Money Balloons

Super cute way to give money for any occasion.

It’s fun to watch the recipient get spooked by a popping balloon, covered in confetti, and of course, count the money inside! 

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Sneak Peek Birthday Card

Such a cute and sneaky way to roll cash into a card.

Make candles using a dollar bill or go big and use a $20 bill.

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Money Lei for Graduation Gift Idea

Everyone needs some cash and this money lei is a fun and creative way to give the gift of cash!

Learn how to make your own money lei today!

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Funny and Fun Ways to Give Cash

This list is about the funny and fun ways to give cash.

This type of money gift idea works best for a white elephant exchange, a coworkers exchange, a friend exchange, or someone who loves a good joke.

Let’s be honest… sometimes you just to be really funny with how you give the gift.

Honestly, I’m not sure if there are any annoying ways that you could give money. (Cash is still cash, right?) For those who enjoy crisp dollar bills beware!

Easy Peasy Money Tree Topiary

It is proven that money does grow on trees. This DIY tutorial will teach you exactly how to make your own money tree.

This beautiful money tree topiary is ready for one very lucky gift recipient!

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Money Tree on Etsy

Perfect gift for the Dad who always says money doesn’t grow on trees! This is a funny gift idea for the father who has everything and has a great sense of humor. Because now…

Money DOES grow on trees!

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“In An Emergency” Graduation Gift

Super fun way to give money and withhold the desire to spend the cash right away. You can place any amount of cash in these, so they fit virtually any budget.

Simple DIY tutorial!

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Money Chain Gift for the Graduate

Paper chain gifts are a great way to decorate for the holidays. But, it is also a fun way to give money! Very simple DIY project to complete.

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Christmas Money Printable

Running low on time?

This Christmas money printable is a fun and easy way to give some dough this season. So adorable!

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Easy Ways to Hide Money in a Gift

Okay, let’s be honest, we don’t want everybody to know right away that they’re going to get money inside their gift.

How do you hide money as a gift? This gift list is filled with perfect ways to hide money inside a gift.

When they open it, they are excited about just the outside part of the gift and they don’t even know the monetary gift that you have waiting for them inside!!

August 28, 2023
Inside: Looking for a creative and easy way to give money as a gift? Look no further than these Money Gift Boxes!…

Handmade Money Surprise Bath Bomb

Time for a lovely bath with a hidden surprise! A fantastic way to hide money especially for teen girls!

This unique gift idea also is made with all natural and vegan skin care products. Perfect for small budgets!

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Funny Christmas Money Gift: Cash in a Can

This is such a clever idea! Giving money was so much fun this year.  

You can hide a roll of cash inside any canned goods – preferably what the recipient hates the most.

Since it is wrapped like a normal household item, no one will expect it to have anything inside but what is on the label!

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Birthday Money Box Gift Idea

Money is something every teenager wants! This money box can easily be created with items you already have at home.

Unique and sneaky way to give money!

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Book of Money

Such an easy DIY project to give money!

You probably have all of the supplies in your house.

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Money Cake Pull Out Kit


Perfect surprise for your kids, grandkids, spouse, or best friend with the most versatile and widely-appreciated gift of them all: cash?

We know how you can do it in style: the amazing money cake dispenser, an incredible accessory that you will use on endless occasions.

This complete cash dispenser set includes the special box, cake topper, 1 plastic roll with 50 connected pockets, and printed instructions.

Buy Now on Amazon

02/19/2024 05:27 pm GMT

Hidden Gift Jars

Want to make your money gift a little more special this year? Make these Hidden Gift Jars!

Stash your gift inside a secret hiding spot in the jars, covered by a favorite candy or treat (we used M&Ms), and watch the recipient’s eyes light up when they realize there’s more to their gift besides just candy!

This also makes a great gag gift! 

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Creative Ways to Give Money – Which is Your Favorite?

What is the best way to gift money?

Honestly, is there any bad ways to get money? Maybe if the gift giver never opens where the cash is heading, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

In this post, we have covered all of the best ways to gift money.

A simple way to say I appreciate you! You have so many ideas to choose from!

Which creative ways to give money did you like the best? There are DIY methods to giving cash and some that you can quickly pick up.

Follow for more inspiration on our Gift Ideas on a Budget Pinterest boards.

I can’t wait to see your pictures with what you’ve come up with, and how you plan to do this.

More Gift Ideas:

Did the post resonate with you?

More importantly, did I answer the questions you have about this topic? Let me know in the comments if I can help in some other way!

Your comments are not just welcomed; they’re an integral part of our community. Let’s continue the conversation and explore how these ideas align with your journey towards Money Bliss.


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Today’s title insurance alternatives have updated protections making them more viable than they’ve traditionally been, according to a new commentary aimed at clarifying some other legal reports enumerating their shortcomings. 

“Many of the concerns that have been raised target traditional AOLs and do not contemplate the coverage provided by the modernized version,” Hallman Eady and Spencer Mobley, partners at law firm Bradley, said in a recent report on attorney opinion letters commissioned by Alita.

The commentary finds that an AOL wrapped with an errors and omission policy and a closing protection letter such as Alita’s “addresses significant title-related risks, including the most commonly encountered,” which makes it “a viable option” for mortgage and real estate industries.

Critics have contested the degree to which attorney opinion of title letters can safely compete with traditional insurance as key mortgage investors increasingly offer increased latitude for alternatives and test waivers as a means of potential means of lowering closing costs.

The new white paper references other legal commentaries commissioned separately by title insurance and mortgage banking trade groups. The attorneys also note that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s recent closing cost inquiry makes it timely.

The American Land Title Association said the white paper “again demonstrates what ALTA has been saying for the last few years: unregulated title insurance alternatives—including attorney opinion letters — simply fall short.”

Title insurance alternatives are something that could expose lenders to “significant unforeseen costs,” according to the association.

“AOLs lack coverage for title defects not discoverable from a search of the public records, and typically don’t cover fraud,” ALTA added, citing Milliman’s nationwide findings that almost 30% of insurance losses and claims costs stem from issues outside public records.

The Bradley report acknowledges that historically title insurance came into being because of shortcomings in traditional AOLs, and that even when coupled with additional protections, it “is not identical to title insurance.”

It also confirmed some other reports that an attorney’s opinion based on a standard title search and related protections may not find or cover property ownership conflicts outside the public record. This could include fraud.

However, it also claims the E&O policy “insures the abstracting and closing services provided, which account for the largest share of losses reported by title insurers.”

ALTA questioned the limitations of data used to determine the largest share of losses, noting that it came from a single state, and pointed to nationwide Milliman numbers indicating the largest source of claims is a “basic risks” category that includes fraud.

The average claim cost in this category is over $143,000 for risks “not ultimately covered by attorney opinion letters,” according to the association, which further noted that fraud and forgery claims more than doubled in the last two years.

There are different additional protections that can be added to title insurance alternatives to address risks that may differ by loan, the Bradley attorneys noted.

Ultimately, when it comes to the question of what coverage is appropriate, “each lender or homeowner will need to engage in a cost-benefit analysis and choose the most appropriate form of coverage for the circumstance,” they said.


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Spot Bitcoin ETPs are a type of investment vehicle that seeks to track the spot price of Bitcoin. ETPs, or exchange-traded products, are a broader basket of investments that include both exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchange-traded notes (ETNs), and are listed on an exchange, and can be purchased or sold much like a stock.

But what’s critical to know is that generally, ETFs are regulated by the Investment Company Act of 1940 (the “1940 Act”). While the most common type of ETPs are structured as ETFs, not all are, and spot Bitcoin ETPs are a specific type of ETP that are not registered under the 1940 Act. As such, these ETPs are not subjected to the 1940 Act’s rules, and investors holding shares of Bitcoin ETPs may not or do not have the same protections as those that are regulated by the 1940 Act, which may mean these investments have relatively higher associated risks.

What Is a Bitcoin ETP?

As noted, Bitcoin ETPs are a type of exchange-traded fund or product that allow investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin without directly owning it. These seek to track the price of Bitcoin. That means when the price of Bitcoin in U.S. dollars goes up, a spot Bitcoin ETP, trading on the stock exchange should also see its share values go up, and vice versa.

But it’s critical to note that Bitcoin ETPs have a much narrower focus than most other exchange-traded funds, which started out with the aim of giving investors broad exposure to the stock market. But, like all investments, they have various risks associated with them. In fact, it’s possible that an investor could lose the entirety of their investment.

An Introduction to Bitcoin ETPs

Bitcoin ETPs are exchange-traded products that, effectively, allow investors to gain exposure to the crypto markets as easily as they would buy or sell a stock, as discussed. Again, a Bitcoin ETP seeks to track the price or value of Bitcoin, and so the value of a Bitcoin ETP share is designed to rise or fall in relation to the change in value of the underlying cryptocurrency.

It also means that investors don’t necessarily need to directly own Bitcoin to gain exposure to the market in their portfolio — they can invest in a security, the ETP, that seeks to track it, instead. Note, too, that all ETPs have related fees and expenses, which vary.

💡 Quick Tip: How to manage potential risk factors in a self-directed investment account? Doing your research and employing strategies like dollar-cost averaging and diversification may help mitigate financial risk when trading stocks.

Get up to $1,000 in stock when you fund a new Active Invest account.*

Access stock trading, options, auto investing, IRAs, and more. Get started in just a few minutes.

*Customer must fund their Active Invest account with at least $25 within 30 days of opening the account. Probability of customer receiving $1,000 is 0.028%. See full terms and conditions.

What Are Spot Bitcoin ETPs?

Spot Bitcoin ETPs are investment vehicles that trade at “spot” value. “Spot” value, in this case, refers to the price of the underlying asset at any given time. So, if a buyer and seller come together to make a trade, they would do so at the spot price. There are spot markets for all sorts of commodities.

Where Can Investors Buy Spot Bitcoin ETP Shares?

Investors can buy spot Bitcoin ETP shares via numerous exchanges and platforms. While previously, investors interested in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies would need to trade on platforms that supported cryptocurrencies, since Bitcoin ETPs are exchange-traded vehicles, investors are likely to find them available on many other platforms — that includes SoFi, which allows investors to buy spot Bitcoin ETP shares as well.

Are There Other Spot Crypto ETPs?

Spot Bitcoin ETPs seek to track the price of a fund’s Bitcoin holdings, and other spot crypto ETPs, if and when they are approved and hit exchanges, will do the same.

Spot Bitcoin ETPs were first approved for trading by regulators in early 2024. There are ETPs that seek to track Bitcoin-exposed or Bitcoin-adjacent companies, too, as well as Bitcoin futures. Spot Ethereum ETPs could be similar vehicles to to spot Bitcoin ETPs, in that they would seek to track the price of Ethereum, and allow investors to gain exposure to Ethereum in their portfolios without owning it directly.

What Are Bitcoin Futures ETPs?

Bitcoin futures ETPs are another type of ETP that give investors exposure to the price movements of Bitcoin via futures contracts. Futures are a type of contract that dictates the terms of a trade at a future date, and typically have underlying assets such as precious metals or other commodities — including crypto.

Accordingly, Bitcoin futures ETPs are crypto futures ETPs that specifically seek to track Bitcoin futures contracts. Regulators approved Bitcoin futures contracts in 2021, but again, investors should know that they don’t seek to track the price or value of the underlying asset exactly — which differentiates them from spot Bitcoin ETPs.

💡 Quick Tip: Look for an online brokerage with low trading commissions as well as no account minimum. Higher fees can cut into investment returns over time.

Are There US-listed Spot Bitcoin ETPs?

There are U.S.-listed spot Bitcoin ETPs. When the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) first granted their approval in January 2024, it opened the door to several Bitcoin ETPs hitting the market. As a result, investors were able to start buying and selling them via the stock market.

The SEC’s approval led to new spot Bitcoin ETPs being listed on a few different exchanges. Here’s a list of the first 11 spot Bitcoin ETPs that gained approval from the SEC:

•   Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC)

•   Bitwise Bitcoin ETF (BITB)

•   Hashdex Bitcoin ETF (DEFI)

•   ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF (ARKB)

•   Invesco Galaxy Bitcoin ETF (BTCO)

•   VanEck Bitcoin Trust (HODL)

•   WisdomTree Bitcoin Fund (BTCW)

•   Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund (FBTC)

•   Franklin Bitcoin ETF (EZBC)

•   iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT)

•   Valkyrie Bitcoin Fund (BRRR)

Note, too, that it’s anticipated that additional spot cryptocurrency ETPs will become available.

How Are Bitcoin ETPs Regulated?

Bitcoin ETPs are regulated by the SEC, which sets out guidance in terms of legality. Regulation in the crypto space is and has been murky — it’s been largely unregulated for the entirety of the crypto space’s existence. But the advent of crypto ETPs is likely to change that to some degree, as spot Bitcoin ETPs’ underlying asset is and can be Bitcoin itself, rather than Bitcoin derivatives.

Remember, too, that Bitcoin ETPs are not regulated under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as discussed. That differentiates them from most ETFs on the market.

That’s another important distinction investors should note: Spot and futures Bitcoin ETPs may be regulated under slightly different terms, as futures are derivatives. Investors should pay attention to the space and to any SEC guidance released regarding crypto regulation, as it may impact the value of their holdings in crypto ETPs, too.

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin ETPs

Like all investments, there are pros and cons of ETFs and ETPs — including Bitcoin ETPs.

Benefits of Bitcoin ETPs

Proponents of Bitcoin ETPs appreciate that they can give investors exposure to the complicated and volatile cryptocurrency market, without the need to personally hold actual crypto.

Convenience and Ease

Buying a spot Bitcoin ETP requires little tech know-how beyond knowing how to use a computer, open a brokerage account, and place a buy order.

ETPs provide a way for investors to indirectly add exposure to certain assets — like Bitcoin, in this case — to their portfolio. That may result in a return on investment, or a possible loss of principal. On the other hand, holding actual Bitcoin may require a somewhat advanced level of technical expertise.

Secure Storage Options

Some cryptocurrency exchanges might be trustworthy, but some users have also had a controversial history of being hacked, stolen from, or defrauded. Even reliable exchanges open investors up to risk.

Securely storing cryptocurrencies — for example, storing the private keys to a Bitcoin wallet — is most often done by using either a paper wallet that has the keys written in the form of a QR code and a long string of random characters, or by using an external piece of hardware called a hardware wallet.

Risks of Bitcoin ETPs

First and foremost, investors should be aware that it’s possible that they could lose the entirety of their investment when investing in Bitcoin ETPs. There are, of course, other risks to consider as well, including volatility, costs, and the unpredictable and still largely-unregulated nature of the crypto market.


The volatility comes from the occasional wild swings experienced in the price of Bitcoin and Bitcoin futures against most other currencies. This could scare investors that have a lower risk tolerance, enticing them to panic and sell.


One of the risks that comes from holding an ETP of any kind involves its expense ratio. This number refers to the amount of money a fund’s management charges in exchange for providing the opportunity for investors to invest in their fund.

If a fund comes with an expense ratio of 2%, for example, the fund management would take $2 out of a $100 investment each year. This figure is usually calculated after profits have been factored in, cutting into investors’ gains. In other words, some Bitcoin ETPs could be relatively expensive for investors to hold, but it’ll depend on the specific fund.

There can be other various types of fees that may apply to an investment in ETPs as well. While the specific fees will vary from ETP to ETP, investors will likely encounter one or a combination of commissions, account maintenance fees, exchange fees, and wrap fees (a type of management fee). Again, investors will want to look at an ETP’s prospectus or related documents to get a better sense of the costs associated with a specific ETP.

Fraud and Market Manipulation

Regulators have cited fraud and market manipulation as reasons for why they were cautious about approving a spot market Bitcoin ETP. It’s unclear how the SEC’s approval of spot Bitcoin ETPs may affect fraud and market manipulation in the crypto space, but it’s something investors should be aware of.

The Takeaway

Spot Bitcoin ETPs were approved for trading by the SEC in early 2024, and as a result, it’s likely that many more crypto ETPs will also hit markets and exchanges in the future — though nothing is guaranteed. Investors may use them to gain exposure to the crypto markets. For investors curious about the cryptocurrency market but not yet ready to invest in crypto itself, a Bitcoin ETP may represent another option. It may be best to speak with a financial professional before investing, too.

If you’re ready to bring crypto into your portfolio, you can invest in a Bitcoin ETP with SoFi. Along with many other types of investments, SoFi’s platform offers investors access to the crypto space through spot Bitcoin ETPs.

Ready to invest in your goals? It’s easy to get started when you open an investment account with SoFi Invest. You can invest in stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, alternative funds, and more. SoFi doesn’t charge commissions, but other fees apply (full fee disclosure here).

For a limited time, opening and funding an Active Invest account gives you the opportunity to get up to $1,000 in the stock of your choice.


What are the options for Bitcoin ETPs?

There are Bitcoin futures ETPs and spot Bitcoin ETPs listed in the U.S., which investors can buy. Given the SEC’s approval of Bitcoin ETPs for trading in early 2024, there may soon be additional spot crypto ETPs available to investors in the future.

Are there US-listed Bitcoin ETPs?

As of July 2024, there are U.S.-listed spot Bitcoin ETPs after the SEC approved an initial batch of them, and it’s likely there will be more in the subsequent months and years.

Where can Bitcoin ETP shares be purchased?

Crypto ETPs can be purchased and traded on the stock market, alongside other ETPs.

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Richly textured, colourful, comfortable and full of character, the country house style – whether you live in a Chelsea mansion flat or a rural farmhouse – has returned to form in 2024. Fuelled by the recent screen successes of Saltburn and The Gentlemen via Bridgerton, there’s a distinctive move away from safe neutrals and neat silhouettes towards an old-money aesthetic of verdure tapestries hung on the walls, layers of oriental rugs on wooden floors, gilt framed portraits in oils and drawing room shelves showing off Grand Tour-style collected treasures.

Country-house tastemakers 

Of all the decorators in operation today, Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler is recognised worldwide for its art in capturing English country-house design whether the firm is working on a house in London, Oxfordshire or deep in the Catskill mountains of New York state. Ironically, its story began with an American, Nancy Lancaster, who joined forces with rising star of interior decorating John Fowler just before the outbreak of the Second World War in 1938. “John’s meticulous attention to historical detail – scraping back paint to find the original colours of the walls – was tempered by Nancy’s irreverence for grandeur and her ability to make imposing rooms beautiful, and also incredibly comfortable,” explains the firm’s joint managing director, Emma Burns. “At the heart of the country house aesthetic is the opportunity for everyday life to play out uninterrupted – spaces where a stray newspaper or a forgotten cup of coffee doesn’t look out of place but rather fits in perfectly. It’s generous, beautiful rooms that aren’t disrupted when a dog jumps on the sofa or 20 teenagers rock up unexpectedly to chill.” Her must-have elements include deep, comfy sofas and armchairs, updated over time with loose covers and cushions, as well as good lamps, baskets filled with logs, and coffee tables piled high with books. “It’s about comfort first and foremost.”

Emma Burns arranged a lineup of blue-and-white china on the entrance hall’s sideboard to enhance the deep navy of its banister;

Credit: Emma Burns

A well-decorated room must look effortlessly balanced, no matter how much hard work has gone into it,” say Will Fisher and Charlotte Freemantle of Jamb, the Pimlico Road emporium which is a go-to destination for those wanting to achieve the country-house look. “For us, the focal point of the room will always be the chimneypiece anchored on a hearth. It doesn’t need to be flanked on either side by a matching piece of furniture, the balance can be created instead by the proportion and scale being mirrored either side. Colour is equally important. A marble bust and a vellum lampshade could hardly be more different and yet because they’re the same tone, there’s potential in their ability to balance a room.”

This approach is being embraced and tweaked by a new generation of decorators. Octavia Dickinson agrees that comfort is fundamental to country- house style. “I often approach a room like a beautiful painting, combining colours, textures and shapes in ways which delight the senses but never jar,” she says. “I like to make grand rooms feel less grand or vice versa and most importantly, comfortable; it’s home, after all!” Fabrics, too, want to be soft and flowing, with lots of florals and a mix of patterns that feel like they’ve been collected over time, she adds. Use natural finishes such as unlacquered antique brass, which weathers over time.

Henry Prideaux, who worked for Nicky Haslam and others before establishing his own practice, is known for his classic–meets–contemporary style. His approach is to rework the main country- house design tropes of florals, loose covers and antique furniture in an updated way. “Incorporate decorative trims and wallpaper borders to add detail. For example, I use grosgrain ribbon or patterned paper borders applied to frame doorways and embellish cornicing. Modern artwork and decorative lighting are also ways of adapting traditional country-house design for today.”

Henry Prideaux created this maximalist Miss Marple-inspired study for a terraced house in Putney

Credit: Rooz Ahmadian

An escape to the country often conjures the image of a historic property with space to breathe; in old houses, this is particularly true of the bathroom, which is usually converted from a former bedroom. “For a bathroom that meets the brief, think freestanding,” says James Lentaigne, creative director of Drummonds. “Clawfoot baths are perfect for a long soak while gazing out at the garden, while freestanding showers and towel rails are also overwhelmingly popular. They have a certain historical grandeur but – most importantly – they sit harmoniously in the room without disrupting its character.”

Drummonds has also seen an increase over the last year in bathrooms designed for couples; a space to catch up during the morning and evening routine. “We’re increasingly selling double vanity basins, double showers and even side-by-side baths, particularly in country homes.”

The Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler managing director created a rich backdrop to this bathroom using Rameau Fleuri wallpaper

Credit: Emma Burns

Finally, decorating a classic country house today means listening both to it and the client’s needs, says interior designer Flora Soames. “A house in the English countryside often speaks to me more than anywhere else in the world. It sets the boundaries within which you can play. But do push these boundaries with colour, pattern, playing with scale and introducing the unexpected; that is where it starts to become interesting.”

A modern country house in London 

When a French family relocated from America to Kensington, they appointed the multidisciplinary creative studio OWN London to renovate their outdated four-storey house. The resulting fusion of art, colour and functionality is a fun-filled and updated interpretation of country-house character distilled into an urban format.

OWN London’s renovation of this four-storey Kensington family home features playful country manor touches

Credit: Darren Chung for One Menagerie

Associate director of interior design Alicia Meireles was responsible for the decorative schemes throughout the house. These range from slipcover chairs in a jaunty red-and-blue striped fabric by Studio Atkinson, a banquette upholstered in a Flora Soames design and console tables with bobbin legs by Alfred Newall. In a nod to the country houses of yesteryear, the team introduced a dumb waiter from the kitchen in the lower ground floor to the dining room on the raised ground floor.

Other country house elements which are increasingly finding their way into London properties include what once would have been called “domestic offices” such as laundry rooms, pantries and boot rooms. Typically, these will be located on the lower-ground floor. Nicky Dobree recently designed a boot room and laundry room in the basement of a London house. “It’s a luxury if space allows. We used Humphrey Munson and introduced fabrics to add layers and soften the timber.”

Country homes moodboard 

Get stately pile style with rich textures and prints alongside generous fittings and fixtures. 

The London Magazine celebrates prime property and luxury lifestyle in the world’s greatest city. Read the latest issue online.