amount of time you have, how much you want to get for your phone, and how much hassle you want to deal with), go for it!

    Do your research, and you’ll likely come out with a nice chunk of change to help pay for your new phone. Good luck!

    [embedded content]

    Just Sold Your Old Phone, But Need New Service?

    If you’re selling your phone and looking for a new mobile provider, there are a ton of great low-cost providers out there. Here are some of the best that I’ve found:

    Moble Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Mobile Network Minimum Plan Price Free Tethering Review
    Gen Mobile Sprint $5 (Unlimited Text – No Talk, No Data) $10 (300 Min Talk & Unlimited Text – 1GB Data) Discounts if prepaid for 3 months. Yes Review
    Tello Sprint $5 (100 Min Talk & Unlimited Text – No Data) Yes Review
    Twigby Sprint, Verizon Wireless $9 (300 Min Talk & Unlimited Text – No Data) Yes Review
    Ting Sprint, T-Mobile $9 (100 Min Talk & No Text – No Data) Yes Review
    Red Pocket Mobile Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile US, Sprint $10 (500 Min Talk & 500 Text – 500 MB Data) Yes
    Republic Wireless Sprint, T-Mobile $15 (Unlimited Talk & Text – No Data) Yes Review
    Mint Mobile T-Mobile $15 (Unlimited Talk & Text – 3GB Data) If prepaid for 1 year. Prepay in 3,6, 12 month increments. Buy 3 Months, Get 3 Free) Yes Review
    Unreal Mobile AT&T $15 (Unlimited Talk & Text – 3GB Data). Prepay in 3,6, 12 month increments. Yes Review
    TracFone Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile US, Sprint, U.S. Cellular $15 (200 Min Talk & 500 Text – 500 MB Data) If put on auto-renew save 5%. No
    Google FI T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular $20 (Unlimited Talk & Text – No Data) Yes
    Total Wireless Verizon Wireless $23.70 (Unlimited Talk & Text – No Data) $25 without auto-pay. Yes
    Cricket Wireless AT&T $25 (Unlimited Talk & Text – No Data) No
    Boost Sprint $35 (Unlimited Talk & Text – 3GB Data) No
    Straight Talk Wireless AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon $35 (Unlimited Talk & Text – 2GB Data) No
    Visible Verizon $40 (Unlimited Talk & Text – Unlimited Data) Yes Review

    20 Places To Sell Your Old Smartphone For Top Dollar


    Planting Roots: LoKey Designs Opens Storefront in St. Louis’ Shaw Neighborhood – Ladue News

    “If not now, when?” That was the question Laura Dooley asked herself before ultimately deciding to push forward to open a studio for her home goods and plant business, LoKey Designs, last June.

    It was a serendipitous journey to get the Shaw storefront to where it is now – a retail space showcasing a range of plants, pots, home décor and more, as well as one for hosting by-appointment shopping and virtual consultations and bathing in the peacefulness of the lush greenery stocked from floor to ceiling.

    “The biggest deciding factor was whether it will get enough light to keep plants happy and healthy,” Dooley says. “I was so fortunate this space has a gorgeous amount of natural light.”

    Dooley was fortunate, as well, in finding the studio itself. The space had been special to her for a few years. “A friend of mine had a retail store in this space, and when she was moving out, I remember wishing silently that I could move my business in there,” she says. “I just felt connected to it somehow.”

    However, taking it over solo wasn’t possible at the time. But here’s where things got weird: A completely unrelated friend asked if Dooley would be interested in co-using an available space, and lo and behold, it was the one her other friend was leaving.

    By October 2019, Dooley was operating LoKey Designs from the shared retail space, but after the coronaviral pandemic shut it down, she moved her business online. There, orders and collaborations flourished, but Dooley knew she needed a space to work with clients and couldn’t keep running things from her home. By late spring, with the decision looming of whether to let the physical space go, Dooley decided to push ahead and take it over on her own.

    “Each time I walk into my studio, I am instantly filled with so much joy and excitement – it’s truly become my happy place,” she says. “It’s an undeniable tranquil, plant-love vibe.”

    With the brick-and-mortar in St. Louis’ Shaw neighborhood, Dooley can carry a wider selection of plants and pots, and she has added to LoKey’s offerings local, hand-poured candles, plant-related books and seasonal gift boxes curated with other local makers. Her top-selling items are low-maintenance, low-light sansevieria and pothos snake plants and DIY succulent kits, which are popular for beginners and make a great gift that can be shipped across the country.

    Currently, shopping at the studio is done only by appointments, which can be booked in 30-minute increments online. Dooley also recently started offering virtual plant consultations via email, phone or videoconference. Most often, clients are searching for plants that will work with specific spaces in their home or office, especially with spending more time in these spaces due to remote work.

    “We cover the light, water and soil conditions, and from there, I make suggestions on next steps and care,” she says. “It’s always been a goal to make plants approachable and bring practical plant knowledge to clients so they can have the confidence to care for them on their own.”

    Virtual consultation pricing starts at $15 for 30 minutes. Some clients bring photos of their space or show Dooley a specific pot or plant they need to find a fit for. The biggest myth she hears is that people wish they were good with plants.

    “Just about every client who walks into my studio or I chat with virtually says this,” Dooley says. “The aspiration to be a good plant parent is not unattainable. It’s not crazy either. I try to bridge the gap of information on houseplants so my clients can have the tools, info and confidence to keep their plants lush and happy.”

    Moving forward, LoKey will be offering video tutorials on plant care and more nationwide shipping on items, as well as hosting more virtual planting parties in lieu of the in-person ones that gained popularity before the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, Dooley hopes to hone in on the creative adaptability she admires in her plants and continue instilling that in others.

    “With the studio, I have the opportunity to take my business in a lot of new directions,” she says. “I can showcase my plant love and passion for home décor in a way that inspires people.” 

    LoKey Designs, 2207 S. 39th St., St. Louis,

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    Everything We Know about Trevor Noah’s Apartment — the New Set of the Daily Show

    As Trevor Noah returns to his late night post this week, with a new format filmed in the safety of his own couch, we’re grateful that he’s found a way to come back to our screens and keep us informed on what’s going on in the world.

    After last week’s three episodes of what’s now called The Daily Social Distancing Show saw great ratings on TV, and each episode drew in more than 3 million YouTube views in the first 24 hours, Trevor Noah and his team will now adopt the new format for all of their upcoming shows.

    This follows similar moves by late night show hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, or Jimmy Fallon, who have all started recording segments from their homes last. And we couldn’t be more grateful to have back the relief of our nightly humor sessions, with a double dose of staying informed.

    [embedded content]

    And as our favorite show hosts invite us into their own homes, we can’t help but want to see past what the camera is willing to show us. Luckily, in some cases, we can. Or at least in the case of Trevor Noah, whose Hell’s Kitchen apartment was heavily mediatized when he bought it back in 2017.

    Three years ago, Trevor paid $10 million for a never-lived-in-before 3,596-square-foot penthouse in Hell’s Kitchen — which was initially listed for $12,995,000. It comes with 3 bedrooms, 3 full and 2 1/2 bathrooms, and a generous terrace with killer NYC skyline views.

    Trevor Noah’s apartment. Image credit: CityRealty

    Now, past the sofa and bookshelf behind the sofa, both pictured on the show as Trevor’s current setup, we don’t know how the comedian decorated or partitioned the space. But since we covered the purchase when Trevor got the apartment, we can show you the listing photos that probably first attracted Trevor to the place, and give you a sense of what the new Daily Show ‘set’ looks like in real life.

    Among the most attractive features in Trevor Noah’s apartment: an 29-foot-long open living room that connects to an eat-in kitchen (with polished concrete countertops and designer fixtures), 2 guest bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms; and a sun-flooded den with a soaring 14-foot ceiling. Better yet, look for yourself:

    Trevor Noah’s apartment. Image credit: CityRealty
    Trevor Noah’s apartment. Image credit: CityRealty

    Don’t miss: Take a Tour of Tom Brady’s Custom-Built Home in Brookline, Massachusetts

    Trevor Noah’s apartment. Image credit: CityRealty

    Trevor’s building: the Stella Tower

    Trevor Noah’s penthouse is located in the Stella Tower, a gorgeous building that combines the best of pre-war architecture with modern, stylish NYC living. Designed in 1927 by pre-eminent Art Deco architect Ralph Walker — who named it after his wife — Stella Tower was converted into condos in 2014 by JDS Development Group and Property Markets Group in partnership with Starwood Capital Group.

    Stella Tower’s ornamentation, handcrafted brick facade, entryway, terrazzo lobby floor, and remarkable crown have been carefully restored to reflect the brilliance of Ralph Walker’s masterpieces.

    Trevor Noah’s apartment. Image credit: CityRealty

    Now home to 51 upscale units, the pre-war building features a fitness center, a residents’ lounge with pantry and bar, and outdoor garden and lounge. Too bad those all sound like amenities Trevor won’t get to enjoy anytime soon.

    More celebrity homes

    Stephen Colbert’s House in New Jersey is the New Set of The Late Show
    New Netflix Doc Sparks Renewed Interest in Aaron Hernandez’ Former Home
    Robert Downey Jr. Lives in this Charming Windmill House in the Hamptons
    Who Would Have Thought that Jason Statham is a House Flipper? Here’s One of His Latest Projects


    Apps To Help De-Clutter Your Apartment (& Your Life)

    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Apps To Help De-Clutter Your Apartment | Tips and Tools For Organizing

    Space is limited when it comes to apartment living, and making the most of what you have is crucial. Decluttering your living space is extremely important to maintaining an organized and comfortable life. We know this isn’t an easy task, but luckily there are countless apps to help de-clutter out there that can give you a headstart. Organizing your belongings, selling unwanted goods and clothing, and keeping your apartment clean are a few key components to a decluttered home, and these apps will help get you there.  


    Apps To Help De-Clutter Your Apartment | PaperKarma for Junk Mail

    Apps To Help De-Clutter Your Apartment | PaperKarma for Junk Mail

    There is nothing worse than an apartment cluttered with unwanted junk mail lying around. Paperkarma can easily handle this problem for you. By simply taking a photo of the logo and return label of the mail, and hitting send through Paperkarma, you will automatically be unsubscribed. With a few easy clicks on your phone, you no longer have to worry about getting unwanted mail or catalogs. Users receive four free requests and then will have to select a membership for further use. For $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year, you will no longer have to worry about junk mail returning again and again to clutter your apartment.  


    Apps To Help De-Clutter Your Apartment | OfferUp

    Apps To Help De-Clutter Your Apartment | OfferUp

    When it is time to rid your apartment of unwanted goods, OfferUp is the best app to help you do so. Furniture, electronics, household appliances, clothing, and more – you can find or sell just about everything on OfferUp. The app is based on your location so everything you are buying or selling will be on a local level, which makes things very convenient. Photos can be taken directly through the app for easy posting, and you will receive notifications when anyone has contacted you on your post. Each user has the ability to rate every other user, which helps to create a trusted and reliable community. Have your phone handy the next time you are cleaning out your apartment, and post instantly with OfferUp.  


    Apps To Help De-Clutter Your Apartment | PoshMark

    Apps To Help De-Clutter Your Apartment | PoshMark

    Without realizing it, closets can become the most cluttered space – buying new while keeping the old adds up. PoshMark makes cleaning out your closet effortless, and you can make money while you’re at it. Whether it’s clothing still tagged that has gone unworn, or gently used clothing, PoshMark allows you to upload your pieces, connect, and sell to shoppers all over. Snap a pic within the app, post a description and a price, and share – it is that easy. The more you share, the more exposure your items will get. Insider tip: sharing other shoppers’ posts will likely get them to share yours too. Clean out your closet and get cash for it? You can’t beat that.  


    Apps To Help De-Clutter Your Apartment | Snupps

    Apps To Help De-Clutter Your Apartment | Snupps

    Whether you plan on purging your entire apartment or simply need a way to organize your belongings, Snupps is an app that will allow you to track your things while connecting with other users. Snupps, short for Serial Number Universal Protection Protocol System, was created when the creators’ luggage was lost on a flight, and they found themselves wishing they had a way to easily track all of their belongings. Snupps allows users to organize items onto “virtual shelves” – shelves and items can be shared on various social media platforms, sold to other users, or simply act as a way to keep track of what you own. With over one million users, Snupps is a great way to organize your apartment, sell unwanted items, and connect with the community.   


    Apps To Help De-Clutter Your Apartment | Evernote

    Apps To Help De-Clutter Your Apartment | Evernote

    In an apartment, there is little room for paper clutter – important documents, receipts, warranties, etc. – they all pile up, and it is hard to find the right place for them. Evernote allows you to virtually organize these documents. Through the app, you simply scan the papers in and organize to your liking. You no longer have to worry about finding a place to store documents, or remembering where you stored them later on. With Evernote, they are all in one place for whenever you need them. The app also allows you to take notes in a variety of ways – text, sketch, audio, and more. Declutter and organize your documents, and stay on top of your day all with one app – Evernote.   


    Apps To Help De-Clutter Your Apartment | Tody

    Apps To Help De-Clutter Your Apartment | Tody

    Maintaining the cleanliness of your apartment is just as important as the de-cluttering phase. Tody is an app that helps you keep your cleaning on track. The app can be organized by areas and tasks and keeps track of when specific tasks need to be completed. By selecting the type of cleaner you are, the app will suggest a time frame for each task. Based off of the given time frame, your progress is tracked, and reminders are given for any overdue items. The app is customizable, thorough, and extremely user-friendly. For just $7, Tody will organize and change the way you clean. 

    Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.


    Amazon Deal of the Day: 10 Home decor products from Amazon to stylize your home – PINKVILLA

    Stylize your home with these 10 decor items to give your home a touch of class and elegance. Check it out!

    Home decor is an interesting subject. From colour coordinating the objects in your home to placing the showpieces in the right angle and space, it takes the minute details to bring out the perfect finishing. On today’s Amazon deal of the day, we have curated 10 must-have products that can make your living space look as beautiful as you! So, scroll down and shop your favourite decor item that matches your home theme and vibes well with you.

    Artificial flowers handmade with high-quality material make a great decor element for your home. They can be the perfect centrepieces in vases. You can mix them up with other flowers or keep this natural-looking tulip bunch as it is to bring a bohemian touch. 


    MRP: Rs 800

    Deal of the Day: Rs 221

    Buy Now



    Orchids are rich elegant flowers that give a chic look to any place. The flower vine is carefully wired and joined together and hence is adjustable and can be put in any corner. Elevate the style level of your home with hanging Orchid in the garden area making it a perfect place for evening dine-in or family get together parties.


    MRP: Rs 2000

    Deal of the Day: Rs 600

    Buy Now


    Photos make us relive our favourite memories of life every day. Looking at them not only builds a better bond with each other in the family but also creates a visual aesthetic to that space. Create a romantic, peaceful and warm atmosphere for your family with these pretty warm lights to hang in photos, decorate the living space or amp up the party feel at home.

    MRP: Rs 1399

    Deal of the Day: Rs 359

    Buy Now

    Table Lamp

    Provide a touch of classiness to your living space with this captivating metal table lamp. The modern metal table lamp is designed for a modern and elegant look that is the perfect decor for a beautiful modern house. It’s not just a useful product that is an interesting decor element but also an aesthetic look and feels, brightening up the ambience of your home.

    MRP: Rs 1799

    Deal of the Day: Rs 539

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    On your desk, shelves or as a paperweight or night your lamp shade, a showpiece idol is what you want to bring out the perfect completion and make your house feel like a home. This divine Buddha idol is an ideal gifting option and an amazing pick to doctorate your living space.

    MRP: Rs 1500

    Deal of the Day: Rs 499

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    Inside your drawing room or under the shade in your garden space, a swing chair is a perfect gift to your home. Bohemian style outdoor sitting hammock jhula makes your space charming. This macrame hammock chair is versatile enough to function as a hammock chair Ayala or a simple and elegant decoration in your home.

    MRP: Rs 2999

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    Elevate your home’s style and Illuminate your dining room or living room with this striking cluster pendant. The pendant light comes with everything you need to install and it allows you to customize the fixture to your lighting needs and creates the desired look and a canopy for the ceiling. What’s a home without this home decor!


    MRP: Rs 7000

    Deal of the Day: Rs 3465

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    This stylish box adds charm to your dining room shelves and they come in an offbeat colour that completely steals the show. This could be your best choice to carry lunch to college, work, camping, travelling, any indoor or outdoor activities.

    MRP: Rs 4090

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    Ceramic Figures


    A well-finish home decor product that is completely focused on elevating the style and aesthetic vision of your home. This ceramic figure comes in neutral shades creating subtle elegance in making the home look prettier. 



    MRP: Rs 1499

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    Organization 101: The Best Home Organization Inspiration on Instagram

    Have you ever heard the saying, “An organized home is a happy home?” When your home is organized, life can be calmer. Everything in the home has a place, but sometimes finding that place isn’t so easy. Get inspired instantly by these expert home organizers on Instagram.

    One look at these Instagram accounts and you may want to reorganize every room in the house. Seriously.


    1. MindOverMatter: There is something so motivating about watching a ‘before and after.’ LeAnn Wolf gives you unique ideas and tips that help make organization easy and fun.


    1. NeatMethod: This account is run by a professional organizer who posts daily organizing tips and pictures of beautifully organized rooms. We hope that it will make you feel inspired to color coordinate a closet or two.


    1. A Bowl Full of Lemons: When life gives you lemons, get organized. Toni Hammersley’s covers everything from how to clean and organize a bathroom to how to pack lunch. Help simplify your life by doing the tasks she describes almost daily.


    1. Simply Organized:  As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and owner of the blog “Simply Organized,” Samantha Pregenzer is more than qualified to offer organizational advice. Her Instagram account is filled with beautiful photos of perfectly placed binders, baskets, gorgeously organized closets, and much more.


    What are you waiting for? Get some inspiration then start organizing!


    Ransomware Is a Real Threat (Even to You, Apple Users)

    Maybe the thought actually occurred to you that something was “phishy” about that link, but that’s so 30 seconds ago. You clicked and now your computer screen is locked. Behind that frozen screen lie your personal files — everything from photos to tax documents — all of it encrypted by a third party that promises to return access for a ransom, which is usually between $200 and $5,000, according to the FBI.

    Encryption can be a tool for good and evil. It’s the safest way for an enterprise to keep information safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers, but unfortunately it’s relatively easy for a hacker — and not even a very clever one — to use it to force an ugly situation: your files are encrypted and can only be unlocked by the thief.

    A recent newsworthy item takes its lead from the popular “Saw” horror series. If you get hit with this one, Billy the Puppet from the franchise pops up on your screen with the message: “I want to play a game with you.”

    Think that invitation from Billy the Puppet sounds fun? Before you go looking for the jigsaw ransomware, also known as BitcoinBlackmailer.exe, let me assure you that it’s not. There are different versions, but they all say pretty much the same thing: “Your computer files have been encrypted. Your photos, videos, documents, etc….But, don’t worry! I have not deleted them, yet. You have 24 hours to pay 150 USD in Bitcoins to get the decryption key. Every hour, files will be deleted. Increasing in amount every time. After 72 hours all that are left will be deleted.”

    If you get the jigsaw ransomware, don’t panic. As ZDNet (my source for the above script) points out, a company named Forcenet already solved the problem with simple reverse-engineering. According to those at Forcenet, “A genius malware author this is not, the use of C#/.NET makes it trivial to reverse engineer and analyse.”

    Get It Now

    Privacy Policy

    Not Just an Inconvenience & Not Just a PC Problem

    The point here is not whether or not a particular ransomware poses an extinction-level threat. Ransomware attacks are on the rise. According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, “crypto-style ransomware grew 35% in 2015.” In this report, Symantec warns that this often profitable approach, while adept at ensnaring PC users and branching out through network-connected devices, is increasingly targeting, “smartphones, Mac and Linux systems.”

    In plain English: ransomware is a danger for anyone using a network-connected device. A former NSA employee recently released a tool for Mac users called RansomWhere, which detects when files are being encrypted on an Apple device and allows the user to stop it. That’s notable because, until now, most Apple users have been relatively unscathed by ransomware.

    [embedded content]

    How People Are Affected by Ransomware

    While many ransomware attacks are fixable, they can be embarrassing. A number of the links that get people “got” involve sites you wouldn’t want your mother — or spouse, or child — to think were part of your regular Internet diet, or sites that would suggest you’re about to go into personal bankruptcy. Ransomware crooks use various hot-button clickbait to lure victims.

    But do you know what’s worse than being embarrassed by a public airing of what piques your curiosity? A lot of things are, but when it comes to ransomware, at the top of the list has to be the increasing risk for more serious kinds of fallout as hospitals are being more frequently targeted by this form of attack.

    In February, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was hit by ransomware. The incident got a great deal of attention because instead of risking patients’ lives, the hospital decided to pay the ransom, which was about $17,000 — or 40 bitcoins. Another hospital was hit in Kentucky, but they only had to pay a ransom of 4 bitcoins, according to internet security reporter Brian Krebs. MedStar Health was also a victim of ransomware, with employees reporting, “a pop-up on their computer screens stating that they had been infected by a virus and asking for ransom.” MedStar owns 10 hospitals and 250 out-patient facilities in Maryland and D.C.

    TrendMicro, a company that focuses on internet content security software and cloud computing security, recently predicted “2016 will be the year of online extortion.” If ever there was a time to be careful out there, it was last year. And the year before that, and the one before that, too, but also: tomorrow. Tomorrow is still really not the sort of thing that’s conducive to a good night’s sleep, because the underlying message here is that you are going to get got. Being informed is your best defense.

    This story is an Op/Ed contribution to and does not necessarily represent the views of the company or its partners.

    More on Identity Theft:

    Image: iStock